Collections – Conclusion

This story begun with Collections and continued with Collections – Part 2.
The sun was high in the sky when a call from the front desk woke Jerry. It was the clerk reminding him that checkout was in 30 minutes. He told the clerk ok, and rolled over on to his back. The petite naked girl lying next to him half covered immediately brought back memories of the previous night. “Shit!” was all he could think.

Jerry’s mind went into overdrive as he thought about the situation. This case had been one error after another. Last night he topped it off with an inexcusable felony. He considered just walking out, and leaving her there. She’d obviously want to take off, but there would be questions first. Lots of questions, and the authorities might become involved. The staff finding a naked girl with a bruised bottom would warrant a call to the locals at least.

He had to wake her, but how could he get her to escape without directly telling her to do it? Maybe if he acted like nothing happened and just “forgot” to secure her, she’d escape on her own. It was worth a try, he rationalized as he finished getting dressed.

He shook Ellie’s shoulder gently, stirring her from her slumber. “Hmm, AH!” she shrieked in surprise at the unfamiliar man waking her up. She rolled to her left, untangling the comforter from her body as she fell to the floor. Immediately she grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around herself.

At the glimpse of Ellie’s bare form, Jerry turned around, hiding his eyes from her. “Ah, we have to get going,” he said, walking towards the door. The little door hanger caught his attention. Free continental breakfast it read under the image of a plate of pancakes and a steaming cup of coffee. “I’m going to get coffee, want some?” he asked, hoping she’d take the opportunity he was presenting her.

“Ah, OJ if they have some,” Ellie mumbled.

Jerry returned 20 minutes later to find Ellie sitting on the bed, dressed in the same night club clothes she had been wearing for the last two days. Her hair was slightly damp from the shower she had taken while he was gone. The lack of makeup, along with the immature clothes and demure expression made her look young and innocent.

Jerry barely said a dozen words as he gathered his suitcase and led her to the car. She just tagged along like a dutiful puppy as he asked the repair man to fix the tire and at the dinner as he ordered them brunch. The rest of the ride occurred in near silence. Jerry was too scared to say anything which might upset her, while Ellie was more tired from the long trip and not quite sure if she should say something to him.

Four awkward hours later, the pair pulled off the interstate into the industrial area of Tampa. Two quick rights and Jerry pulled up to a barbed wire topped gate covered with black security plastic. A few keystrokes on thee gate pad, open the gate to reveal a small building and a couple of cars.

Jerry pulled around the side of the building where a garage door opened, allowing to drive inside. He got out as the door automatically closed and rounded the back of the car, as was his standard routine when returning to the office with a target.

“Come on,” Jerry said opening the passenger door. Ellie wearier got out of the car then he directed her towards the door.

“Excellent, you’ve found her!” Bill exclaimed in a fake bulbous gesture. Jerry and him both knew that Jerry always returned with his target, but Bill thought such gestures made for good business.

“Lisa!” Ellie yelled, running for the young woman in the business suit. She immediately tried to hug the woman, thought was quickly reminded of the steel bracelets clamped on her wrists.

“Ellie,” Lisa said opening her arms before realizing the predicament. “Ah, can you remove these please. They won’t be necessary anymore.”

Jerry eyed the client and Ellie before following the request. He could see something was different about this case, not withstanding his actions over the last two days.

“Thank you,” Ellie said rubbing her wrists for a moment before embracing Lisa in a big hug.

“So how was the adventure?” Lisa asked, pulling way from the girl.

“Spectacular! It was a thrill like I had never had before. Definitely something you got to try.”

“What!?” Jerry interrupted. This was supposed to be a simple bail jump retrieval.

Ellie spun around on her heels, and cocked her head to the side before addressing her prior capture. “Don’t worry big man, you’re still going to get paid. I even think you deserve that bonus, even thought you missed the deadline.” Lisa held open the Louis Vuton bag she carried, allowing Ellie to pick out two white envelops. She took two steps over and set both envelops on the desk. Jerry was in utter shock, just watching the pre-modonna he meet two dyas ago completely take charge of his own office.

Ellie starts back towards her friend, and the front door, but pauses next to Jerry. She goes up on her toes to whisper in his ear, “Last night was delicious. I wouldn’t mind a repeat this Friday. I can even be a little naughty if you like.”

Jerry’s jaw hung open as he watched the shake of Ellie’s hips as she and Lisa walked out the front door.

A second after the door closed, Bill burst into the highest pitch laughter his 250 lb frame would allow. “What’s so funny?” Jerry asked, dumbstruck.

Bill tossed his partner the magazine setting on his desk. “You didn’t recognize her, did you?”

“No…” Jerry’s voice trailed off as he saw the cover. Ellie stood on the cover in a white Gi, holding up the two gold metals hung around her neck. Below the image read the headline, “From the Jujitsu mat to the board room, Catherine Elizabeth Wentworth takes control of family business.” Ellie wasn’t the little trust fund brat he originally thought, rather the heir to the most powerful family in Florida.

“She played you like a fiddle, man,” Bill chuckled.

Jacuzzis at Josei no Kiritsu

The story begins with Welcome to Josei no Kiritsu Spa and Dojo. I recommend you read that story first.

Taking Kaori advice to have a long soak in the jacuzzis only served to create more mixed emotions for Monica.

The Baths stood stark contrast to the dark wood of the locker room and Dojos. White Italian marble formed the core of every surface, coating the floor, walls and ceiling, as well as forming the structure of the 30 personal baths and the two community pools. Black and golden marble inlays accented the steps, the benches and the tops of the ionic columns circling the community pools. As Monica took in the architecture elegance she imagined this is what Roman Senators had enjoyed two millennium earlier.

What she witnessed in the Baths caused some most troubling yet liberating feelings. Being a bathhouse, she expected many of the occupants to be nude. She even half expected to see some signs of intimate contact. A couple of the personal tubs were shared by two women facing each other, though the enormous size of the tubs didn’t make this seem too strange.

Monica knew very well that expressions can tell one’s underlying emotional state. The slightly parted lips curved upwards into a gentle smile and softly closed eyes portrayed a state of extreme relaxation. Slow, heavy breathing coupled with the white knuckle grip spoke to a less innocent state.

“Ease in slowly, the hot water may sting a little,” Kaori advised when they reached the free tubs near the back.

“Sting a little?” Monica thought to herself when her hips reached the hot water. It was like throwing gasoline on the embers which where smoldering down there. She looked in Kaori’s direction to find the Asian lady all the way fully submerged. Well if she can do it so can I. With a deep breath of encouragement, her legs buckled allowing her to sink to her shoulders.

“Like putting warm water on a burn. Hurts for a moment then quickly passes.”

“I guess…” For Monica the fire had only started to weaken and spread its presence throughout her pelvic region. The cuts of the cane smarted, preventing her from fully resting down into the seat.

“Now for good part.” Kaori leaned over the edge of her tub and flicked a few buttons on the console next to Monica’s.

Monica flinched at the first pulse of hot water. Small jets of water started shooting at her back, pulsating down her spine in a wave. Washed way level upon level of tension which had been building since her run in with Sensei Hirsha. Soon, she even forgot about the smarting of the tramlines and settled fully into the tub’s contoured lounge seat. A second set of jets starting working their way from mid-thigh all the way down to her toes.

“Wow,” Monica moaned. This was better than most massages she had gotten back in New York.

Kaori snickered lightly before correcting her new friend, “You haven’t felt wow yet, but is should start soon.”

