Second Period of My Wife’s Game Night

The story begins with My Wife’s Other Side is Released and continued with First Period of My Wife’s Game Night.

“I think Justine’s right, SORRY!” Naomi tossed down a card before knocking a piece off the board with her own piece.

“Oh, so it’s pick on Kelly night?” Kelly spewed across the table.

Veronica reach her left around Kelly’s shoulder then mockingly said, “Awe, Kelly everyone wins and losses from time to time. Right now you just happen to be loosing your bra or panties.”

“Grr” Kelly groaned, slapping away Veronica’s arm before reaching behind her and undoing her bra strap. The a pair of pink cups joined the rest of the clothes at the end of the table. She was the first to be actually expose more than a bikini and my luck would have it that her back was towards me.

I wonder if she looses another piece will the panties go next? Then I at least would get to see her bare bottom. She does have a nice backside. Too bad I wasn’t sitting closer. The pink lace made her bottom look so toned and perky. Was it the panties, or all natural? Maybe she was wearing a pair of those pushup panties with butt padding Justine had showed me in the store a couple of weeks ago. Kelly didn’t seem like the type of person who would wear something like that. Veronica, yes, but not Kelly.

The game continued while I day dreamed about Justine’s half naked friends. Naomi had tossed in her jeans and Justine had now stood up after tossing down a card. Justine moved her token a few spaces then said, “HOME! I’ll take back my jeans.”

This was an interesting development. The girls could win back their clothes if they got a piece to the Home square. Getting a piece knocked off meant loosing a piece of clothing. What was the spanking for? Not being able to play a card?

A full round went before Justine Sorried off one of Veronica’s tokens. Veronica, always wanting to be the center of attention, opted to strip off her panties over her bra. She eased herself up then planted her feet shoulder width apart. She didn’t put on as much of a show easing her thong down her long toned legs, but she did keep her legs locked and bent over at the waist. I got the best view possible at 30 feet of her bare backside and crotch. Her dark skin tone made it hard to tell, but she looked to be shaved bare down below. Damn was she sexy. I definitely was going to screw Justine silly tonight. My hardness was already starting to hurt.

Veronica got back at my wife on her next turn. She first knocked off one of Naomi’s pieces then on the same turn Sorried off one of Justine’s. Naomi covered her chest as she tossed in her bra and my wife’s blouse followed suit. This was going to get real interesting so, because Justine was the only one with more than one piece of clothing.

“Justine, you can do it.” Naomi said on her turn. It took her a moment to get up without revealing her breasts to the other girls. I knew Naomi was shy, but not this shy. It was probably because she was not as absorbed in the game as I wanted to believe and remembered I was sitting on the couch on the other end of the room. Her arm did come down once she had draped herself over my wife’s lap for the spanking she had coming.

“Do it good and hard this time,” Veronica commented as she handed over the ruler.

“No, please,” Naomi cried.

“I’ll do it as hard,” CRACK, ” or as soft,” swat, “as I wish,” Justine chided Naomi and Veronica.

SWACK SWACK SWACK “OUCH!” Justine laid three quick and semi hard swats onto Naomi’s panty covered bottom drawing a nice yelp at the end.

“Kelly, your turn,” Justine stated, helping Naomi up. Naomi had the dilemma of spanked girls everywhere; to rub or to cover. Amazing she achieved both, though neither very successfully. The girls at the table had to have seen her breasts during her transition to her seat, even if I didn’t get a view.

“Does anyone want a refill?” Justine asked getting up to get another glass of sangria.

“Yea,” Kelly said.

“Me, too,” Naomi chipped in.

Justine returned with the entire pitcher while Kelly took her turn. More alcohol was something I also would have enjoyed, but the ladies with looser inhibitions was better than any ice cold beer.

“So Kelly, I think those panties need to come off too,” Veronica said, moving a piece around the board.

“You couldn’t have just moved your piece home!” Kelly complained.

“Not when I can make you loose your panties!” Veronica replied.

“FINE! You bitch!” Kelly bemoaned as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband. Then with barely lifting her bottom off the seat, she slipped the undergarment down and off. It was exciting knowing she was sitting there naked, but not nearly as exciting as the show Veronica had put on a few minutes earlier.

“Kelly don’t whine too much, Veronica is joining you naked.” Justine said before knocking off one of the pieces.

“No probs,” Veronica said, tossing her bra into the pile.

“Thanx, but she likes it.” Kelly complained. Even from my vantage point, I could tell Kelly was sulking at her loosing position within the game. I could never remember her being a good sport at anything where she was not leading.

