Bridging the Gap

I’m working on trying to finish the “Collections” story, but part 2 is turning out to be really difficult. I have the end wrote, but the bridging the gap between the hotel room (end of part 1) and the start of part 3 is turning out to be a real challenge. I have the story line wrote, but the exact flow just feels wrong. This used to be easier, but I guess I must be out of practice.

Looking for some inspiration, or just a distraction. I started going through my stats. For the past 2 weeks Google has hated In Hushed Voices, giving almost no love. Then, on this past Wednesday, all of a sudden the views jumped by 10 fold. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else out there.

Since starting this blog, a good source of inspiration, especially for new stories, has been the search terms leading people to find the blog. Most of them are repetitions on the same few themes, but occasionally there a couple of gems and more often now, a dozen or so entertaining phrases. A couple of note in the last week are:

“waitrrss spanking” – I have bad spelling, but a search engine corrects your spelling for you. Just wait a second and the suggested correct spelling will be presented.

“mouthsoaping dom” – Tsk Tsk. You need to find a DOM to correct your language? You probably need a little more help just a mouth soaping.

“whack crack splat paddle” – That must be some paddle. Three sounds all coming from the same implement is impressive.

“taken to an abandoned shed spanking stories” – Ok, that is a little creepy. Sounds like the start to a horror flick that an erotic story.

“the spanking shop where bad girls are fixed stories” – Stories from the newest business in SoHo. Just stop by with that bad girl and get her “fixed.” 🙂

“wyoming cotact strip club allowing touching” – I don’t understand why this blog would be relevant, and what strip club anywhere allows touching?

“girls that probalby shouldn’t be bending over” – Don’t you mean “girls that DON’T WANT TO be bending over”?

“spanking position for caned in an suv” – Is this even possible? SUVs are big and all, but a canning takes some room. Now an RV, that would work.

“google” – Yes, one of the search terms was Google. I don’t think they found what they were looking for.

“nylon paddle swats” – I don’t think a nylon paddle would be very effective. It just wouldn’t have any rigidity, which is kind of the point of a paddle. Now a nylon strap is a different story.

“when you get spanked does the first swat hurt the most or the last swat” – This sounds like it deserves some experimentation. I think I just found a good use for that scientific method we were forced to learn in school. Of course lots of trials would need to be performed over multiple ladies.

“japanese spankings before wedding” – Now there is a wedding tradition I could find to love. So, do the bridesmaids each give the new bride a spanking prior to the vows for all the times she was a bridezilla and to warm her up for her new husband? Or is it the bride spanking her bridesmaids every time they make a mistake? I’ll have to do some research and see if this is true. Either way, it is a good story concept. White girl agrees to be a bridesmaid for her Japanese friend and gets in over her head?


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