What happens in Vegas, hurts at home

Gina Graves couldn’t believe how much her head ached. The back seat of the Tahoe spun slowly as she regained her senses. She could make out Kara Fitzpatrick driving and the remaining 3 girls of her bachelorette party asleep. Thinking about it now, she couldn’t remember much after they got into the limo and started doing Patron shots.


“I hear you had a good time at your bachelorette party.” Cloris Fitzpatrick asked her future daughter-in-law.

“Hmm, yea.” Gina answered tentatively.

“Vegas was everything you expected?” Cloris asked before sipping her tea.

“Yea, we had a really great time.”

“So you think it’s appropriate for a respectable young lady to be getting drunk in a strange city?”

“We were all together, drinking at the hotel’s bar and really didn’t consume very much.” Gina tried to reassure the older lady, without fully knowing if it was true.

“What about the dancing on a tables?” Cloris asked nonchalantly causing Gina to become a little frightened. She hadn’t known they danced on a table. “Or the skinny dipping, or streaking or making out with one of your bridesmaids?”

“What?” Mrs. Graves asked their guest.

Gina glanced at Jessica then over towards Kara who had began blushing. Gina’s memory was still quite hazy from the night before, but admitting it to her mother would just get her in more trouble.

“I happened to find a bunch of interesting pictures on Facebook this morning,” Cloris said as she reached into her purse to retrieve your phone.

“Oh?” June answered. The three girls looked at each other, fearful of what they had mistakenly posted the night before.

Cloris pressed a few buttons on her iPhone then leaned over towards June to show her what she’d found. With a couple flicks of the finger, June went from curious to shocked to angry to disappointed.

“My Kara knows the consequence for such behavior involves the cane,” Cloris said as she continued flicking through the pictures.

“My girls have yet to experience the cane, but it seems now is an appropriate time to introduce them.”

“But Mom, I’m getting married tomorrow!” Gina exclaimed.

“Tomorrow is the optimum word there, young lady. Until the I do’s, you are your father’s and my responsibility, and I intend to punish you for such grossly obscene behavior.”

“Well I was thinking since they acted together, they should be punished together, so I happened to bring the cane I use on Kara,” Cloris said.

“Oh? Well if we are going to get to the rehearsal on time we should get underway right now.”

“Agreed. Over the sofa?”

“Should work. Girls, get behind the sofa and drop your jeans and panties!” June commanded. Gina and Jessica glanced at each other then got up to follow their mother’s command.

“Kara, go get the cane from the trunk then you can join the Graves sisters.” Cloris add when Kara didn’t move. Kara scampered out to their car while Gina and Jessica took their place behind the sofa and lowered their jeans and panties. The pulled down their shirts in the front to attempt to preserve some modesty, but it exposed their backsides even more. When Kara returned with the cane she was greeted by a pair of white bums, which she soon matched. All three girls knew their mother would just great rebellion with more strokes.

“So you do have some modesty? The pictures don’t seem to confer it.” The girls all blushed at this. “So how do you do the cane?” June asked her fellow mother.

“Kara gets a set number or strokes per infraction. I intend on giving her 16; 6 each for streaking and skinny dipping and 4 for excessive drinking.” All three girls eyes got as large as saucers when they heard their sentence was 16 strokes.

“Sounds fair, but isn’t 6 traditionally the most ever given at one time?” June asked.

“Yea, ‘6 of the best’ is the old school limit for the cane. I was thinking 8 now and 8 in the morning.”

“But Mom, tomorrow is my wedding!” Gina pleaded.

“It’ll definitely help the girls remember to behave at the reception.” June said to Cloris before turning to her daughter.

“Would you prefer all 16 today?”

“I don’t want any with the cane,” Gina responded.

“Me neither!” Jessica chimed in.

“Your behavior last night warrants it,” June said to both of her daughters then looking explicitly at Gina, “Any more lip from you and you can enjoy your hairbrush too. Now lets get going. Jessica your first so bend over the sofa. You two take a couple steps back so you can see the trouble you got her into.”

June picked up the cane and swished it a few times while Jessica bent herself over the back of the sofa. Not knowing anything else, she got in the normal position she would as if she was getting the paddle, with the front top of her hips resting on the top of the sofa back, her tights straight down along the back of the sofa and her head buried in the cushion. The position exemplified the fullness of her butt.

Gina became a little jealous of her sister’s bottom as she watched her get into position, just like every other time she’d seen Jessica spanked.

Cloris leaned over and whispered into June’s ear, “Do you know what gating is?” June shook her head. “Well with the cane it’s every effective to place horizontal strokes then a diagonal one at the end. In this case, I recommend 6 horizontal ones then a diagonal one in each direction.” June thought for a moment then nodded.

“Jessica, why are you getting spanked?” June asked as she tapped the cane across her daughter’s bottom.

Jessica tensed up her lower cheeks at the contact. “For streaking, skinny dipping and drinking.” She gripped onto the cushion so hard she could feel her fingers through the fabric.

CRACK! “OOOUUUCCCHHHH!” Having never experienced the cane before, she didn’t understand the sting from a stroke would build upon it’s own as the blood rushed back into the impact site.

