Ah, It’s Halloween

Halloween has to be one of the best holidays ever mutilated by the commercialization culture of America. When else can a “upstanding member of the community” go from vanilla to kinky without any long-term repercussions?  A simple “the costume was a dare” and anything that covers more than a bathing suit is fine.

Earlier this week I overheard two younger, female colleagues discussing their potential costumes for a party Saturday. Both of these ladies are ultra-conservative at work, wearing very modest, though professional clothes and generally shying away from any discussion of anything remotely related to sex. Girl A had been trying to figure out a matching costume for her and her boyfriend and looking to her friend for suggestions. Her friend had the brilliant idea of going as Christian and Anastasia from Fifty Shades. That suggestion shocked me into almost spilling the coffee I was pouring and drew a shush from Girl A. The last part I heard before returning to the series of endless meetings was “Ah, It’s Halloween, nobody will care.”

So here is to Halloween, possibly the best holiday of the year!

~OT Kipling