Double Delight

My phone vibrated with the incoming text “wht u do 2nite?” “nothin” I responded to Candi. She had to know of a party. Candi is the stereotypical blonde. Really don’t know how she got into State, but she sure did make it fun. Candi knew of a party every weekend, and multiple parties on most weekends. I started tutoring her in algebra during our first semester, and we quickly became good friends. She is actually quite intelligent, but lacks all common sense. She’s also tall blonde and gorgeous, which really helps with the party invites.

“Want 2 party? 1 in UP” Candi texted back. A party in University Park, cool!

“Yea when” I texted.

“Pick U up in 30, bring suit” Candi responded. Thirty minutes would not be much time to get ready. First, which bathing suit should I wear? The blue one or the Pink one? The teal one from VC’s Pink collection has a boyshorts bottoms, which really shows off my ass. Definitely the right choice. I slip into the Lycra two-piece and check my self out in the mirror. I don’t compare to Candi, but I should be able to get a guy or two’s attention. A pair of cutoffs and college t-shirt were all I needed. Keys, cellphone and purse and I was off.

“Mom, I’m going to go out with Candi,” I told Mom as I passed by the living room.

“Have you ate yet?”

“I’ll get something with Candi,” I told her as I dug out my sandals from the back of the closet. My phone vibrated across the floor behind me, probably signaling Candi’s arrive outside.

“OK honey, but be back by midnight. I want to go shopping in the morning.”

“Ok, bye!” I yelled as I walked out the front door. Candi was waiting for me in her convertible.

“You ready for some fun?” Candi asked.

“Got it on.” I said sliding into the passenger’s seat.

The party was great! Hot guys, cool party, good food and lots to drink. I tried to keep my drinking in check but the guy making drinks was good. He was cute too. He kept making me special drinks that were irresistible. A pina collada, mojito and some mango thing I couldn’t sit down.

For all his work, I let him take me for a swim once the sun went down. We didn’t swim much, rather we just made out in the shadows of the pool. I dry humped him as we made out and then just reached into his shorts and gave him a hand-job. It was so sexy knowing everyone around could see us, but no one knew what we were doing. Well I guess they could see us kissing, but nothing more.

We eventually moved on into the dinning room where some card games were going on. I’d never heard of it, but tried my hand at Egyptian Rat Screw. I turned out to be good at it, winning three games. I was in the kitchen when I noticed it was nearly 1 AM. Damn I should’ve been home an hour ago. Candi was no where in sight but personal bartender

“Hey, did you drive? I got to get going and I can’t find Candi,” I said.

“Yea, I was thinking of leaving anyways. I can drop you off.”

“Your a lifesaver.”

We chatted all the way home. I wanted to spend some time in the driveway, but the light on in the living room told me that was not a good idea. I gave him a quick kiss then scampered off to the front door.

I didn’t realize how drunk I still was until I tried to unlock the front door and I couldn’t get my key in the lock. After three failed attempts, the door opening by itself shocked me. I then noticed Mom standing there in her nightgown with a clear look of disappointment.

“Have a little too much to drink?” Mom asked.

“Nooooo…” I slurred as I entered and tried to take off my shoes. The second attempt got them off my feet and close to the shoe rack.

“I think so. I asked you be home by midnight, but you decided to stroll in drunk at 1:30. Even though your in college, you still need to be home at a reasonable time sometimes. You didn’t even call saying you’d be late.”

“Sorrrrryyyy moooommm.”

“Oh you will be before you go to bed. For breaking curfew AND drinking while underage your going to get a double spanking. Drop those panties and grab the mantel.” Mom said as she picked up the leather strap from the coffee table.

There was a more or less standard punishment for breaking curfew. If you were late returning home you were getting the strap on your bare butt immediately upon your arrival. It always happened in the living room with me bending forward and holding onto the fireplace mantel. The amount was directly related to how late I was, and if I hadn’t been so intoxicated, I’d been able to do the math also and know that a 1.5 hours late meant I’d be getting at least 23 swats; 5 for missing curfew then an addition swat for every 5 minutes.

The double spanking was the worst punishment you could get in my house. Mom had this policy that if you committed two spankable offenses within one day, you had to serve at least 30 minutes of corner time before the second spanking could be delivered. The second spanking was always to be on the bare butt and with the next higher implement (hand -> hairbrush -> strap -> cane). After the second spanking you were effectively grounded to your room until the next day. No TV, cell phone, computer, iPod or anything. You really did not want to leave your room after getting the strap on top of a hairbrush spanking.

“Oh that’s not nessessarrryy.” I said as I tried to act like it wasn’t in trouble. Mom just took hold of my wrist and ushered me over to the mantel.

“It is quite necessary,” Mom said as she placed each of my hands on the mantel. “Do not let go.” Holding onto the mantel help stop the room from moving so much. Subconsciously I knew I was going to be spanked, it would be obvious to anyone sitting in the living room. Well, anyone not drunk, like myself. Mom reached around my waist and unbuttoned my shorts then down went the cutoffs, followed by my bathing suit bottoms until they hung at half-mast.

The sudden rush of cool air on my damp bottom sent chills up my spine. “Heeyyy!” I slured, starting to twist around to look at my mom.

Thuack! “Ahhhh” The first swat with the strap replaced the intoxication with a strip of fire. Mom had placed the good, hard swat right across my sit-spot.

