Love our Lurkers Day – 2014

Hello! I can see you!

Actually, I can’t see you, but my stats say you exist.

So today, I welcome all those who have visited In Hushed Voices to reach out and say Hi! The easiest way is to just leave a comment.

If you don’t want to comment, it is OK. The stats say there are 300 other people just like you.

Love Our Lurkers Day

Note: I doubt I’ll be able to respond to any comments until Thursday at the earliest.


Anticipation, a single word which means “the wait for the event is worst than the actual event,” or something like that. Yesterday, when I was posting a new story, I happened to check on my stats. Low and behold, I had 99, 342 views. This was a nice surprise, since I thought it was somewhere around 70k. With a little quick math, I realized I would probably break 100,000 views sometime this evening.

Can anyone guess what I’ve done about dozen times today?

Since I worked from home today, I was able to check the stats every hour or so, while I attempted unsuccessfully to avoid work. The time has seemed to drag on and on, inching up one viewer at a time. I know it is a Thursday, but it seems to be taking forever.

Somewhere in the middle of the early afternoon, I became more successful at avoiding work, and came up with a couple nice story plots surrounding the anticipation of waiting to reach a particular milestone. The buildup of having to wait on the inconsistent progress to a milestone. The knowledge that it could happen in the next minute, the next hour or even take another day. Seeing it get closer by a big jump one moment, then no progress for minutes. Yes, it maybe a little diabolical, but isn’t it just corner-time on steroids?

-Side note: As of the publishing of this post, I am 172 views short. Come on West Coast!

Ice + Tree = Two Weeks MIA

I need offer my apologies for the lack of posts over the last 2 weeks. I had intended on putting up 3 new stories (well 3 more parts to current ones) however a nice little ice storm decided to eliminate power then internet access before Christmas. Since then I have been playing catch up with work so something had to fall by the wayside. Since I’m deeply in love with my bed, writing had to take a second row seat. I’m still going to publish the New Year’s story, even if it is a couple of days late. Better late than never….(things a sub never got away saying:)

Happy New Year and may it be full of spankings. Especially the good kind 🙂


End of the year craziness

So I have had to bow to some of the end of the year craziness and put my major Christmas tale on hold, probably until next year. I have a couple little stories in the works, and I’m hoping to get at least 2 out before the end of the year. Also I have a couple more parts to the Willow Groove and the Spa series which I am may have to send through the editing process if I don’t get the other works completed.

I hope life is going better…errr…slower for you all and that you get to spend the rest of the year enjoying your friends and family.