Long awaited update and 2 Questions

I know I haven’t posted a story in ages, and while I wish today would be the first in a long series of new stories, sadly, it isn’t. I do have a few in the works, however the story lines seem to lead more to novel length than short story. (one has 10 pages of outline just for the first half.)

I am posting because of some stuff at work last week. We had admin training (HR, procurement, legal etc) and one of them covered contract employee contracts. I don’t remember the exact opening our general counsel gave, but it was somewhere along the lies of “If there is any kind of relationship between the company and them, you have to have a contract explicitly stating the duties and responsibilities of both sides. We have template contracts for everything, so just ask for which one you need.” I was lost for the next hour daydreaming if they really had a contract for every kind of relationship and what would really be included in one involving domestic discipline, corporal punishment, BDSM or anything beyond vanilla sex. How would the indemnification language read? Would you include a grading scale for performance management? What about non-compete and non-disclosure aspects? Are there actually templates? Maybe an Open-Source DD agreement? What would a lawyer think when asked to draft such an agreement?

The other part of the training which led my mind astray was recruiting. There was nearly half a day on just finding the right person for the position. One of the things hit upon was how to find hidden gems; ie someone unbelievably perfect for the position. It was recommended we ask fellow managers of super-stars how they found that person and then search those avenues. It was quite difficult to keep a straight face when I kept replacing the words on the PowerPoint slides with kinky variants. Also, I was distracted most of the day with how people go about finding a kinky partner, especially in situations where publicly advertising such is not practical or too embarrassing?

So my two questions for you all;

  1. Do you have a relationship agreement/contract, and if so, what is included in it?
  2. How did you go about finding the yin to your yag?

Note: I will be asking these questions on my tumblr account also, and then correlating the responses in a later post.

~Happy Leap Day!

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