Oddities among Implements

Have you ever seen or read about a spanking and thought the implement used seemed odd. It may have been very effective, but it just felt odd to you that someone would consider it appropriate to use that particular item in a spanking. There are two implements which I have seen used in multiple situations but just feel out of place to me; the carpet beater and the fly swatter.

The traditional carpet beater has a large woven wicker head and a some sort of attached handle. It should resemble a paddle in one’s mind, though in my mind it resembles more of a wicker pitchfork than a paddle. This then correlates to swinging a pitchfork at a naughty lady’s bottom. Not a sexy thought. I have only ever used one on carpets and a couple of blankets and really have no intention of trying one out on other surfaces.

The fly swatter is the second implement which I see as odd because I do not see how it can be effective. I remember as a kid using fly swatters as fake swords and having duels with them because it didn’t hurt when you got hit by one. They remind me of a comically over-sized version of a crop. A crop is wicked because with enough flick of the wrist you can get that little leather tip going supersonic. Not so much with a flyswatter. I guess it could work in more a sensual sense, where a hundred little pats are causing a tingle to dance across the lady’s bottom. In a disciplinary situation, the spanker’s arm would tire well before her bottom was even pink. You might as well use your hand and enjoy other liberties from time time.

So are there any implements you just think are odd?

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