Right on cue the lower set of jets sprung to life eliciting a yelp from their target. The jets pulsating her back and legs died down to a low pressure as a new set of jets started to spray up between her legs. One small jet seemed to aim at her clit while a larger flow of water shot at her pussy.

Monica started to push herself up out of the tub and away from the invasive water jets when Kaori cut her off. “Relax and let them do their work. It’s just like a removable shower head.”

Monica blushed at the obvious reference to self pleasure. “How did this woman know she did that?” she questioned herself as she settled back into the tub. She tried to resist the primal urges building deep down for as long as possible. She wasn’t like them. She couldn’t do that here in front of everyone. However, in the end resistance was futile and the jets did their job with ruthless proficiency.

Monica spent the next two hours on the top of cloud nine. The sun looked brighter, the birds prettier, even the health conscious salad tasted splendid. Life was wonderful.

The chipper attitude followed her from lunch back to her room and the quick change into her tennis jumper. She’d brought a white and pink number made from a polyester/spandex blend. She loved the material, because of its soft, silkiness texture coupled with its elasticity made any piece of athletic wear a comfortable yet sexy outfit. It was even hydrophobic, preventing sweat spots in any color. She gave a whrill before the mirror closet doors to make sure the pleaded skirt lay properly before heading down to the tennis courts.

“Welcome ladies to this week’s tennis series. Each day you will play a single, six game set. Winning doubles will progress to the next level while the losing team going to the consolatory bracket to play for standing. Standard women’s open rules apply, with total differential penalty. Any questions?”

Monica didn’t pay as much attention to what was being said, as who was listening. She knew she was good at tennis, having played on her college varsity team, but a few of women looked like they had spent time ranked by WTA. Pro was a level she never really could reach in her heyday.

“Teams are posted at the entrance and by each scoreboard. When matches are complete, come speak with me to sign your score cards. I have nothing else, so good luck and may the best team win.”

Monica continuing to check-out her competition as she followed half of the group over to the standings board by the entrance to the courts. The group started to peel off once the players found their court number, eventually leaving Monica alone at the board. A couple games had already started when Monica found court number 4.

“Hi, I’m Rachel,” a blonde woman roughly Monica’s age held out her hand after shifting her racket to her left hand.

“Hello, I’m your teammate, Monica,” Monica took her teammate’s hand cheerfully. Rachel looked a little lanky and thin to be any good at sports, thought her opponents didn’t appear any more formidable.

“So, have you played before?” Rachel asked, dribbling a tennis ball.

“Yea, I played in college,” Monica answered. “You?”

“Good. I played in college also. Last time I played in this tournament I was matched with a complete novice. We were lucky to get past the first round.”

“Well, I won’t be happy unless we win it all,” Monica smiled broadly.

The first game did not go as well as Monica and Rachel would have liked, though they did win after having the play 4 game points. The second game they lost by two points. After the lost, their play settled down and they began to dominate their more inexperienced opponents, winning games by 60-love and 60-15.

“That’s set.” Monica announced when the shot went long, bouncing off the rear fence. “Good game.”

“You owe us 28 points!” Rachel proclaimed.

“Double down?” the brunette opponent asked.

“Sure,” Rachel responded, without even consulting with Monica.

Monica was quite lost. What did blackjack have to do with winning a tennis set? She had never heard of doubling down in anything other than cards. She didn’t really want to play another set right now. She followed her teammate over to the court-side benches, hoping someone would let her in on what was going on.

The two opponents both slipped a pair of thumbs up their skirts and wiggled their white panties down to their knees. Then, as if it was choreographed, they bent forward and placed their hands on the wooden bench, offering their bare behinds towards the court.

Rachel glanced at Monica, to ask which one she wanted, but her teammate’s puzzled look signed some explaining was needed first. “Come on, this is the best part. We won by 28 a total of points so we get to give them 28 swats with their racket or shoe. The double down thing means each swat with their panties down counts double. So its only 14, but still fun.”

“Ah…ok.” Monica wasn’t quite sure what to think, but she was definitely glad she wasn’t on the losing end.

“Shoe,” Rachel’s opponent bent her right knee, bring her shoe into Rachel’s reach. She slipped the shoe up, off her opponent, leaving her in only a single tennis shoe.

“Ah…shoe?” Monica asked and was similarly presented with a right foot and followed Rachel’s lead.

“OK, count good and loud!” Rachel told her opponent before laying rubber on flesh.

WHACK! “One!” WHACK! “Two!” Rachel whacked away on the brunette’s bottom.

Monica watched Rachel for a moment, then brought the shoe down onto her target. Whack! “One!” The spank was half-hearted at best.

“Wo wo wo,” Rachel stopped Monica. “Those aren’t spanks, their love taps.” She rounded her teammate to stand directly behind th blonde opponent. “You need to swing the shoe like it’s a tennis racket. Put some umph in it. Let her know your disappointed in her performance and is getting some motivation for next time.”

“Ah, ok.” Monica said hesitantly. She stepped a little bit back and to her left then took a solid grip around the heal section of the shoe. Bringing shoe high over her head, she whipped it down like she was serving.

WHACK! “Ahhhhhheeee!” The blonde squealed as the sole left a red and white treads on her bottom. “Owe owe…ah..four.”

“Much better,” Rachel congratulated. “Ten more like that should provide some nice motivation.”

Monica applied the shoe in slow focused strikes, earning a squeal from the blonde with each one. Nearing the end, she missed her target, landing the tennis shoe high on the thigh.

WHACK “Aahhhhheeeesssskkksss!” The blonde jumped up and grasped her bottom as she danced in a circle. Monica covered her mouth as she chuckled at the grown woman hopping around frantically while rubbing her bottom. The blonde’s antics caught the attention of Rachel and the brunette opponent, who paused to watch.

“Girl, I think you got spanking down pat.” Rachel complimented. “Now you still owe me two more,” she told the bent over brunette, gently tapping her the small of her back.

“Grrr,” the brunette growled.

Rachel didn’t want to be out done by her novice teammate, delivering two of the hardest swats she could muster. Neither producing the spectacle of her blonde, though the associated sting was verbally acknowledged.

“So, how do you like being on the top end?” Rachel asked Monica as the two walked back to their rooms.

“Ah..ok?” Monica stumbled to find an answer. She really wasn’t quite sure what to think about the day’s events. She didn’t really like the canning this morning, but the experience in the jacuzzi afterwards made it all better. Now, having spanked another person, another woman at that, she experienced some of the mixed emotions associated with inflicting such a punishment. It had been exciting even though she commiserated with the blonde, and the obvious pain she had inflicted.

“Ah, dishing it out is the best part. It’s so much better than having your own hide tanned.”


Yobun’na supankingu

The story begins with Welcome to Josei no Kiritsu Spa and Dojo. I recommend you read that story first.

Stacey knocked tentatively on the Dojo’s door. When no one answered, she knocked again, then tried the handle. The door was locked. Maybe Sensei Hirsha forgot, she thought hopefully. She started to leave when a neon pink sticky note on the floor of the alcove opposite of the door, caught her attention. Picking it up, the first word dashed all hope of a reprieve.

“Student, Fold clothes neatly and stack them beside door. Seiza on your clothes with nose against wall until I arrive. ~Hirsha”

Glancing up and down the hall, she was slightly relieved to see no one around. The little alcove by the door would hide her so long as no one walked down the hall. It would also provide some cover while she undressed, which was a horrifying thought. Someone walking by while she was half undressed was somehow much worst to her than stripping in the locker room and walking her naked. Slipping off the shoulder straps, she quickly wiggled the dress and panties together over her hips and into a pile on the floor. She took another peak down the hall before hastily folding into eighth and setting it on her sandals next to the door. With her panties hide inside the folds of the dress, she knelt down into the seiza position and waited.

