Willow Groove – Babysitting for the Featherstone’s

May 17th, 2003
Thomas and Marie Featherstone’s house

Jennifer let out a sigh as she plopped down on the couch. “It’s 8:59 and the kids were sound asleep. 400 channels yet nothing on. It was Saturday night, what did she really expect? Cable on Saturday night is just populated with cartoons and those old B-movies. I hope I never become one of those women who love these cheesy Lifetime movies. At least this one’s lead is good looking, but my Mikey is better. Maybe Mike could come over and keep me company. I got like 3 hours before the Featherstones would be back home. He can study for his finals here. I could even help him study Anatomy and Physiology. She could teach him a few things they didn’t teach in the pre-med program. Hmmm…That sounds good,” she thought.


The ring of her phone startled her slightly. She’d told Mike to call her when he got there so that the kids wouldn’t be woke up. “I’ll be there in a moment,” she said as she made her way to the front door.

“Thanx, babe,” she heard from Mike through the phone. Opening the door, she saw Mike standing there in a polo and khaki shorts with his backpack over one shoulder. Jennifer stepped to the side as he entered then locked the door behind him. She’d seen enough slasher flicks to always remember to lock EVERY door in the house when she babysat. Locking the doors and keeping a cell phone close by was always the mistake the blonde chick in the movies.

“Your looking sexy as always,” Mike said leaning down to kiss Jennifer, which she eagerly accepted.

“Why don’t we get you set up in the family room,” Jennifer said after catching her breath from the kiss. She lead the way to the family room while intentionally swaying her hips a little more than normal. The AE hoodie she wore covered most of her shorts, giving the illusion that she was just wearing the sweatshirt.

Jennifer let Mike sit down before she choose her spot on the couch. She choose to straddle Mike’s legs while facing him. It took only a second for them to begin making out again. Jennifer let his hands and tongue explore her body and mouth, respectively, as the ache in her pussy increased. She could feel Mike grow hard underneath her and rubbing against each other through clothes was only going to get her so far. She needed more. Finally she couldn’t take any more she broke away from his mouth.

“Hey, I have this itch I was hoping you could scratch,” she said seductively.

Mike had a little bit of a puzzled look when he responded with, “ah ok. Where is it at?”

Jennifer spun around to be seated low on the couch then reached up under the sweatshirt and lowered her shorts and panties in one motion. “It’s right her.” Mike just smiled as he reach out for her naked sex. “Oh you better use your tongue, your fingers look too rough for my delicate skin.”

Mike wasted no time kneeling in front of her then starting to lick her delicate folds with his tongue. The first touch of his tongue caused her to moan. He licked up and down, back and forth, in and out and generally let his tongue explore her pussy. Flicking her clit and going in and out of her vagina generated extra long moans.
Jennifer was just about to climax when she heard a voice behind her. Mike froze as she twisted her head around to see Thomas and Marie Featherstone standing at the entrance to the family room.

“What do you think you are doing?” Mrs. Featherstone said quietly yet clearly angry. Mike quickly moved back and stood up while Jennifer pulled down the front of her sweatshirt.

“Ahh ahhhh.” Jennifer was a lost for words.

“Come on, we are going to have a talk!” Marie said while grabbing Jennifer by the forearm. Jennifer snatched up her shorts-panties ball with her left hand as she was pulled out of the family room and up the stairs to the master bedroom. Mrs. Featherstone released her in the middle of the room while she went back and closed the bedroom door. Jennifer just stood there pulling her shirt down as far as it would go while watching her right foot twist into the carpet. She knew she was in trouble.

“So this is what you think are appropriate activities after the kids go to sleep?” Marie asked in a hushed voice.

“No..” Jennifer responded with a voice an octave higher than normal. It was the demure ‘little girl’ voice she always took when in trouble.

“It surely didn’t look like it. Don’t you like babysitting for us?”

“Yes…I’m sorry.”

Marie grabbed the wooden hairbrush off the dresser then sat down on the edge of the bed before pulling Jennifer over her lap. “This is the least you deserve for your actions tonight,” Marie said as she pulled back Jennifer’s sweatshirt to reveal her naked backside.

“Please, don’t. I’m really sorry Mrs. Featherstone,” Jennifer said, but it didn’t deter Marie from beginning the spanking.

Crack! “Ooouucchhh!” Jennifer yelped loudly. It was a little to loudly for Marie. She glanced around for a moment for something to hush Jennifer and spotted the ball of shorts and panties laying on the floor. Holding on to Jennifer with her right arm, she reached down and scooped up the clothing. Marie noticed the center of the panties were a little damp so she twisted the panties before feeding the damp section first into Jennifer’s mouth. She didn’t actually get much into her mouth, but the portion sticking out would act as an effective gag.

Jennifer was too focused on the stinging in her right buttock to realize what Marie was doing until her panties were inserted into her mouth. They filled up the front of her mouth and she could taste something odd. It was sweet yet kinda musky.

“Keep those in your mouth. I don’t want the kids waking up. If they do, I’ll have Thomas take you to the garage and use a switch on your butt.” Marie threatened. Jennifer hand never felt a switch, and didn’t want to start tonight.

