Whole bunch of nothing

I have nothing new for today. I forgot it was even Wednesday until someone mentioned it this morning.

Lately I have been researching how to increase traffic to a blog, or website in general. Most of the stuff out there is just a repetition of what Google has posted on their web masters help section, ie make good relevant content. I view the terms “good” and “relevant” as being very subjective, so I have been trying to find out what is really “good” content.

While doing this research, I have stumbled across some cool guidelines and tricks to improve the number of visitors to a blog. These tricks are the black-hat kind that every search engine prohibits. They are simple things an average

I have noticed there is not much out there about growing adult blogs, so I intend on making a little series about how adult bloggers can increase their traffic and improve their blogs. Hopefully going through the process of reading, analyzing and explaining the different concepts will make me better at the whole process. And if not, maybe you will learn something new.

Interesting knowledge learned while running an adult orientated blog

I make no qualms whatsoever that In Hushed Voices is an adult blog. Just about every topic involves sexuality, sexual acts, sexual fantasies and other parts of erotic literature.  When I started I knew I might get some interesting search leading to to blog, but the weird, creepy and humorous ones surprised me. I have/do manage other blogs, though those blogs have all been work orientated, so the variety of searches have been

For the longest time the best search term was ‘mouthsoaping.’ I had no delusions of grandeur at getting ‘spanking’ or ‘paddling’ as a search term. I actually thought mouthsoaping would be more popular in the erotica environment, though it seems to be only involved in pure disciplinary spankings, and consequently not often involved in erotic literature.

Some of the other interesting search terms have been:

Search Term My first impression
moms who cut a switch to spank their daughters Legitimate, if the daughter is an adult
schoolgirl gated with the cane
first sorority that paddled pledges I wonder which sorority it too
child discipline,use a rubber spatula to warm the children’s bottoms when they are naughty. The search engine must be looking only for discipline, bottoms & naughty, because none of the rest of the keywords are mentioned anywhere here
should corner time be in room before and after getting spanked  Why not?
jessica spaked by dfad for texing  hmmmm someone texts too much
clitoris+whipping+stories  Ouch!
short pants down spanking in front of mom’s friends
should i go to a spanking college  They actually exist outside of fantasy? Wow!
bikini + swats  Ah memories of spring break
while aunty took down my shorts and underpants uncle fetched his cane
sex doggy style spanking bench Are there any spanking benches not setup for easy doggie style after the spanking?
the dishes can wait spanking
high society girl spanked by waiter That would be an interesting sight
i like mouth soaping  Sure you do
the spanking to make a bottom road  What is a bottom road? Wikipedia doesn’t define it.
we have electric warming blanket under the rubber sheets on the children’s beds,spankings are less. What? Aside from the implied issue of spanking a child for wetting the bed, wouldn’t the electric blanket make it warmer, more relaxed environment encouraging more bed-wetting?
cane “thank you” stripe sting|sore bare bottom poke  A cane that makes thank you stripes? I have got to see this.
your baby sitter get in georgia spanked and then in the corner So you only babysitters spanked in Georgia, not those in Tennessee
cornertime confidential spanking
19th. century school spankings stories Wow, I still haven’t gotten the first historical story published and I’m already getting interest.
do bent over the desk switching hurt Why wouldn’t they hurt?
the spanked,corner time, & blow job bride  There was a nice wedding for someone
college girl spanked by father in garage
bare bottom waitress I can just see the sign now, “We are a 100% Shirt, Shoes, & Service facility! No Pants Required.”
tv shows where wives were spanked
grandma’s mouth soaping I hope she wasn’t a grandma when it happened, or even a mother.
did you ever get spanked over the patio railing
young girls bare bottom drawings of birds Those must be talented girls to draw birds with their bare bottoms.
spanked bare butt amateurs in front of friends
spanking lazy gearl
aunt spank her niece than fucks her Ah, inappropriate
frightened cane bare bottom
office worker bent over desk gets spanking
with her bloomers at her feet bent over the rail as her dad spanks her hard with a strap Straight out of the 1902, Nevada.
can dorm mother to spank college age boys? If they consent, anything goes
giving a bath scrubbing with soap and a spanking story
spank jeans cane pic
spankings – six daughters and daddys belt Tiring to say the least
http://www.girls spanked with the cane in church.com Is this an actual website? Nope.
text files.com/video twin girls spanked bare
town spanks women There’s an effective punishment for speeding
the hips which the someone else’s wife hung down
when is it acceptable to cane a ladies bottom
girl chose strap on bare bottom over telling parents Hmm..Strap on bare bottom or tell parents you got fined for skinny dipping in the university president’s pool. Hard choice.
university “over the knee””on all fours” Is she supposed to go over the knee or get on all fours?
“michigan cabin for adult spankings” There is such a place?
shit going on all around and i’m just paddling I think they might mean a different type of paddling….or maybe not
i could feel my moms as crack while she sat on my lap in the car 1 What does this have to do with any content here?
naked girls soaping each other on the kitchen counter I hope they washed the counter before making dinner
when mom gets me home i will get my bare bottom spanked by hairbrush pr You shouldn’t be naughty when shopping then
girls top falls downon amateur night It’s amateur night at the strip club, isn’t the top supposed to come down?
naughty nun was being spanked with the cane because she was doing very bad things What bad things would that be? Using a ruler on some poor students knuckles?
skinny couple cane each other
picture of my wife paddling me There isn’t a single picture on this site. You would think a search engine could tell that.
japanese shuffeld pantie What is a shuffeld pantie?

One other thing I learned is sex sells, and those who can’t sell it don’t want anyone else to profit from sex either. This is exemplified by the Blogger change in their Terms of Service. Google, who owns Blogger, cannot effectively sell sexual content through their adwords program without being labeled an “adult company.” Those using Blogger to ‘sell sex’ are doing something that Google cannot and it makes them jealous.

Simplified: Sex = Jealously.