Return from a summer hiatus

So I think I have finally overcome my unexpected bought with business trips and will be able to return to updating regularly.

I have been looking over the progress with the Willow Groove series and ran into a slight dilemma about how to progress. I don’t know how fast I want to complete Amber’s transition from pledge week to normal college. I might avoid the issue for a while by skipping around in time a little bit.

I have a few short stories lined up for the next few weeks. One is a nice little double play while the other is a standalone. I have also been working on a new long-form series centered around the independent island of Clovia. It is an interesting, and during one recent business meeting, an actually realistic situation.

Lastly I want to thank those of you who have stuck around during the drought of content. I hope you perused the archives and found something interesting. Please, leave a note if you did. Feedback is always great. It is especially helpful when overcoming writers block.