Collections – Conclusion

This story begun with Collections and continued with Collections – Part 2.
The sun was high in the sky when a call from the front desk woke Jerry. It was the clerk reminding him that checkout was in 30 minutes. He told the clerk ok, and rolled over on to his back. The petite naked girl lying next to him half covered immediately brought back memories of the previous night. “Shit!” was all he could think.

Jerry’s mind went into overdrive as he thought about the situation. This case had been one error after another. Last night he topped it off with an inexcusable felony. He considered just walking out, and leaving her there. She’d obviously want to take off, but there would be questions first. Lots of questions, and the authorities might become involved. The staff finding a naked girl with a bruised bottom would warrant a call to the locals at least.

He had to wake her, but how could he get her to escape without directly telling her to do it? Maybe if he acted like nothing happened and just “forgot” to secure her, she’d escape on her own. It was worth a try, he rationalized as he finished getting dressed.

He shook Ellie’s shoulder gently, stirring her from her slumber. “Hmm, AH!” she shrieked in surprise at the unfamiliar man waking her up. She rolled to her left, untangling the comforter from her body as she fell to the floor. Immediately she grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around herself.

At the glimpse of Ellie’s bare form, Jerry turned around, hiding his eyes from her. “Ah, we have to get going,” he said, walking towards the door. The little door hanger caught his attention. Free continental breakfast it read under the image of a plate of pancakes and a steaming cup of coffee. “I’m going to get coffee, want some?” he asked, hoping she’d take the opportunity he was presenting her.

“Ah, OJ if they have some,” Ellie mumbled.

Jerry returned 20 minutes later to find Ellie sitting on the bed, dressed in the same night club clothes she had been wearing for the last two days. Her hair was slightly damp from the shower she had taken while he was gone. The lack of makeup, along with the immature clothes and demure expression made her look young and innocent.

Jerry barely said a dozen words as he gathered his suitcase and led her to the car. She just tagged along like a dutiful puppy as he asked the repair man to fix the tire and at the dinner as he ordered them brunch. The rest of the ride occurred in near silence. Jerry was too scared to say anything which might upset her, while Ellie was more tired from the long trip and not quite sure if she should say something to him.

Four awkward hours later, the pair pulled off the interstate into the industrial area of Tampa. Two quick rights and Jerry pulled up to a barbed wire topped gate covered with black security plastic. A few keystrokes on thee gate pad, open the gate to reveal a small building and a couple of cars.

Jerry pulled around the side of the building where a garage door opened, allowing to drive inside. He got out as the door automatically closed and rounded the back of the car, as was his standard routine when returning to the office with a target.

“Come on,” Jerry said opening the passenger door. Ellie wearier got out of the car then he directed her towards the door.

“Excellent, you’ve found her!” Bill exclaimed in a fake bulbous gesture. Jerry and him both knew that Jerry always returned with his target, but Bill thought such gestures made for good business.

“Lisa!” Ellie yelled, running for the young woman in the business suit. She immediately tried to hug the woman, thought was quickly reminded of the steel bracelets clamped on her wrists.

“Ellie,” Lisa said opening her arms before realizing the predicament. “Ah, can you remove these please. They won’t be necessary anymore.”

Jerry eyed the client and Ellie before following the request. He could see something was different about this case, not withstanding his actions over the last two days.

“Thank you,” Ellie said rubbing her wrists for a moment before embracing Lisa in a big hug.

“So how was the adventure?” Lisa asked, pulling way from the girl.

“Spectacular! It was a thrill like I had never had before. Definitely something you got to try.”

“What!?” Jerry interrupted. This was supposed to be a simple bail jump retrieval.

Ellie spun around on her heels, and cocked her head to the side before addressing her prior capture. “Don’t worry big man, you’re still going to get paid. I even think you deserve that bonus, even thought you missed the deadline.” Lisa held open the Louis Vuton bag she carried, allowing Ellie to pick out two white envelops. She took two steps over and set both envelops on the desk. Jerry was in utter shock, just watching the pre-modonna he meet two dyas ago completely take charge of his own office.

Ellie starts back towards her friend, and the front door, but pauses next to Jerry. She goes up on her toes to whisper in his ear, “Last night was delicious. I wouldn’t mind a repeat this Friday. I can even be a little naughty if you like.”

Jerry’s jaw hung open as he watched the shake of Ellie’s hips as she and Lisa walked out the front door.

A second after the door closed, Bill burst into the highest pitch laughter his 250 lb frame would allow. “What’s so funny?” Jerry asked, dumbstruck.

Bill tossed his partner the magazine setting on his desk. “You didn’t recognize her, did you?”

“No…” Jerry’s voice trailed off as he saw the cover. Ellie stood on the cover in a white Gi, holding up the two gold metals hung around her neck. Below the image read the headline, “From the Jujitsu mat to the board room, Catherine Elizabeth Wentworth takes control of family business.” Ellie wasn’t the little trust fund brat he originally thought, rather the heir to the most powerful family in Florida.

“She played you like a fiddle, man,” Bill chuckled.

Collections – Part 2

This is a continuation of the story started at Collections. The final part will be available on Friday.


Ellie spent a restless night, tossing and turning in the king size bed while her mind wandered to what awaited her. The shackle locking her ankle to the footboard didn’t help, as it kept reminding her of her status. The sun was poking into the windows as exhaustion finally overtook her.


She awoke to find Jerry unlocking the shackle around her ankle. Her head ached from the hangover starting to take hold along of her still exhausted mind. She covered her eyes, trying to focus on the man towering over the end of the bed.


“We have one hour before we have to leave for the airport. You can take a shower if you would like, but the door remains unlocked.” Jerry told her. They had a short jump across the channel to Heathrow then a good nine hours to Atlanta and another short jump to Tampa. By the end of this long day he would be finishing up with this case, and earning a nice bonus also.


Ellie gathered up every piece of clothing she had and stumbled to the bathroom. She started to lock the door, when a tingle of pain in her bottom made her think better of it. Instead, she stripped off her clothes, tossing them in a pile on the counter. In a ritual practiced by naughty young ladies for decades, she aimed her bottom at the mirror and twisted her torso to survey the damage.


“Ouch.” Ellie mumbled to herself, running her finger over the red splotches decorating her bottom. “That was hmmm…hmm.., not something I expected,” she thought aloud. Her mind went back to last night, the expectations she had when returning to the hotel room, the sudden change in Jerry’s demeanor and then the incident. The mix of emotions filling her head confused her. Embarrassment seemed completely logical, but the curiosity seems, well, wrong. Why was she so interested in such a barbaric act? It was wrong to hit a lady, but now it seemed so exciting at the same time. What was wrong with her?


BANG, BANG, BANG! “Hey, you better get moving; cause we are leaving in 45 minutes, no matter how you are dressed, or undressed!” Jerry yelled through the door.


The disruption startled Ellie out of her thoughts. She went straight for the shower, hiding behind the frosted glass divider as she peered around the corner, watching for the door to open. Her legs started to feel weak as she waited for her capture to burst into the bathroom. Thousands of thoughts raced through her mind as stared at the door. What would he do? Would he yell at her? Would he haul her out? Would he spank her again? Would he let her get dressed or keep her naked? Would he try to force himself on her? Would he spank her?


