Whole bunch of nothing

I have nothing new for today. I forgot it was even Wednesday until someone mentioned it this morning.

Lately I have been researching how to increase traffic to a blog, or website in general. Most of the stuff out there is just a repetition of what Google has posted on their web masters help section, ie make good relevant content. I view the terms “good” and “relevant” as being very subjective, so I have been trying to find out what is really “good” content.

While doing this research, I have stumbled across some cool guidelines and tricks to improve the number of visitors to a blog. These tricks are the black-hat kind that every search engine prohibits. They are simple things an average

I have noticed there is not much out there about growing adult blogs, so I intend on making a little series about how adult bloggers can increase their traffic and improve their blogs. Hopefully going through the process of reading, analyzing and explaining the different concepts will make me better at the whole process. And if not, maybe you will learn something new.