Happily Surprised

I am happily surprised at how much traffic this blog has garnered in the 4 months and 1 week it has existed. When I started back in May I had a personal goal of 15,000 views for the year, which was surpassed on Monday. Also, Monday had the most views on a single day so far, 356. I honestly thought Monday’s story was a little rough and lacking in real action. Most of this success is due to links at more successful blogs, in particular Bonnie’s My Bottom Smarts, Rod’s The Canery, Kenzie’s Kenzielogic,  and the newest referrer, 1001 Spanking Fantasies. There are also a bunch of other referrers though I can’t seem to find the link back here on their site any more.

This brings up a question for all my faithful viewers, or anyone who is willing to respond for that matter. What kind of story do you enjoy the most? The slower buildup to a spectacular finish? The elusive innuendo without a necessary money shot? The quickly trapped in the action scene? The naughty college girl? The desperate housewife? The lost professional? I’m curious, because I have a huge list of story concepts that need the details filled in before they are even close to being published.

Lastly, I admit this post is mostly a tangent to the real theme of the blog. It is partly due to an old college classmate asking me to postpone the post about starting an adult content blog. Actually, he didn’t ask me to postpone the post, rather he mentioned his firm is launching a new free blogging site next week. The site is dedicated to online authors with a very liberal content policy and it is supposed to have some kind of advertising program, so I wanted to check it out and give him kudos if it is worthwhile. Actually if it does half of what he said, I’ll probably move over there.


2 thoughts on “Happily Surprised

  1. I prefer stories that have an unexpected twist at the end, like Lucy Appleby’s stories often do.

    I don’t like excessive severity, but I do like to get on to the spanking reasonably soon, without a chapter or two of buildup first. OF course, in a short story, there are no chapters, so the action usually happens rather quickly.


    • Thank you for the feedback. I may include more shorter stories, especially as me free time fluctuates.

      Personally I like a good suspense story with a good twist that Holmes could have been predicted from subtle clues earlier in the story. Generally, I think I am bad at dropping subtle clues throughout a story so any twists I include are generally more unexpected. I am working on the details of a longer novel that includes two major twists. The story though will have to be a novel in order for me to do it the justice it deserves.

      The ‘excessive severity’ though is an interesting issue for authors. Since it is subjective, where the exact line falls can be dance of words. There are obvious excessives which turn off large portions of the readership, and situations which lack any intensity which feel more like feeble attempts to placate our niche audience.

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