I’ve spent the last week trying to figure out how to bridge a continuity gap in four different stories. Hence the lack of any updates. Also having the flu doesn’t really help the creative juices either. I guess juices would be a bad word to use right now.

On a different note, I have noticed the recent influence of spanking and spanking related innuendo in mainstream entertainment. Last night, for example, CBS’s 2 Broke Girls episode was titled “And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank.” During the episode there were multiple instances were main characters were playfully spanked, then verbally acknowledge liking it in the adult way.

Has adult spanking came so far that it is socially accepted?

While the spankings portrayed in the show are more playful swats on the upper behind region, the premise is still there. The show is also has one of the highest ratings among sitcoms in the US.

I always like the old Italian mafia phrase when referencing the spanking subculture; “Its this thing we do.” It makes it seem slightly elusive, mystical and special all at the same time. It’s like a club that welcomes everyone to join, but some people clearly do not fit in. This creates the sense of community. I question whether such proliferation of spanking is going to be a good thing in the long run.

Though this could just be the nitequil speaking. Ah, nitequil 🙂

From Stealth to Stats to Story

So I wasn’t supposed to be talking about the new blogging/ online authoring website. They are supposed to be in “stealth mode” and are only offering a limited beta test right now.  I did get a chance to play around with the beta test and it looks like WordPress with all the functionality turned on. Some of the functionality isn’t working yet though the parts I played with, it seems better than and uses the WordPress software. They must have customized it or something. No matter the info said the public release is to be October 7th.

Last week, I logged in to the admin panel and got this message about “A spike in your stats” and “Your stats are booming! Looks like “In Hushed Voices” is getting lots of traffic.” Being less than tech savvy, I instantly thought someone had hacked my account. Then a little bit of logic set in and I realized if someone had hacked the blog then I probably wouldn’t be able to log in, which I just did. The second though was someone was spamming my blog, trying to get WordPress to shut it down.  Checking the actual stats I realized what a fool I was being and what a heavy-weight Chross is the spanking community. I knew he was influential, but by him including a story of mine in his weekly list of spankings, I got 1800 views in a single day.


Lastly, I watched the movie “Parental Guidance” this past weekend. The story is basically these new-age parents ask her old-fashion simple parents to come and babysit the children for a week. The difference in parenting styles couldn’t be more striking. The movie was good, but the parents were the stereotypical parents which create bratty adults. And not the good kind of brats, but the disrespectful, self-centered adults. The grandparents, the grandfather, are completely comfortable with putting their proverbial foot down and telling the kids no. This gives me some interesting story concepts where a college age daughter lives with her grandparents during a summer internship. I know you can see it in your head also.

RIP Bloggers

Google announced today that any Blogger site which contains advertisements or links to sites with adult content will be removed on June 30th. YAY Free Speech and Google’s mission of “Do no evil”! According to the article, Google is still going to allow users to publish adult images and videos, but links to commercial adult content sites will be prohibited.

This creates a couple interesting questions

  • Can I no longer link to Amazon, because they sell books with adult content? As an author, can I no longer link to my own erotica e-books?
  • What about the blogs run by commercial sites?
  • What about linking to other blogs which are run by commercial sites?
  • Does this include Adult Products & Toys?

I am just glad I went with WordPress over Blogger. So far it is the only place where adults can be creative about all parts of their lives.


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