RIP Bloggers

Google announced today that any Blogger site which contains advertisements or links to sites with adult content will be removed on June 30th. YAY Free Speech and Google’s mission of “Do no evil”! According to the article, Google is still going to allow users to publish adult images and videos, but links to commercial adult content sites will be prohibited.

This creates a couple interesting questions

  • Can I no longer link to Amazon, because they sell books with adult content? As an author, can I no longer link to my own erotica e-books?
  • What about the blogs run by commercial sites?
  • What about linking to other blogs which are run by commercial sites?
  • Does this include Adult Products & Toys?

I am just glad I went with WordPress over Blogger. So far it is the only place where adults can be creative about all parts of their lives.


More information:

20 Posts leading 28 ladies to 39 spankings

I am amazed that within 2 months, In Hushed Voices has reached 5,000 views. I know it is nothing compared to the more popular blogs in the spanking erotica community, but it is a start. Starting off, I was hoping for 500 views by this time. I now get 500 views a week. At this rate I’ll hit the big time of 1 million views in 38 years, 14 weeks.

I counted that there has been 39 spankings involving 28 different ladies over 20 posts. If I can continue at this rate, after the 38 years and 14 weeks there will have been 78,000 spankings involving 16,000 ladies and 40,000 posts. I bet I am going to have to reuse names a couple of times.

Now that I have made my boss happy, even though he will never see this, I want to give a great big


Thank you for the posts, the likes, the lurking, and especially to the

(Yeah, I know Bonnie is there twice, but she has sent me more visitors than Google!)

Lastly, I have had to travel this past weekend, which is drastically slowing down the editing process. With a little bit of luck, both the second period of “My Wife’s Game Night and more Rules of Decorum at Sigma Chi Epsilon will be ready in time.

Willow Groove – Swimming with the Lee Twins

I do not quite have the next chapter of Amber’s Rush Week done yet, so I’ve included another story of the residents of Willow Groove.

6:50pm July 27th 2002

The summer heat was still as fierce as ever. Summer does not last long in Willow Groove, but it does come with a vengeance about the time fireworks light up the sky. The heat quenched all activity that didn’t involve the cool mountain streams and lakes.

John Lee stepped out of the silver Silverado 2500. A fluttering of a bird could be heard off in the woods. Shielding his eyes from the low sun, John glanced looking for the kids. There was a few bags sitting over by a tree, but no other signs of life. Hmmm, where were his daughters at? He meandered on down towards the river.

“Lucy! Laura!” John yelled for the twins. He just made it over the edge of the short ridge when he noticed the clothes. A dozen piles of clothes lined the river bank. What where the kids up to? John thought. Then he saw the two heads bobbing in the river. “Hey girls, come on, let’s go. Your mother was starting dinner when I left,” he yelled.

“Hi Daddy, ok, we’ll be there in a minute. We’ll meet you at the truck.” Lucy yelled back. If Dad went back over the ridge, she and Laura could make it to their clothes, get dressed and back without him being any wiser.

“Oh it’s ok.”  John looked upwards at the white puffs of cloud dotting the blue sky. “I might as well enjoy the day while I’m up here.”

The girls looked at each other and slowly swam towards shore, being sure to keep just their heads above the water line. They both were trying to figure out a way out of this predicament. Their clothes were in matching piles, 10 feet from their father.

“What do we do?” Laura asked Lucy quietly.

“I don’t know. I was hopping my suggestion of going back to the truck would work.” Lucy replied.

At 5 feet from the shore, their hands began scraping against the bottom. Their father had turned around as he stared upwards, so his back was towards the girls. “Run for it?” Laura whispered, trying to stay submerged. Lucy just nodded. The girls stood up, using one arm to cover their breast while the other cupped their pelvic area. They made it half way before their Dad realized they were out of the water and spun around to face his little girls running towards him in their birthday suits. They both frozen in their tracks.

“What the hell are you doing?” John yelled. His little angels had been skinny dipping.

“We were swimming, Daddy!” Laura pleaded as she could feel her face turn beat red.

“Naked!? That is no way for young ladies to be swimming!” John said.

“But Daddy, we are adults. we can swim how we want.” Lucy attempted to be as forceful with her statement she could, but there is only so much confidence a naked 20 year old girl can have while standing before her father.

“You are still my daughters, and I can punish you how I want!” John growled as he strode forward and took a hold of the girl’s forearms. A few tugs and the twins were quickly closing the distance to the pickup.

“Daddy, what about our clothes?” Lucy asked reaching for a few pieces of modesty.

John released the girls and gave each a solid smack to each girls’ behind. “I’ll get the clothes, you get those butts over the tailgate NOW!” The twins scampered up the to truck as fast as they could make the climb. The sticks and stones hurt their feet, but neither thought that would matter much in a few moments. John reached down and picked up the two piles of clothes with one hand and pulled out his knife with the other.