After what seemed like an hour to Ellie, but was only a few minutes, she relented that Jerry wasn’t coming in to the bathroom, at least in the near future. Turning on the hot water, she started in her daily routine, only to be reminded of the heat below when the hot water pulsated across her backside.


Ellie made due with the hotel provided toiletries as she went through her morning routine, pronouncing herself ready minutes before Jerry’s deadline. They took a black Mercedes to the airport. Ellie found it curious they took a town car instead of the Aston Martin, but figured it was just a rental for show and he’d probably returned it before waking her up this morning.


At the airport, Jerry led her to a side door inside the terminal. After winding their way through a few bleak hallways, they reached a VIP security checkpoint. Jerry handed over some papers, which the security officer read over, looked at him and Ellie then ushered them both past the metal detectors and into the waiting room.


Ellie fell asleep almost immediately upon getting sitting in one of the overstuff chairs. Jerry was glad, because this was typically the time when his targets started negotiate their release. Sometimes he’d humor himself and led them on, and let them think he was actually considering letting them go, even though he never had lost a target. It was a record he was proud of, and the primary reason why he got this higher profile cases with their fatter paydays.


The plane landed just long enough at Heathrow to allow a few dozen passengers to disembark and be replaced with new ones. Ellie had fallen back asleep after take-off and her slumber hadn’t been disturbed by the landing. Once they were back in the air, Jerry would be able to relax, and more important to him at the moment, use the bathroom.


“Ahh,” Ellie let out a yawn, stretching her arms as she returned to the land of the living. “So, where are we at?” she asked


“Over the north Atlantic, about 5 hours from Atlanta,” Jerry answered. The question was odd for a target. It was a perfectly normal question for a person waking up on vacation flight, but unusual for one of his targets. His targets were normally too scared for such a pedestrian question.


“Anything good on the in flight movie?” she asked, picking up the headphones in the seatback in front of her.


“Not really, just a rom-com and a Disney flick,” Jerry replied, looking at Ellie curiously. There was something wrong, but he wasn’t quite sure what it was yet. She couldn’t escape, even though he had removed the handcuffs after they took off from Heathrow.


She plugged in the headphones and played with the dials until the romantic comedy started playing on the tiny TV in the headrest. Jerry looked out of the side of his eye, trying to figure out what she was up to, but for the life of him, he could not figure it out.


The rest of the flight was uneventful, lulling Jerry into a false sense of peace. He was beginning to believe she accepted her situation and wouldn’t cause any more trouble as the plane touched down at Hartsfield-Jackson.


Without any checked bags, the pair went straight for the customs line. The later arrival time meant there was almost no line. Jerry took the lead when they approached the customs officer.


“Name?” the customs officer asked as Jerry handed over both passports.


“Gerald Houston,” Jerry answered.


The customs officer thumbed through one of the little books. “And your nationality?”


“United States.”


“What was the purpose of your trip?”


“Work,” Jerry said.


Ellie immediately added, “yup, just blowing up airports.”


Jerry spun around on his heels to face her but his six foot two inch frame did not stand a chance when the marine national guardsman collided with his lower back.


“What?” Jerry cried out as he it the floor. A second and third guardsmen surrounded the pair, covering the with their M16s. Jerry attempted to get up but was summarily shoved prone. With his face crushed against the floor, he could hear Ellie giggling over the radio chatter of the soldiers and customs officers.


The pair were detained individually for the next four hours as Jerry’s single suitcase was searched and they were interrogated by customs officers, a national guardsmen major, a TSA agent and a pair of gruff looking men from homeland security. Jerry kept repeating the same answers; “I am a bounty hunter. I a court order to retrieve the girl and bring her back to Florida.” And the biggest one, “No, I am not a terrorist.”


Jerry was relieved when suddenly the Major entered the interrogation room with some paperwork, including his and Ellie’s passport.


“Mr. Houston, your story checks out. You are free to go,” the major said, handing over the documents and passport.


“Thank-you. And Elizabeth?” he had assumed the whole job was FUBAR now, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.


“She is handcuffed and waiting at the door,” the Major said, holding open the door.


“Thank-you,” Jerry said. He followed the officer out through the maze of hallways until he arrived at the exit, where Ellie and a TSA officer waited.


Jerry brisked Ellie down the concourses to there next gate, hoping the plane would still be there by some miracle. As with this job so far, miracles were not on the side of Jerry. The waiting area was mostly deserted and lone gate attendant stood behind the counter, typing away at the computer embedded inside.


“We are here for flight 169,” Jerry blurted out, slightly out of breath from 2 mile trek through the airport.


“Sorry sir, the plane just left the gate. I can check to see if there any seats available on later flights,” the gate attendant said told him, before returning to the computer behind the gate counter.


“Yes, please,” Jerry grumbled before glaring at Ellie. There was no question, he was mad and it was all Ellie’s fault.


“Hmmm, I can get you on a flight at 9:30 tomorrow morning,” the attendant said after typing away at the computer.


“No, that won’t work. It’ll be too late. What about other airlines?”


“I doubt it. There was some bad weather come through this morning so everyone had to cancel a few flights. We are all booked solid until the morning.”


Jerry growled at Ellie, who wilted under his stare. She knew missing their flight was all her fault and felt bad about it. “Well we are off to the rental car desk,” Jerry growled, yanking Ellie along by her arm.




“You have the blue Accord. Have a nice trip,” the sales clerk told them handing the keys over to Jerry. He took them and stashed them in his pants pocket before doing the same with the paperwork before taking Ellie by the arm and walking her to the car.


He summarily placed her in the passenger’s seat before locking the door and closing her in. A couple turns out of the parking lot and they were on the interstate, heading towards I-75 and it’s path to Florida.


The lights of Atlanta faded in the distance as they took the interstate south. He had eleven hours to make the six hour drive and earn the bonus. A bonus that would go a long way in cleaning up some old debts. Worst case scenario, they missed the bonus deadline and he only got his regular retrieval fee.


He was making good time, with light traffic and not a cop in sight. They were about an hour south of Macon when Ellie said her first words since the incident in the airport.


“Jerry, why are you doing this?” Ellie asked.


“Cause it’s my job,” he answered without really thinking about it.


“So you are getting paid to take me back to Tampa? What if I doubled it? You know I have the money,” she asked.


He let out a chuckle before saying, “How? Your accounts here in the states have been frozen since you fled.”


“But I have friends and they’d loan me the money,” she responded with a little more attitude.


“No. I think I’ll just take you back and make my fee.” He could only see a payoff ending poorly for him.


“Then what could I give you that would make you change your mind?” she asked, pulling the side of her blouse low, exposing a portion of her right breast.




“If that’s what you want.”


“Na, I think I’ll just take you back.” Jerry tried keeping his eyes on the road, rather than the harlot in the passenger’s seat. She had caused him enough problems already.


Ellie puffed out her lower lip while tilting her face downward slightly into a quintessential pouty face. “You don’t find me sexy?”


Jerry let out a chuckle, keeping his eyes glued on the dark abyss of highway before the car. Ellie though notice a slight shift he had made in his hips, likely to relieve some tension she thought. Well she knew how to fix that.