Stacey had been waiting in the prescribed position for forty-five minutes when Sensei Hirsha arrived.

“Come girl,” Hirsha told Stacey as she unlocked the door. Stacey gingerly


“You don’t listen. You bad girl. Yoga positions important to Jujutsu because they make strong core. Strong core, makes you good at Jujutsu. Understand?”

“Yes, sensei,” Stacey wasn’t sure what else to say. Jujutsu was all about having a strong, solid core stance from which you could strike, throw or deflect.

“Good, you learning. Now you learn more. First supankingu. Kowtow.” Hirsha told her student as she rose to her feet.

Stacey bowed forward, until her head touched the floor and her hand lay flat before her. While Stacey had never been to a Yobun’na supankingu before, she had a general idea what would happened, and it ended with her sleeping on her stomach.

“Lower,” Hirsha commented when she returned from the cabinet in the corner. Stacey reached farther forward and tried to get her chest lower to the floor. Her breast had been touching though now they were crushing under her weight. The shift had the effect of curving Stacey’s spine, providing a more pronounced target for Hirsha.

Hirsha knelt to the side of Stacey, so that her right hand had ample access to the derriere she had striped earlier. “No move or we begin supankingu again.” Hirsha instructed, brushing the leather and bamboo paddle across its target.

“Yes, sensei” Stacey said with a sigh.

The paddle fell like the spring time rains of Hirsha’s hometown in Japan. Tradition said Yobun’na supankingu was to be carried out in three parts, with the first part consisting of three minutes of a light, fast spanking. This was how Hirsha received Yobun’na supankingu when she was much younger and now how she taught her students.

Stacey maintained quiet groans as the sting of every individual swat merged together into one painful sensation. As the paddle fell, the tension in her shoulders and clenching of her lower cheeks grew. Every so often the paddle would wrap catch her at the intersection of her thighs, spiking her senses into releasing a yelp.

Hirsha stopped after counting to 180 silently. At about one swat per second, the 150 or so swats had created the desired even pink glow across the student’s bottom and the very tops of her thighs. The tramlines from this morning’s practice had mostly disappeared into the general coloring. Hirsha had learned the advantages of the first part of Yobun’na supankingu when she was a beginner like Stacey here. The quick, fast spanking would break up the swelling and scar tissue caused by a cane, allowing the bottom to heal much quicker, even if it was just as painful overall.

“Enough supankingu, now we fix mistakes.” Hirsha said to her student’s visible relief. Stacey’s shoulders slumped while the high and the tight globes she had presented Hirsha, returned to their natural relaxed state. “Stand up.”

For the next twenty minutes, Stacey was asked to perform every technique Hirsha had ever taught her. She sailed through the novice level techniques, showing perfect form every time. The beginner level techniques where not as well ingrained into her muscle memory and tripped up a couple. She was only slightly surprised when three searing swats landed on her backside when she made the first mistake. She was more surprised that after the reprimand, the sensei showed her the correct form, then walked through every motion with her multiple times before expecting her to preform it independently again. Out of the three dozen techniques she knew, less than half a dozen required any correction.

“Good, good. Now we end with reminder.” Hirsha said. “Get in downward dog.”

Stacey sighed deeply, instantly knowing her punishment was far from over. She’d been in enough of Hirsha’s classes to know the sensei only had students get into that yoga position before they were to be caned. The prominence of the target area made the position perfect for a caning, if a little embarrassing.

She watched Hirsha go towards the cabinet in the corner before resigning herself to another session with that evil rattan rod. Getting onto her stomach, she pushed herself up into a plank then shifted her shoulders backwards, thrusting her bottom upwards and into downward dog.

“Now reminder to always do good. You get three with big cane. No move or I start again.”

Stacey took a deep breath before answering “Yes, Sensei.” The clenched her jaw, bottom and eyes, waiting for the way to familiar sting to return.

Stacey originally thought she had been shot when the heavier rattan cane bit into the crowns of her cheeks. Her popped open and her lips parted as the breath was forced from her. Tears clouded the floor as she gasped a deep breath.

The second slice was worst than the first. Hirsha lowered her aim, landing across the junction of thigh and cheek. Stacey’s voice returned with a high pitch squeal followed by quick chants of ow mixed with sniffles.

Hirsha landed the final slice a quarter-way down from the top of the thigh.

Stacey broke her chanting to squeal again before returning to the mixture of ows and sniffles.

Hirsha set the tip of the cane on the floor and leaned gently on it while she waited for her student to regain her composure. The “reminder” portion of Yobun’na supankingu had always been the hardest on her, and it was the same way for her students.

“Ok, stand up.”

“You have completed Yobun’na supankingu. You feel more disciplined?”

“Yes Sensei,” Stacey responded without thinking what a dumb question it was. She’d just been put through a half an hour of spanking. Of course she would feel disciplined.

“Good, you more disciplined now. See you in class.”


As Stacey laid in bed that night with her battery-powered friend in hand, she couldn’t get Sensei Hirsha’s words out of her mind. “You more disciplined now” repeated over and over, distracting her from her carnal wants. She eventually gave up on her little friend and instead practiced her techniques into the night. As she practiced into the night, all she could think of was being the best and making her sensei proud.

Willow Groove – Grace Shue Reminisces with Sigma Alumni

Grace Lee’s Home

“Is Earl Grey fine?”

“Yes, Thank you.” Gretchen Shue accepted the saucer and tea cup.

“So tell me, how is he transition going? It was so great to hear Aunt Martha left you the house. We all knew it would get back to Willow Groove.” Grace said, talking an oreo from the plate on the coffee table.

“Brooklyn was growing old. Adam was offered a nice retirement package from the city and I had enough time to retire also, so

“Amber getting into Myra probably didn’t help.”

“Oh yea, she was skeptical at first. Yale and Stanford where her top 2 choices, but the full ride really us convince her to go to Myra for undergrad instead.”

Cling cling went the door chimes signifying the arrival of the Grace’s two guests. “That must be Marie and Julia,” Grace said getting up to greet her new guests.

“Sorry we’re late. Melissa had to have a discussion with my hairbrush before I left,” Julia stated taking off her coat. “I don’t know what gets into that girl sometimes. It is like tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten, not her sophomore year of college.”

“Well hopefully the hot heine will temper her behavior,” Grace replied, taking the platter from Marie. “Julia, Marie, this is Grace, Grace this is Julia and Marie,” Grace introduced before slipping off to the kitchen.

“Nice to meet you,” Marie offered her hand, which Gretchen stood to shake.

“You as well,” Gretchen replied.

Julia and Marie both took seats across from Gretchen and the sofa she was sharing with Grace.

“Wow, 20 minutes late. I didn’t think I took that long,” Julia said, noticing the time on the grandfather clock in the corner.

“So, you still spank your daughter?” Gretchen asked.

“Of course I do. And I will until she’s married,” Julia replied. “Didn’t you grow up here?”

“Yea, I just thought that tradition would have ended long ago,” Gretchen said.

“Ended?” Julia laughed. “I can’t think of any tradition ending in Willow Groove, yest of all one involving punishments. Why break something that works?”

“I guess so,” Gretchen conceded.

“Didn’t your mother spank you until you got married?” Marie asked, nibbling on an Oreo.

“Yea, I hated those evil chopsticks.”

