There was a comment yesterday on an old story which got me thinking about the gender assignment associated with erotic stories. This topic has come up recently on other a blogs, particularly on the male to female versus female to female literature, which is probably what made me think of gender when I read the comment. That, and the fact the commenter referred to the narrator as male, rather than my intended female narrator.

I have nothing against fiction where a male is being spanked; I personally do not find that situation as interesting, intellectually and sexually, as I do situations where a female is spanked. Intellectually, I find it interesting the thought process by which an adult women allows herself to be physically punished in such an intimate manner while going against prevalent cultural trends of feminism and corporal punishment. Sexually, there is nothing more attractive than the female body, especially when she is demonstrating her emotions. As such, my intention is to have all my stories have involved a female being spanked, insignificant of the gender of the one spanking.

Intentions are not reality. I looked back through my older stories and they broke down into three groups; 3rd person narrative where genders were clear, 1st person narrative where the narrator’s gender should be clear and 1st person narratives where the narrator’s gender is implied at various places, but not regularly reinforced through pronouns (ie. I and my are used instead of she or her).  The comment made me realize that the third group of stories allows the reader to apply their own gender identity to the narrator and visualize the story under those dynamics.

For lack of a better term, I’m going to call this egogender, applying one’s own gender to a situation where the gender is not stated. I spent way too much time looking through linguistic sites online and could not find a previously used term for such a situation. Gender-neutral is close, but it implies the creation, not the perception of the reader. There probably is word for such a situation, but I can’t find it.

My question, do you prefer stories where there are clearly defined genders, especially of those being spanked, or do you enjoy stories where the gender is more ambiguous?

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