The Memorial Day Water Balloon Attack

Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start of summer here in the Midwest. Actually I guess it’s country wide, but here it means warm weather, no school and beach parties. For my family, Memorial Day Weekend is also the weekend everyone goes up to by grandparents cabin and helps them open it for the summer. The guys all help grandpa with some project while us ladies help grandma cook, relax and look after the little ones. Well we used to help look after the little ones, but now my youngest cousins are in middle school, so we mostly relax and play games.

This year started like most every other year. I drove back from college on Thursday so I could hitch a ride up with my parents. They both took Friday off so we left first thing and got to the lake around noon. Lake Michigan is beautiful this time of the year. Freezing cold, but beautiful. My grandparents place is in the woods on the northern shore where the house is perched on a small cliff providing great panoramic view. Supposedly they bought the property years ago because of the view and decided to build their summer house here when they retired.

Only two of my aunts and uncles came up this year, and then only Aunt Sally’s younger daughter, Lani, came. Lani was born 6 months after me, which meant we did everything together at family functions. Growing up, we lived about half an hour away from each other, so these little family reunions were our time to catch up and play.

Friday evening grandpa made a bonfire. Those of us cousins who made it this year roasted marshmallows for Smores. My uncle’s two boys, James and John, were drinking beers while my cousin Lani and I taught John’s fiance how to cook the perfect marshmallow. Jenny came from the city, not the country like all of the rest of the family. Lani and I would have to teach her how things were out here.


The rising sun inched its beam of light across our faces. I could hear the sizzle of bacon already cooking as I fought back consciousness. Sleep good! The sleeping bag was so warm and comfortable. Why do old people have to get up so early in the morning?

“You all going to sleep till noon?” Grandpa poked our feet on his way out to the deck.

I dragged my lifeless body out of the cozy embrace to make a beeline for the bathroom. I wanted to beat Jenny since I bet she took forever in the bathroom in the morning. I never did understand why they only built one general bathroom. The house is like 10,000 square feet and there is only one bathroom. Well, three if you count the one off my grandparents bedroom and the one off the guest room.

I was scratching my hair as I left the bathroom and did not even notice Jenny waiting at the door. I’m not a big girl, actually at the ‘ideal’ weight for my 5 foot 7 frame , but Jenny is a petite little thing and stood no chance when we collided. Makeup and toiletries that she had bundled in towel went everywhere as she fell to the floor. It took me a moment to realize what happened when she shrieked. I couldn’t help but giggle as she scampered about collecting items. I don’t know if the pink satin panties or the tampon was more embarrassing, but she was blushing.

Lani took the opportunity to seek ahead in line, while I “helped” Jenny collect her things, making Jenny have to wait again once everything was secured in the towel. Mom on the other hand did not care for my helpful gesture.

Breakfast was delicious as always. There is something about grandma’s biscuits and gravy that beat out every restaurant. Even Mom cannot seem to get the recipe right. Lani and I chatted about school while the guys spoke about the repairs to the dock over breakfast. Mom, my aunts and grandma took their regular turns between the kitchen and deck with fresh supplies of eggs, bacon and biscuits.

After breakfast Lani and I begrudgingly took up station by the sink, washing the pots and pans from breakfast. We never us real plates or utensils on these weekends so we only every need to wash are the pots and pans. It is still no fun. A few sprays of the kitchen hose though make it a little more interesting. I got Lani good for her smearing the leftover gravy in my face. Washing dishes was just starting to get fun when Aunt Sally yelled at us to stop making a mess.

When we finally finished with the dishes our mothers were working on some arts and crafts project and the guys where tearing apart the old dock. Neither looked to appealing to Lani or I so we decided to take a walk and explore.

Grandpa’s workshop was nothing special, just a bunch of woodworking tools. He would build stuff over the summer then sell it at various arts and craft shows as they traveled down to Florida for the winter. There were table saws and sanders and other kinds of saws, all coated in a thin layer of sawdust. I started writing “Clean Me” in the sawdust when Lani found something on anther workbench.

“Hey, look what I found!” Lani held up a dirty plastic bag full of red white and blue things.

“What are those?”

“Water balloons!” Lani said with a broad mischievous grin.

“Lets get the boys!” I said as I snatched up the bag and headed around back.

An exterior faucet poked out the backside of the workshop, allowing us to stay hidden while we prepared our ammo. Living on Lake Michigan, my grandparents draw their water directly from the lake, generally making their cold water just above freezing. Bad for outside showers, but excellent for water balloons.