“And it must’ve worked,” Julia mentioned. “Thought I bet it wasn’t as bad as the cane.”

“I don’t know about the cane, but the chopsticks were awful things. Much worst that the paddle in school.”

“Yea, pledge week though was no walk in the park.” Marie said.

“Which sorority were you in?” Gretchen asked.

“Sigma Epsilon Chi!” Marie stated proudly.

“Oh, me too, what year? I pledged in ’74” Gretchen said.

“Way before my time. I pledged in ’93” Marie said.

“Yea, you youngin’s,” Gretchen smirked. “Julia, were you a sister also?”

“Yea,” Julia answered. She was quite taken back at the question. “I was a year ahead of you.”

“You were?” Gretchen was puzzled for a moment. “Wait, is your maiden name Mason?”

“Yup!” Julia answered.

“Wow, I didn’t recognize you. You were chubby and dorky in college, now freaking gorgeous.” Gretchen gasped, covered her mouth in embarrassment.

“Yea, a year after Alberto and I married, I grew another another inch in all the important areas and lost a couple in the less important ones.”

“She what you would call a late bloomer,” Marie mocked.

“Alberto’s surely a lucky man.”

Grace returned with another platter of fresh vegetables. “Something a little healthier. So what did Melissa do?” Grace asked Julia.

“It was just bratty attitude stuff, nothing real big. I probably shouldn’t have let it get this far but it did. We hadn’t had a discussion since the fourth.”

“Of July?” Grace questioned.

“Yea, amazing.”

“Lucky for you, the twins have gotten two since the fourth. One was a real dozy,” Grace said.

“What did they do?” Marie inquired.

“John caught them up at the river skinny dipping.”

“John caught them skinny dipping! Wow!” Marie exclaimed.

“Yea, we both lit into them. There’s nothing like a willow switch to get your point across.”

“Lasted them until this past weekend when they got into an argument over some shirt.”

“Ah girls will be girls. It isn’t like we never did anything like that growing up.” Julia said.

“Remember the sorority backpacking trip my junior year, when we ‘accidentally’ ran into the boys?” Gretchen asked Julia.

“I’ve never forgotten. I’m so glad we didn’t caught. If my mother knew of half the stuff I did that weekend, I wouldn’t have been able to sit for a year.”

“Me neither. You know Lucy Caufield got caught. Her mom found a pair of men’s briefs in her laundry,” Grace said.

“She did? That’s what she gets for winning at strip poker,” Julia laughed. “It also explains why she disappeared for a couple of hours every Saturday morning during the following semester.”

“Yea, I heard she spilled everything she did to her Mom and as punishment got the belt once a week until everything was amended for.”

“Ouch! I didn’t think we did that many naught things that weekend,”

“Drinking, strip poker, truth or dare, skinny dipping, blow jobs, sex,” Grace counted off.

“Wow, mine would’ve flipped out too,” Marie gasped.

“You forgot the pine cone races,” Julia said, smiling.

“Aaghhh, I don’t know how you all got me to agree to that one,” Gretchen squirmed a little.

“Tequila!” Julia pronounced.

“What are pine cone races?” Marie asked hesitantly.

“You don’t want to know,” Gretchen answered quickly.

“It’s a relay like race. The guys run this obstacle course then fuck their girlfriend until they cum, slip a pine cone into her ass then she repeats the course without letting the pine cone come out.” Julia explained, much to Gretchen’s embarrassment.

“Ouch!” Marie said, covering her mouth in disbelief.

“Yea…we were dumb kids,” Gretchen sucked gently on her left cheek.

“That’s for sure,” Marie nervously laughed.

“Oh come on, you didn’t do anything wild and crazy in college?” Grace chided the younger women.

“No,” Marie answered meekly. The blush gathering in her cheeks gave away the lie.

“Sure you didn’t,” Julia grinned.

“Noting really,” Marie denied even as she felt her cheeks grow hot.

“Come on, tell us!” Julia eagerly pestered her friend.

“It couldn’t be worst that what we did,” Gretchen added her support of Julia.

“Kind of. Between my junior and senior year we bet the Nu Rho Delta girls we could get more pledge signups than them and we lost,” Marie related.

“The Nu’s got more pledge signups than you? They are still the nerds right?” Gretchen asked.

“Yea,” Marie conceded.

“So what was the bet?” Grace asked.

“Hell week. All the Sigma officers spent orientation week under the same conditions as their pledges spend hell week,” Marie said.

“So, I don’t remember hell week being that bad when I pledged,” Gretchen asked. “What? Bad food and a little paddling?”

“Nu girls are screwed up though. They basically lock their pledges in diapers for the week and spank them if they wet the diaper.” Marie explained.

“Your kidding,” Grace said.

“Unfortunately no,” Marie admitted, to the chucking of the other ladies. “I think all five of us officers got spanked every day that week. The worst part was asking to be changed, especially when you knew it was wet.”

“Why didn’t you take it off when you were at the house?” Julia asked.

“They used these little luggage locks with a short metal chain around our waists. Tracey, one of the VPs tried to get out the first day and they found out. She squealed like a pig when they used that hairbrush on her. Then they didn’t powder her when the diaper was replaced. She complained about diaper rash for two weeks.”

“Yikes, I remember how much trouble Melissa was that one time she had diaper rash,” Julia commented.

“I could imagine. Amber got it the first time I left her with her father unsupervised. Not a fun baby.” Gretchen mentioned.

“Well we should probably get started on planning the alumni dinner,” Grace refocused the group on the reason they were meeting.

Willow Groove – The Pledges get Some Exercise

“Today we will start with learning the history of Sigma Epsilon Chi,” Sarah announced from the front of the dining room. “Afterwards we’ll get in a short workout before prepare lunch. After lunch we will go through the remaining history, practice a little then head over to the bookstore so you all can get your books. This evening we have some stuff with the actives.”

“Sigma Epsilon Chi was founded in 1912 by six of the first women to attend Myra College, as it was known then.” Every pledge listened intently to every word the pledge mistress spoke, yest the paddle make a surprise appearance on their rear end. “We are proud to have the daughter’s of the founder and first president among out founding members. Daisy Wingate, the daughter of Myra Founder, Joshua Wingate, and Alice Lee, the daughter of the first Myra President, Adam Lee, were joined by..” Sarah looked over the pledges to see 10 intense stares, but no writing. “Ah you may want to write this down, since you will be expected to know it by memory, and tested on it.” 10 pencils stared scribbling the information already provided. “I’ll start over…”

Sarah lectured the pledges for nearly an hour before allowing them to ask questions then a short break. The presentation had been perfected over the decades, so there were few questions and most were orientated understanding a particular fact.

“Any more questions?” Sarah scanned the disinterested faces one last time before moving on. “Good. Next up today is a nice little workout before you start preparing lunch. Kayla, how are we on time?”

“Five minutes ahead of schedule,” Kayla answered after comparing her clipboard and watch.

“You girls have 15 minutes to go get changed into something appropriate for some running around campus. Kayla and I will meet you downstairs in the common room. You’re dismissed,” Sarah added a wave of her hand implying the pledges should make haste in getting ready for some exercise.

“I didn’t think classes started until next week.” Jessica walked beside her new friend down to their room.

“Yea. It is amazing how much history there is in such a small amount of time though. I don’t think any of the big sororities back east have such extensive, or detailed records.” Amber remarked.

“It is the details I’m worried about.” Jessica instinctively rubbed her bottom.

“Me too. You notice they never mentioned anything about those rules of decorum.”

