RIP Bloggers

Google announced today that any Blogger site which contains advertisements or links to sites with adult content will be removed on June 30th. YAY Free Speech and Google’s mission of “Do no evil”! According to the article, Google is still going to allow users to publish adult images and videos, but links to commercial adult content sites will be prohibited.

This creates a couple interesting questions

  • Can I no longer link to Amazon, because they sell books with adult content? As an author, can I no longer link to my own erotica e-books?
  • What about the blogs run by commercial sites?
  • What about linking to other blogs which are run by commercial sites?
  • Does this include Adult Products & Toys?

I am just glad I went with WordPress over Blogger. So far it is the only place where adults can be creative about all parts of their lives.


More information:

2 thoughts on “RIP Bloggers

  1. WordPress is far superior to Blogger anyway. However, I would recommend checking the WordPress acceptable content guidance regularly. I made a couple of changes to my blog as a result.

    • I agree about the WordPress rules. I am avoiding images for the meantime. A college friend is looking at building a profit-orientated free blogging site which would be friendly to adult content.

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