Laura lowered the tailgate on the back of the pickup. She took one last look at Lucy, knowing they both were doomed. Both girls had to stand on their toes to get their waist up on the edge of the tailgate. The both laid on their arms, to give some protection to their breats and prevent them from falling into the crack between the tailgate and the truck bed.

John took his time returning to the truck. He had stopped by a willow tree to cut two, 3/4 inch wide branches off. Maybe this will teach the girls to think before do something dumb.

“Daddy please, we are sorry!” Lucy cried when their father got up behind them.

“Reallly soorrrryyyy!” Laura added.

“No, not as much as you will be. What were you two thinking, skinny dipping? Didn’t you both get three new bathing suits this year? I’m disappointed in you two. You both know better.” John’s voice shifted from anger to sadness.

“Sorry Daddyyy! We won’t do it again!” Both girls cried in unison.

“I know your sorry, but I’m still going to spank you. These switches should work.”

Swish! “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” Lucy screamed out. The branch cut deep into the high fleshy part of her bottom. All the little stubs bit beside the band of fire laid upon her wet behind.

Swish! “AHHHHHEEEEEE!” Laura echoed her sister as the switch repeated it’s task upon her upturned behind.

John worked back and forth between the bottoms, exciting a new cry with stroke of the switch. It took only three strokes before they were kicking their legs about wildly. It took 27 strokes before the first switch broke over butt. John tossed off the broken branch and wiped the sweat from his brow.

The girl’s continually cried as the fire just built. They both thought it might be over when the first switch broke, but Laura was quickly corrected when a new line of fire cut low on her butt. A new set of screams where heard as the second switch went to work. This one only made it 21 strokes, but that was enough to cover both girl’s behinds with red and purple welts.

“Put up the tailgate then get in the truck!” John commanded as he tossed the broken switch away and headed for the cab. The twins pushed themselves up off the tailgate and instantly started rubbing their butts. Lucy finally got up the tailgate then followed Laura around to the passenger’s side. They rode in the backseat, kneeling side by side, still as naked as the day they were born.

They arrived home to find their mother just finishing dinner. John pulled into the garage and shut the door.

“Daddy, can get our clothes back?” Lucy pleaded as her father got out of the truck.

“Ask your mother,” was the only thing as he went in the house.

Grace Lee was standing in front of the stove stirring the chicken dish as her two naked daughters waddled into the kitchen. “Why aren’t you two wearing clothes?” Grace gasped upon seeing her daughters.

“Dad wouldn’t give them back,” Laura answered.

“Why would your father have your clothes?” Grace asked knowing the answer wouldn’t be good.

“Well….we were…kinda…swimming and Dad startled us,” Lucy stammered.

“You were skinny dipping?” Grace asked.

“Yeaa,” the girls answered together looked contritely down at the floor. Grace pulled the girls, face first over the kitchen table, exposing their purplish butts.

“I see your father didn’t approve. Well I don’t either.” She reached over for a the bottle of menthol oil sitting next to the table. “I think this will help you remember the importance of your modesty.”

She poured a little bit on Lucy’s left cheek then began to work it around with her hand. “Ouch, owwwe, ahhh, estttts sniff AHHHHHHHHHH! IT BURNS! Lucy cried out.

Grace added more oil then worked it around the other cheek, between the cheeks and down between their legs. When she got done, she let Lucy up. “Go get an old bathing suit for both of you then get right back here! And no rubbing!” She commanded as she went to work on Laura’s behind.

Laura took it even worst than Lucy; eliciting the same cries of mercy, but also bucking around considerably more. Grace ended up giving her half a dozen hand spanks to ‘settle’ her back down.

Lucy returned with two old bikini bathing suits, still unaware what her mom wanted them for. Grace laid the bottoms on the table next to Laura then poured some of the oil suits, completely covering the crotch and back portions. Once the oil soaked in, she handed a bottom to each girl. “You can wear these for the rest of the weekend.” The girls reluctantly pulled the bottoms up their legs and over the tender flesh. The fire from the oil hadn’t let up yet, encouraging their bottoms to wiggle about. Grace then handed over the matching tops. “Put these on then get a t-shirt. I expect you both back here in 2 minutes to set the table.”

The girls scampered off to their room, covering their breasts with the bathing suit top with one hand while pulling back the bottom off their behinds. Grace washed the reminents of the oil off her hands before removing dinner from the stove. “Skinny dipping! Wow.” Grace mumbled under her breath. “For how smart they are, they sure do some dumb stuff.”