Thuack! “AHHH Owwwee Owwwee” The second swat was placed directly over the first swat, removing any of the lingering effects of intoxication. Mom put next three swats quickly right on top of the first 2, getting a continuous cry out of me.

Mom then lectured me for a few minutes on responsibility and calling and such. I didn’t pay much attention as my rear end held my full attention. I did hear her though say I was to get 18 more swats for being an hour and a half late. It was at that moment that I prayed she spread out the swats.

For the next 6 minutes, Mom brought the strap down methodically across my bare flesh. I could feel her spreading out the swats, so that every inch of my backside was painted red. Top to bottom, left to right. I wiggled back and forth, even dipped my knees a couple of times to try and ease the burn but I luckily never let go of the mantel. I really should’ve paid more attention to the time at the party.

Mom waited for me to hold still after the last swat before sending me to the corner. “Put your hands on your head and get that nose in the corner.” I released my white-knuckle grip on the oak to wipe my nose and the tears blurring my vision. The hobbled walk to the corner was agonizingly slow. In order to keep my bathing suit at by knees, like Mom preferred with panties, I had to twist my hips to step forward, which pulled the skin at the bottom of my cheeks taught.

Mom luckily had pointed at the near empty corner, not the one on the other side of the room with a corner table spanning it. It was about 5 years ago when Mom first used that corner for corner time with my older sister. Katie had turned 18 the week before, and felling all grown-up, had taken Mom’s car shopping without her permission. Mom was taking a nap the whole time Katie was gone, and she’d have gotten away with it had she not brought home pizza for dinner. I’m still not sure what she did after Mom found out she’d taken the car to earn a double punishment, she earned herself 2 sessions with the cane. During Katie’s corner time, she wouldn’t stop fidgeting so Mom moved her to the corner with the table and made her spread her feet the 36 inches to match the tables then lean forward and put her nose in the corner. This pushed out her bottom again for an easy target, and it makes moving about difficult. Anytime Katie moved, Mom would get up, and place one solid swat with the strap across her bottom. Katie only moved once after getting placed in the table corner. I kinda enjoyed seeing Katie get it that day for taking the car, since she’d spent the previous 2 years hanging her driver’s license over my head when ever I wanted to go anywhere.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! The egg timer startled me back to reality and marked the end of my reprisal. The fire below had shifted more to a strong throb, where I could probably measure my pulse from the impulses of pain resonating from down below. I now was up for 6 strokes of the cane. The cane was always a half or full set, with a set being 1/3 of your age. Being only 20, I would be due only 6 stripes. Only 6 stripes, like that was a cake walk or something. I guess it is better than had this incident happened in a month when it’d be upped to 7.

“Ok back to the mantel you go,” Mom said as she exchanged her book for the cane. I made the slow trek back to the mantel and got into position. “I’ve been thinking. You act like you want to be 21, your in trouble because you where drinking like you were already 21, and your birthday is only a month away.” Mom paused and I became confused. Maybe she was going to let me off? “I figure you should be punished as if you were 21 and take 7 strokes with the cane.” SEVEN!

“Moommmm pleaasssee not seveen!” I pleaded from my bent over position.

“I think you can handle. Anyways you believe your big enough to get drunk.”

“Pleasseee!” CRACK! “OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEE!” I cried out as the first stroke of the cane cut into the top of my cheeks. The pain was intense, most likely because of my recent strapping.

Crack! “AAAAAAAHHHHH SNIFFFF OWWWW!” The flood gates opened up and had my eyes been opened, I doubt I’d have seen anything other than a blur. It took all my fortitude to bear the next three strokes. Mom worked them slowly down my cheeks, making my butt look like a blank sheet of music.

Crack! “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHH aaaaahhhh!” My hands shot instantly back to the bottom of my cheeks. The pain was explosive, with an intensity I didn’t know possible. Mom had just placed the sixth stroke right at the crease between by cheeks and tights, and more importantly, on the spot where I’d taken the first 5 swats with the strap. As I rubbed the spot in an attempt to quell the sting, I could feel a welt start to raise across the impact site.

“Come on, back over and we can get finish this. I’m tired and I imagine you want to go to be bed also,” Mom said as she lightly tapped the cane on the top of my hands. I rubbed for a few more moments, then bent forward and returned to caning position.

Crack! “WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH WWAAAAAAAAHHHHH wwaaa!” My hands shot back to my butt even faster this time. Mom had placed the last stroke on top of the previous one, doubling the effect. I was wailing like a banshee when Mom wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. My hands though were firmly a fixed to my rear end.

“Honey, you know drinking is illegal. If you’d been caught you’d have arrested. That has serious consequences for your future. I don’t want you screwing up your future by some foolhardy action a couple weeks before you can legally do it. I love you too much to allow you to do that.”

“Sorrryy snifff mom. I luuvv yoouuu too.” I cried as I wiped my tears on her nightgown.

“Come on, lets get you up to bed.” Mom ushered me to my room and helped me lay down on my stomach. I didn’t dare put on panties, or the covers the entire night. I ended up having to spend the entire day confined to my room, but I didn’t really mind it. Mom also told me I was lucky that Dad was on a business trip, since he’d made me wait until morning to be spanked, like had happened to Katie once. Getting the strap with a hangover would’ve been hell.

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