Anticipation, a single word which means “the wait for the event is worst than the actual event,” or something like that. Yesterday, when I was posting a new story, I happened to check on my stats. Low and behold, I had 99, 342 views. This was a nice surprise, since I thought it was somewhere around 70k. With a little quick math, I realized I would probably break 100,000 views sometime this evening.

Can anyone guess what I’ve done about dozen times today?

Since I worked from home today, I was able to check the stats every hour or so, while I attempted unsuccessfully to avoid work. The time has seemed to drag on and on, inching up one viewer at a time. I know it is a Thursday, but it seems to be taking forever.

Somewhere in the middle of the early afternoon, I became more successful at avoiding work, and came up with a couple nice story plots surrounding the anticipation of waiting to reach a particular milestone. The buildup of having to wait on the inconsistent progress to a milestone. The knowledge that it could happen in the next minute, the next hour or even take another day. Seeing it get closer by a big jump one moment, then no progress for minutes. Yes, it maybe a little diabolical, but isn’t it just corner-time on steroids?

-Side note: As of the publishing of this post, I am 172 views short. Come on West Coast!