Not dead….yet…

I know I have been a little slow at updating, but time seems to just disappear lately. I ended up getting promoted at the beginning of April, which would be a good thing, except for the fact that I still have to do my old job because i haven’t found anyone to fill it and my salary got cut. Of course I do have a nice shinny new title, complete discretion over the division and get profit sharing, but none of those things create another 8 hours in the day.

I am hoping to get the Spanket series finished up this weekend. I have a little issue with getting one of the transitions, and once it is fixed I can get the last four parts out. In the mean time I scheduled a new part to the Willow Groove series for tomorrow.  It’s been a while since it had an installment and I figure I’ll dribble a few more over the next few months, so by fall the pledges will have completed hell week.

Anyways, back to work…..and no, not the fun kind. 🙂


P.S. After I posted this I got a warning from WordPress about this being my 100th post. I hadn’t realized I was over 75, let alone nearing 100. Had I realized it, I’d have done something special. Maybe next week.

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