Willow Groove – Returning To Her Roots

June 18th, 2003
Brooklyn, New York

Amber Shue could not sleep. The nervous excitement was just too much. Tomorrow, she and her family would set out for Willow Groove. She would be starting at Myra University there while her parents would be moving into her great aunt’s house. Former house would be more appropriate, since her great aunt Martha had passed away almost 2 months prior.

Amber didn’t particular care for her parents to be living so close to the college she was going to be attending, but she did get “The Founder’s Legacy” scholarship, which along with the required study-work program offered at the university, would allow her to graduate debt free without any help from her parents. Aunt Martha had also left her mom the house in her will, so she couldn’t really complain. She just wanted to try to do the whole college thing on her own. Hopefully living in the dorms would help her create some independence. It wasn’t that she resented her parents, quite the opposite, she was very thankful for all the help they provided her. She just knew she had to learn to survive on her own and college would be a good place to start. Of course she wouldn’t complain about the fewer rules either.

Late into the night sleep finally over took Amber. Her dreams where a mixture of odd events from the last time she had seen Aunt Martha. The people were utlra friendly to her all the time except occasionally a cousin or two would disappear suddenly and no one would ever tell Amber where she went. Wild guesses started filling her mind. Where they kidnapped, monsters, aliens, ghosts? Every scary movie she had ever seen came back with a vengeance, haunting her last night in Brooklyn.

Beams of light peaked through the open blinds waking Amber shortly after 6:30am. She rubbed her eyes trying to figure out what time her phone shown.

“Six thirty!” Amber moaned. Her alarm wasn’t set until 8:30. Two hours more sleep she could be getting right now. “I haven’t been up this early since school ended.” she thought in a disgruntled stupor. Unlike during school time, rolling over and hiding from the light didn’t help her fall back asleep. Aliens and ghosts were so much more fun than seeing the sunrise.

After 10 minutes of laying there, she decided to get up and finish the last of her packing. It would make her mom happy before they started out on the 1,800 mile road trip. It was going to take them 2 days of non-stop driving to get to Willow Groove. They planned on staying out side of Chicago the first night and either drive all the way the second day, or stop again in Cheyenne for the night.

Willow Groove is a series of stories following a teenager from New York’s adventures and transition as she moves to a reclusive small town and attends college. Each section is not necessarily graphic, but always tries to build upon the bigger story. I have a reasonably large amount already written so many of the earlier postings may be associated with Willow Groove. Also, just like life, and college in particular, some parts are clean and innocent, and other parts are extremely dirty.