Environment – Magnifying the Embarrassment

I have previously went through positions and implements, the How and What of a spanking, now I move on to the Where. The environment where the initial decree and the actual spanking can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of the spanking. A girl going bending over for six of the best in the Dean’s private office has a considerably different impact than the same girl bending over in front of an auditorium full of her peers.

To help the creativity get flowing, I’ve made a list of all the places I’ve heard of actual or realistic spankings taking place. I’m not talking where single swats or where only children would be spanked, rather where full on spankings of adult girls could be safely delivered.

Which ones have you heard of before?

Area location Embarrassment Factor Risk of Interference
Girl’s Bedroom Minimal None
Parent’s Bedroom Minimal None
Bathroom Minimal None
Study / Den / Library Minimal None
Kitchen Low Minimal
Living Room / Family Room Low Minimal
Garage / Workshop Minimal Minimal
Woodshed / Barn Minimal None
Porch / Deck Medium Minimal
Yard / Garden Medium Minimal
Classroom High Minimal
Hallway Medium Low
Principle’s / Headmaster’s Office Low None
Gym / Locker room Low – High Low
Dorm Room Low Minimal
Dorm Common room High Low – Medium
Boss’ Office Low Low – Medium
Storeroom Medium Medium
Bathroom / Locker Room Low-Medium Medium – High
Boss’ Office Low Minimal
Restroom Medium Medium
Dressing Room / Changing Room Medium Medium
Car Low – Medium Low
Public Bench High High
City Park / Playground High High
Tent / Campground Medium Medium
Recreation Vehicle (RV) Low Minimal
Woods Low-High Low-High
Beach / Public Pool High High
Prison / Reformatory (historically) Low None
Town Square (historically) High None
Church basement / Sunday School High Low
Hotel Low Minimal


2 thoughts on “Environment – Magnifying the Embarrassment

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