“I think they want us to screw up so they can paddle us.”

“As long as it isn’t you or me I’ll be happy.”


“Are we going outside?” Madison asked holding up a pair of PINK shorts.

“Probably,” Jessica answered.

“What kind of workout can we do inside?” Rosa chimed in.

“I don’t wanta know,” Amber said, pulling out a sports bra and shorts from her dresser. The other girls chuckled, slipping into shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes. They each hoped the outfit would be suitable for anything they would be put through, and not reprimanded for being improperly dressed.

“Hey, we got less than 3 minutes left,” Patty told the girls from the doorway.

“Thanx,” Amber called out as she returned her previous outfit to her closet. “I really need to keep track of time here,” she mumbled to herself.

“Good, everyone is on time, unlike this morning,” Sarah remarked at 10:30 sharp. “Though why are you all dressed like that when we are going swimming?” The synchronized and faces of horror were too much for Kayla to resist busting out laughing. Sarah smiled, “Just kidding. We going to jog a couple laps around campus, but first we need to stretch. Lets go up to the front yard.”

The pledges followed Sarah and Kayla outside then formed a semi circle in front of the two actives. The lack of the paddle in Kayla’s hands did not escape any of the pledge’s notice, putting them all a little more at ease.

“Did any of you run track in high school?” Sarah asked.

“I ran the 400 and 800,” Emily said.

“Good, you can lead the stretching and the run.”

Emily lead everyone through stretching out their core, quads, calves, buttocks and every other muscle she’d been taught to stretch before running in high school.

“That’s everything for stretching.”

“OK, we’ll do two laps around the edge of campus. Emily you can set the pace. Kayla and I will bring up the rear.” Sarah told the Emily before addressing rest of the pledges. “The rest of you do try to keep up. You don’t want to have a discussion about the lack of effort afterwards. Lead on!”

Eleven pairs of tennis shoes followed Emily on a trek around Myra. Down past the sorority house, around the back of Wingate hall, past the fraternity houses, and the cute boys working outside shirtless, then looping around Lee Manor and back towards the Sigma house. By the second lap, the girls became spread over twenty five yards from lead to Kayla and Sarah, with pairs generally forming to chat while running.

It was on this second lap where Amber realized how much she was out of shape. Her lungs burned, thighs ached and if it was not for the fear of the paddle, her pace would have been half of its current rate. Thought the paddle wasn’t looking so bad compared to pain she was already in.

The girls were coming up onto Lee Manor for the second time, when Jennifer stumbled slightly on the uneven ground, then tripped over her own feet while attempting to regain her balance. She took the tumble as well as she could, but still ended laying flat on the grass, with only her pride hurt. Liz kept running, while Patty, Meghan and Bridgette swerved to miss Jennifer.

“Hey, come on, we got to keep going,” Jessica extended a hand to Jennifer. Amber reached down and pulled with Jessica, up righting the blonde.

“Thanx,” Jennifer said, brushing herself off.

“Lets go, here comes Kayla and Sarah,” Amber urged the other two forward. Fiery lungs went away much faster than a fiery bottom.

The three girls tried to sprint to catch up, though Amber nor Jessica could maintain the vigorous pace for much more than a few seconds. Jennifer, in much better shape quickly out ran the other two, though slowed her pace when she realized they couldn’t keep up. She felt guilty at getting the other two girls so far behind. Even at the slowed pace, the all the pledges arrive back at the sigma house before either active.

“So how do you all feel? A nice good run to revitalize you!” Sarah walked around the girls sprawled out on the front lawn. “You’d better get used to it, because you’ll be doing that every morning.” A collective groan came from the pledges. “It is good everyone pushed themselves and kept a good pace the entire time. I am though disappointed about the incident with Ms Marshall.” Jennifer mistook Sarah’s pause as a moment to offer an apology.

“I’m so sorry. I stumbled and I’m why Jessica and Amber were so slow.” Jennifer pleaded.

Sarah smiled broadly. Maybe this girl was learning. “You falling and being helped up by your fellow pledges is not what I was referring to. Kayla, what is the fifth Rule of Decorum?”

“A sister shall always support her fellow sisters in their endeavors. Punished by 10 swats.” Kayla recited.

“And do you think the girls who ran past Jennifer were being supportive of their fellow pledge?” Sarah asked, rhetorically.

“No Pledge Mistress. Would you like me to fetch the paddle?” Kayla asked sardonically.

“Please not here!” Liz interrupted the little exchange.

“Are you interrupting me?” Sarah leered at the girl sitting on the grass.

“No ma’am,” Liz answered quietly.

“Good. Kayla, I think these pledges could use a shower first, they can take their punishment afterwards. No more laying around here, go get cleaned up.” Sarah clapped her hands, spurring the 8 seated girls to their feet and all of them down to the pledge quarters.

The ickyness of sweat cooling in the AC coupled with missing a shower in the morning was a little much for Amber. Even a quick one would be acceptable right now. She slipped off the workout clothes and wrapped herself in a towel before investigating the shower situation.

The shower section of community bathroom reminded Amber of a hospital ER, with shower stalls in place of the beds. Three removable shower heads lined the far wall, with curtain rails running in semi circles round each head in the ceiling. The shower curtains could then be pulled around the head to create a temporary private stall.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!” Kayla yelled when she walked into the shower area. Everyone stopped. “You don’t have time for all this modesty crap!” Kayla yanked open the first curtain, revealing a surprised Meghan. “Patty, Liz, strip and get in there now.” Two towels fell to the floor and a pair of nude co-eds joined their fellow pledge under the hot stream of water.

Kayla opened Bridgette’s curtain before commanding, “Madison, Rosa, get in!” A firm slap to Madison’s bare bottom was needed to help the shy girl into such close confines with two other naked girls. “Amber, Jessica, hop in the last one!”

Being caught naked in public was a repeating nightmare of Amber’s. The shower room was far from public and she had changed earlier in front of her roommates, but this was different. It felt more exposed. More open. More naked. Well the last point was correct, since she hadn’t taken her panties off earlier. Her fears or the paddle? The other girls could do it, could she?

“You have 10 minutes!” Kayla called out before leaving the shower area.

“Amber, come on!” Jessica whispered urgently from behind the curtain.

Amber took a deep breath, and told herself “I can do this. We are all girls.” A little flick of the wrist and towel’s protection was gone. Holding her shower caddy in front of herself, she slipped around the curtain of the last shower. The sight shocked her. Jessica stood under the water rising out her hair while Emily scrubbed her long legs with a luffa. Neither took much notice she was there, just kept going about their own routine, except in very close proximity to two other girls. She did not know what to do. She knew how to shower herself, but not like this. Not without a constant flow of water raining down upon her.

“Here you can have the water,” Jessica said slipping around behind. She brushed Amber’s back, startling the Asian girl.

Amber kept her back to the other girls while wetting her hair. It felt weird to her to be watching them. This was real life, not some cheesy porn movie. This is like a scene out of a porn movie. A bunch of hot sweaty college girls taking a shower together that gets sexual. The situation reminded her of back in Brooklyn, when Yuan had swiped that movie from her older brother and brought it to the slumber party.

A light tap on her side startled Amber from her day dream. “Hey let me rise off,” Emily said, urging Amber forward. Amber exchanged places with Emily pulled out her shampoo. The flower scent set her at ease. A little personal scape massage and Amber was finally relaxing, as much as she could. A dash of body wash on the luffa, then she looked down at the bodies of her shower mates for the first. Her hand rubbed the luffa over her body, but her eyes became fixed upon the torso of Jessica and Emily. The larger, flapper breasts of Jessica versus the smaller, toner pair on Emily. The darker skin tone of Emily hid the nipples compared to Jessica, though both girls’ nipple stuck straight forward instead of up and outward like her own breasts.

