Welcome to my new endeavor. My last hobby turning into a company so I decided to start this blog as a new hobby. I have been writing on and off for the last few years, particularly when sitting in airports after a flight delay and wanting to avoid work. This will be a collection of those stories, and new ones as I find the inspiration. While I don’t guarantee it, you should assume everything contained in every story is completely fictional, no matter how realistic it may seem.

The stories and other content contained here will revolve around the concept of adult female discipline (read spanking, paddling, caning, slippering, whipping, and smacking for the brits). It is 100% ADULT ORIENTED. There will also be content related to sexual activities. So do not be surprised when you come across vulgar, crude, uncouth or plain silly language. Somethings are just not prim and proper, no matter how much the Victorians tried.

Lastly, I often have to write a wide range of technical and nontechnical documentation, so I apologize in advance if the prose is not always artistic as it could be. I’m reasonably educated so I hope my vocabulary it covers up.


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