Jerry was too focused on concentration on driving to realize Ellie undoing her safety belt or twisting around in her seat. It took a second for him to realize what she was doing, allowing her to get his pants open and start fumbling with his boxers.


“HEY!” Jerry yelled at her, slapping at her head with his right hand. She had already freed him when he hit the back of her shoulders. The light slap added to her downward momentum, encouraging her to take all of him on the first gulp.


Her mouth was even better than he remembered. She held him tight, letting him tickle her tonsils for as long as she could stand. Pulling off for a quick breath, she played her tongue across his tip, never letting him free of her warm embrace.


After the multiple sexual laced encounters between the two, Jerry found it amazingly difficult to resist her current attention. He was beyond rock hard and releasing the sexual tension was all he could think about. He would have better served to pay attention to the highway, for he completely missed the slight bend in the highway until the compact car was throwing gravel.


Jerry immediately swung the wheel to the left, trying to return the car to the road. Braking would have been a better idea, especially in a car with narrow sideways on its tires. The right front tire caught on the edge of the pavement, separating the tire from its bead, deflating the tire instantly.




The flat tire hit the road, popping the car towards the left lane. Ellie flew upwards, knocking his left hand from the steering wheel and landing across his lap. His right hand grabbed the wheel, and pulled right just as they entered the left shoulder. Correcting the car, he slammed on the brakes.


“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!?” Jerry yelled at her. With a gruff pull of his right hand, he thrust her towards the passenger’s seat.


“I’m sorry!” she cried, kneeling on the floorboards and resting her forearms on the passenger’s seat.


“DON’T YOU FUCKING MOVE!” he commanded opening his door. He started to stand up when he realized his pants were open. Hastily he stuffed things back in place and got out of the car. With the lack of light, he couldn’t make out any damage on the driver’s side. Rounding the front of the car, the problem became immediately apparent. The right front tire was completely flat and wrapped around the steel rim.


“Great,” he cussed. He made his way to the trunk, glaring at Ellie along the way. Getting to the trunk, he realized the keys were still in the ignition. This just irritated him more. Trudging to the driver’s side door, he ripped the keys from the ignition and hit the trunk release on the key fob. He started to toss the keys on to the seat, but rethought it when Ellie caught his eye.


Jerry had gotten all the stuff to change the tire when he realized the lug nuts would not come off. This revelation just pissed him off more. He just shoved the jack, tire iron and spare into the trunk before returning to his seat, planning on calling the rental company for roadside assistance.


He pulled out the rental paperwork before getting in the car. Unfolding the paper revealed a blurry mess of a document. Placing it in his rear pants pocket had caused it to slowly be impregnated by sweat over the last two hours. Calling the customer service would be impossible when he could only make out the first three numbers; 800.


“Fuck! FUCK! FUCk!” Jerry cursed, tossing the rental paperwork onto the dash.


“There looks to be an exit up there,” Ellie mentioned quietly.


He looked forward, around the corner in the highway to notice a glow beyond the horizon. This part of the state, that amount of light should mean a town. He didn’t seem much other option and started the car and started the slow drive down the shoulder of the highway.


A mile down the highway they come to a typical small southern town. Fast food restaurants and gas stations surrounded the exit. Jerry pulled into the largest station and went inside to ask the attendant about the tire. There was no one else in sight so didn’t bother with securing Ellie.


“We are stuck here!” Jerry announced returning to the car.


“What?” Ellie asked.


“The only place in town that sells tires doesn’t open until noon tomorrow.”




“OH!? Your little stunt cost me five grand!”


“I’m sorry,” Ellie mumbled, trying to act as innocent as possible.


“Just shut up and don’t try any more shit!” Jerry growled, backing up the injury car.


He made the same slow, careful progress across the overpass to the only hotel in sight as he had down the shoulder of the interstate. Leaving Ellie in the car again, he checked in, explicitly requesting an end room. He quenched the night clerk’s curiosity with reference to Ellie being his new fiancé. Ten minutes later he was pulling the car around the back to the rear entrance.


The room was of standard US flair. A small, tile lined full bathroom was situated next to the door leading from the hallway, while mid-height windows lined the far wall. Jerry was slightly annoyed with the single queen sized bed; through he couldn’t really go ask for a different room with two beds.


“How deplorable,” Ellie commented, tossing the duff bag Jerry had made her carry in on the bed. “I bet they don’t even have room service.”


“Zip it!” Jerry growled at her, pulling the blinds shut. “You’re the reason we are here.”


“Whatever,” Ellie’s sassiness returned in full force. “I’m going to take a shower, OK?”


“Fine,” Jerry hoped some soap and hot water would clean up her attitude and make the night at least tolerable. A little SportsCenter would also help. It had been nearly impossible to find highlights of good ol’ American Baseball in Europe.


Jerry paid no attention to the extended period of crashing water coming from the bathroom. He had secured a pair of his cuffs around the doorbar, preventing the door from opening without first removing the handcuffs, and without an operable window in the entire room, his only worry now was her trying to kill him. Not a likely proposition when he had at least 100 pounds of muscle and a good 8 inches on her.


The whoosh of the bathroom door opening pulled Jerry’s attention away from the TV. Ellie stepped into the room, carefully wrapped in a fluffy white towel. The white contrast to her lightly tanned skin, forming a band from mid breast to just below her hips. The darkened ambiance of the room hid most of the explicit details, but Jerry’s mind helped him fill in where his eyes missed.


“You sure you don’t want to let me go?” Ellie cooed. She continued her slow prance towards the old man, stopping about four feet in front of him with a cock of her hips to the side.


“Yes,” Jerry growled in response. “I’m not letting you go so quit it!”


“Oh, quit being such a bitch!”


“A bitch? You think I am being a bitch for doing my job?”


“Yea,” Ellie responded flippantly.


“You think I’m a bitch? You’re the idiot who thought she could run.” Jerry shifted his attention downwards towards the TV. Trailing his eyes down her neck to the towel, he caught a glimpse of a nipple poking above the towel line. Immediately, his mind went back to the events of the club and more recently the car ride. “Unless you’d prefer slut to idiot? It does go better with the stuff you did in the club and the car.”


Jerry caught her right arm just short of her palm making contact with his left cheek. In a flash he was on his feet with, towering over the girl. “What are you going to do, spank me again?” Ellie let the words hang in the room for a moment before adding, “fucker!”


Jerry pulled her left arm forward, causing her to crash over the end of the end of the bed. Her towel flared away, exposing her naked bottom to the cool room air. In an instant he pulled his belt free of its loops.


WACK! The belt bit into her bottom, painting an exceptionally white band which was quickly replaced with an angry red. “Ahhh,” Ellie cried out.


WACK! WACK! WACK! Jerry whipped the leather across her bottom, getting an alternating response of groans and insults. Each insult just prodded him into trying harder.


Ellie’s bottom was scarlet and starting to blister when he finally dropped the belt. He was still mad, but his arm just refused to swing any more. A shiver of the upturn girl’s hips caused a visceral action in his loins.