“Seven! One, two three four five six, one and my blouse please!” Naomi cheered as she moved two of her pieces on the board. Justine passed over the garment and through an amazing feat of acrobatics, Naomi but her blouse on without revealing either breast. I have always found it impressive the things women will do to avoid exposing themselves, even for a moment. Its probably due to growing up with two brothers.

Kelly inched closer to modesty but couldn’t quite get there. Veronica returned the favor to Justine, sliding off one of her pieces and getting those jeans to return to the clothes pile. Veronica and the table blocked most of my wife, but she still looked damn sexy to me. Maybe it was my imagination running wild, but I could swear a moment after she tossed the jeans into the pile, I could smell her fragrance. We had dabbled in few exhibitionist exposes; a quickie in restroom, a fallen top on the beach and even the windy city walk once. It always got her motor running on high, so there was no way her panties were not soaked.

“Your turn, what are you going to do?” Veronica asked my wife.

“Grr, here,” she said, tossing out a card, “Naomi you can do it.” She must’ve tossed a card she couldn’t play, because she moved to Naomi’s right side and over her lap she went.

“Goodie!” Naomi exclaimed, reaching over to Justine’s spot to grab the ruler. She raised the ruler high over Justine’s bottom then brought it down fast but did not hear a swat. Justine showed no signs of distress either. Naomi repeated the action four more times, as if she was play spanking my wife.

My wife got up and Naomi played her next card. “Justine, you can do me now,” Naomi purred laying down a card. She was play spanking my wife, hoping to get an easy spanking from her on the next turn. Justine obliged with eight fast, loud claps.

The next two turns proceed like the previous two, with Kelly and Veronica exchanging spanks. Some how Kelly managed to get over Veronica’s lap and return to her seat without showing me anything beyond the side of her breast, while Veronica showed everything she could possibly show. If the logical side of my brain had been working I would have realized she was trying to seduce me. But what fun is logic? And Justine obviously consented.

“Please do Veronica,” Kelly pleaded.

“That’s fine with me,” Veronica lightly shrugged and smiled broadly. She then slightly turned and started to look over her shoulder in my direction cut in.

“No, Kelly is the first one out tonight,” Justine stated.

“Ah come on!” Kelly whined.

“You really enjoyed it when I was out first last week! Come on, show us what you got,” Naomi egged the other blonde on.

“Fine! A 7, 8, 12 and Sorry!” Kelly said getting up and tossing her hand down for the other girls to see.

“Well I’ll take the Sorry! for 15 last,” Justine said.

“12 for me, second,” Naomi said next.

“Well get over my lap girlfriend! I’m going to make sure these 8 count!” Veronica said, sliding her chair back a little bit. Kelly slide from her chair to being draped over Veronica’s lap without turning to face me.

SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! Veronica brought the ruler down slow and hard onto the bare bottom. Kelly’s flowed forward with momentum of each swat transfer into Kelly’s bottom. She took the spanking well, only giving a mild grunt on the last few swats.

“My Turn!” Naomi chirped once Veronica delivered the eighth swat.

Kelly mumbled something under her breadth as she got up from Veronica’s lap. Kelly kept her back towards me for the most of her trip over to Naomi’s lap

CRACK! “Ouch!” Kelly cried out. CRACK! “Ouch! not,” CRACK! “oweee, so,” CRACK!, “ahhh, hard!” CRACK! “OUCH! Pleeaseee!” CRACK! Naomi beat the ruler into Kelly’s bare bottom over and over. The animosity between the girls was clearly being worked out on Kelly’s bottom, reducing the blonde to a crying mess. I actually felt sorry for Kelly, even if she deserved it.

“I think you’ve had enough for the moment. You can serve as for now and I’ll take my reward later,” Justine said to the relief of her friend. I thought she was being nice by not adding to Kelly’s pain until she called, “Hey Mike, do you need another beer?”. I had thought they forgot about me, but my wife surely didn’t.

“Ah, yea honey,” I yelled back while trying to fake as much interest in the hockey game as possible. It was a nearly impossible task with the two naked women 30 feet away.

“Kelly, why don’t you get Mike a cold beer,” Justine said. I couldn’t see much but I heard the fridge open, a bottle top pop off the someone walk over behind the couch. The next thing I saw almost took my breath away, Kelly stood next to the coffee table in her birthday suite.

“Thank you,” I mumbled taking the bottle. I admit it, I couldn’t stop staring. I had always imagined Kelly was a runway type of girl, but she hid nothing. It was hard to determine where she was blushing more, but her lower regions pouted more than her expression wanted to admit.

“Your welcome,” she responded before returning to the table area. I stole a peak at her backside as she made her way past the back of the couch. The girls had done a good job of painting it red with a few maroon splotches. Pink rectangles provided evidence where the ruler had made contact. Kelly was more like my wife than I had ever realized.

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