Laura appeared in an old high school t-shirt about a minute and a half later. “Where’s Lucy?” Grace asked.

“Ah, I think she went to the bathroom.” Laura replied, keeping up as much of her ‘I’m a repentent little girl’ look as possible.

Grace closed her eyes briefly and shook her head a little. “One day she’ll learn,” she thought. “Well get the table set. The tell your father that dinner is ready,” Grace told Laura.

Lucy appeared just as Laura left to get their father. “I said 2, not 10 minutes.” Grace said as the last dish was set on the table.

“I had to go to the bathroom,” Lucy said in a softer but higher pitch voice than normal.

“And wash your bottom?” Grace asked. Lucy instinctively started to blush a little more.

“No,” She lied. A fresh tear trickled down the right side of her face.

“You know better than to lie to me!” Grace said forcefully. Just then Laura returned with John in tow. “You to start go ahead and start, Lucy and I need to talk.” Grace ushered her daughter back to the kitchen. John took his usual seat at the head of the table, while Laura attempted sit down on only the mid-part of her thighs then braced herself up with the table. The odd, and slightly uncomfortable position allowed her to keep the major portion of her rear end off the seat, while appearing to sit. It was an acrobatic maneuver both girls had perfected over the years. They always seemed to get spanking before dinner, rather than afterwards.

Laura could hear some muffled voices from the kitchen followed by the water running and a little rustling. She took some rice and green beans and chicken, mostly at the instance of her father. She was just bringing the first bite to her mouth when she heard a low swish then a muffled cry. The sound made her jump a little, dropping the food back to her plate.  She instantly knew what was happening in the kitchen, and was thoroughly glad she hadn’t joined Lucy in the bathroom.

The muffled swishes and cries continued at a good pace for the next five minutes. Every cry was a little louder than the previous one, causing Laura cringe a little bit each time. She still managed to get through half of her bowl before her mother returned to the dinning room, sans Lucy.

“Lucy decided to skip dinner and just go straight to bed once she finishes the dishes. Laura, you can join her once you wash these dishes.” Grace said to Laura. “So honey, how was your day?”

Laura just kinda sat there in silence while her parents carried on a typical dinner conversation. She ate, even though she had no appetite. After 25 minutes, her parents finally finished, allowing her to clear the table and wash the few remaining dishes. Lucy had returned to their room well before dinner finished. Bending over the sink caused the bikini bottoms to pull against Laura’s bottom, inciting a fresh burn now there. Twisting was even worst, feeling like another stroke was delivered to her bottom. Laura was lightly crying again by the time she finished the dishes and made her way to her room.

Laura found Lucy was laying face down on her own bed, with her bottom pointing up in the air. Laura took the same pose in the other bed.

“I am NEVER skinny dipping again!” Lucy cried to her sister.

“I agree,” Laura echoed. “Mom wash your mouth out with soap for lying?”

“Sniff. Yea, then re-oiled my bottom before using the chopstick on it.”

“Ouch. Sorry sis. I could hear some of your cries from the dinning room.”

“That was with the soap still in my mouth. Halfway through Mom threatened to put some oil inside if I didn’t settle down. I don’t know how that would have helped my wiggling.” Both girls chuckled at the remark before drifting off to sleep. The swimming earlier had drained all their energy. Of course the events since hadn’t helped either.

First Period of My Wife’s Game Night

This is a continuation of My wife’s other side is released.

On our first anniversary, my wife and I realized that our lives were getting boring. We were sitting home at home, eating the top of our wedding cake while watching Jeopardy and contemplating if we should go to bed afterwards. I know, typically for newlyweds “going to bed early” is just code for screwing until the sunrises. We still did that, but we were also just as happy laying down next to each other and falling asleep. We were acting like an old boring couple, were their entire non-work life rotates around their mate. It is comforting individually, but also lonely as a couple.

So on that day we decided to do something new and get more involved with our friends. Not our friends as a couple, but our individual friends. We would each spend one night a week out with our friends. Hopefully this would bring in more social activities for us to go as a couple also. One of my groomsmen was in a weekly poker game while Justine decided she would start a games night with some of her old girlfriends. I hit up my groomsmen and got an invitation for the next week.

Everything went well for the first couple of months. I’d go play poker on Tuesday and Justine went to her friend’s Deli’s place to play games on Thursday. We started getting invited to go out with other couples for dinner and parties, exactly like we wanted. I thought should have been concerned. Things were going a little too good.

In mid may Deli had to be out of town on a business trip, so Justine hosted. I was supposed to work late, but the dinner meeting got canceled so I ended arriving home before any of girls got there.

“Hi honey, your home early,” Justine said cautiously. “Didn’t you have some meeting?”