He dropped his pants and moved between her splayed legs, intend on giving her exactly want she had been asking for. Squatting, Jerry plunged forward, driving into her until his hips bump her cheeks. The sudden intruder forces the breadth from her lungs in a drawn out moan which is capped with a sharp squeal when he bumps into her bottom.


He kept thrusting in fast, though long, hard strokes, causing her to squealed each time he hit home. At first it was all raw emotion driving him to fuck her as hard and rough as possible, but as the endorphins started to wan, and pleasure took over, he swore she was pushing her bottom back into him.


The force of Jerry’s thrusts slowly pushed Ellie forward, onto the bed. It wasn’t long before he could only reach halfway into her from behind. He grabbed her hips, yanking her bottom into the air and dropped her on her knees. This higher position allowed him to stand up, giving him tremendously better leverage.


Jerry wasted no time, and drove into her again while pulling her hips against his. The new angle tightened her pelvic muscles around him driving the sensation for them both to new levels. Ellie reached out, grasping two handfuls of comforter while biting a mouthful as Jerry started up again.


Jerry used every bit of frustration, annoyance and residual to pound away at Ellie, but biology can only be held at bay for so long, and a massive orgasm overtook him. He pulled her into his hips as he started to cum deep inside her. This drove her wild, wiggling and squirming from side to side.


The added stimulus at the height of his orgasm was too much for Jerry to handle. His vision started to fade, and motor skills failed. He slumped forward, onto her back before rolling to his right. In one last effort, he reached upwards, his left hand grabbing Ellie around the stomach while the other locked onto her left breast. As he rolled off the girl, he spun her around, ripping her grip on the comforter and landing with her in the reverse cowgirl position.


With the new position, Ellie didn’t stop her squirming, bouncing about on him. This was all it took for him to fully lose it.


Jerry woke a few minutes later to find Ellie slumped into a naked pile next to him on the bed. At first he thought she might be dead, but the clear rise and fall of the side of her chest alleviated those fears. After a quick piss, Jerry collapsed back onto the bed, hopping he would wake up alone.

Welcome to Josei no Kiritsu Spa and Dojo

Monica scanned the program packet quickly. There were a wide range of activities, from the relaxing hot mud baths to the active martial arts courses. She definitely was going to get a massage, or a couple. She’d never heard of this “Yawarakaku soko Massage”.

“Embrace your inner tenderness’s as this hour long massage works out your physical, psychological and emotional stresses.”

She had never heard of a massage working out my psychological and emotional stress, but it seemed much better than paying a therapist.

“I want to do this yawaraka soko massage,” Monica told the concierge.

“Oh, excellent choice.” The concierge commented, entering Monica’s request into the computer.

Monica flipped a few more pages, entering to the more active programs. For some reason the “Hot Jujutsu” program seemed interesting. It was open to all levels and she had always been interested in martial arts. She also thought it would be nice to know how to defend herself. New York City could get a little rough on a single woman.

“And this hot jujutsu,” she said looking further through the catalog. “Can I also add this Chokai Yoga?”

“Yes ma’am. You can sign up for five programs at a time.”

“Hmmm..” Monica contemplated what other two courses she wanted to sign up. Josei no Kiritsu Spa and Dojo was turning out to be everything her coworker Julie had said. The place was beautiful, especially wonderful view of the Cascades mountains from her room. Even the two and half hour ride from the Portland airport was luxurious. A week here was definitely worth a month’s salary.


Monica awoke later than normal to the sun streaking across her room. The feather-top cover on the queen bed felt better than anything she had ever slept on and made getting out of bed all that much harder. A quick trip to the bathroom though was essential. On her way back she remembered what the concierge had said about breakfast being available downstairs or via room service. Room service sounded nice right now.

She picked up the TV remote and a few simple clicks later, breakfast was on its way. Next her focus shifted to the elixir of life. A K-cup coffee maker sat on the counter above the minibar next to a diverse selection of flavors. Wild Mountain Blueberry sounded like it would pair well with her garden crepes.

She contemplated a shower while she waited for breakfast while taking in the densely wooded valley sprawled out before her private patio. The knock at the door surprised her, though not as much as the bellhop with her breakfast already.

“Good morning Ms Van Dergess. Would you like breakfast at the table or on your patio this morning?” the bellhop asked, wheeling the small cart into her room.

“Ah, the patio would be great.” Monica took her coffee with her to fetch a few dollar tip while the bellhop setup the table setting. She tucked the

“Sorry ma’am, but the staff here is not allowed to take any gratuities.” The bellhop gently stated, waving off the tip.

“Oh, ok.” Monica said a little stunned. She tipped every servant in New York, it was the least she could do for them.

She enjoyed the spinach and tomato filled crepe while over pine forest. She found it relaxing to watch the sun slowly lower its curtain of light down the mountains and into the valley as it rose on the other side of the lodge.

Beep. Beep. Ran the phone with the reminder for Monica’s first program of the day. She started to put on her workout clothes when she remembered the resort’s prohibition of workout clothes in the main lobby. Well a nice sundress would work instead. She tossed the change of clothes into one of the resort duffel bags and made her way downstairs to the locker rooms.

The locker room had the standard country club feel to it. Hard wood lockers, soft carpeting and ultra plush chairs. Directly attached were shower facilities and a wet and dry sauna.

“Hmm, I’m supposed to have the same locker number as my room.” Monica mumbled to herself as she made her way into the locker sections. “205, 224, 304, there 307.” She put her thumb up to the scanner on the locker door, opening the locker. Monica was still amazed at the cutting edge technology everywhere in this place.

She changed from her sundress into cotton shorts and a tank-top. She was started to put on her tennis shoes when she realized she didn’t know how to get to the Dojos.

“Pardon me, but do you know where Hot Jujutsu is at?” Monica asked the only other person around her locker.

“Oh, Hot Jujutsu is though the door to the Dojos. This your first time here?” The Asian Lady answered Monica with a bright smile.

“Ah, yea, why?”

“Hot Jujutsu is done all natural. You’ll feel quite embarrassed going in there like that.”

“Hu? Your kidding me.”

“No, I’m actually going to the next class also. If you hurry, we can go together.”

The revelation shocked Monica. She hadn’t planned on walking around naked. She felt she had a good body, but there were still problem areas she’d rather not show off to strangers.

While Monica contemplated her next actions, the Asian Lady stripped off her top and bra. It wasn’t until a pair of naked women walked by the end of the row of lockers did Monica decide to play along. Anyways, no one here knew her back in New York and it might be fun.

Monica hurried to catch up, stripping away her bra and top in one motion. Watching out of the corner of her eye, she waited until the other lady was nude before lowering her shorts and panties together.

“Don’t worry about shoes either.” Monica was told as she started to sit down. She returned her tennis shoes to her locker and turned to face the Asian Lady.

“Come on, lets go.” Asian lady said closing her locker. Monica followed suit then took off behind her. “I’m Kaori.” she said, providing a hand without missing a step.

“I’m Monica, nice to meet you.”

Monica quickly became more comfortable with the whole nakedness when she entered the Dojo to find two dozen other women in the exact same outfit. The wall of floor to ceiling windows caused her some apprehension, however the dojo was located on the effective third floor and the windows appeared tinting likely preventing anyone from seeing in anyways.

