Willow Groove – The Pledges get an unlikely protector

Amber was in awe to the size and elegance of the house’s formal dinning room. The emptiness of the room did not help make the room any less imposing. Amber later found out that the emptiness was due to the fact most sisters didn’t move back into the house until later in the week. Currently the sorority officers and those sisters assisting with the pledges were the only sisters residing at the house.

Three girls sat at the head table and another three sat at the end of a side table, all eating dinner and chatting among themselves. The mahogany tables perfectly matched the hard wood paneling lining each wall.

“Pledges sit here!” Kayla stated dryly once we all had entered the room. She pointed at a smallish table opposite of the head table, which was lined with 10 chairs. Two platters of roast chicken tenderloins, two large bowls of salad, two baskets of dinner rolls and platters of fresh vegetables were spread along the center of the table. A full place setting sat at each chair as well as a tall glass of ice water.

“Pledges however do not eat until all the sisters and honored guests have been served. Someday you might earn the privilege of determine meal chore schedules, but until that time, all pledges will help with food preparation, serving, and cleaning. Since the sister’s didn’t want to wait for you to be corrected, feel lucky this one time you get to eat without preparing or serving the meal. Please find a chair.”

We each went to a chair around the pledge table. Bridgette started to sit down when Kayla lit in to her. “DID I SAY YOU CAN SIT DOWN!”

Bridgette jumped back, covering her bottom with both hands. Half the girls were actually startled by the sudden outburst, and most reached back to cover their bottoms. The sisters at the other end of the dinning room went silent as they watched the show.

“No ma’am.” Bridgette squeaked.

“That’s right! I said FIND a chair, not SIT DOWN! Did you not learn anything from your paddling earlier?” Kayla continued berating the taller girl.

“No ma’am, I mean yes ma’am. I’m sorry ma’am!” Bridgette stammered.

“What is it, Yes or No?” Kayla asked. Amber realized it was a trick question and felt bad for Bridgette. If she had not choose a chair far from the door, it could have been her feeling Kayla’s wrath.

“Ah.ah…yes?” Bridgette hesitantly answered.

“Yes, you did not learn anything from your paddling earlier. I guess you’ll just need another one!” Kayla state then turned towards the door.

“No, no, please, I’m sorry. I learned from the paddling!” Bridgette pleaded. “I really did! Please don’t paddle me again!”

“You learned from the paddling? I’m not so sure. Fellow pledges, do you think she learned from her paddling?” Kayla asked the other pledges. The pledges looked at each other before nodding.

“I can’t hear them!” Sarah yelled from her place at the head table.

“Yes ma’am!” The pledges said more or less in unison.

“I don’t think the sisters believe you. Why don’t you show the sisters that you have learned a lesson already today.” Kayla said motioning to the 7 active members watching the scene.

“Hmm. hmm,” Bridgette stammered, not quite sure what Kayla meant.

“Turn your backside towards the actives and show them your punished bottom!” Kayla instructed. A couple of the other pledges started grinning at Bridgette’s embarrassment. Kayla noticed the undue interest and amended her instructions, “actually why don’t all the pledges who have learned something today, show what they have learned.”

Most of the pledges groaned as the made their way to stand next to Kayla. The two pledges who had not been paddled stood still. “You did not learn a lesson today? Well maybe I should get the paddle and correct that?”

“No ma’am,” both pledges said, scampering around the table to join the rest of the girls. Once the girls were lined up, they all lowered the PJ bottoms to mid thigh exposing the seat of their panties.

“We don’t see any lessons! Those are just panties!” yelled Amy Featherstone.

“Pledges, Amy is correct. Those panties are hiding any evidence of you learning a lesson. They will either need to come down or I’ll just have to reinforce it.” Kayla said. The pledges eagerly pulled the backside of their panties down, exposing 8 pink bottoms and two pristine ones. A little embarrassment was better right now than another paddling. Well at least those who had just been paddled thought so.

“Better!” Amy stated, “But it looks two of them haven’t learned anything yet!”

Kayla moved in front of the line of pledges before addressing the Sorority’s Vice President. “These girls did not break a rule, but rather learned from the mistakes of the other pledges.” Kayla defended. This shocked and confused the pledges. Why was she defending them after having ripped into them a moment earlier? “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes ma’am” both answered while nodding vigorously.

“Well everything seems to be in order. Kayla, please get the pledges seated and feed. I’m sure they are hungry after moving in.” Amanda Richmond interrupted the hazing of the pledges.