Amber started to move lower on her body, and theirs, when Emily said, “I’m done, its all yours.” Emily and Jessica switched places briefly before Emily left the stall.

Jessica wasted no time during her final rise and followed Emily a few seconds later. “You better hurry, we don’t have much time,” Jessica told her friend. The general commotion in the shower area told her Jessica was right. No sense having to face her fear and getting paddled. Water and her hands flew across her skin, rising away the shampoo and soap. A quick conditioning and she was done, and going for her towel.

“Patty, Liz, Meghan and Bridgette, leave your stuff here and line up in the common room, touching your toes!” Kayla instructed the girls as they started drying themselves. The four pledges followed Kayla into the common room, wearing only towels.

Amber didn’t hear what was being said, but the first swat echoed through the bathroom. She gathered up her stuff, exiting the bathroom as Sarah planted the first swat onto Liz’s bare bottom. This was the first time she had ever gotten an opportunity to actually observe a paddling, or spanking of any kind. Sarah moved back to Meghan, providing Amber a clear view of each reddening bottom. Liz’s cheeks were full of blues and reds from this morning’s paddling, while Patty’s and Bridgette’s were only a mild rose.

Amber took in the voyeuristic scene for a moment. The paddle raising high and flying down. The pop made upon contact. The wiggling of the recipient’s hips. The vulgar display of all her charms. The last part made Amber blush and turn away out of embarrassment. A good girl doesn’t look at such things, she told herself. But it was so tempting, so exciting, so naughty. She stole one long glance at the four naked bottoms, then scampered off to her room.

Six pledges clothed pledges looked upon their naked brethren’s red bottoms as Sarah finished up the punishment.

CRACK! “Waaaaa!” Liz sobbed as she received her tenth swat.

“I hope you have learned something about helping your fellow sisters. Sigma girls look after each other, at all times!” Sarah turned to the dressed pledges. “It’s now time to start preparing lunch. Lunch is sandwiches and salad, so nothing to hard. Here is a question, do you want your fellow pledges,” Sarah motioned to the four up turned girls, “to help or allow them a little rest while you prepare lunch?”

The pledges knew what that damn paddle felt like over clothing, and sympathetically agreed to allow the punished pledges out of helping with lunch.

“OK. Everyone upstairs. You four can stand facing the back wall of the dinning room while your fellow pledges prepare lunch.” The proclamation of nudity in front of more people earned Sarah four groans.

Second Period of My Wife’s Game Night

The story begins with My Wife’s Other Side is Released and continued with First Period of My Wife’s Game Night.

“I think Justine’s right, SORRY!” Naomi tossed down a card before knocking a piece off the board with her own piece.

“Oh, so it’s pick on Kelly night?” Kelly spewed across the table.

Veronica reach her left around Kelly’s shoulder then mockingly said, “Awe, Kelly everyone wins and losses from time to time. Right now you just happen to be loosing your bra or panties.”

“Grr” Kelly groaned, slapping away Veronica’s arm before reaching behind her and undoing her bra strap. The a pair of pink cups joined the rest of the clothes at the end of the table. She was the first to be actually expose more than a bikini and my luck would have it that her back was towards me.

I wonder if she looses another piece will the panties go next? Then I at least would get to see her bare bottom. She does have a nice backside. Too bad I wasn’t sitting closer. The pink lace made her bottom look so toned and perky. Was it the panties, or all natural? Maybe she was wearing a pair of those pushup panties with butt padding Justine had showed me in the store a couple of weeks ago. Kelly didn’t seem like the type of person who would wear something like that. Veronica, yes, but not Kelly.

The game continued while I day dreamed about Justine’s half naked friends. Naomi had tossed in her jeans and Justine had now stood up after tossing down a card. Justine moved her token a few spaces then said, “HOME! I’ll take back my jeans.”

This was an interesting development. The girls could win back their clothes if they got a piece to the Home square. Getting a piece knocked off meant loosing a piece of clothing. What was the spanking for? Not being able to play a card?

A full round went before Justine Sorried off one of Veronica’s tokens. Veronica, always wanting to be the center of attention, opted to strip off her panties over her bra. She eased herself up then planted her feet shoulder width apart. She didn’t put on as much of a show easing her thong down her long toned legs, but she did keep her legs locked and bent over at the waist. I got the best view possible at 30 feet of her bare backside and crotch. Her dark skin tone made it hard to tell, but she looked to be shaved bare down below. Damn was she sexy. I definitely was going to screw Justine silly tonight. My hardness was already starting to hurt.

Veronica got back at my wife on her next turn. She first knocked off one of Naomi’s pieces then on the same turn Sorried off one of Justine’s. Naomi covered her chest as she tossed in her bra and my wife’s blouse followed suit. This was going to get real interesting so, because Justine was the only one with more than one piece of clothing.

“Justine, you can do it.” Naomi said on her turn. It took her a moment to get up without revealing her breasts to the other girls. I knew Naomi was shy, but not this shy. It was probably because she was not as absorbed in the game as I wanted to believe and remembered I was sitting on the couch on the other end of the room. Her arm did come down once she had draped herself over my wife’s lap for the spanking she had coming.

“Do it good and hard this time,” Veronica commented as she handed over the ruler.

“No, please,” Naomi cried.

“I’ll do it as hard,” CRACK, ” or as soft,” swat, “as I wish,” Justine chided Naomi and Veronica.

SWACK SWACK SWACK “OUCH!” Justine laid three quick and semi hard swats onto Naomi’s panty covered bottom drawing a nice yelp at the end.

“Kelly, your turn,” Justine stated, helping Naomi up. Naomi had the dilemma of spanked girls everywhere; to rub or to cover. Amazing she achieved both, though neither very successfully. The girls at the table had to have seen her breasts during her transition to her seat, even if I didn’t get a view.

“Does anyone want a refill?” Justine asked getting up to get another glass of sangria.

“Yea,” Kelly said.

“Me, too,” Naomi chipped in.

Justine returned with the entire pitcher while Kelly took her turn. More alcohol was something I also would have enjoyed, but the ladies with looser inhibitions was better than any ice cold beer.

“So Kelly, I think those panties need to come off too,” Veronica said, moving a piece around the board.

“You couldn’t have just moved your piece home!” Kelly complained.

“Not when I can make you loose your panties!” Veronica replied.

“FINE! You bitch!” Kelly bemoaned as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband. Then with barely lifting her bottom off the seat, she slipped the undergarment down and off. It was exciting knowing she was sitting there naked, but not nearly as exciting as the show Veronica had put on a few minutes earlier.

“Kelly don’t whine too much, Veronica is joining you naked.” Justine said before knocking off one of the pieces.

“No probs,” Veronica said, tossing her bra into the pile.

“Thanx, but she likes it.” Kelly complained. Even from my vantage point, I could tell Kelly was sulking at her loosing position within the game. I could never remember her being a good sport at anything where she was not leading.

“Seven! One, two three four five six, one and my blouse please!” Naomi cheered as she moved two of her pieces on the board. Justine passed over the garment and through an amazing feat of acrobatics, Naomi but her blouse on without revealing either breast. I have always found it impressive the things women will do to avoid exposing themselves, even for a moment. Its probably due to growing up with two brothers.