“Yea, it was canceled.” I sat my bag on the kitchen counter then stole a kiss. Yum! Her lips tasted like strawberries. I snatched a freshly cleaned on out of the sink while she was still looking at me. “Don’t worry, I won’t interrupt your night.”

“I’m sure you won’t interrupt, but the girls should be here soon. You may want to grab something to eat if you want to avoid them.” She turned back to finishing preparing the fruit platter while I checked the fridge for leftovers.

Pizza, score! Leftover pizza, a couple bottles of beer and a Blackhawks win would make a great evening for myself. It did turn out to be a great evening, even if the Blackhawks lost. I slide the pizza into the microwave and headed upstairs to change when I noticed the stack of boxes on the little desk next to the dinning table. Candyland, Monopoly, Sorry!, Shoots and Ladders, and Clue were stacked up.

“What are these for?” I asked.

“Oh, those are some of the games we play.”

“These? I thought you played card games. Like bridge or rummy.”

“We switch it up each week.”

“OK….” I said making my way upstairs. T-shirt and blue jeans were much more comfortable than a suit and tie. I was returning to fetch my dinner when the doorbell rang. I opened the front door to find Kelly, Veronica and Naomi. “Hi girls, Justine is in the kitchen.”

“Hey Mike, I thought you were going to be gone,” Kelly asked as the all got inside.

“My meeting was canceled. Don’t worry, I’ll stay out of your fun,” I said securing the door.

“But you can be fun too,” Veronica whispered as she passed slipped by.

All the women already had glasses of wine by the time I reached the kitchen. “Spectacular!” I mumbled under my breath. I hoped the wine wouldn’t get them too loud to drown out my hockey game. I just grabbed my microwaved leftover pizza, a cold beer and went straight for the couch and 52′ of HD glory.

“So what should we play tonight?” Justine asked from the other side of the combined kitchen-dinning room-family room.

“Lets play Sorry!” Kelly mentioned.

“Sounds good to me.” Veronica said.

“OK.” Justine pulled out the box and sat it on the table. Opening it, she started going through the special rules. “A quick review of the rules, you get 4 players…” I kind of lost interest, especially with a fight breaking out. 5 minutes into the first period and a fight already, this is going to be a good game.


“SORRY!” Kelly yelled from across the room. The sudden outburst immediately drew my attention, more out of annoyance than interest. The ‘Hawks were dominating the glass. I any moment they could score and take a 1-0 lead. I glanced over towards the girls, intending to only look for a second, then return to the game. Intentions also pave the way to hell.

“You Bitch!” Veronica shot back then grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it over her head. Her black bra strap stood out against her white back. What kind of game were they playing? Strip Sorry!? Well this could be interesting. I turned the TV volume down a little bit and slide a little lower into the couch. Maybe they would forget about me.

“HEY!” Justine yelled on Naomi’s next turn. “That was not nice!” She then stood up and shimmied off her blue jeans. I couldn’t make out much, but it appeared like she had on one of her nicer pairs of black panties.

A full round and a half progressed without any commotion so my attention started to wander back to the hockey game. Women sitting half naked is only mildly interesting after a while. There isn’t really much difference between a bra and panties and a bikini. I’d seen everyone of them revealing more at the beach.

“Damn it!” I heard Naomi blurt out. I watched her out of the side of my eye, trying to guess which piece of clothing should would take off. “You can do it Kelly,” she said as she stood up. Kelly could do what? I slightly turned my head in order to get a better view of the girls.

“Yay.” Kelly exclaimed lightly. Naomi rounded the end of the table while Kelly slide her chair back from the table. The next thing I realize, Naomi is draping herself over Kelly’s lap and Kelly is picking a ruler off the table. I sunk a little lower in the L shaped couch and peeked over the back to watch. Kelly spanked the ruler down in four quick swats.

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! “Ouch!” Naomi yelped on the last spank. “That one hurt.”

“Well its supposed to be a punishment,” Kelly smirked. My wife and Veronica giggled at that.

As she raised herself off Kelly’s lap, I slipped down out of her possible view. I didn’t want the show in the kitchen to stop. It was more interesting than the hockey game. I twisted round so it would look like I had been watching the game the whole time.

Two plays later Veronica yelled out “Sorry Kelly!” and moved something on the bored.

“Damn it!” Kelly said then stripped off her blouse. From her back, I could tell she was wear a pink strapless number. Too bad she wasn’t on the other side of the table.

Justine just moved her piece farther along. Naomi though wasn’t so nice. “You did spank a little hard, so lose another piece!” Naomi said gleefully.

“No fair!” Kelly pleaded, but stood up to comply with the rule. “Wait until I get a sorry!” She wiggled out of her tight fitting jeans, showing off her bubble butt encased in pink lace. She didn’t sit back down, rather just picked up her hand and toss in a card. “Justine, you can do the honors,” she said ruefully as she made her way round to my wife.