The concierge’s comment last night about gym OUTFITs being prohibited in the main areas of the resort made more sense now. The hundred degree room temperature though made being naked much more comfortable.

Senei Hirsha entered the Dojo and immediately commanded everyone attention. The Hirsha may have been in her late sixties, though glided about with the ease and elegance of a twenty year old beauty queen.

“Good morning,” Hirsha spoke softly. “Please Seiza in straight line, advanced students on my right and novice on my left.”

Monica wasn’t quite sure what the instructor meant, but she knew she belonged on the left end. The more advanced students started sitting in a line from the windows, facing the sensei. Monica just followed suit, trying to sit in the odd kneeling position like rest of the students.

“Welcome to Hot Jujutsu. I am Sensei Hirsha. Today we will be working on take-downs.”

Hirsha said some stuff in Japanese which Monica didn’t understand, but just followed the lead of the other students. Most of it consisted of bowing this way or that and she did pick up that one particular bow was called Kowtow.

“Good, good. Practice time. Novice students,” Hirsha said, pointing towards Monica and the door. “Beginner students,” she said pointing at the center of the room. “Advanced students.” Hirsha told the advanced and beginner students a couple of things in Japanese before coming over to the novice students.

Hirsha showed Monica and the three other novice students two simple arm-bar take-downs, then asked them to practice the maneuver on each other. The four novices rotated fake punching or pinning each other until they felt they had mastered the simple maneuver.

“Ok, practice done, now spar time.” Hirsha told the three groups. “Seiza in a circle.”

Monica was a little concerned about sparring already, since she knew a total of 2 moves where rest of the students surely knew dozens of moves. Nonetheless, she lead the other novice students to the center of the room and quickly got down into a seiza. She may not know much yet, but she could at least show off the simple things she had learned.

Hirsha started with the novice students, acting as their partner for a structured sparring situation where the students demonstrated the two take-downs they had learned from the three basic attacks by Hirsha. Monica felt she did very good, especially since it was her first time. She successfully put Hirsha on the ground five of the six times, even if a few of the times were a little awkward.

Monica was quite impressed by the skill level of some of the beginner students. The advanced students definitely knew what they were doing, pinning each other after a considerable number of moves and counter moves by each student. Monica promised herself that she would be that good by next summer.

“Ok, class done, now cool-down time.” Hirsha said breaking into the circle of students. A couple students let out soft sighs, which Monica took to mean they would relax now. “Everyone Kowtow.”

The students knelt forward, pressing their foreheads to the floor. Hirsha said a couple more commands in Japanese which Monica didn’t recognize. She simply followed the lead of the other students through pushups, the upward dog yoga position and into the downward dog yoga position.

Sensei Hirsha paused the cool down at the downward dog position to leave the center of the circle and go off to Monica’s left where she couldn’t see the instructor. Monica closed her eyes and relaxed while she waited for the next command. She heard the sensei return, walking slowly around the outside of the circle this time.

“AHH!” Monica screamed when sting of the rattan biting into her bare bottom reached her brain. She had no warning, collapsing instantly onto the floor, grasping at her poor bottom.

“Back in position! You no good! You need discipline! Discipline mean cane!” Sensei Hirsha yelled at the blonde.

“What the hell!” Monica yelled back. She was not going to stay around here and get caned. That old lady was crazy to think she would allow herself to get canned! She was a grown woman!

Monica got a single foot planted before Sensei Hirsha used the cane to simultaneously knock her off her feet, and land another strike to her bottom, before the new student landed face down on the mats. “Now in position or you get more demerits!”

“No!” Monica cried out pushing her torso off the floor. The defiance was met with another taste of rattan, this time at the top of her thighs.

“AHHHHH!” Monica screamed out as the new intensity of pain shook her brain. “Stop!”

“You get in position?”

“No, but…” Monica sputter between a few sniffles.

Senei Hirsha sent the cane to work twice more before asking “You get in position now?”

“Sniff, yes, sniff I am!” Monica cried. She could would take the few strokes then go straight to the management.

“Good, good! In position and I come back!”

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The old sensei worked her way around the circle of students, delivering up to 12 slices of the cane to their upturned bottoms, depending on their sparring performances. Most of the women took their discipline well, vocalizing only soft groans. A few though responded with high pitched yelps. One of the beginner level students though couldn’t take her discipline and broke position like Monica.

“Bad girl! Back in position!” Sensei Hirsha yelled at the younger brunette. The brunette wiped away a few tears before rolling on to her stomach then pushing herself back into downward dog. Monica could see a tear fall from the woman’s face as she held the position. Two strokes later, she was back on the floor, grasping at her ravaged bottom.

“Bad girl! No discipline! You move hands now!” Sensei Hirsha commanded, which the brunette slowly complied with. Hirsha didn’t even allow her to get back up this time, simply resting a foot on the woman’s lower back then dishing out four quick, hard strokes while she kicked the floor and cried.

“You not disciplined girl! You come back tonight for Yobun’na supankingu!” Sensei told the student.

“Yes Sensei,” the brunette cried from her prostate position.

“Now back into position!” Sensei told her before moving on to the next student.

Monica, like most of the other students turned their heads to watch the bitter exchange, though the other students saw it as appropriate, while Monica was completely appalled.

“Now, Jakuhai, you accept discipline?” Sensei asked Monica.

“Yes sensei,” Monica responded, as was expected. She could take the few more strokes then she’d go straight to the manager. Well, get dressed then straight to the manager.

Monica gritted her teeth as the cane bit her bottom four more times. Her bottom felt like she hand sat on a curling iron.

Sensei Hirsha started pacing behind the class as she directed the students through the remaining stretches and other cool-down activities. The class was released to the locker room and Monica made her was to the locker room as fast as she could without looking like she was running.

“I’ve got to talk to the manager!” Monica grumbled to herself as she broke into the locker room. How dare that crazy old bat cane me!

“What? you got a little spanking now your going to cry to the manager?” some one said from behind Monica.

“Damn right! That crazy bat can’t be canning students!” Monica spouted off as she turned to face the other woman.

“You probably rule your little slice of the world back home, right?” the advanced level blonde confronted Monica. “Well here, everyone is equal. Everyone participants and everyone gets disciplined for their faults. It is how this place is so rejuvenating. You are rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit! That is why you came here right!?”

“Ah..yea” Monica stammered. The sudden outburst from the blonde who looked to be barely a year out of college surprised her.

“Well then you need to participant in all parts, the fun, the entertaining and the discipline! It is a full program and in order to get the effects you must participate fully! You may have been given the choice of which programs to participate in, the programs themselves are not a-la-crate! And the discipline would you good. I know William would agree.”

“William?” Monica asked, trying to remember meeting a William during her brief stay. There had only been a few men and she couldn’t remember if any of them had been named William.

“Gattry, YOUR boss.” the blonde responded curtly. “You don’t know who I am, do you?”

“Other than being self-righteous smart-Alec, no,” Monica retorted.

“This week better fix you attentiveness at work. I’m Valerie McConnell, and yes that McConnell,” Valerie stated shaking her head then turned towards her locker. Monica seemed like the type to take a moment to realize the obvious and she needed to grab her robe for before the hot bath.

