Facing the Competition – Spanket

This is part of the Spanket series of short missives. The first part can be found at Joining the Competition. Spanket revolves around a friendly wager placed upon the NCAA tournament. You can find the participant’s brackets on the Spanket page.

March 21, 5:12 pm

Jessie woke up to find an email from Diane.


With one day of games in the books, we already starting to see some separation between the brackets.

Bringing up the rear is Alice with 8 pts. She is followed by Julie with 9 pts. We have a tie between Jessie and Rebecca for third at 10 pts each. Ethel is in second with 12 pts and I led you all at 13 pts.

How do pizza and drinks at my place sound after work tonight?

Looking forward to reddening you bottoms,

Her third place standing laced her with nervous energy throughout the day. She had rushed through her morning routine and got to work half an hour early. The early arriva1, gave her a few minutes to study her situation. The small screen of her phone made it challenging to sell the whole bracket at a time, but the special app helped some. She hadn’t taken any real hits during the first day and she was hesitantly confident for the second day.

Her day was better than yesterday, partially because every 15 minutes she could check the scores on her phone, and mainly because she could see her teams were winning. Worrying about their performance was worst than knowing they lost.

Quitting time came early again for Jessie. She rationalized coming in early meant she could leave early, and with her boss no where to be found, she took off for Diane’s place. Even with stopping by the supermarket to get some wine coolers, she ended up following Diane through the subdivision. Julie arrived a couple minutes later, then the other three showed up over the next hour.

“Oooh, I going to thoroughly enjoy that succulent tush under my hand,” Ethel said, dragging her finger tips across the back of Julie’s jeans poking out above the bar stool.

“Hey,” Julie protested.

“You gotta win to have that pleasure, and second place isn’t winning,” Diane shot back as the older woman took an empty stool at the counter.

“Ah, I betting this one will need to make up some points come Monday and I’ll be more than willing to help her out,” Ethel grinned at Julie, causing her to blush and look away. Julie knew she was right, did not want to admit it.

“So what is trade points thing?” Jessie asked.

“After the first weekend you can trade points in exchange for swats. What don’t you understand?” Diane stated as a mater of fact.

“Why would you want to do that?” Jessie asked, still puzzled with concept.

“Because you want to spank Julie,” Ethel smirked, “why else?”

“Hey,” Julie protested again at being their target.

“Oh com’on girl, you know your going to get it,” Ethel told her.

“But it won’t be from you, I’d rather Jessie do it,” Julie responded.

“OK, but if I trade points, then I’d loose at the end,” Jessie said, still oblivious to the mathematics of the competition.

“No, if you have a good bracket, you are going to score more points for each win in the later rounds which makes up for the few points you sacrificed in the early rounds,” Diane explained.

“Oh….” Jessie replied as the other women could see the light bulb going on inside her mind. The possibility of getting spanked more than once had never crossed her mind. She had always thought of it as a single event, by one of the other women. Now there was the possibility she might have to go over multiple laps? Or, heaven forbid, the others going over her lap? She still wasn’t sure what she was more scared of, being spanked or giving a spanking. She at least had experience at the former.