Crack! “gaarrrpphhh!” Marie laid into Jennifer hard with the hairbrush, getting muffled cries, wiggling and kicking as a response. The panties worked well as a gag she realized. She’d have to try it herself the next time Thomas spanked her. Then they wouldn’t have to get a babysitter and go park like tonight.

Marie had worked up a sweat before she’d felt Jennifer was well punished. Her butt was a deep red with a hint of purple and she’d generally stopped kicking and yelling so much. “Ok, get your butt in the corner until we are ready to take you home. And keep your hands on your head and those panties in your mouth,” Marie said as she helped Jennifer off her lap. Marie watched Jennifer walk over to the corner of the bedroom before she headed off to check on the kids and find Thomas.

Jennifer cried lightly in the corner while her mind raced. How could she be so brazen? Oh, her butt ached. As did her pussy. Mike didn’t finish the job. But her father surely would with her butt when she got home. Get in trouble at school or work and get in trouble at home was her parents philosophy. It meant she’d be touching her toes for the paddle before bed tonight. Eighteen swats on her already sore bottom was going to be rough. Maybe she could sneak by her parents tonight. It’d at least put off her punishment tomorrow.

Marie returned to the bedroom to summon Jennifer downstairs. Thomas had just returned from taking Mike home and would walk Jennifer back to her house. “Come on, lets get you home before it gets too late,” Thomas said as he opened the door for Jennifer. Jennifer paused before walking outside with her panties and shorts still in her mouth. She pleaded with him through big, puppy-dog eyes to let her remove the gag, but Thomas just pointed outside. It was hopeless, she’d have to keep them in her mouth, and he’d make sure her parents found out, then she’d be getting the paddle.

Thomas walked slightly behind Jennifer as they covered the block and a half between their homes. Thomas had to give her a little bit of a nudge to get her up the sidewalk to her front door. She could see the lights on in the living room, meaning her parents were clearly still awake. Once they made it to the front door, Thomas gave a solid knock to announce their presence. After a little rustling inside, Jennifer’s father opened the door, shocked to see Jennifer and Mr. Featherstone standing there.

“Into the living room now young lady!” Jennifer’s father told her then looked up at Thomas, “What did she do?”

“Marie and I caught Mike going down on her in our living room this evening.”

“I’m soo sorry she behaved so badly. I’m going to make sure she won’t be thinking about repeating such for quite some time.”

“Oh, Marie already introduced her backside to our hairbrush. I hope you don’t mind,” Thomas stated casually.

“No no, I’d have been surprised if she hadn’t. But we have a rule around her, if they get in trouble outside home, they get in trouble at home also.”

“Understandable. I’ll let you get to Jennifer. Have a good night.” Thomas said as he backed off the porch.

“Good night, and sorry again.”

“It’s ok. Teenagers will be teenagers.” Thomas said smiling as he walked away.

Jennifer’s dad closed and locked the door before returning to the living room. Jennifer bent over and holding her ankles, waiting for him. Her reddened butt was pointing upwards, with the paddle sitting on it. Her mom even made her keep her panties in her mouth while bent over.

“Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. How could you let a guy go down at you, especially while babysitting. We raised you better than that,” her father said as he picked up the paddle.

“You need to learn to think first. Now you’ll get one set for getting in trouble at work.”

Her father took a stance off to her right before tapping the paddle a couple of times on her bare butt. The first tap caused her to jump slightly.

CRACK! “waagghhhhhhffff!” Jennifer cried into her gag. The impact carried her butt forwards a little bit causing her to slightly wobble.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Jennifer’s father laid the swats on hard and fast, until Jennifer finally stumbled forward from the force of the impacts. He gave her a few moments to regain her balance and absorb some of the effects of the paddle.

CRACK! “ggrrrfffff!” Jennifer stumbled forward a little again. He father then ushered her back into place with his left hand, then left it in the small of her back, preventing her from stumbling forward.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Her father laid the swats on fast again, counting them off in his head as he went along “7…8….9…10…11…12.”

“Six more, then you are to go straight up to bed.”

CRACK! “grraapphhfff!” The swat landed right at the bottom of her butt cheeks. The pain caused Jennifer to collapse her knees a little and squat down for a second before returning to position.

CRACK! Jennifer shifted her legs against each other this time, which rubbed within her crotch. She hadn’t noticed it before, but she was very excited down there. It must’ve been because Mike didn’t finish, she thought.

CRACK! The pain radiated straight through her butt to the front, increasing her arousal.

CRACK! Jennifer cried out of habit, but was considerably more focused on her arousal now. She could now feel her wetness on her lips and it scarred, yet excited her more that her parents might realize.

CRACK! The paddle delivered an equal amount of pain and pleasure to the confused girl.

CRACK! “GGGGGRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFFFF!” IT must’ve been the last swat Jennifer thought since it was twice as hard as the previous ones.

“Ok, off to bed you go,” Jennifer mother said as she help her stand up. “And we do not want any more of this behavior, got it?” She said as she removed the gag.

“Yes ma’aaam!” Jennifer barely made out before humbly leaving the room. Jennifer scampered as fast has her tender bottom would allow up the stairs and to her room. She had one hand locking the door while the other went straight for her crotch. She dived face first onto the bed without removing her right hand. After the first moan escaped her lips, she bit down on her teddy bear’s leg to gag herself. Teddy had always there to make her feel safe when she was scared or nervous, but now he had another job.