My wife slide back her chair and guided the blonde across her lap. She didn’t waste any time bringing the ruler quickly down onto the panty-covered bottom. Veronica and the table blocked most of my view though I don’t believe Kelly reacted very much. At least she didn’t verbally, unlike her two on lookers who couldn’t stop from giggling.

I ducked down as Kelly got up and returned to her seat. I waited until the I heard her chair slide across the floor before taking another look.

“You had to knock off my piece?” Naomi complain on Justine’s turn.

“Sorry, it was in the way,” Justine replied.

Veronica laughed, “So blouse or panties.” Naomi choose the blouse option, revealing her bra to the girls, but not me. Kelly sitting directly between me and the view.

The girls went almost two full rounds before Veronica lost another piece of clothing. This time Kelly was the instigator, which earned her a little nudge from her friend. I though believe Veronica remembered I was seated behind her, because she took her time getting up from her chair. She unbuttoned her jeans, then slowly rocked her hips as she eased them over her yoga-toned booty. The black thong left little to the imagination when she bent at the waist to lower her jeans then step out of them. It was like a mini-strip show, just for me.

On Justine’s next turn she tossed in a card resentfully, “hmmm, Veronica you can do it.” I took a guess it must be my wife’s turn to get spanked and she didn’t disappoint me when she rounded the table, then laid over Veronica’s bare thighs.

“Ohh, 8,” Veronica cooed, taking the ruler from Naomi. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! Veronica took her time, putting 3-4 seconds between spank. She must not have been spanking very hard, since Justine barely reacted to any of them. I generally could get a reaction after 1, let alone 8.

“That’s what you get for being in the lead,” Kelly giggled as my wife got up.

“I’ll make sure to spank you harder next time,” Justine quipped.

“There won’t be a next time!” Kelly stated.

“I doubt that!” Justine responded taking her seat. I glanced back at the tv to see the first intermission was just starting. Normally this would be time for a bathroom break and pizza refill, but not tonight with the girls between me and the fridge. If the second period was anything like the first, I was going to be watching much hockey.

Cause of the Spanking Effect

Continuing the miniseries on essence of a spanking, we get to the cause. Why is the girl being spanked.

The exact causes are to numerous to list and I doubt we could come up with every possible cause. I will focus on the general causes, rather than the explicit details of a given situation. Please note, the categories are not necessarily where the spanking takes place (like poor grades at school will probably result in a spanking at home, not school) but original cause of the spanking.

  • General
    • Attitude – Poor, mean or disrespectful
    • Lying
    • Language (swearing, mean, degrading, disrespectful, sassy)
    • Fighting
    • Disobedience
    • Game / Competition / Bet
    • Theft / Trespassing / Criminal Activity
  • Home
    • Not doing chores / Laziness
    • Arguing with sibling / parent
    • Neglecting responsibilities
    • Not paying attention
    • Being Spanked at School / Work
    • Sex / Masturbation / Intimate behaviors
  • School
    • Poor Grades
    • Skipping Class / Slacking during class
    • Uniform
    • Pranks
    • Destruction of school property
    • Sex / Masturbation / Intimate behaviors
  • Work
    • Poor customer relations
    • Mistakes
    • Neglecting responsibilities
    • Sex / Masturbation / Intimate behaviors
  • In Public
    • Attitude
    • Speeding / Traffic violations
    • Disruptive / Inappropriate Behavior
  • Vacation
    • Attitude
    • Risky / Inappropriate behavior

Here is a question for you all, what am I missing? I’ve been searching through all the personal accounts and stories I have and they all fall into one of the above categories.

Willow Groove – The Pledges get an unlikely protector

Amber was in awe to the size and elegance of the house’s formal dinning room. The emptiness of the room did not help make the room any less imposing. Amber later found out that the emptiness was due to the fact most sisters didn’t move back into the house until later in the week. Currently the sorority officers and those sisters assisting with the pledges were the only sisters residing at the house.

Three girls sat at the head table and another three sat at the end of a side table, all eating dinner and chatting among themselves. The mahogany tables perfectly matched the hard wood paneling lining each wall.

“Pledges sit here!” Kayla stated dryly once we all had entered the room. She pointed at a smallish table opposite of the head table, which was lined with 10 chairs. Two platters of roast chicken tenderloins, two large bowls of salad, two baskets of dinner rolls and platters of fresh vegetables were spread along the center of the table. A full place setting sat at each chair as well as a tall glass of ice water.