Monica ran through every Valerie she had ever heard of in her mind. A couple politicians, a news reporter, a former colleague but no McConnell. “Who is Valerie McConnell?” she quietly whispered to herself. Then she remembered the company which owned her firm was called McConnell Longford, and that the annual report emails came from the CEO, one V. McConnell. The V must have stood for Valerie.

Monica dashed after Valerie, catching her at the door to the baths. “I’m so sorry Ms. McConnell. I didn’t mean to offend you. I really want to do better and I’ll show you, I’ll…” Monica apologized while trying to kiss up to her company’s head.

“Don’t kiss my ass,” Valerie cut her off. “You came her to re-center yourself and that is what you will do. You will embrace the program and gladfully accept every part. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Monica responded a little too eagerly.

“And I expect to see you tomorrow morning in class. Now you should get to your next class. Tardiness is not taken lightly around here.”

“Yes, ma’am” Monica answered before returning to her locker.

Monica made her way back to her locker to get her clothes when she ran into the Asian lady who’d spoke to her earlier.

“Hey, don’t worry about class. Its always a little bit of a shock for first timers.”

“Oh, yea..” Monica mumbled focusing on her locker than the half-naked woman behind her.

“I remember my first time here, I thought all the staff hated me. I got it at almost every program for the first couple of days. I then started to relax, accept I wasn’t going to sit for the rest of the week. Everything got much better. I even started to enjoy the whack here or there.”

“Enjoy it? You like that?!” Monica rebutted pointing towards the door leading to the workout rooms.

“Yea, it is all in the aftercare.”


“Do you have anything scheduled right now?”

“Ah, not until lunch.”

“Give me a moment and we’ll go over to the jacuzzi. Fifteen minutes in there and you’ll be begging for another canning.”

“That bad?”

“Pure ecstasy! Just be glad you did get yoobuna soopkangu,” the Asian lady stated, exchanging her bra for a robe.

“Why? What is yubanna soapkingu?” Monica asked.

Willow Groove – Babysitting for the Featherstone’s

May 17th, 2003
Thomas and Marie Featherstone’s house

Jennifer let out a sigh as she plopped down on the couch. “It’s 8:59 and the kids were sound asleep. 400 channels yet nothing on. It was Saturday night, what did she really expect? Cable on Saturday night is just populated with cartoons and those old B-movies. I hope I never become one of those women who love these cheesy Lifetime movies. At least this one’s lead is good looking, but my Mikey is better. Maybe Mike could come over and keep me company. I got like 3 hours before the Featherstones would be back home. He can study for his finals here. I could even help him study Anatomy and Physiology. She could teach him a few things they didn’t teach in the pre-med program. Hmmm…That sounds good,” she thought.


The ring of her phone startled her slightly. She’d told Mike to call her when he got there so that the kids wouldn’t be woke up. “I’ll be there in a moment,” she said as she made her way to the front door.

“Thanx, babe,” she heard from Mike through the phone. Opening the door, she saw Mike standing there in a polo and khaki shorts with his backpack over one shoulder. Jennifer stepped to the side as he entered then locked the door behind him. She’d seen enough slasher flicks to always remember to lock EVERY door in the house when she babysat. Locking the doors and keeping a cell phone close by was always the mistake the blonde chick in the movies.

“Your looking sexy as always,” Mike said leaning down to kiss Jennifer, which she eagerly accepted.

“Why don’t we get you set up in the family room,” Jennifer said after catching her breath from the kiss. She lead the way to the family room while intentionally swaying her hips a little more than normal. The AE hoodie she wore covered most of her shorts, giving the illusion that she was just wearing the sweatshirt.

Jennifer let Mike sit down before she choose her spot on the couch. She choose to straddle Mike’s legs while facing him. It took only a second for them to begin making out again. Jennifer let his hands and tongue explore her body and mouth, respectively, as the ache in her pussy increased. She could feel Mike grow hard underneath her and rubbing against each other through clothes was only going to get her so far. She needed more. Finally she couldn’t take any more she broke away from his mouth.

“Hey, I have this itch I was hoping you could scratch,” she said seductively.

Mike had a little bit of a puzzled look when he responded with, “ah ok. Where is it at?”

Jennifer spun around to be seated low on the couch then reached up under the sweatshirt and lowered her shorts and panties in one motion. “It’s right her.” Mike just smiled as he reach out for her naked sex. “Oh you better use your tongue, your fingers look too rough for my delicate skin.”

Mike wasted no time kneeling in front of her then starting to lick her delicate folds with his tongue. The first touch of his tongue caused her to moan. He licked up and down, back and forth, in and out and generally let his tongue explore her pussy. Flicking her clit and going in and out of her vagina generated extra long moans.
Jennifer was just about to climax when she heard a voice behind her. Mike froze as she twisted her head around to see Thomas and Marie Featherstone standing at the entrance to the family room.

“What do you think you are doing?” Mrs. Featherstone said quietly yet clearly angry. Mike quickly moved back and stood up while Jennifer pulled down the front of her sweatshirt.

“Ahh ahhhh.” Jennifer was a lost for words.

“Come on, we are going to have a talk!” Marie said while grabbing Jennifer by the forearm. Jennifer snatched up her shorts-panties ball with her left hand as she was pulled out of the family room and up the stairs to the master bedroom. Mrs. Featherstone released her in the middle of the room while she went back and closed the bedroom door. Jennifer just stood there pulling her shirt down as far as it would go while watching her right foot twist into the carpet. She knew she was in trouble.

“So this is what you think are appropriate activities after the kids go to sleep?” Marie asked in a hushed voice.

“No..” Jennifer responded with a voice an octave higher than normal. It was the demure ‘little girl’ voice she always took when in trouble.

“It surely didn’t look like it. Don’t you like babysitting for us?”

“Yes…I’m sorry.”

Marie grabbed the wooden hairbrush off the dresser then sat down on the edge of the bed before pulling Jennifer over her lap. “This is the least you deserve for your actions tonight,” Marie said as she pulled back Jennifer’s sweatshirt to reveal her naked backside.

“Please, don’t. I’m really sorry Mrs. Featherstone,” Jennifer said, but it didn’t deter Marie from beginning the spanking.

Crack! “Ooouucchhh!” Jennifer yelped loudly. It was a little to loudly for Marie. She glanced around for a moment for something to hush Jennifer and spotted the ball of shorts and panties laying on the floor. Holding on to Jennifer with her right arm, she reached down and scooped up the clothing. Marie noticed the center of the panties were a little damp so she twisted the panties before feeding the damp section first into Jennifer’s mouth. She didn’t actually get much into her mouth, but the portion sticking out would act as an effective gag.

Jennifer was too focused on the stinging in her right buttock to realize what Marie was doing until her panties were inserted into her mouth. They filled up the front of her mouth and she could taste something odd. It was sweet yet kinda musky.

“Keep those in your mouth. I don’t want the kids waking up. If they do, I’ll have Thomas take you to the garage and use a switch on your butt.” Marie threatened. Jennifer hand never felt a switch, and didn’t want to start tonight.

