Welcome Lurkers

Welcome to all you out there who like stopping by silently. You know who you are. You enjoy reading by prefer your anonymity. I should know, I was one of you not so long ago. Well take a baby step out of the shadows and leave a message. I have turned off most all of the restrictions so you can stay anonymous if you like.

For you newer lurkers, you may want to check out these stories:

Lastly, many thanks to Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts for organizing Love Our Lurkers Day -2013 version.

21 thoughts on “Welcome Lurkers

    • Welcome back Hermione. I haven’t seen you around lately.

      You probably have read all of the stories already. The ones I selected were the ones which garnered comments and I believe you commented on one or two of them.


    • Welcome. I hadn’t realized that you knew this blog existed.

      I feel privileged that you stopped by. Not because you are some celebrity in the community, but because Voice in the Corner was in the inspiration to create this one. Your writing creates such vivid imagery that it often sent my imagination running wild. I started writing down the plots which progressed into full fledged stories and then this blog.

      In short thank you.

    • Welcome. I must admit that I recognize your blog and name but for the life of me I cannot recall ever visiting it. Which is surprising because I try to visit every blog in the community that I come across at least once. I just corrected such oversight.

  1. Happy LOL Day, OTKilpling. First time here and I just read a couple of your stories which are outstanding. I will be visiting more and adding your site to the Blossom and Thorn blogroll

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