“Pledges however do not eat until all the sisters and honored guests have been served. Someday you might earn the privilege of determine meal chore schedules, but until that time, all pledges will help with food preparation, serving, and cleaning. Since the sister’s didn’t want to wait for you to be corrected, feel lucky this one time you get to eat without preparing or serving the meal. Please find a chair.”

We each went to a chair around the pledge table. Bridgette started to sit down when Kayla lit in to her. “DID I SAY YOU CAN SIT DOWN!”

Bridgette jumped back, covering her bottom with both hands. Half the girls were actually startled by the sudden outburst, and most reached back to cover their bottoms. The sisters at the other end of the dinning room went silent as they watched the show.

“No ma’am.” Bridgette squeaked.

“That’s right! I said FIND a chair, not SIT DOWN! Did you not learn anything from your paddling earlier?” Kayla continued berating the taller girl.

“No ma’am, I mean yes ma’am. I’m sorry ma’am!” Bridgette stammered.

“What is it, Yes or No?” Kayla asked. Amber realized it was a trick question and felt bad for Bridgette. If she had not choose a chair far from the door, it could have been her feeling Kayla’s wrath.

“Ah.ah…yes?” Bridgette hesitantly answered.

“Yes, you did not learn anything from your paddling earlier. I guess you’ll just need another one!” Kayla state then turned towards the door.

“No, no, please, I’m sorry. I learned from the paddling!” Bridgette pleaded. “I really did! Please don’t paddle me again!”

“You learned from the paddling? I’m not so sure. Fellow pledges, do you think she learned from her paddling?” Kayla asked the other pledges. The pledges looked at each other before nodding.

“I can’t hear them!” Sarah yelled from her place at the head table.

“Yes ma’am!” The pledges said more or less in unison.

“I don’t think the sisters believe you. Why don’t you show the sisters that you have learned a lesson already today.” Kayla said motioning to the 7 active members watching the scene.

“Hmm. hmm,” Bridgette stammered, not quite sure what Kayla meant.

“Turn your backside towards the actives and show them your punished bottom!” Kayla instructed. A couple of the other pledges started grinning at Bridgette’s embarrassment. Kayla noticed the undue interest and amended her instructions, “actually why don’t all the pledges who have learned something today, show what they have learned.”

Most of the pledges groaned as the made their way to stand next to Kayla. The two pledges who had not been paddled stood still. “You did not learn a lesson today? Well maybe I should get the paddle and correct that?”

“No ma’am,” both pledges said, scampering around the table to join the rest of the girls. Once the girls were lined up, they all lowered the PJ bottoms to mid thigh exposing the seat of their panties.

“We don’t see any lessons! Those are just panties!” yelled Amy Featherstone.

“Pledges, Amy is correct. Those panties are hiding any evidence of you learning a lesson. They will either need to come down or I’ll just have to reinforce it.” Kayla said. The pledges eagerly pulled the backside of their panties down, exposing 8 pink bottoms and two pristine ones. A little embarrassment was better right now than another paddling. Well at least those who had just been paddled thought so.

“Better!” Amy stated, “But it looks two of them haven’t learned anything yet!”

Kayla moved in front of the line of pledges before addressing the Sorority’s Vice President. “These girls did not break a rule, but rather learned from the mistakes of the other pledges.” Kayla defended. This shocked and confused the pledges. Why was she defending them after having ripped into them a moment earlier? “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes ma’am” both answered while nodding vigorously.

“Well everything seems to be in order. Kayla, please get the pledges seated and feed. I’m sure they are hungry after moving in.” Amanda Richmond interrupted the hazing of the pledges.

“Yes ma’am,” Kayla answered before addressing the pledges, “Get those panties and PJs up and back to the table.” Quickly 10 girls covered their bare bums and scampered back to the chair they had been standing behind. This time no one dared touch the chairs, let alone sit down. “You may be seated and you may start once everyone is ready.” Kayla commanded. Ten chairs were pulled back in unison as the pledges took their seats. Kayla just nodded once everyone was seated, indicating they could begin.

Amber had never really tasted food so fresh and full of flavor before. She had been to some nice restaurants in New York, but none of it could compare to the meal laid before her. The chicken was firm on the outside and moist inside with tones of hickory smoke. The salad was full of crispy letuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers all lightly accented with italian dressing. The dinner rolls had thin outer cell and soft, steamy inner core. She was sure any of her foodie friends back in Brooklyn would be jealous of this meal.

Dinner passed quickly and silently for the pledges. The actives mostly just ignored them, though after the events downstairs and just minutes earlier in the dinning room, no one wanted to draw attention to themselves so they all ate with the minimal amount of speaking. After dinner, the actives left their plates at their table and the pledges remained seated until Kayla provided them instructions. Cleaning the dinning room, kitchen and dishes took the girls over an hour, primarily because they wanted to make sure everything was spotless.

