Executioner – Playing or Punishing

As a writer, it is important to create a complete picture of the situation, and to create this picture you need to be able to answer all the major questions; What, when, where, why, who and how? At least that is what my professors have told me.

Continuing the miniseries on the details of a spanking, today we get to the Who. Since most spankings involve two people, I am going to simply things a little and say the spankee is always an adult female. This just leaves the spanker. I know that technically a girl can be spanked by anyone, however realistically there are only so many different types of spankers. The types are who I will deal with today.

To make today’s post more than just a simple list of types of spankers, lets look at the level of consent and sexual element for such a spanking. I was considering also doing the the chances of the girl talking the person out of a spanking, but that isn’t any fun. Outside of a handful of Asian countries, there is a minimal level of consent on behalf of the girl, otherwise it is criminal and not really relevant here. Also the Sexual Element does not necessary mean sexual arousal by the spanker or girl, but rather sexual tension. Therefore I am assuming a high level of consent and high sexual element are more likely to be playful, even in the context of a discipline situation, than those with a low level of consent and low sexual element.

Spanker Consent Sexual Element
Mother Low None
Father Low Minimal
Boyfriend / Husband / Significant other High High
Aunt Low-Medium Minimal-Low
Uncle Low-Medium Minimal-Low
Older Sibling Medium Minimal-Low
Grandmother Low Minimal
Grandfather Low Minimal
Governess (historically) Low Low
Mentor High Minimal-Low
Teacher / Professor Low-Medium Low-Medium
Dean / Headmaster Low-Medium Low
Boss Medium Medium
Co-worker High Medium-High
Sorority Member / Pledge Mistress Medium-High Medium-High
Coach Medium-High Low-Medium
Roommate High Medium-High
Friend’s Parent Medium-High Medium-High
Minister / Religious Leader Low-Medium Low-Medium
Nun Low-Medium Low
Cult Leader Medium Medium-High
Knight (historically) Low Medium
Military Officer (historically) Low Medium
Slave Owner (historically) None High