Updates and such

I was looking at my calendar for the next month and realized, like most people, it is almost full already. This really doesn’t mean much more than updates may be a little sporadic until 2014. I am currently finishing up the Goldie Locques story and working on the concept map for a Christmas special. The real problem is currently the Christmas special is set to be  long. Really long actually. It also seems to be lacking that secondary message, which converts an handful of entertaining spinets into a good story. Maybe I need to watch more Christmas movies for some inspiration. Thought a dozen since Thursday is probably enough.

I like holidays. It is nice to be able to set work aside and relax without the guilt of someone else working while you are away, because everyone is avoiding work. Well, everyone outside of the retail and those stuck dealing with the health care website. Having worked for the federal contracts, I feel sorry for all those programmers who are getting the short end of the stick.

Lastly, I notice a tradition that I suspect might be dying out in America. When I was a kid, it was standard practice for everyone to tell something which they were thankful for during Thanksgiving dinner. This year I took note that it did not happen, and then looking back it hasn’t happened in years actually. It was kind of a silly thing to do, but it occurred ever year, no matter where we had Thanksgiving dinner. Now it feels like the next generations are missing out on simple little traditions because our generation thought they were silly, or we are just plain lazy. What will be next? Telling Santa what you want for Christmas?

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