No good excuses (non-story version)

I have no good excuses for being away and not posting regularly for the last couple of months. I guess that ‘real life’ thingy finally caught up with me and sucked every waking breath from my body.

It has given me a little time to reflect on two things:

1) I really don’t like sitting in airports

2) Waiting in airports could be a good time to write

The second item turned out not to be quite true. In the last two months I have started half a dozen different stories and gotten the plot laid out and maybe a quarter of the text down when my flight would be called to board. I felt a little awkward writing on the plane with such cramped quarters, and noisy neighbors. I am tempted to try it once through I have yet to be seated next to an attractive young lady. It would make the trip a little more interesting, especially after I increased the font to help her read the text, then caught her in the act and watched her squirm during the remainder of the flight. To bad I keep getting seated next to grandma or Mr business man.

So that poses a question: Have you ever let on to your kinkier side when in a strange place just to see how strangers would react?