Lack of Update

No story today. The Three Ghost’s of Halloween one ended up being more expansive than I originally thought, and I’m still not quite happy with the final version. I feel Part IV was rushed a little and didn’t flow as well as the other ones, especially Part I. Well, what is done is done and there is no point in crying over spilled milk.

Yes, I expect everyone to have a fantasy develop when you hear that adage. It probably involves a contrite girl on her hands on knees, cleaning up spilled milk with a very red bottom on display. It does bring me to two points:

1) Is “there is no point in crying over spilled milk” an adage or an idiom. I know the differences are pedestrian, but I am still curious which half of the internet is wrong.

2) I am working on a new loose series of stories; the lost origins of the fairy tails. Well all know the Disney is a fanciful retelling of these legends. I have a few stories in the works about the ‘”Truth” behind the legends. Goldilocks and the three bears is about 2/3 the way complete while I’m rethinking the plot I have for Cinderella. The Cinderella plot seems a little much for me, even though the practices are historically accurate. All I can say is that some of the practices of the middle ages and Renaissance makes the show Criminal Minds seem tame. And that show can be disturbing,

Lastly, I have been thinking about how to gain more comments. I try to respond promptly to any comments made, which is a big issue made on every ‘blogging help blog.’ I know my topics are not necessary conducive to having a high comment load, but I am curious if there are other ways I can increase the amount of comments, without turning off the spam filters.

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