The Road Less Taken

I never wanted to go on the trip. I wanted to go to Panama City with my friends for spring break, not Disney World with my family. I’d actually rather have stayed home than went to Disney World. At least Hilary was there and I could hang out with her for the week. For a high school senior, Spring Break was the last opportunity to have a good time with your friends. We were all going to different universities in a few months and wouldn’t get a change to hang out, let along party together. Furthermore, Disney World is not friendly to 18 year olds. 11 and 14 year olds, well my little sisters thought so. It even had ‘adult’ areas where you had to be 21 to enter. Anyone 15-20 with a social life, Disney World wasn’t a place you wanted to visit.

We’d been in the car for just over 4 hours when we passed Atlanta and things started take a turn for the worst. I was sitting behind the passenger’s seat, listening to music from my iPhone when Alex decided she wanted to lay down, with her head laying against Sandy and her smelly feet on my lap. I was going to have them that close to my face so i pushed them forward onto the floor.

Alex frowned at me and returned her feet back to my lap. I shoved them off again and Alex just put them back in placed. “MOM, Alex keeps putting her feet on my lap!” I whined like I was 12 again. Why is it that ridding in the car for more than 30 minutes with my sister’s gets me acting like I’m a kid again. I’m a mature adult now, but they still know exactly how to get under my skin.

“Miranda, just allow Alex to set them on your lap so she can sleep,” Mom answered.

“But they smell, and she hasn’t washed them in days!” I whined.

“No they don’t!” Alex defended herself.

“Enough girls!” Mom stated sternly. Subconsciously I knew Mom was starting to get irritated at us. Probably more so me than Sandy or Alex. Especially since I’d spent the first 2 hours quietly complaining about the trip.

Alex returned her feet to my lap a few minutes later, making sure to wiggle her toes up near my face. So gross. I slapped her feet forward, and out of my face, causing them to bounce off the back of Mom’s seat.

“Owweeee” Alex cried out as if I had really hurt her. She can be such a drama queen.

“Miranda, enough! All you have been doing is complaining since we left this morning. We all know you don’t want to be here with us. You’d rather be back home avoiding your family, but you are here so you need to make the best of the situation. Now stop complaining and be nice to your sisters,” Mom lectured me. “If you don’t, your father can pull off the highway and we can have a little chat along side the road.”

It was probably a bluff, but I didn’t really want to push my luck. “Yes mom,” I replied and resentfully let Alex return her feet to my lap. It was barely 15 minutes when Alex turned, then stretched her legs, pushing a heel into my thigh. After a few seconds it began to hurt, so I slapped her calf, drawing exaggerated cry from Alex.

“Miranda, that’s it!” Mom stated dryly without even looking back at me.

Dad started to slow the Tahoe down. Oh shit! I was in trouble now. He pulled off on a deserted exit ramp and stopped the car in this gravel lot next to the ramp which looked like it may have been used for road construction at one time. There were a few odd gravel-grass hills surrounding the lot, which allowed you to easily see a car parked in it, but a person would be mostly obstructed.

Mom and Dad both got out of the car and Mom opened my door. “Out!” she commanded and I dutifully complied. “Get those jeans and panties down!”

“But Mom, it was Alex’s fault!” I whined, but she just stared back as Dad rounded the back of the truck.

“1…” Mom said holding up her right index finger. She hadn’t counted on me since…I was 16? She really didn’t mean for me to get spanked her, on the side of the road, did she?

“2…” Mom said raising her right middle finger. I had to choose now. If she got to 3, my ass would be grass, literally. 3 meant we got double plus an hour of corner time with our butt on display. She really wouldn’t do it here, could she?

“You can’t seriously intend to spank me here on the side of the road.” I tried one last chance.

“3!” Mom said and grabbed my wrist and pulled me forward and downward at the same time. I struggled as I went under her arm but it was quite pointless. She’d already unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Dad pulled my jeans and panties down to my ankles, exposing my bare butt for all the world to see. It actually was just the empty parking lot, but the amount I blushing made it feel like the whole world. Dad pulled his belt out and doubled it over while Mom kept a hold of me, preventing me from reaching my jeans or panties.

Crack! “Owweee!” I cried out as the belt bit into my backside.

Crack! “Ahhhhh!” I looked up to see Alex and Sandy’s poking their heads out the door to see me get spanked.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Dad brought the his belt down over and over on my butt until I’d taken the standard 18 strokes, one per year of age. My butt was on fire when Mom let go of me. I immediately stood up and tried to rub out the heat, no longer concerned about my modesty.

“Now are you going to take your spanking like a lady?” Mom asked. I knew I should’ve complied when she started counting, but my stubbornness wouldn’t allow it. The house rule was once you started school, you were old enough to take a spanking without a fuss. If you refused to comply, like I had just did, the original punishment was doubled; the first set was for the original misbehavior then a second, more ridged set for not cooperating. Each set was always equal to your age, where the misbehavior determined if and what implement was used. I was now expected to bend over and touch my toes while getting another 18 swats on my already painful rear end. Getting out of position, or miss counting, meant the swat wouldn’t count.

“Yes ma’am.” I replied in my best contrite voice.

