20 Posts leading 28 ladies to 39 spankings

I am amazed that within 2 months, In Hushed Voices has reached 5,000 views. I know it is nothing compared to the more popular blogs in the spanking erotica community, but it is a start. Starting off, I was hoping for 500 views by this time. I now get 500 views a week. At this rate I’ll hit the big time of 1 million views in 38 years, 14 weeks.

I counted that there has been 39 spankings involving 28 different ladies over 20 posts. If I can continue at this rate, after the 38 years and 14 weeks there will have been 78,000 spankings involving 16,000 ladies and 40,000 posts. I bet I am going to have to reuse names a couple of times.

Now that I have made my boss happy, even though he will never see this, I want to give a great big


Thank you for the posts, the likes, the lurking, and especially to the

(Yeah, I know Bonnie is there twice, but she has sent me more visitors than Google!)

Lastly, I have had to travel this past weekend, which is drastically slowing down the editing process. With a little bit of luck, both the second period of “My Wife’s Game Night and more Rules of Decorum at Sigma Chi Epsilon will be ready in time.

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