The pledges then retired to their quarters until bedtime, as per Kayla’s instructions. The girls mostly organized their things and chatted with their roommates. None of the dared to look lazy or unproductive, yest that be an unknown rule. Sarah and Kayla returned to the pledge quarters at 8:30 pm.

“ATTENTION!” Sarah yelled. Immediately every pledge quickly jumped up and ran into the common room, forming a line. All the pledges were lined up within 25 seconds, though Madison took a noticeably more time than the rest of the pledges. Sarah paced up and down the line of girls, staring at each and every single one. “Pledge Madison, step forward!”

Madison hesitantly took a step forward. The only thing she could think of was the paddle hanging just to the right of Kayla’s head and the seven swats she had took earlier. She didn’t want any more of it. She wouldn’t be able to take it. Her bottom still ached from earlier. More would be just torture. She could stop the single tear from streaking down her face as she waited for Sarah’s pronouncement.

“Pledge, what took you so long to get in line?” Sarah asked.

“Hmmm.. I was reading some material for orgo, and hmmm,” Madison whispered quietly.

“Speak up!” Sarah instructed from the other end of the line.

“I was reading for orgo and had to put the book away,” Madison blurted out. “Please don’t paddle me!”

“Why would I paddle you for following the rules?” Sarah asked rhetorically, but sympathetically. “I only punish you to help you learn, not to be mean.” Sarah then turned to all of the pledges, “I am responsible for your successful maturation into sisters at Sigma Epsilon Chi. I want everyone of your to pass the initiation tests at the end of the semester. Its why I will push you so hard during the pledging process. I want you to succeed. I remember being a pledge. Standing in your vary spot on my first night in the house. The nervousness. The anxiety. Wondering what was going to happen next. It is scary, and it is OK to be scared. Kayla and I are here to help you through it. Sometimes that help will be less than pleasant, like earlier today, but we are still here to help you succeed.” Sarah paused for a moment to let her speech set in. “Kayla, what is rule # 10?”

“Be dependable and responsible in all aspects of one’s life, the punishment shall be 25 swats,” Kayla recited from memory. All the pledges took a little gasp at the severity of the punishment. Most had taken only a quarter of that earlier and felt like their bottom was going to catch on fire.

“My responsibility is you, and your successful transition to being a full sister of Sigma Eplison Chi. 25 swats is also a great motivator. If you have any questions or need help, please ask Kayla or myself. And this is about anything, the sorority, university, boys, anything.” Sarah gave another pause. “Ok, lights out for pledges is 10 PM. Unless you have special permission for me, you are to be in bed by 10 sharp. It is,” Sarah glanced at her watch, “8:43 right now. That gives you just over an hour to get settled in before bedtime. I recommend you get to know your roommates. The more you know about each other, the easier the pledging process is going to be. Kayla or I will be back later to wish you good night. If you need me, I am in room 201. It is the first room at the top of the stairs. Any questions?” Every pledge’s mind was full of questions, but no one dared to ask. “OK, you are dismissed.”

None of the pledges moved until Sarah and Kayla had left the pledge quarters. For a second after the door closed, the room was absolutely silent. No voices. No music. No TV. Not even the electrical hum of a computer could be heard. Just silent tension. The click of the wall clock cut through the silence like a gunshot. Everyone let out a sigh of relief that their tales were not in the firing range, and probably could be avoided until at least the morning.

My wife’s other side is released

My wife is not normal. I mean she’s a 27 year old sexpot with a kinky side a mile wide. I never quite realized it until we had been dating for 9 months and I stumbled across some extreme websites in her browser history. At first, I thought it was someone else using her computer, so I cleared the cache and ran some other maintenance stuff then told her I cleaned up a bunch of old files on her computer. She thanked me and everything went on.

Two weeks later, I stumbled across the same websites in her browser history. This time I was sure no one else had used her computer since we were basically living together. I spent some time going through them. About half were erotica while the rest were picture and streaming video sites. The content was all over the place, from lesbian sex scenes to cheerleaders getting butt-fucked. The tamer sites though generally had a reoccurring theme of a woman being spanked. If this was what turned Justine on, then I might as well try it.

A week later we were sitting on my couch watching TV. The show kept having sexual references, and I was getting horny. My arousal was probably more associated with Justine’s head laying in my lap than the show, but that doesn’t matter.

I made some comment and she responded with “hey” and pinched my leg. Pinching has been one of my pet peeves since grade school, so I respond with “Stop it! Do not pinch me!”

“What are you going to do about,” she smirked as she pinched my leg again.

This just annoyed me more. For some reason, all those stories and images of women getting spanked flashed through my mind. I’m not sure what overtook me but I reached out and brought my hand swiftly down on her bottom over the blanket.