With five rounds between us, we crept over to the woods then out to the shore. Most of the shore is a mixture of rocky jettisons mixed with five foot cliffs, but the top of the cliffs are covered in bushes and other low brush making it hard to see from the water. We would have great cover for our surprise attack.

SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Direct hits! The water balloons struck James on chest and his older brother on the back and head. The surprise assault really took John off guard. The impact was just enough to cause him to stumble on the dock support. The narrow beam did not have enough room for him to regain his footing before he tumbled into the lake.

Lani nor I could help but giggle as John crashed into the water. John was going to be pissed, so we had to get out of here right now.

“Com’n lets go,” I whispered to Lani before taking off through the brush towards the woods.

“Lani Marie!” “Theresa Anne!” Two voices called from the house. I looked over at Lani and just mouth “Oh shit.”

“Go or hide?” Lani asked.

“Putting off our execution is only going to make it worst,” I said.

“Unless they forget?” Lani responded with a tight smile.

“Your mom ever forget?”

“No…Rats, and this was starting to become a good weekend.” Lani pouted as she led the way back to the house.

Mom and Aunt Sally stood side by side on the deck with their arms crossed. Even from the edge of the woods we could tell our mothers were mad. I initially hoped I could talk my way out of it, but as we got closer, the strip of leather in my mom’s hand dashed any hope.

“What do you girls think you were doing?” my mom yelled at us.

“You could have hurt someone,” Aunt Sally added.

“We didn’t mean to.” Lani and I pleaded.

“Sure you didn’t. Why else would you throw water balloons at your cousins while they are working with power tools.” Mom said, wagging her finger at me. This always made me feel like such a kid. Only naughty little girls get fingers wagged at them.

“We are sorry, we were just having a little fun,” I pleaded. My eyes had yet to leave the 16 inch strip of leather in mom’s hands. I knew what is was for and did not care to feel it today.

“JUST A LITTLE FUN! They would have been seriously hurt or killed!” Aunt Sally yelled.

“We are really sorry!” we pleaded.

“SORRY? I’ll show you sorry!” Mom grabbed by arm and pulled be over towards the railing. I could hear Lani pleading with her mom as she was forced behind me.

“Please mom, not here. I’m an adult. Please!” I pleaded before being unceremoniously bent over the deck rail. I started to push up when Lani joined me on the right. Mom would have none of it, pressing her left hand into my shoulders and forcing me farther over the rail.

“Yeeks, No please!” Lani shrieked next to me.

Mom followed her sister-in-laws example, working my jean shorts and panties down to my ankles. I could’ve died of embarrassment at that moment. Here I was, a rising sophomore in college, bent bare bottom over a deck rail about to get spanked. “Mom Please not bare!”

“Stop whinning you too.” Aunt Sally scolded us.

THUACK! The first stroke us both by surprise. Lani and I yelped almost in unison. I had forgot how intense of a burn the strap could impart on the first stroke.

THUACK! The straps bit down in unison again before I had much of a chance to internalize the first spank.

I bit my lower lip, preparing for the next stroke as I glanced to my right. Lani was looking back at me. The fear, the embarrassment, the pain, all shown in her eyes. Her eyes snapped shut, and a grimace of pain spread across her face as I heard her strap make contact before mine. Is that what I look like during a spanking? I only had a second to ponder before fire shot up my backside.

I grunted, then tried to kick off the sting. My resistance was rewarded with the strap firmly laid across the top of my tights, which stung like none other. “PLEASE not there!” I cried out.

Our mothers separated into their own pace after the first few strokes, deciding to wear out their daughter’s independently. I could not tell if mom was going faster or slower and it really did not matter at the time. The supple leather bit over and over into my tender cheeks until I was sobbing and could no longer even make out Lani through the tears.

“Do you think you will need to be spanked again?” Mom asked.

“No ma’am sniff” I answered quietly.

“Good, you can join Lani over there on the wall until lunch.” Mom said, slapping my bare bottom. I shuffled over to the wall, rubbing my sore bottom with one hand while pulling my t-shirt as low as it would go in the front. I’d rather moon my family than the other option. I took a quick glance at Lani’s bottom on my way to her side. I always felt a pain of jealously when I saw her well toned bottom. It should be well toned with her going to college on a track scholarship.

I’m not sure if the spanking or standing with my bare butt facing the lake was more embarrassing. Jenny sure tried to maximize our discomfort. I guess it was payback for our fun with her earlier mishap.

“Aw, were you little girls naughty? I bet your bottoms really sting,” Jenny commented as she went in the house for the tenth time to get something to drink. With Mom sitting on the porch I just had to bit my tongue and bare it, otherwise risk another spanking. Another spanking right now was the last thing I wanted.

