Positions – For Spanking or For Sex?

Sex sells. Well all know it and use it very effectively when necessary. Particular magazines popular among younger men and women know this very well and tantalize us to open their pages and ‘educate’ us about sex. I just saw one such mentioning about sexual positions. This got me thinking about the overlap between sexual and spanking positions. For the spanking positions, I’m assuming the girl is staying in relatively the same position between spankings and sex, thought the guy may have to move slightly for appropriate leverage, though may not move the girl.


(note I am assuming only the girl is being spanked)

Sex only:

Spanking only:

  • Over the Knee
  • Backwards, Under the Arm
  • Strapped flat to the bench

Either Spanking or Sex:

Spanking and Sex Simultaneously:

Why did I compile this list you ask? I am going to set a goal of including every one of these positions in either a spanking, sex or both over the next year. There are 52 positions listed here, so I need 1 position per week to reach the goal. Sounds simple…..

3 thoughts on “Positions – For Spanking or For Sex?

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