“Ouch” she said while sticking her lower lip out in pouty face. She reached back under the blanket and made quite a show of rubbing her bottom. “I’m sorry.”

“Then no more pinching.” I told her as I brushed her hair away from her face.

“Yes sire.” The show came back on and drew our attention for a while. Justine though had other plans. Halfway through the next show, she made a comment about the lead actress being slutty and I wanting Justine to be more like her.

“No baby, I like you just the way you are.” I tried to soother her.

“Liar!” She said, pinching my leg again.

“Hey, no pinching!” I said whacking her bottom a couple of time with my hand.

“Ooooh, I could barely feel that,” she taunted.

I was not going to be taunted like that, so I pulled back the blankets, exposing her shorts covered bottom. She tried to get up, but I pulled her forward and she guided herself straight across my lap. I spanked her clothed bottom a few more times just to get more taunts that the spanks were not hurting.

“Ohhh, that reeellyyy hurtts.” Justine swooned.

“Fine, then these can come down!” I said, twisting my torso so I held her upper torso under my left arm. Two thumbs in her waistband and her shorts and panties were down to her knees.

“HEY!” Justine protested, “No fair!” She tried to twist around but I was not having any of it.

Swack Swack Swack! I spanked my right hand down quick and hard until my palm started stinging. She wiggled about on my lap as her bottom turned pink. After a minute or two, my hand stung too much to keep going.

I looked at my right hand, its palm pink and hot. Her bare bottom was so adorable right now. A mild pink tint, though soft and smooth. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but Justine already knew what was going to happened. She slide off in a kneeling position then swung her knees around until she was straddling my lap. I reached up and held her on the sides of her upper chest.

“I’m sorrrry!” Justine said sticking her lower lip out. She looked so damn cute and sexy. She slid her hand down my side, cutting across my stomach to the top of my shorts. “I’m a good girl,” she said as fingers reached inside my boxers. “I promise to be good,” was her plea as she freed myself from its cloth prison.

She gently bit her lower lip while working myself up and down her slit. I could feel her wetness coating my shaft. Up and down she rocked. I wanted her right now! On the third upward stroke she asked, “are you going to spank me again?” Once my head touched her entrance, she tilted her hips forward and impaled herself on me.

“Ahhhh, yeeesss!” I moaned. It was more a natural response to my head popping into her tight, wet pussy than the question. Justine pulled upward, freeing me from clenches, then drove down again, impaling more of me into herself. I glided my hand down her sides then around her back to hold her ass. I helped her bounce on my lap until I was fully seated inside her pussy.

We both paused for a moment to savor the intimate sensations. She felt as tight as hot as ever, pushing me to be even larger than normal. The connection was overwhelming. Her sparking blue eyes starring back at me. Her pouty lips agape. This was making love.

I slide my left hand up her back until it reached the center of her shoulder blades then pulled her forward into my kiss. I locked our lips together in a deep embrace until her eyes drifted shut. Keeping our kiss going, I worked her up and down my shaft with my right hand, overwhelming her senses. Her blue eyes fluttered, and I felt her breadth slipping away.

I kept bouncing her on my lap, feeding the orgasm within. Her pussy surprised me when the spasms hit. I never knew her to cum so quickly, or so violently. I wanted to hold back, but her pussy was doing too good a job milking me. I just let go, joining her in ecstasy.

“OH YEA!” Justine screamed when the first shot entered her. “MORE!” she cried as her hips bounced about with a life of her own. I filled her with cum until we were both spent. The emotions flooding about between us. Justine collapsed over my shoulder, me still buried deep inside.

Neither of us moved until I had relaxed enough to be expelled from her. Without saying a word, she crawled off my lap, then taking my hand by its index finger, lead us to our master bedroom, and the shower in the accompaying bathroom.

I don’t think we said a single word until we were warped up in each others arms in bed. Not a stitch of clothing between the two of us.

“I saw your browser history,” I admitted.

“I was hoping you would. I didn’t know how to bring up my other side.”

“You really interested in all the stuff on those sites?”

“Mostly. There are a few things that don’t do it for me.”

“Like what?”

“Feet, latex, hmmm…”

“Nothing else?”

“Oh and gay stuff. I’m a one dick girl,” she smiled up at me as I felt a hand run along my side. “And it is this one.” She grabbed me and gently squeezed.

“Well then maybe we should try some of the other things,” I said grabbing her bottom.

“Another time, I have a better idea for tonight,” she said before slipping her head below the covers.

Try other things we did. We did everything you could think sexually, so long as it only involved the two of us. We didn’t share our other side with anyone else, until my wife started playing games with her girlfriends. Then things got interesting.