I wish he was lazier

I sat on the edge of the railing watching the traffic and tourists break my line of sight of it. I could get over its absolute beauty. I had seen many, probably tens of thousands before, but this one was special. The silky glimmer of the highly polished lamb skin leather

All that separated me and it was half an inch of glass, 20 feet of sidewalk, fifty feet of street and another 30 feet of sidewalk. All that and him. He wasn’t actually hear with me after work, but he would know. He always knew.

I chewed my lower lip, contemplating if it was worth it. I had been saving for a year to get enough available credit on my Visa and I finally hit it with today’s paycheck. I doubt he care though. He never cared. Well that is wrong, he always cares, which is the real problem. Sometimes I wish he didn’t care so much. That he would loosen up, be a free spirit, like me. And as a free spirit, I’m going to say to hell to with him and get it.


Convincing myself that buying the handbag was a good idea should have been the first sign. The second sign would have been when the first credit card was denied. The third sign was the paranoia feeling at Tom seeing it laying around the house and asking questions. The third sign ironically was also my downfall. Well not the paranoia itself, but the fact that I left the purse in my car instead of bringing it into the house. Tom, being the diligent husband he is, thought I had accidentally left my purse in the car and grabbed it when he came into the house.

Some days I wish he would be a little lazier.

“Honey!” Tom called from the kitchen when he arrived home. He was home earlier than I expected. Tuesdays were normally team meeting days which prevented him from getting home much before 8. The small digital clock on the cable box read 6:55.

“Hi honey,” I answered as he poked his head into the living room. “Your home early, did you have dinner?”

“Oh, yea. Let me go drop these in my office,” Tom said. He was clearly distracted. Maybe getting home early meant he would have to do some work at home. I always hated it when he had to work in the evenings. No matter, I still preferred him here next to me.

Tom returned a few minutes later, still in his suit, though his tie had found a new residence. The slightly disheveled suit mixed with his piercing stare reminded me of a Polo commercial. My very own model was home, yum. I slide my legs from underneath me in preparation to spring up into my husband’s arms.

“I noticed you accidentally left your purse in your car so I brought it in.”

“Shit!” I thought. My purse was sitting on the kitchen counter, where he had to see it.

“That is until I saw your other purse sitting on the counter. The one in your car just contained this,” Tom said holding up a the receipt.

I knew I was busted. I couldn’t go down this easy though. “It was…was….a…really good deal….” I tried to explain.

“Really?” was all it took for him to break through my pitiful defense.

I really should have thought of a good reason for buying it on the way home. A forty-five minute trip and I hadn’t thought of one good reason. “Sorry?” I squeaked out, standing up as he rounded the sofa. I knew what was coming and didn’t involve me sitting on the sofa.

“I told you last week, we need to cut our extraneous expenses so we can afford a baby.” Tom scolded taking the spot I had just occupied on the couch.

“I know.” I nervously fiddled with the hem of the long t-shirt I wore as pjs. I’d been across his lap dozens of times, but always got so anxious right before the main event.

“You know, then you shouldn’t have done it. This time I’m going to make sure the point hits home. Over my lap!” He commanded as he started rolling up his sleeves. I wanted to think how sexy he looked, but the intensity of his expression scared me a little. I dutifully followed his instructions, draping my torso over his lap and onto the sofa.

There are sometimes when this position feels good, like when he is slowly working those massage oils he got me for Christmas into by skin. He can dance those magical fingers over skin for hours, while I just purr at the wonderful sensations. I doubt I’d be doing any purring this time.

“I think these should come down, don’t you?” He asked rhetorically as I felt fingers slide under my waistband.

“Only if you are going to massage below them.” I replied. A resounding spank to my panty-cover bottom was my answer. “Ouch!” I cried as he lowered my panties to my knees.

“Now I think you are due a good spanking for your behavior, don’t you?”

“Nope,” I smarted off again. This time he responded by peppering my tushy with spanks. “Owe, Owe, Owe!” I squealed. He was being mean tonight and starting harder than normal. Even his bare hand was doing a fine job of roasting my tushy. He worked all around for a good few minutes before starting the lecture portion.

“You,” SLAP! “Believe,” SLAP! “Eight,” SLAP! “Hundred,” SLAP! “Dollars,” SLAP! “Is,” SLAP! “Fine,” SLAP! “To pay,” SLAP! “For,” SLAP! “A,” SLAP! “Purse?” SLAP! Tom loved accent every word of his lectures with a spank, which stung with his bare hand and was horrendous with the belt or paddle.