Kelly inched closer to modesty but couldn’t quite get there. Veronica returned the favor to Justine, sliding off one of her pieces and getting those jeans to return to the clothes pile. Veronica and the table blocked most of my wife, but she still looked damn sexy to me. Maybe it was my imagination running wild, but I could swear a moment after she tossed the jeans into the pile, I could smell her fragrance. We had dabbled in few exhibitionist exposes; a quickie in restroom, a fallen top on the beach and even the windy city walk once. It always got her motor running on high, so there was no way her panties were not soaked.

“Your turn, what are you going to do?” Veronica asked my wife.

“Grr, here,” she said, tossing out a card, “Naomi you can do it.” She must’ve tossed a card she couldn’t play, because she moved to Naomi’s right side and over her lap she went.

“Goodie!” Naomi exclaimed, reaching over to Justine’s spot to grab the ruler. She raised the ruler high over Justine’s bottom then brought it down fast but did not hear a swat. Justine showed no signs of distress either. Naomi repeated the action four more times, as if she was play spanking my wife.

My wife got up and Naomi played her next card. “Justine, you can do me now,” Naomi purred laying down a card. She was play spanking my wife, hoping to get an easy spanking from her on the next turn. Justine obliged with eight fast, loud claps.

The next two turns proceed like the previous two, with Kelly and Veronica exchanging spanks. Some how Kelly managed to get over Veronica’s lap and return to her seat without showing me anything beyond the side of her breast, while Veronica showed everything she could possibly show. If the logical side of my brain had been working I would have realized she was trying to seduce me. But what fun is logic? And Justine obviously consented.

“Please do Veronica,” Kelly pleaded.

“That’s fine with me,” Veronica lightly shrugged and smiled broadly. She then slightly turned and started to look over her shoulder in my direction cut in.

“No, Kelly is the first one out tonight,” Justine stated.

“Ah come on!” Kelly whined.

“You really enjoyed it when I was out first last week! Come on, show us what you got,” Naomi egged the other blonde on.

“Fine! A 7, 8, 12 and Sorry!” Kelly said getting up and tossing her hand down for the other girls to see.

“Well I’ll take the Sorry! for 15 last,” Justine said.

“12 for me, second,” Naomi said next.

“Well get over my lap girlfriend! I’m going to make sure these 8 count!” Veronica said, sliding her chair back a little bit. Kelly slide from her chair to being draped over Veronica’s lap without turning to face me.

SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! Veronica brought the ruler down slow and hard onto the bare bottom. Kelly’s flowed forward with momentum of each swat transfer into Kelly’s bottom. She took the spanking well, only giving a mild grunt on the last few swats.

“My Turn!” Naomi chirped once Veronica delivered the eighth swat.

Kelly mumbled something under her breadth as she got up from Veronica’s lap. Kelly kept her back towards me for the most of her trip over to Naomi’s lap

CRACK! “Ouch!” Kelly cried out. CRACK! “Ouch! not,” CRACK! “oweee, so,” CRACK!, “ahhh, hard!” CRACK! “OUCH! Pleeaseee!” CRACK! Naomi beat the ruler into Kelly’s bare bottom over and over. The animosity between the girls was clearly being worked out on Kelly’s bottom, reducing the blonde to a crying mess. I actually felt sorry for Kelly, even if she deserved it.

“I think you’ve had enough for the moment. You can serve as for now and I’ll take my reward later,” Justine said to the relief of her friend. I thought she was being nice by not adding to Kelly’s pain until she called, “Hey Mike, do you need another beer?”. I had thought they forgot about me, but my wife surely didn’t.

“Ah, yea honey,” I yelled back while trying to fake as much interest in the hockey game as possible. It was a nearly impossible task with the two naked women 30 feet away.

“Kelly, why don’t you get Mike a cold beer,” Justine said. I couldn’t see much but I heard the fridge open, a bottle top pop off the someone walk over behind the couch. The next thing I saw almost took my breath away, Kelly stood next to the coffee table in her birthday suite.

“Thank you,” I mumbled taking the bottle. I admit it, I couldn’t stop staring. I had always imagined Kelly was a runway type of girl, but she hid nothing. It was hard to determine where she was blushing more, but her lower regions pouted more than her expression wanted to admit.

“Your welcome,” she responded before returning to the table area. I stole a peak at her backside as she made her way past the back of the couch. The girls had done a good job of painting it red with a few maroon splotches. Pink rectangles provided evidence where the ruler had made contact. Kelly was more like my wife than I had ever realized.

Double Delight

My phone vibrated with the incoming text “wht u do 2nite?” “nothin” I responded to Candi. She had to know of a party. Candi is the stereotypical blonde. Really don’t know how she got into State, but she sure did make it fun. Candi knew of a party every weekend, and multiple parties on most weekends. I started tutoring her in algebra during our first semester, and we quickly became good friends. She is actually quite intelligent, but lacks all common sense. She’s also tall blonde and gorgeous, which really helps with the party invites.

“Want 2 party? 1 in UP” Candi texted back. A party in University Park, cool!

“Yea when” I texted.

“Pick U up in 30, bring suit” Candi responded. Thirty minutes would not be much time to get ready. First, which bathing suit should I wear? The blue one or the Pink one? The teal one from VC’s Pink collection has a boyshorts bottoms, which really shows off my ass. Definitely the right choice. I slip into the Lycra two-piece and check my self out in the mirror. I don’t compare to Candi, but I should be able to get a guy or two’s attention. A pair of cutoffs and college t-shirt were all I needed. Keys, cellphone and purse and I was off.

“Mom, I’m going to go out with Candi,” I told Mom as I passed by the living room.

“Have you ate yet?”

“I’ll get something with Candi,” I told her as I dug out my sandals from the back of the closet. My phone vibrated across the floor behind me, probably signaling Candi’s arrive outside.

“OK honey, but be back by midnight. I want to go shopping in the morning.”

“Ok, bye!” I yelled as I walked out the front door. Candi was waiting for me in her convertible.

“You ready for some fun?” Candi asked.

“Got it on.” I said sliding into the passenger’s seat.

The party was great! Hot guys, cool party, good food and lots to drink. I tried to keep my drinking in check but the guy making drinks was good. He was cute too. He kept making me special drinks that were irresistible. A pina collada, mojito and some mango thing I couldn’t sit down.

For all his work, I let him take me for a swim once the sun went down. We didn’t swim much, rather we just made out in the shadows of the pool. I dry humped him as we made out and then just reached into his shorts and gave him a hand-job. It was so sexy knowing everyone around could see us, but no one knew what we were doing. Well I guess they could see us kissing, but nothing more.

We eventually moved on into the dinning room where some card games were going on. I’d never heard of it, but tried my hand at Egyptian Rat Screw. I turned out to be good at it, winning three games. I was in the kitchen when I noticed it was nearly 1 AM. Damn I should’ve been home an hour ago. Candi was no where in sight but personal bartender

“Hey, did you drive? I got to get going and I can’t find Candi,” I said.

“Yea, I was thinking of leaving anyways. I can drop you off.”

“Your a lifesaver.”

We chatted all the way home. I wanted to spend some time in the driveway, but the light on in the living room told me that was not a good idea. I gave him a quick kiss then scampered off to the front door.

I didn’t realize how drunk I still was until I tried to unlock the front door and I couldn’t get my key in the lock. After three failed attempts, the door opening by itself shocked me. I then noticed Mom standing there in her nightgown with a clear look of disappointment.

“Have a little too much to drink?” Mom asked.