“Hand over your jeans and panties then bend over and touch your toes and take your spanking like a lady.” I rubbed my butt for another moment before sighing and stepping out of my jeans and panties. I knelt down, in an oddly lady-like manner if I had been wearing a skirt then handed them to Mom. Reaching for my feet the second time was definitely unladylike. Dad had a clear target at my stripped backside for his belt. I don’t know why Mom always referred to it as ‘take your spanking like a lady’ even though I had to assume a very exposing position.

Crack! “AAAHHHhhhh oneee!” I cried out as a new band of fire ignited in my backside.

Crack! “OWWWWWW snifff twwooo!”

Crack! “AAAHHHHHH thhheee!” Holding the position was agonizing difficult. Every instance of my soul said to move and somehow reduce the pain by my mind barely kept hold of my body. I was lucky to be flexible enough to get my finger under my toes which kept my hands from moving when the strokes bite into by butt.

Crack! “AAAHHHHHHHH aattteee!”

Crack! “EEEEESSSKKKKKKK naaaneee!” My fingers broke free as my knees buckled. The belt had landed just at the top of my tights where the flesh is more muscly then fatty and the sting is amazing.

“That one doesn’t count Miranda,” Mom said. I reached back and rubbed my tender thights for a moment before returning to position. If I was going to get another swat, I might as well get the most out of the screw up.

Crack! “AAAHHHHHHHH Ahhh ahhhh ahhh naaaannneee ahh!” Dad placed this stroke directly onto of the last one, doubling the sting. My cheeks were clenched and releasing over and over. Dad didn’t wait for it to stop and methodically delievered 8 more strokes to my tender flesh.

Crack! “OOwwww Owww OOoowwwww Owwwww aatttaaann!” The 18th stroke was directly on top of the 17th where my cheeks met my thighs, which got me to jump up again. I hopped around rubbing the bottom of my butt.

“That one doesn’t count Miranda, now get back in position!” Mom said. I didn’t really care at that moment though. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have sworn someone just placed a hot curling iron across my butt. The fire just kept burning, as if the belt was landing over and over.

Mom finally had enough and grabbed my arm then swatted my butt a few times as she pulled be back into position. I reached under my toes and held on for all I could. Dad didn’t disappoint with replicate of the 18th stroke.

Crack! “OOwwww Owwweee OOoowwwww aatttaaann Owwwww Owwwww!”    I cried as the fire burnt hotter.

Somehow I managed to maintain the position until Mom said “Now we expect you will act your age and a productive member of this family. This is a vacation. We are ALL supposed to be enjoying ourselves.”

“With an ass on fire how was I supposed to enjoy the vacation?” I thought as I stared down at my pink toes.

“Now instead of the normal corner time for being uncooperative, you can kneel on the floor in the back and lay over the seat until we get to the hotel.”

“Corner time! I haven’t had that since… the last time I was uncooperative and got a double spanking.” I thought silently to myself.

“Up into the car you go.” Mom said holding onto the door. Sandy and Alex had returned to their seats and where sitting there like little angels, except for the devilish grins. I stood up and became acutely aware of my nudity when a car started to come up the exit ramp. I flew into the back seat of the Tahoe and knelt down on the floor like Mom had instructed. She closed the door and we were back underway in no time.

The rest of the ride wasn’t as torturish as I expected. It was incredibly embarrassing to kneel half-naked in a SUV as you travel down the highway, but there were tinted windows in the back and the low position really prevented anyone from seeing me. I still could ‘feel’ the eyes of every truck driver seeing my whipped butt everytime a semi passed, even if it was just in my head.

They stopped south of Gainsville, Florida for dinner, but I was confined to the truck, since “corner time” lasted until sunrise the following day. My parents thoughts were it was a time to fully reflect on your actions and the new day was a new day with everything forgiven. Typically we were only given spankings where corner time was possible after dinner and the corner time would be spent in our bedroom corner, abet with our bedroom door open. We were always placed in the corner across from our door so everyone could see our punished bottom on display when they walked by our rooms. Mom would send us to bed around 8 and come morning we could return to normal activities, which always included putting panties right after we woke up.

Even traveling, the same rules were expected. Mom though did get my duffel bag and toiletry bag out of the back before I was allowed out of the truck and had me carry them into the rented condo. I used the bags to cover myself in the dark as I made the short trip up the porch steps and into the condo. I immediately found my sister’s and my room. I was in bed, under the covers, with my face buried in the pillow before Alex or Sandy could make it to the room.

My sisters didn’t hang out too long in the room before Mom shooed them downstairs to watch tv. Mom and I talked for a few minutes before a long hug. Emotional exhustion put me to sleep moments after she left.

In the morning it was as if nothing happened the day before, at least from my parent’s attitude. The rest of the vacation was actually quiet enjoyable. We spent the mornings in one of the theme parks as a family then after lunch, Sandy and I went to a water parks while Mom and Dad took Alex on the kiddie rides. Sandy and I spent our time at the water park riding the rides, sun tanning or me teaching her how to flirt with a cute boy. We’d all meet up again around 7ish and go to dinner then repeat the next day.

Senior spring break was memorable, though not for all the reason’s I’d thought when I’d started my senior year. Sometimes it is the road less taken that yields the highest results, good and bad.

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