Mom eventually returned our clothes and sent us in to get lunch, once everyone else had made a sandwich and were seated on the deck. Lani and I scampered off to the bathroom to get dressed and inspect the damage.

“How is mine?” I asked trying to twist around and see in the mirror. All I could see is pink tops of my cheeks.

“Ouch, you got caught on the thighs?”

“Yea, kicking too much. Let me see you,” I said turning to look at Lani. She turned her back to me, wiggling off her deep red cheeks at me. A few dark maroon welts had been left by the edge if the strap. I gently dragged an index finger over the ridges, feeling the hot rough texture.

“Ouch! If your going to touch, at least use some cooling cream!” Lani snapped, looking over her shoulder at me.

“Fine..” I snickered popping open the medicine cabinet. Sunburn cream would work nicely to cool down out bottoms. I first worked a generous amount into Lani’s rear then she returned the favor. It felt wonderful as the soothing cream worked into my tender flesh.

We disappeared for most of the rest of the day. Getting another spanking was not in our agenda for the weekend. The first one had kind of became tradition over the past few years, but a second one, definitely not. Anyways, on Tuesday I would start my summer internship at my other grandfather’s law firm and wouldn’t get to have this kind of fun all summer long. I had gotten most of the mischief out of my system. Hopefully at least until Independence Day.


“Fuck!” Grace mumbled.

I couldn’t believe she had just swore, and in church of all places. I’d warned her about her language twice already this week, but now it was time for action. I leaned over and whispered in my niece’s ear “we will be chatting about your language when we get home, young lady.” She just looked back at me with a slightly puzzled look on her face.

“You know calling me a young lady doesn’t make you any younger Aunt Beth,” she whispered back. Was she implying I was old? I’m only 36 for Christ’s shake! Oh great there she has me swearing in church now. At least it’s in my head and not out loud.

“Sorry Lord for taking your name in vain, especially today, on your day. Please give me the strength to deal with Grace and help her learn to be a respectable lady. Thank you for allowing her to come stay with me. I know it’ll be good for the both of us.” I prayed as Pastor Benson preached.

Church concluded and Grace and I made our way home where the first order of business was changing out of our Sunday bests and into something more relaxing. I wiggled into a pair of jeans and tossed on an old t-shirt and headed out out of my bedroom to do some yard work when I heard “Damn it!” come from Grace’s room.

Annoyance came back over me like a wave. I stepped back into my room then closed the door and leaned against it. I had to say something, but what? My sister had asked me to watch over Grace while she attend William and Mary, and at the time I eagerly agreed because I thought it’d be fun. I’d be like a mix of big sister and mom to Grace while she adjusted to college life. She’d only been here a week and I already didn’t know what to do! I know what my mother would’ve done had she caught Kate or I ever swearing, but that was twenty years ago. This is the twenty first century.

I opened door, heading for Grace’s room, hoping my natural ‘motherly’ instincts would take over and guide me in the discussion.

I knocked gently on Grace’s ajar door, pushing it open. Grace lay on her stomach, diagonally across her bed. Her feet waved back and forth in the air as she glanced at me over her laptop screen.


“We need to talk, Grace.” I said as rounded the end of her bed and sat on the edge.

“If it’s about the church thingy, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” Grace sassed without even looking up at me.

“It’s more than just the swearing. It’s…It’s…”

“Hu? what?!”

“It’s your attitude, behavior and complete lack of respect.”

“What are you talking about? There’s nothin wrong with my attitude or behavior.” Grace pushed herself up on her elbows so she could clearly see me. The more aggressive body language was not lost on me.

“You don’t see anything wrong with what you just said to me?”


I sighed. “That’s the problem. Your mother asked me to look after you while you are going to college and help you out if need be.”

“Aunt Beth, I’m 18. I haven’t needed a babysitter in years,” Grace added to the dismissiveness of her response by tilting her head to the left.

“I don’t want to be your babysitter. But your attitude is very rude.” Grace spun around and got off her bed. “I know your mother raised you better than how you’ve been acting.” She turned her back to me and went over to her desk, shuffling through a few papers. “Grace if things are going to workout we both need to respect each other. That means you will need to improve your attitude.”

“Whatever!” Grace said shaking her head.

It is amazing how a single word can have such a transformational effect on people. The dismissive “whatever” was one of mine. I could feel by blood start to boil. Clenching my left fist I took a deep breath before reacting. I grabbed Grace’s right wrist and jerked her towards the hallway. She had had her back to me, so the sudden force spun her around and took her slightly off balance at the same time. I was not going to wait for anything, especially and possible resistance. Grace only regained her balance when I let go of her wrist in the bathroom.

