Love our Lurkers Day – 2014

Hello! I can see you!

Actually, I can’t see you, but my stats say you exist.

So today, I welcome all those who have visited In Hushed Voices to reach out and say Hi! The easiest way is to just leave a comment.

If you don’t want to comment, it is OK. The stats say there are 300 other people just like you.

Love Our Lurkers Day

Note: I doubt I’ll be able to respond to any comments until Thursday at the earliest.


Anticipation, a single word which means “the wait for the event is worst than the actual event,” or something like that. Yesterday, when I was posting a new story, I happened to check on my stats. Low and behold, I had 99, 342 views. This was a nice surprise, since I thought it was somewhere around 70k. With a little quick math, I realized I would probably break 100,000 views sometime this evening.

Can anyone guess what I’ve done about dozen times today?

Since I worked from home today, I was able to check the stats every hour or so, while I attempted unsuccessfully to avoid work. The time has seemed to drag on and on, inching up one viewer at a time. I know it is a Thursday, but it seems to be taking forever.

Somewhere in the middle of the early afternoon, I became more successful at avoiding work, and came up with a couple nice story plots surrounding the anticipation of waiting to reach a particular milestone. The buildup of having to wait on the inconsistent progress to a milestone. The knowledge that it could happen in the next minute, the next hour or even take another day. Seeing it get closer by a big jump one moment, then no progress for minutes. Yes, it maybe a little diabolical, but isn’t it just corner-time on steroids?

-Side note: As of the publishing of this post, I am 172 views short. Come on West Coast!

Ice + Tree = Two Weeks MIA

I need offer my apologies for the lack of posts over the last 2 weeks. I had intended on putting up 3 new stories (well 3 more parts to current ones) however a nice little ice storm decided to eliminate power then internet access before Christmas. Since then I have been playing catch up with work so something had to fall by the wayside. Since I’m deeply in love with my bed, writing had to take a second row seat. I’m still going to publish the New Year’s story, even if it is a couple of days late. Better late than never….(things a sub never got away saying:)

Happy New Year and may it be full of spankings. Especially the good kind 🙂


End of the year craziness

So I have had to bow to some of the end of the year craziness and put my major Christmas tale on hold, probably until next year. I have a couple little stories in the works, and I’m hoping to get at least 2 out before the end of the year. Also I have a couple more parts to the Willow Groove and the Spa series which I am may have to send through the editing process if I don’t get the other works completed.

I hope life is going better…errr…slower for you all and that you get to spend the rest of the year enjoying your friends and family.

Spanksgiving Day Parade

“Welcome to to the Spanksgiving Day Parade. I am Catherine Littlebum and I am here with Daniel Hardhand.”

“Welcome, We have a great parade in store for you today. I have seen some of today’s floats and they even better than last year. You are really going to see something special today.”

“That is for sure. This year, like always, is starting right on time.”

“This year it is being lead by the marching band, ‘Contrite Chrisses’. Is that? Yes it is! They are playing their world famous ‘Solemn Lullaby’! Oh what a wonderful tune.”

“That it is Daniel. It always sends a shiver down my spine when I hear it.”

“And a twitch in the bum?”

“Well that’s a given, Daniel. Next up is the float from St. Lucianna’s School for Naughty Girls.”

“Oh what a wonderful school scene they have. Those Nun habits look very authentic from up here. Those ‘schoolgirls’ may have graduated long ago, but they are surely learning some lessons today.”

“Especially that redhead over the desk getting a workout from the ruler.”

“Catherine, don’t forget the back of the float! It looks like the Headmaster’s study is busy today.”

“Oh, your right. The two blondes touching their toes are perfectly positioned for his cane.”

“Nothing but six of the best!”

“You can say that again, Daniel.”

“Nothing but six of the best! Up next is one of the more extreme floats, from Lefien Leather.”

“Oh, that leather cat suit looks awful hot from up here.”

“Would you rather be freezing in those schoolgirl outfits we just saw, Catherine?”

“You know it! Now comes my favorite part of the parade, The giant balloons!”

“We have a giant flying paddle, and a hairbrush. Ohh, and that padded sawhorse is new.”

“I haven’t seen that one before. It looks like a circular arrowhead.”

“I bet you haven’t seen it before, but you probably felt it. It’s a ginger plug for figging.”

“Oh yea. Your right Daniel, I have never saw one, just felt a few.”

“Next up, we have Inquisition Goods, makers of some of the finest Medieval toys available.”

“Those hooded executioners sure look ominous. That one is really flogging the woman secured to the St. Andrews Cross.”

“The blonde in the pillory is looking like she is have a good time. Oh her execution just dropped his tawse and, yup, there he goes, rogering her good.”

“What a lucky girl! Next up is the all female marching band, ‘Yelping Ladies’ performing ‘Spank Dance.’ Look at their Color Guard jump. Those drum majors are not holding anything back.”

“It is called ‘Spank Dance’ for a reason. Next we have the float by Domestic Depot. What a lovely bedroom scene they have created this year. That bride is sure getting it.”

“A hairbrush in a groom’s hands has straighten out many bridezillas. I sure worked for me. Wow, look at those jugglers through around those paddles, they are an experts in dealing with the hard wood.”

“I bet they get plenty of practice. Catherine, it looks like we are nearing the end of this years parade, but first we have the float from the sweet people over at College Accessories. It looks like they have a lovely dorm room scene.”

“Daniel, I can tell you haven’t been to a College in quite a few years, because that isn’t a dorm room, its a sorority housemother’s room.”

“Oh, your right. And those sister sure have been naughty. Good thing they are right after the paddle jugglers, that housemother looks like she might need a replacement paddle soon.”

“There is our last float, and as is tradition, there is Spank Claus. Daniel, can you tell what is he giving out to all the naughty girls and boys this year?”

“Those are little wooden spoons!”

“Hopefully they won’t have to wait until they get home to be used.”

“I agree.”

“Well, I’d like to thank you all for coming out on this lovely Spanksgiving Day. Today’s parade was sure a great one. I’m Catherine Littlebum.”

“And I’m Daniel Hardhand, wishing you a wonderful rest of the day.”

Return from a summer hiatus

So I think I have finally overcome my unexpected bought with business trips and will be able to return to updating regularly.

I have been looking over the progress with the Willow Groove series and ran into a slight dilemma about how to progress. I don’t know how fast I want to complete Amber’s transition from pledge week to normal college. I might avoid the issue for a while by skipping around in time a little bit.

I have a few short stories lined up for the next few weeks. One is a nice little double play while the other is a standalone. I have also been working on a new long-form series centered around the independent island of Clovia. It is an interesting, and during one recent business meeting, an actually realistic situation.

Lastly I want to thank those of you who have stuck around during the drought of content. I hope you perused the archives and found something interesting. Please, leave a note if you did. Feedback is always great. It is especially helpful when overcoming writers block.