“No, sniff” I cried, wishing I could reach back and rub my stinging cheeks. I could reach back, but I knew from experience it just resulted in paddle time.

“Then why did you buy it?”

“I don’t know…sniff…I looked so nice?” I managed to get out.

“It,” SLAP! “Looked,” SLAP! “NICE!?” SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! “Well I think we can just settle in there for a nice look spanking until your ass looks nice and punished.”

Tom didn’t even wait for my pleas of mercy before laying into me. And lay into me he did. All I could do was cry into my hands as I tried kicking me legs about a little while the fire built below. Eventually he figured I had enough, or probably his arm just got tired, but he stopped adding fuel to the fire and shifted to lightly rubbing my red cheeks for a minute before asking the question he always did at this point. “Was it worth it, Cadence?”

“No, sire,” I mumbled as he put me on my feet. I immediately started to rub the sting away with both hands.

“So what are you going to do about it?” I looked down at him and thought for a moment. The fire below had peaked and he looked so damn good sitting there in that button down shirt and dark slacks.

“Take the bag back… and make it up to you.”

The last part got him to rise an eyebrow. He opened his mouth to say something but I touched my index finger to his lips. He had his time to act, now it was my turn. I dropped to my knees, dragging my finger off his lips and down his shirt. In no time I had him as equally undressed as myself.

My spanking hadn’t been as much play to him as I would have wished. My tushy hurt yet he was only firm. The later I would change in a moment, while the former worked its self out. With one hand on his balls and one on my clit, I went to town. I suck and licked while fiddling between my legs.

Damn I needed that spanking. I needed that emotional release. I need this sexual release. I need my Tom.

“Get up,” he groaned with the gravel in his voice.

At the moment, I wasn’t sure if my legs would work. Contractions had started running down my quadriceps in time with middle finger. Releasing him from my lips, I grasped him at the hips with my left hand and started to rise. It was an awkward attempt to stand, because righty wasn’t going to leave it’s sanctuary.

I got halfway to my feet when he gripped my hips and hefted us into the air. The sudden acceleration cost me my balance, sending my legs and both hand scrambling for something solid. I found my safety in his burly arms. He stood like an oak tree with me wrapped around his torso and him holding onto my sit spots. The next thing I felt was his tip dragging across my slit, looking for it’s home.

The first stroke was all it took to reach my special space.

He wasn’t happy enough though. Working me up and down himself overloaded my brain. All I could do is moan as he shot a fresh wave up my spine with each thrust. Finally he paused for a moment and shifted one hand to the center of my bottom while the other ran up my back to stop at my neck. His lips locked mine in a sweet embrace. The strokes began again, filling me more and more each time.

“Ahh” I cried into his mouth when he finally hit too deep. Opening my eyes I could see that intensity I loved in Tom’s eyes. I was at his pleasure and would enjoy every bit.

He pulled almost out at my cry. he worked his tip in and out of my opening in a dozen quick thrusts. It was like I was being entered anew each time, and I like the entry the best. I couldn’t help but allow by eyes to fade shut and return to my special space. The last thrust seemed to continuously enter, all the way to my cervix.

“Ahh” I cried into his mouth again as my eyes shot open. He didn’t pull away this time, rather just held me there for a second. Then I felt the pulsations come from him, followed by a hot liquid shooting into me. He didn’t normally cum in me, but the pill made it ok.

He stood there for only long enough to finish before collapsing back onto the sofa. I had no choice but to settle in on top of him. I felt so comfortable and safe, laying on my husband’s body and enjoying the afterglow. Even my bottom felt good, in a warming embrace type of way.

“Honey, you got to quit intentionally getting in trouble just to get spanked.” He said after a few minutes. Damn, I was that obvious.

“Yes honey.” There was no way I was going to stop when sex like that followed. Even the discomfort at the end was worth it. It wasn’t like him to go that deep though. “But why so deep?”

“You haven’t been reading those books you got from the library.” He punctuated his comments with a firm slap to by tender hindquarters.

“Ouch!” I yelped. I looked up, trying to appear apologetic. I didn’t need a spanking now.

“Tst tst tst. I should spank you again for all that flak you gave me for not reading them when you hadn’t either.” My eyes got as large as saucers. We wouldn’t, would he? “But that would result in a bunch of flaying about and you need to lay down now because the deeper the deposit the higher the chance of insemination.”

“Oh.” It took a second for me to realize what he meant. Once I did I couldn’t help but jump into his arms and kiss him. He had gotten the job we had been waiting for.