One Week of Spankings – 350 Views

Wow. When I started last week I expected maybe 35 views in the first week, and that was if I was really lucky. Even then I assumed 30 of them would be myself. As of writing this post, there were 350 views in the first week, 2 followers and 1 like. I am sure that 99% of this is due to one person and her spectacular ability to seek out spankings, well spanking orientated blogs that is.

So thank you Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts. And you 1% who didn’t come from her, you should check her out.

Next, this 1 story a day will not keep up for much longer. While I may have 20 or so sections of the Willow Groove already completed, I need this buffer for when that annoying day job takes over my life.

Lastly, if any of you readers out there have any comments, good, bad, indifferent, I’d love to hear from you. I am very interested in improving my writing, and every bit of Feedback really helps. If the stories are not so vivid that you forgot everything else for a few minutes, I do not believe I am doing a good enough job as a writer.


~O. T. Kipling

PS. There were 10 more views while I wrote this post. Now I see what people are really doing during lunch. I won’t tell if you don’t. 🙂