Crack! “gaarrrpphhh!” Marie laid into Jennifer hard with the hairbrush, getting muffled cries, wiggling and kicking as a response. The panties worked well as a gag she realized. She’d have to try it herself the next time Thomas spanked her. Then they wouldn’t have to get a babysitter and go park like tonight.

Marie had worked up a sweat before she’d felt Jennifer was well punished. Her butt was a deep red with a hint of purple and she’d generally stopped kicking and yelling so much. “Ok, get your butt in the corner until we are ready to take you home. And keep your hands on your head and those panties in your mouth,” Marie said as she helped Jennifer off her lap. Marie watched Jennifer walk over to the corner of the bedroom before she headed off to check on the kids and find Thomas.

Jennifer cried lightly in the corner while her mind raced. How could she be so brazen? Oh, her butt ached. As did her pussy. Mike didn’t finish the job. But her father surely would with her butt when she got home. Get in trouble at school or work and get in trouble at home was her parents philosophy. It meant she’d be touching her toes for the paddle before bed tonight. Eighteen swats on her already sore bottom was going to be rough. Maybe she could sneak by her parents tonight. It’d at least put off her punishment tomorrow.

Marie returned to the bedroom to summon Jennifer downstairs. Thomas had just returned from taking Mike home and would walk Jennifer back to her house. “Come on, lets get you home before it gets too late,” Thomas said as he opened the door for Jennifer. Jennifer paused before walking outside with her panties and shorts still in her mouth. She pleaded with him through big, puppy-dog eyes to let her remove the gag, but Thomas just pointed outside. It was hopeless, she’d have to keep them in her mouth, and he’d make sure her parents found out, then she’d be getting the paddle.

Thomas walked slightly behind Jennifer as they covered the block and a half between their homes. Thomas had to give her a little bit of a nudge to get her up the sidewalk to her front door. She could see the lights on in the living room, meaning her parents were clearly still awake. Once they made it to the front door, Thomas gave a solid knock to announce their presence. After a little rustling inside, Jennifer’s father opened the door, shocked to see Jennifer and Mr. Featherstone standing there.

“Into the living room now young lady!” Jennifer’s father told her then looked up at Thomas, “What did she do?”

“Marie and I caught Mike going down on her in our living room this evening.”

“I’m soo sorry she behaved so badly. I’m going to make sure she won’t be thinking about repeating such for quite some time.”

“Oh, Marie already introduced her backside to our hairbrush. I hope you don’t mind,” Thomas stated casually.

“No no, I’d have been surprised if she hadn’t. But we have a rule around her, if they get in trouble outside home, they get in trouble at home also.”

“Understandable. I’ll let you get to Jennifer. Have a good night.” Thomas said as he backed off the porch.

“Good night, and sorry again.”

“It’s ok. Teenagers will be teenagers.” Thomas said smiling as he walked away.

Jennifer’s dad closed and locked the door before returning to the living room. Jennifer bent over and holding her ankles, waiting for him. Her reddened butt was pointing upwards, with the paddle sitting on it. Her mom even made her keep her panties in her mouth while bent over.

“Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. How could you let a guy go down at you, especially while babysitting. We raised you better than that,” her father said as he picked up the paddle.

“You need to learn to think first. Now you’ll get one set for getting in trouble at work.”

Her father took a stance off to her right before tapping the paddle a couple of times on her bare butt. The first tap caused her to jump slightly.

CRACK! “waagghhhhhhffff!” Jennifer cried into her gag. The impact carried her butt forwards a little bit causing her to slightly wobble.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Jennifer’s father laid the swats on hard and fast, until Jennifer finally stumbled forward from the force of the impacts. He gave her a few moments to regain her balance and absorb some of the effects of the paddle.

CRACK! “ggrrrfffff!” Jennifer stumbled forward a little again. He father then ushered her back into place with his left hand, then left it in the small of her back, preventing her from stumbling forward.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Her father laid the swats on fast again, counting them off in his head as he went along “7…8….9…10…11…12.”

“Six more, then you are to go straight up to bed.”

CRACK! “grraapphhfff!” The swat landed right at the bottom of her butt cheeks. The pain caused Jennifer to collapse her knees a little and squat down for a second before returning to position.

CRACK! Jennifer shifted her legs against each other this time, which rubbed within her crotch. She hadn’t noticed it before, but she was very excited down there. It must’ve been because Mike didn’t finish, she thought.

CRACK! The pain radiated straight through her butt to the front, increasing her arousal.

CRACK! Jennifer cried out of habit, but was considerably more focused on her arousal now. She could now feel her wetness on her lips and it scarred, yet excited her more that her parents might realize.

CRACK! The paddle delivered an equal amount of pain and pleasure to the confused girl.

CRACK! “GGGGGRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFFFF!” IT must’ve been the last swat Jennifer thought since it was twice as hard as the previous ones.

“Ok, off to bed you go,” Jennifer mother said as she help her stand up. “And we do not want any more of this behavior, got it?” She said as she removed the gag.

“Yes ma’aaam!” Jennifer barely made out before humbly leaving the room. Jennifer scampered as fast has her tender bottom would allow up the stairs and to her room. She had one hand locking the door while the other went straight for her crotch. She dived face first onto the bed without removing her right hand. After the first moan escaped her lips, she bit down on her teddy bear’s leg to gag herself. Teddy had always there to make her feel safe when she was scared or nervous, but now he had another job.

Buttered Buns

I do not belong in the restaurant business. Well let me take that back, since I now own half a dozen restaurants. I do not belong in the restaurant business as a waitress. I learned that while working my way through school. I was working full time at a clothing store in the mall while studying business administration at the local university when a friend of mine recommended I apply at the restaurant where she worked. Every waitress there was making more than I was so I figured why not. On Cathy’s recommendation I got the job.

I started just after the spring term ended so that I’d have 3 full weeks to focus on work before the summer term started. The first few days I went through training during the mid-morning and afternoon lulls then would work as a hostess during lunch time to get a flow of things when it was busy. On the third day I got 3 tables of my own and I did OK. I messed up one order and broke two glasses. The fourth day didn’t go much better, as I messed up 3 orders and spilled a tray of food all over the kitchen. Diane, the owner, chewed me out in that motherly, ‘I’m disappointed in your actions’ type way. She also made it clear I needed to improve fast, or I couldn’t continue. I felt so horrible when I went home that night and pledged to myself I’d do better then next day.

The next day one of the waitresses called in sick which short staffed us. Then around 10:30 another waitress got sick and Diane sent her straight home. It’s not good for a restaurant to have someone throwing up in the bathroom. It turnout she was pregnant and that was the first of many episodes of morning sickness. Her little girl is so adorable, but that’s a different story. In summary, I had six tables during the Friday lunch rush.

It turned out that six tables were five too many. During the 2 hour lunch period, I dropped three glasses, two of which where half-full, messed up 4 orders and tripped over a gentleman’s attache case, spilling a try of food across that floor. As soon as the crowd died down, Diane had the other waitresses cover my tables and sent for me upstairs in her office. I knew she was going to sack me, but I really needed the job and started crying before I even made it to her office.

“Brittney, yes come in,” Diane said as she opened the door. I was ushered in front of her desk as she closed the door behind me and returned to her chair.

