Love our Lurkers Day – 2014

Hello! I can see you!

Actually, I can’t see you, but my stats say you exist.

So today, I welcome all those who have visited In Hushed Voices to reach out and say Hi! The easiest way is to just leave a comment.

If you don’t want to comment, it is OK. The stats say there are 300 other people just like you.

Love Our Lurkers Day

Note: I doubt I’ll be able to respond to any comments until Thursday at the earliest.

12 thoughts on “Love our Lurkers Day – 2014

    • Welcome.

      When seeing your comment, I could have swore you had stopped by last LOL days but after looking it up, was mistaken. It must have just been the familiarity with your name from visiting your blog.

  1. Happy LOL Days…first visit here…your blog looks very interesting…will come visit again when I have more time.

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