“Nooooo…” I slurred as I entered and tried to take off my shoes. The second attempt got them off my feet and close to the shoe rack.

“I think so. I asked you be home by midnight, but you decided to stroll in drunk at 1:30. Even though your in college, you still need to be home at a reasonable time sometimes. You didn’t even call saying you’d be late.”

“Sorrrrryyyy moooommm.”

“Oh you will be before you go to bed. For breaking curfew AND drinking while underage your going to get a double spanking. Drop those panties and grab the mantel.” Mom said as she picked up the leather strap from the coffee table.

There was a more or less standard punishment for breaking curfew. If you were late returning home you were getting the strap on your bare butt immediately upon your arrival. It always happened in the living room with me bending forward and holding onto the fireplace mantel. The amount was directly related to how late I was, and if I hadn’t been so intoxicated, I’d been able to do the math also and know that a 1.5 hours late meant I’d be getting at least 23 swats; 5 for missing curfew then an addition swat for every 5 minutes.

The double spanking was the worst punishment you could get in my house. Mom had this policy that if you committed two spankable offenses within one day, you had to serve at least 30 minutes of corner time before the second spanking could be delivered. The second spanking was always to be on the bare butt and with the next higher implement (hand -> hairbrush -> strap -> cane). After the second spanking you were effectively grounded to your room until the next day. No TV, cell phone, computer, iPod or anything. You really did not want to leave your room after getting the strap on top of a hairbrush spanking.

“Oh that’s not nessessarrryy.” I said as I tried to act like it wasn’t in trouble. Mom just took hold of my wrist and ushered me over to the mantel.

“It is quite necessary,” Mom said as she placed each of my hands on the mantel. “Do not let go.” Holding onto the mantel help stop the room from moving so much. Subconsciously I knew I was going to be spanked, it would be obvious to anyone sitting in the living room. Well, anyone not drunk, like myself. Mom reached around my waist and unbuttoned my shorts then down went the cutoffs, followed by my bathing suit bottoms until they hung at half-mast.

The sudden rush of cool air on my damp bottom sent chills up my spine. “Heeyyy!” I slured, starting to twist around to look at my mom.

Thuack! “Ahhhh” The first swat with the strap replaced the intoxication with a strip of fire. Mom had placed the good, hard swat right across my sit-spot.

Thuack! “AHHH Owwwee Owwwee” The second swat was placed directly over the first swat, removing any of the lingering effects of intoxication. Mom put next three swats quickly right on top of the first 2, getting a continuous cry out of me.

Mom then lectured me for a few minutes on responsibility and calling and such. I didn’t pay much attention as my rear end held my full attention. I did hear her though say I was to get 18 more swats for being an hour and a half late. It was at that moment that I prayed she spread out the swats.

For the next 6 minutes, Mom brought the strap down methodically across my bare flesh. I could feel her spreading out the swats, so that every inch of my backside was painted red. Top to bottom, left to right. I wiggled back and forth, even dipped my knees a couple of times to try and ease the burn but I luckily never let go of the mantel. I really should’ve paid more attention to the time at the party.

Mom waited for me to hold still after the last swat before sending me to the corner. “Put your hands on your head and get that nose in the corner.” I released my white-knuckle grip on the oak to wipe my nose and the tears blurring my vision. The hobbled walk to the corner was agonizingly slow. In order to keep my bathing suit at by knees, like Mom preferred with panties, I had to twist my hips to step forward, which pulled the skin at the bottom of my cheeks taught.

Mom luckily had pointed at the near empty corner, not the one on the other side of the room with a corner table spanning it. It was about 5 years ago when Mom first used that corner for corner time with my older sister. Katie had turned 18 the week before, and felling all grown-up, had taken Mom’s car shopping without her permission. Mom was taking a nap the whole time Katie was gone, and she’d have gotten away with it had she not brought home pizza for dinner. I’m still not sure what she did after Mom found out she’d taken the car to earn a double punishment, she earned herself 2 sessions with the cane. During Katie’s corner time, she wouldn’t stop fidgeting so Mom moved her to the corner with the table and made her spread her feet the 36 inches to match the tables then lean forward and put her nose in the corner. This pushed out her bottom again for an easy target, and it makes moving about difficult. Anytime Katie moved, Mom would get up, and place one solid swat with the strap across her bottom. Katie only moved once after getting placed in the table corner. I kinda enjoyed seeing Katie get it that day for taking the car, since she’d spent the previous 2 years hanging her driver’s license over my head when ever I wanted to go anywhere.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! The egg timer startled me back to reality and marked the end of my reprisal. The fire below had shifted more to a strong throb, where I could probably measure my pulse from the impulses of pain resonating from down below. I now was up for 6 strokes of the cane. The cane was always a half or full set, with a set being 1/3 of your age. Being only 20, I would be due only 6 stripes. Only 6 stripes, like that was a cake walk or something. I guess it is better than had this incident happened in a month when it’d be upped to 7.

“Ok back to the mantel you go,” Mom said as she exchanged her book for the cane. I made the slow trek back to the mantel and got into position. “I’ve been thinking. You act like you want to be 21, your in trouble because you where drinking like you were already 21, and your birthday is only a month away.” Mom paused and I became confused. Maybe she was going to let me off? “I figure you should be punished as if you were 21 and take 7 strokes with the cane.” SEVEN!

“Moommmm pleaasssee not seveen!” I pleaded from my bent over position.

“I think you can handle. Anyways you believe your big enough to get drunk.”

“Pleasseee!” CRACK! “OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEE!” I cried out as the first stroke of the cane cut into the top of my cheeks. The pain was intense, most likely because of my recent strapping.

Crack! “AAAAAAAHHHHH SNIFFFF OWWWW!” The flood gates opened up and had my eyes been opened, I doubt I’d have seen anything other than a blur. It took all my fortitude to bear the next three strokes. Mom worked them slowly down my cheeks, making my butt look like a blank sheet of music.

Crack! “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHHH aaaaahhhh!” My hands shot instantly back to the bottom of my cheeks. The pain was explosive, with an intensity I didn’t know possible. Mom had just placed the sixth stroke right at the crease between by cheeks and tights, and more importantly, on the spot where I’d taken the first 5 swats with the strap. As I rubbed the spot in an attempt to quell the sting, I could feel a welt start to raise across the impact site.

“Come on, back over and we can get finish this. I’m tired and I imagine you want to go to be bed also,” Mom said as she lightly tapped the cane on the top of my hands. I rubbed for a few more moments, then bent forward and returned to caning position.

Crack! “WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH WWAAAAAAAAHHHHH wwaaa!” My hands shot back to my butt even faster this time. Mom had placed the last stroke on top of the previous one, doubling the effect. I was wailing like a banshee when Mom wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. My hands though were firmly a fixed to my rear end.

“Honey, you know drinking is illegal. If you’d been caught you’d have arrested. That has serious consequences for your future. I don’t want you screwing up your future by some foolhardy action a couple weeks before you can legally do it. I love you too much to allow you to do that.”

“Sorrryy snifff mom. I luuvv yoouuu too.” I cried as I wiped my tears on her nightgown.

“Come on, lets get you up to bed.” Mom ushered me to my room and helped me lay down on my stomach. I didn’t dare put on panties, or the covers the entire night. I ended up having to spend the entire day confined to my room, but I didn’t really mind it. Mom also told me I was lucky that Dad was on a business trip, since he’d made me wait until morning to be spanked, like had happened to Katie once. Getting the strap with a hangover would’ve been hell.