Hooray for an All-American Summer

What is more representative of an All-American summer day than hot dogs, hamburgers,  chips, baseball and fireworks? As America’s Independence nears, all five will be combing to make a memorable summer for some. For others, the five will create memories they wish they could forget. Either way, this weekend will be fun for most people.

There is something about the 4th of July and summer picnics that makes me think of Don McLean’s American Pie and Bryan Adam’s Summer of ’69. Maybe it is the youthful tone or maybe I am just partial to songs that tell a story. It probably has to do with the fact both songs were popular in college. Right song at the right time can pull you from reality, allowing your imagination to run wild. Connections start forming between thoughts that never should be associated.

For example the lines in American Pie

I met a girl who sang the blues,
I asked her for some happy news,
but just smiled and turned away,

Makes me think the sing came across a 20 year old who was just soundly spanked but wanting to foreign normalcy. Half a smile was all she could muster with a throbbing bottom making her sing the blues. Why was she spanked? Summer offers is full of reasons. The holiday creates even more opportunities at naughtiness with all the BBQs, picnics, family gatherings and of course the hot, humid temperatures. There is nothing like a hot and sticky day to get a lady in trouble with her significant other or parents; getting a personal breeze before having her rump well roasted.

Here’s to summer naughtiness and the associated intimate fireworks.

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