“Please don’t fire me,” I blurted out before she had a chance to say anything.

“Why shouldn’t I? You clearly know you’ve been doing a bad job and I rightfully should fire you,” Diane said as she leaned back in her chair.

“I’m really trying and I swear I’ll do better. I just haven’t grasped everything yet.” A tear ran down my cheek.

“You’ve gotten worst as the days have went by. I’m worried you’ll hurt a customer next if I don’t fire you. Why should I keep you?”

“I’ll try really hard to be better and.. and… I really need the money, and my mom will kill me if I get fired.”

“I don’t she’ll actually kill you for being fired.”

“But I’ll feel like dying once she gets done with me.”

“Being yelled at and feeling guilty at doing a poor job is part of growing up.”

“If only it was guilt,” I said under my breath. This got Diane to raise an eyebrow.

“What do you mean, ‘if it was only guilt’?” Diane asked.

I began to deeply blush that Diane had heard my slip. Should I tell her? “Hmm…oh nothing.”

“Come on, your blushing profusely. What did you mean?” Could I trust her with my secret? I only knew complete professionalism out of her and maybe it’d get me a second chance. Ok, I’d go for it. “Well… I’ll get… hmmm… punished for being fired.” Diane just cocked her head to the side, knowing there was more to it. “with a hairbrush.”

“You mean spanked?” Diane asked for clarification.

“Yes.” I said meekly. I didn’t realize I could blush even more than I had been.

“At your age? Wow.” Diane looked down at her desk to think while I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. “If you got fired, what would your punishment be?”

“Hmmm…. mom would spank me with her hairbrush and ground me until I got a new job? Please don’t fire me. I’ll take what ever punishment you feel is appropriate. Dock my pay, whatever, just don’t fire me,”

I pleaded. Diane held up her index finger getting me to stop blabbering.

“Why do you allow your mom to still spank you at your age? Your legally an adult.”

“Hmmm… I don’t know. It’s just how it’s always been, and I guess it’s effective. It’s better than being grounded or being yelled at a feeling sad for days afterwards. I may be sore for a day or two, but there’s no tension afterwards. I don’t know really.”

Diane thought for a few moments before speaking again. “Do you feel a spanking is an appropriate consequence for your poor performance as a waitress?”

“Hmm…I guess so?” I answered, unsure where Diane was going with the question.

“I can’t dock your pay for the damages you’ve made already, since you already owe me a week’s salary. You can either quit or you can take a spanking from me for your poor performance.” Diane paused for a moment to see if I’d answer then continued, “You don’t have to tell me your choice now, if you choose to be spanked, come find me when your shift ends, otherwise just go home and I’ll send you any credit-card tips you have beyond your debt. But be forewarned, if I spank you, you will be giving me consent to spank you as I see needed in the future. Now get back to work.”

I took a gulp of air as I left he office. The options ran through my mind as I returned to work.  It didn’t take me long to realize my only option was to take the spanking from Diane. The problem that annoyed me the rest of my shift was what to expect in a spanking from her. I found Diane running through some inventory issues behind the bar when my shift ended.

“Diane, hmmm… can we talk?” I asked as quietly as possible.

Diane looked up at me and smiled before answering, “Come on, lets go up to my office.” Diane lead the way back through the kitchen towards her office. On the way, she nonchalantly picked up one of the wooden cutting boards we use to serve fresh bread and butter to customers. I later learned they were called butter paddles, but when she picked it up, I knew she was serious about my spanking. Diane closed and locked the door behind us, making sure we weren’t disturbed.

“So you have decided on a course of action?” Diane asked.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And what would it be?”

“Hmm… to… hmmm… be… hmm… spanked by you, ma’am” I stuttered.

“And you realized that if you are spanked, you maybe fired in the future for poor performance AFTER today?”

I hadn’t really though about what would happened if I didn’t improve, but being fired sometime in the future seemed a lot better than today. At least I’d have more time to improve. “Yes ma’am?”

“And if it is effective, I may spank you in the future as I see fit?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. How does your mom spank you?”

“Hmm, bending over my bed.”

“Well we don’t have a bed, so lets use my desk instead. Get into position as if your mom was spanking you,” Diane said waving the paddle at the desk.

I stepped forward so that I my hips pressed against the edge of the desk then out of habit, I reached up under my skirt and pulled down my panties to my knees then bent forward over the desk. Finally I reached back and pulled up the back of my skirt, until my bare bottom was fully exposed. Diane let a little sigh when I exposed my bottom and I realized she may not have intended on spanking my bare bottom. She’d asked what mom would expect, so I was just doing as mom would expect.

“Today I’m going to spank you with this butter paddle until I feel you are contrite and learned your lesson from your poor performance this week. After today, we will work out a point system and you will be expected to bring me a paddle when you’ve earned a set number of points. Do you understand and still want to go through with it?” Diane asked.

“Yes ma’am.”

Diane held the small paddle up to my bottom for a moment then pulled back and brought it crashing home.

Thud! “Ouch!” The first swat caught me a little by surprise. It knew it was coming, but I thought it’d sting more than just hurt, kind of like mom’s hairbrush.

Diane didn’t give me much time to contemplate the differences between the hairbrush and paddle before delivering another swat, and then another and another. The paddle seemed to cover about half my butt with each swat, so they all basically overlapped each other, causing every swat to build upon the burn of all the previous ones.

Diane picked up a steady pace and kept it up through my “Ouch” period, and my kicking and pleading period and didn’t stop until I was way into my sobbing period. Mom normally stopped shortly after I started sobbing, but Diane didn’t realize the change in my demur and just kept going. I had become some focused on the never ending pain in my bottom that Diane had to actually shake me a little bit to tell me it was over.

I eased myself up, off the desk. Diane wrapped her arms around me in a tight hugged and held me until I stopped crying. It felt good. Well being wrapped in Diane’s arms felt good; my bottom surely didn’t feel good. All the stress associated with the job seemed to wash away in those 5 minutes.

Diane let me go once I stopped crying and composed myself some. We stood there talking for quite a while about many things, most of which were related to me. Diane told me how I seemed to have huge potential but she couldn’t figure out why I was performing so poorly.

We eventually got back around to future problems and discipline. We made a list of all of the mistakes I’d made during the week, only half of which Diane had known, then allocated points to each mistake. I was then to keep track of my mistakes and bring the paddle to Diane at the end of any day when I had 6 or more points.

It was after 7:00 when we realized the time. Diane was annoyed she hadn’t gotten a bunch of the paperwork and accounting done for the day yet so I volunteered to help her do it. She tried to send me home, but I refused and insisted on helping her since it was my fault she would have to stay late. The accounting stuff was kind of fun. It was like my accounting courses, but more interesting. I even caught an error, which Diane thanked me for.

If you’d have told me that my bottom could take as many spankings as it did during that summer, I’d have told you were crazy. After the initial spanking, I swear I spent the following two weeks over the back of that chair in Diane’s office. I slowly got better at my job. I ended up becoming Diane’s assistant by the end of the summer, which aggravated many of the other waitresses, especially Cathy. A year later Diane and I opened our first restaurant with me a minority owner.