“Yes ma’am,” Kayla answered before addressing the pledges, “Get those panties and PJs up and back to the table.” Quickly 10 girls covered their bare bums and scampered back to the chair they had been standing behind. This time no one dared touch the chairs, let alone sit down. “You may be seated and you may start once everyone is ready.” Kayla commanded. Ten chairs were pulled back in unison as the pledges took their seats. Kayla just nodded once everyone was seated, indicating they could begin.

Amber had never really tasted food so fresh and full of flavor before. She had been to some nice restaurants in New York, but none of it could compare to the meal laid before her. The chicken was firm on the outside and moist inside with tones of hickory smoke. The salad was full of crispy letuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers all lightly accented with italian dressing. The dinner rolls had thin outer cell and soft, steamy inner core. She was sure any of her foodie friends back in Brooklyn would be jealous of this meal.

Dinner passed quickly and silently for the pledges. The actives mostly just ignored them, though after the events downstairs and just minutes earlier in the dinning room, no one wanted to draw attention to themselves so they all ate with the minimal amount of speaking. After dinner, the actives left their plates at their table and the pledges remained seated until Kayla provided them instructions. Cleaning the dinning room, kitchen and dishes took the girls over an hour, primarily because they wanted to make sure everything was spotless.

The pledges then retired to their quarters until bedtime, as per Kayla’s instructions. The girls mostly organized their things and chatted with their roommates. None of the dared to look lazy or unproductive, yest that be an unknown rule. Sarah and Kayla returned to the pledge quarters at 8:30 pm.

“ATTENTION!” Sarah yelled. Immediately every pledge quickly jumped up and ran into the common room, forming a line. All the pledges were lined up within 25 seconds, though Madison took a noticeably more time than the rest of the pledges. Sarah paced up and down the line of girls, staring at each and every single one. “Pledge Madison, step forward!”

Madison hesitantly took a step forward. The only thing she could think of was the paddle hanging just to the right of Kayla’s head and the seven swats she had took earlier. She didn’t want any more of it. She wouldn’t be able to take it. Her bottom still ached from earlier. More would be just torture. She could stop the single tear from streaking down her face as she waited for Sarah’s pronouncement.

“Pledge, what took you so long to get in line?” Sarah asked.

“Hmmm.. I was reading some material for orgo, and hmmm,” Madison whispered quietly.

“Speak up!” Sarah instructed from the other end of the line.

“I was reading for orgo and had to put the book away,” Madison blurted out. “Please don’t paddle me!”

“Why would I paddle you for following the rules?” Sarah asked rhetorically, but sympathetically. “I only punish you to help you learn, not to be mean.” Sarah then turned to all of the pledges, “I am responsible for your successful maturation into sisters at Sigma Epsilon Chi. I want everyone of your to pass the initiation tests at the end of the semester. Its why I will push you so hard during the pledging process. I want you to succeed. I remember being a pledge. Standing in your vary spot on my first night in the house. The nervousness. The anxiety. Wondering what was going to happen next. It is scary, and it is OK to be scared. Kayla and I are here to help you through it. Sometimes that help will be less than pleasant, like earlier today, but we are still here to help you succeed.” Sarah paused for a moment to let her speech set in. “Kayla, what is rule # 10?”

“Be dependable and responsible in all aspects of one’s life, the punishment shall be 25 swats,” Kayla recited from memory. All the pledges took a little gasp at the severity of the punishment. Most had taken only a quarter of that earlier and felt like their bottom was going to catch on fire.

“My responsibility is you, and your successful transition to being a full sister of Sigma Eplison Chi. 25 swats is also a great motivator. If you have any questions or need help, please ask Kayla or myself. And this is about anything, the sorority, university, boys, anything.” Sarah gave another pause. “Ok, lights out for pledges is 10 PM. Unless you have special permission for me, you are to be in bed by 10 sharp. It is,” Sarah glanced at her watch, “8:43 right now. That gives you just over an hour to get settled in before bedtime. I recommend you get to know your roommates. The more you know about each other, the easier the pledging process is going to be. Kayla or I will be back later to wish you good night. If you need me, I am in room 201. It is the first room at the top of the stairs. Any questions?” Every pledge’s mind was full of questions, but no one dared to ask. “OK, you are dismissed.”

None of the pledges moved until Sarah and Kayla had left the pledge quarters. For a second after the door closed, the room was absolutely silent. No voices. No music. No TV. Not even the electrical hum of a computer could be heard. Just silent tension. The click of the wall clock cut through the silence like a gunshot. Everyone let out a sigh of relief that their tales were not in the firing range, and probably could be avoided until at least the morning.