Alternative Uses

I was cleaning up my place earlier today so that the relatives won’t think to poorly of me when they start arriving this weekend. Under a stack of papers in my office I came across this nice maple hairbrush. I started to take it to the bedroom, when I questioned the move. Yes, I do keep combs, brushes and other grooming equipment in the bathroom attached to my bedroom, however I can’t remember ever actually using this particular hairbrush to brush hair.

Now, I know what you all are thinking; good size maple hairbrush that has never brushed hair, it must have a more impactful purpose. You would be sadly wrong. This poor little brush has never been fortunate to feel the soft tenderness of a naughty one’s bottom. A quick smack against my palm provided it could do the job, if it was ever allowed the opportunity.

But I don’t see that in the future. You see, this hairbrush has thick boars hair bristles, which happens to make it work perfectly for removing lint. Yes, I have a hairbrush that I only use to remove lint from my business suites and such. It may be a sad life for the hairbrush, but I don’t dare use it for anything else, since it works so well as a lint remover, and a good quality lint remover brushes are kind of expensive.

So I return the brush to the shelf in my closest thinking about the alternative uses for our many of the household items. Some are innocent, some are naughty and some are just down right sad.