Completing her teams – Spanket

This is part of the Spanket series of brief stories beginning with Joining the Competition.

March 17th, 7:46pm

It took Jessie only twelve minutes to regret sending the email. At first she tried retrieving it, looking everywhere for such an option, but coming up blank. Next she contemplated sending another email saying the first one was just a joke. She got as far as the greeting when the words stopped flowing. How do you tell your friends you are too chicken to make a friendly bet? It wasn’t like they were risking any less than herself. Knowing a couple of the women’s sports aptitude, they were risking more than her. She had seen them all get it, why should she be any different?


March 18th, 5:58 pm

The first thing Jessie did after walking in the door was to turn on her laptop and check her email. It had been bothering her all day at work. Now that she was committed, she wanted to get it started. She wanted to fill out her bracket and see what the other ladies choose and somehow estimate her odds. Bad odds and she would prepare for the worst situation, being bent over and being lite up. And if her goods were good she would prepare for the even worst situation, bending over one of the other ladies and spanking them.

She had logged in a couple of times with her phone while she was on lunch, but hadn’t receive a response yet. Just the common spam; Facebook updates, Twitter messages and newsletters. The account came up and revealed more unread messages, though they were all of the spam variety. She clicked inbox a couple of times to make sure she had the latest messages, but nothing new appeared. Twisting her lips into a pout, she closed the laptop and went off to the kitchen to start dinner.

9:48 pm

Jessie reach over to the night stand grabbed her phone. Nate was laying behind her, so she had to hide the screen if she was going to check her email again. He had gotten upset

“Honey, put your phone away.” Nate mumbled.

Jessie grumbled a little as she closed out the email app. He watched TV at night, but I couldn’t check my phone, how unfair! They both gave off light, even if the TV was dimmer and all the way across the room. The seeming hippocracy of Nate’s statement annoyed her enough to partially ignore him. She click on her Pinterest app and started looking at the latest pinned items.

“Do I need to follow through on my promise last night?” Nate ask, rolling over to face her back.

“No,” Jessie relented and returned her phone to the night stand. Her phone wasn’t important enough for that to happened, especially this late at night when she had to work in the morning.


March 19th, 8:12pm

Jessie logged in to her email account and the first thing she saw was the reply from Diane. It opened with a welcome to this year’s participants, then a link to the bracket and then a bunch more text. She ignored the rest of the email and immediately clicked on the link. The link lead to a sports site, where she logged in with her email address.

The interactive bracket was a simple affair; click on a name and that team gets promoted to the next round or click on the help button and see stats about the two competing teams. Some choices were easy, like her Alma Matter winning it all. Some were more challenging, like Colorado or Pitt and who were the number 12 seeds which would upset number 5s?

It took her half an hour, but she finally had her bracket complete. She worried about a couple of her early picks, but all in all she was satisfied. She should do well, but how well? With a click of “save” she was now fully committed.

Closing out the tab containing the bracket revealed her email account and the still open message from Diane. The rest of the email explained the exact rules for this year, and detailed out the rewards and consequences. Jessie had known the jest of the rewards and consequences, but the exact details where a little more imposing.

“The rules for this year’s competition will be as follows:

  1.  Each correct prediction will receive points equal to the number of games in that round divided by 32. This equals 1 point for round 2, 2 points for round 3, 4 points for the sweet sixteen and so on. There is a total of 192 points.
  2.  At the end of the tournament, the lady with the most points will get to give each other player one swat per point she score more than the losing player.
  3. After each weekend players may switch scores in exchange for the lower scoring lady being spanked. These intermediate spankings are at 2 swats per point difference.
  4. All spankings are to be on the bare-bottom spank with her bare hand.
  5. Any lady receiving a spanking may negotiate for less total swats by substituting an implement for the bare hand.
  6. All brackets must be submitting by midnight, march 19th otherwise you will automatically recieve a score of zero.

Good luck and may you all do worst that me! 🙂


The possibility of being spanked seemed more ominous now. Everyone but the top bracket would get at least a couple swats. And what was this about switching scores? Why would she ever want to switch scores with another player? Lucky for Jessie, Nate called and distracted her from the questions which were starting to build.