Long awaited update and 2 Questions

I know I haven’t posted a story in ages, and while I wish today would be the first in a long series of new stories, sadly, it isn’t. I do have a few in the works, however the story lines seem to lead more to novel length than short story. (one has 10 pages of outline just for the first half.)

I am posting because of some stuff at work last week. We had admin training (HR, procurement, legal etc) and one of them covered contract employee contracts. I don’t remember the exact opening our general counsel gave, but it was somewhere along the lies of “If there is any kind of relationship between the company and them, you have to have a contract explicitly stating the duties and responsibilities of both sides. We have template contracts for everything, so just ask for which one you need.” I was lost for the next hour daydreaming if they really had a contract for every kind of relationship and what would really be included in one involving domestic discipline, corporal punishment, BDSM or anything beyond vanilla sex. How would the indemnification language read? Would you include a grading scale for performance management? What about non-compete and non-disclosure aspects? Are there actually templates? Maybe an Open-Source DD agreement? What would a lawyer think when asked to draft such an agreement?

The other part of the training which led my mind astray was recruiting. There was nearly half a day on just finding the right person for the position. One of the things hit upon was how to find hidden gems; ie someone unbelievably perfect for the position. It was recommended we ask fellow managers of super-stars how they found that person and then search those avenues. It was quite difficult to keep a straight face when I kept replacing the words on the PowerPoint slides with kinky variants. Also, I was distracted most of the day with how people go about finding a kinky partner, especially in situations where publicly advertising such is not practical or too embarrassing?

So my two questions for you all;

  1. Do you have a relationship agreement/contract, and if so, what is included in it?
  2. How did you go about finding the yin to your yag?

Note: I will be asking these questions on my tumblr account also, and then correlating the responses in a later post.

~Happy Leap Day!

Ah, It’s Halloween

Halloween has to be one of the best holidays ever mutilated by the commercialization culture of America. When else can a “upstanding member of the community” go from vanilla to kinky without any long-term repercussions?  A simple “the costume was a dare” and anything that covers more than a bathing suit is fine.

Earlier this week I overheard two younger, female colleagues discussing their potential costumes for a party Saturday. Both of these ladies are ultra-conservative at work, wearing very modest, though professional clothes and generally shying away from any discussion of anything remotely related to sex. Girl A had been trying to figure out a matching costume for her and her boyfriend and looking to her friend for suggestions. Her friend had the brilliant idea of going as Christian and Anastasia from Fifty Shades. That suggestion shocked me into almost spilling the coffee I was pouring and drew a shush from Girl A. The last part I heard before returning to the series of endless meetings was “Ah, It’s Halloween, nobody will care.”

So here is to Halloween, possibly the best holiday of the year!

~OT Kipling

Bridging the Gap

I’m working on trying to finish the “Collections” story, but part 2 is turning out to be really difficult. I have the end wrote, but the bridging the gap between the hotel room (end of part 1) and the start of part 3 is turning out to be a real challenge. I have the story line wrote, but the exact flow just feels wrong. This used to be easier, but I guess I must be out of practice.

Looking for some inspiration, or just a distraction. I started going through my stats. For the past 2 weeks Google has hated In Hushed Voices, giving almost no love. Then, on this past Wednesday, all of a sudden the views jumped by 10 fold. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else out there.

Since starting this blog, a good source of inspiration, especially for new stories, has been the search terms leading people to find the blog. Most of them are repetitions on the same few themes, but occasionally there a couple of gems and more often now, a dozen or so entertaining phrases. A couple of note in the last week are:

“waitrrss spanking” – I have bad spelling, but a search engine corrects your spelling for you. Just wait a second and the suggested correct spelling will be presented.

“mouthsoaping dom” – Tsk Tsk. You need to find a DOM to correct your language? You probably need a little more help just a mouth soaping.

“whack crack splat paddle” – That must be some paddle. Three sounds all coming from the same implement is impressive.

“taken to an abandoned shed spanking stories” – Ok, that is a little creepy. Sounds like the start to a horror flick that an erotic story.

“the spanking shop where bad girls are fixed stories” – Stories from the newest business in SoHo. Just stop by with that bad girl and get her “fixed.” 🙂

“wyoming cotact strip club allowing touching” – I don’t understand why this blog would be relevant, and what strip club anywhere allows touching?

“girls that probalby shouldn’t be bending over” – Don’t you mean “girls that DON’T WANT TO be bending over”?

“spanking position for caned in an suv” – Is this even possible? SUVs are big and all, but a canning takes some room. Now an RV, that would work.

“google” – Yes, one of the search terms was Google. I don’t think they found what they were looking for.

“nylon paddle swats” – I don’t think a nylon paddle would be very effective. It just wouldn’t have any rigidity, which is kind of the point of a paddle. Now a nylon strap is a different story.

“when you get spanked does the first swat hurt the most or the last swat” – This sounds like it deserves some experimentation. I think I just found a good use for that scientific method we were forced to learn in school. Of course lots of trials would need to be performed over multiple ladies.

“japanese spankings before wedding” – Now there is a wedding tradition I could find to love. So, do the bridesmaids each give the new bride a spanking prior to the vows for all the times she was a bridezilla and to warm her up for her new husband? Or is it the bride spanking her bridesmaids every time they make a mistake? I’ll have to do some research and see if this is true. Either way, it is a good story concept. White girl agrees to be a bridesmaid for her Japanese friend and gets in over her head?


No good excuses (non-story version)

I have no good excuses for being away and not posting regularly for the last couple of months. I guess that ‘real life’ thingy finally caught up with me and sucked every waking breath from my body.

It has given me a little time to reflect on two things:

1) I really don’t like sitting in airports

2) Waiting in airports could be a good time to write

The second item turned out not to be quite true. In the last two months I have started half a dozen different stories and gotten the plot laid out and maybe a quarter of the text down when my flight would be called to board. I felt a little awkward writing on the plane with such cramped quarters, and noisy neighbors. I am tempted to try it once through I have yet to be seated next to an attractive young lady. It would make the trip a little more interesting, especially after I increased the font to help her read the text, then caught her in the act and watched her squirm during the remainder of the flight. To bad I keep getting seated next to grandma or Mr business man.

So that poses a question: Have you ever let on to your kinkier side when in a strange place just to see how strangers would react?

Oddities among Implements

Have you ever seen or read about a spanking and thought the implement used seemed odd. It may have been very effective, but it just felt odd to you that someone would consider it appropriate to use that particular item in a spanking. There are two implements which I have seen used in multiple situations but just feel out of place to me; the carpet beater and the fly swatter.

The traditional carpet beater has a large woven wicker head and a some sort of attached handle. It should resemble a paddle in one’s mind, though in my mind it resembles more of a wicker pitchfork than a paddle. This then correlates to swinging a pitchfork at a naughty lady’s bottom. Not a sexy thought. I have only ever used one on carpets and a couple of blankets and really have no intention of trying one out on other surfaces.

The fly swatter is the second implement which I see as odd because I do not see how it can be effective. I remember as a kid using fly swatters as fake swords and having duels with them because it didn’t hurt when you got hit by one. They remind me of a comically over-sized version of a crop. A crop is wicked because with enough flick of the wrist you can get that little leather tip going supersonic. Not so much with a flyswatter. I guess it could work in more a sensual sense, where a hundred little pats are causing a tingle to dance across the lady’s bottom. In a disciplinary situation, the spanker’s arm would tire well before her bottom was even pink. You might as well use your hand and enjoy other liberties from time time.

So are there any implements you just think are odd?