The bar of Ivory soap next to the sink was relatively new so I splashed some water on it before turning to my niece.

“Open up!” I commanded. Grace just closed her lips even tighter while shaking her head. “Now or the time will be doubled!” She persisted so I slapped my left hand down onto the back of her tights. Her yelp gave me enough time to shove the bar between her lips and into place. “Bit down on it then bend over and grab the edge of the tub.” She went to remove the soap, but I caught her hand and pulled her over to the tub. A little leverage and she was bent forward in such an acquired position that her right hand had to hold her up otherwise she’d go crashing into the bathtub, face first. I’d have never allowed her to actually fall, but her body didn’t know it.

I hooked my thumb and ring finger under the back of Grace’s waistband, pulling her shorts and panties down in one motion until they were bunched up around the top of her tights.

“Anuugghhtt baattpphh bbooossssseee ggggoooo!” Grace cried.

I answered with a firm hand spank to her right cheek. Oh did it sting my palm. How did mothers ever spank their daughters for minutes on end without seriously hurting their hand. I never understood the phase “this is going to hurt me more than you” until that moment.

“Since you wouldn’t obey earlier, you’re getting 6 minutes with the soap in while I paddle you. I’m going to let go of your arm. Grab the tub and do not let go. If the soap comes out or you reach back, you’ll be experiencing the belt before bedtime.” I let go of her arm and picked up the timer that came with my electric tooth brush. It was designed to remind me when I’d brushed my teeth for long enough. Once the timer was set to 6 minutes I picked up the plastic bath scrub brush. It would be better than bruising my hand.

WACK! WACK! WACK! WACK! I laid into her white globes as fast and as hard as I could. Grace started squiring from the first swat messing up my aim. I reached my left arm around her waist, pulling her tight against my hip to keep her wiggling down.

WACK! WACK! WACK! WACK! I didn’t let up as her bottom turned from white through pink to crimson. My arm though did get tired, and quickly. The timer read 4:41 when I let go of her waist and took up position beside her. If I couldn’t keep up the feverous pace, I could at least make sure the last swats were extra hard.

WACK! “GRRRFFFFPPPHHHH!” Grace jumped up as the two handed swat took her low on her right cheek. Her hands came back to cover her boiling backside and rub out the fire.

“GRACE!” I yelled. She rubbed for a second longer before returning to holding onto the bathtub. Once her hands were back in place I took another hard swing at the same spot.

WACK! “GRRRFFFFPPPHHHH!” Grace jumped up again, grabbing her backside.

“Fine, you can get the belt later also!” I stated dryly. Grace quickly removed her hands and returned to position. I glanced at the timer, which read 5:37. Time for two more swats.

WACK! “GRRRFFFFPPPHHHH!” Grace shook her butt, but held onto the tub’s edge as I delivered a solid swat to her lower left cheek.


“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” the timer went off.

“You can spit out the soap and rise now,” I told Grace as sat the brush on the counter. Her right hand went straight to her bottom while her left flipped on the faucet on it’s way back there. She spit the bar of soap into the sink then bent her head under the faucet to fill her mouth with water to rise. She would then spit and repeat, all the while furious rubbing her red bottom. I have to admit, it was one of the most comical scenes I’d ever seen. A half-naked 18 year old bent over a bathroom sink while drinking straight from the faucet.

Grace eventually switched to swishing the water around her mouth and finally gave up with getting the last bit of soapy taste out after a few minutes. She then look over to me, her red, swollen eyes still tear stained. I took her in my arms and hugged her tight against my chest.

Embraced until Grace’s composure had fully return. When I released her, she look up at me as said “I’m sorry Aunt Beth.” She reached down and picked up her shorts and panties before returning to her room, red cheeks looking back at me.

I stood there in the bathroom, still slightly shocked at the whole series of events which had just happened. I replayed the last 20 minutes in my mind until I reached the point where Grace was putting up a fuss then reached back. She had blantly disobeyed me and I’d told her that she would get an additional spanking because of it. I knew I had to follow through with it and be good to my word, so I left the bathroom for Grace’s room.

“AAH! Aunt Beth!” Grace screeched as I walked in. She had been standing in front of her mirror, looking at the state of her bottom. When she noticed me, she spun around, pulling the front over her shirt down to cover her privates while she reached for a pillow laying on her bed. I thought the whole jesture was comical, especially since I had just inflicted the redness she was admiring.

“As I mentioned earlier, you will be getting another spanking before bedtime since you wouldn’t cooperate earlier.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Until then, I’ll give you a choice; you can go downstairs right now and kneel in the corner until bedtime or you can put on a pair of shorts and come out and help me do some yard work. After we get done working we’ll have dinner and then you can finish your punishment. Which do you prefer?”

“Hmmm, I’ll help you.”

“Well get dress and come on. I’ll be out by the shed,” I said as I closed the door and left her room. We worked most of the day, and generally had a good time. The garden was weeded, shrubs trimmed and the water fountain was rebuilt. Every so often I’d see Grace grimacing and rubbing her bottom, but her attitude was polite and oddly cheery.

We finished and headed inside to get cleaned up and eat dinner as the sun started to get low in the sky. I made BBQ chicken while Grace made salad, mashed potatoes and cut up fresh cucumbers. Grace’s contemptuous attitude had returned with the setting sun and was clearly present when we finished dinner.

“Well that’s the last of the dishes. Why don’t you go on up and get ready for bed and I’ll be up in a couple of minutes to finish your punishment.” I stated as I placed the last of the leftovers in the fridge. Grace just wiped her hands then went straight upstairs.

I milled around the kitchen and living room for 10 minutes or so, to give Grace enough time to get ready. I headed first to my room, to get one of my belts before going to Grace’s room. While I was looking at my belts, I realized the only ones suitable for using for punishment where quite narrow. I selected a plain white leather one I’d had since college then went to find Grace.

I knocked on Grace’s door and heard ‘come in’ quietly through it. I opened the door to find a shocking site. Grace was bent over the foot-rail of her bed, wearing only a light blue, baby doll cut nightie. She’d placed wrapped one of the sashes from the curtains over her lower back keeping her stomach against the foot-rail. A couple of pillows laid under her body and her hands were grasped behind her neck so that her elbows rested on the bed.

“Aunt Beth, I’m sorry I interfered with my spanking earlier. Please spank me for it. I don’t think I can interfere this time, so be as harsh as you have to be,” Grace said from under her golden locks.

“I know Grace, I know. I’ll give you 18 with the belt then it’ll be all over honey,” I said as soothingly as possible.

“Ok,” Grace answered.

CRACK! “OOWWWEEE!” Grace cried out as the belt temporarily imparted a band of white across the pink spheres. She wiggled about some, but the sashes kept her in position.

CRACK! “YYYEEEKSSSS!” I felt my own bottom twitch as the belt bit into Grace’s bottom.

CRACK! “OOOUUCCCHHH!” It hurt having to spank Grace as such, but I consciously knew I had to do it. If I didn’t go through with my earlier promise, Grace would loose her respect for my word.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! I brought the belt down over and over, enticing a yelp from Grace each time. Her bottom returned to it’s crimson red by the sixth stroke and Grace gave up yelping by the ninth and focused just on pleading for forgiveness.

“Snifff, I’mmm soo.” CRACK! “Ouuccchh rryyy auuunnntt beeaa.” CRACK! “OOWWWWEEE sniff beeaatthh.”

I stopped at stroke 12 to take a breath. “Grace, when your mom and I used to get the belt from your grandma, she’d place the last few strokes at the base of our bottoms. She said it’d help us remember our punishment whenever we sat down for the next week, and it was effective.” I took careful aim and let the first of the last six strokes fall.

CRACK! “WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” CRACK! “WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” CRACK! “WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” CRACK! “WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” CRACK! “WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” CRACK! “WWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Grace cried out continuously as the first stroke landed and didn’t stop until well after the last stroke fell. She kicked her feet up and down, making the subsequent strokes a little more difficult to aim, but I was able to complete the task of, as mom used to put it, ‘tanning the young lady’s seat.’ I can still remember the three times it happened to me and the pain Grace must be feeling right now.

I waited a few moments after Grace stopped squirming about before untying the sash around her waist. I helped her up and she fell into my arms. She buried her tear streaked face into my chest. Her weight forced me backwards, into sitting on the edge of her bed. She slide right onto my lap, and cuddled up close. It was just like she was 8 instead of 18. I rocked back and forth gently, trying to soothe away her tears.

I did not realize Grace had stopped sobbing until I heard her start snoring. I must have sat there with her in my arms for half an hour.

I bent by left arm around behind me and pulled the blankets back without letting go of Grace. I twisted her around my body to my left, spraying the half naked girl out on her sheets. Two feet under the covers then completed tucking her in with a kiss to her forehead. Looking down at my niece, I remembered way Kate always referred to Grace as her little angel. Her blonde hair made a nice halo when she slept. Even though I hope today will not occur again, I doubt it. CLICK!