CRACK! “OOOWWWWWEEE!!!” Gina and Kara watched anxiously as a second red line appeared on Jessica’s bottom. They both knew that soon their bottoms would be feeling the cane.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! June brought the cane down over and over until six parallel lines decorated Jessica’s bottom. Jessica yelped with each new stroke, and allowed her tears to splash down onto the cushion in between.

CRACK! “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jessica cried out as she picked the cushion off the sofa and hit it back down. Six little purple ovals quickly appeared where the diagonal stroke contacted each of the parallel ones. Gina and Kara were memorized at the changed undergoing in Jessica’s bottom before them.

CRACK! “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIEEEEEE!” Jessica wiggled about and flayed her legs back and forth as she tried in vain to get up. Gina and Kara could hear her clearly crying, but only saw the red and purple backside wiggling about.

“Honey, you can stay right there while the other two get theirs,” June comforted with a gentle touch to Jessica’s lower back.

“Kara, your next,” Cloris stated as she took the cane from June and motioned for Kara to get take her place next to Jessica. Kara resigned herself to her fate and step forward to the sofa the draped herself over the back. She planted her feet flat on the floor with her toes against the bottom of the sofa then bent at the knees and waist until the back of the sofa rested just below her breasts. Finally she reached down and held onto the base of the back cushion of the sofa. This ‘Z’-like position was how Cloris preferred the cane Kara, because it stuck out her bottom, away from her body and tights, allowing any part to be easily targeted by the cane.

“Ready?” Cloris asked her daughter.

“Yes mother.” Kara answered sheepishly.

“What was that?”

“Yes, mother. I am ready to receive my punishment.” Kara responded as she blushed deeper.

CRACK! “Grrrrr! One!” Kara cried out as Cloris bit the cane into the top of her cheeks.

Cloris slowly counted to 15 in her head before placing the next stroke a cane width’s below the first. Cloris repeated this procedure until she had 6 parallel red lines on Kara’s rear end. Kara just grunted after each stroke, then counted it out loud. Cloris waited twice along before whipping the cane in an arc to catch Kara diagonally.

CRACK! “OOOOUUCCCHHH! Essstt! Seavan!” Kara cried out with a clear wetness in her voice.

CRACK! “OOOWWWEEEEE! Snifff ATTEE!” Kara shimmied her hips forward and back trying to get some kind of breeze across her backside.

“Kara, you can move forward until your bending over the sofa like Jessica while Gina gets hers,” Cloris stated as she handed the cane off to June.

“Mother, please! I am a grown woman who’ll be married tomorrow. This is not necessary,” Gina pleaded.

“The pictures tell a different story. Married or not, no daughter of mine will act in such a vulgar manner and go unpunished. Now get that tushy over the back of the sofa or I’ll go get my hairbrush and use it to prep your rear end for the cane!” June stated.

It took Gina barely a second to weight her options. Stand her ground half naked and probably get the hairbrush THEN caned, or take the caning like the other two girls. Either way left her receiving the cane, so she might as well take it on a white bottom than a red bottom. Gina trudged herself forward until the back of the sofa provided her some privacy then bent forward, to position herself just like her little sister had 5 minute prior.
CRACK! “uuuuhhhhh” Gina let out a low guttural groan as the line of fire burnt into her bottom. She was instantly glad that this was the first and last punishment she’d ever take from a cane.

Over and over June brought the cane down onto Gina’s bottom, and over and over Gina took the strokes stoically, only a low groan or grunt indicating her pain. The first diagonal stroke created more of a reaction, but little additional noise. Gina flew her head upwards until she looked straight ahead, but didn’t allow a single gasp to escape her lips.


Gina cringed a little as she sat next to Jeff in the back of the limo. Jeff, noticing his new wife’s distress asked, “Honey, are you ok?”

“Oh…hmm… yea, this dress is just a little tight,” Gina tried to answer confidently, even through the throbbing in her bottom told a different story. Kara, Jessica and Maria happened to overhear Gina’s response and couldn’t help but giggle some. They had already opened and drank half a bottle of cheap champagne while the newlyweds were taking pictures besides the limo.
Jeff knew from the bridesmaids giggling that Gina was leaving something out. “What’s wrong honey?”

“A red derriere?” Jessica giggled as she reached to refill her glass.

“Hu?” Jeff asked. Now the attention of the entire wedding party was focused on the bride.

Gina leaned over and whispered in Jeff’s ear, “I got caned last night and this morning because of a few things we did while in Vegas.”

Jeff placed his hand over his mouth trying to contain his laughter. Containing himself, barely, he whispered back, “only you?”

“No, Jessica and Kara too,” was Gina’s response.

Jeff couldn’t help himself as he shouted out “So Jessica and Kara, what did you do to get caned by your moms?”

Kara and Jessica froze as their faces flashed from white to as red as their bottoms. The groomsmen all chuckled some while Maria sunk back into her seat as she blushed lightly.

“Come on, let us see!” Mark shouted from behind the driver.

Jessica looked over Kara who arched her eyebrows back. “Hey, why not?” each girl thought. The alcohol was already flowing nicely through their blood, cutting all inhibitions to nil.
Kara and Jessica switched places with the bride and groom then turned around so they were kneeling on the seat, facing the back of the car. They looked at each other and smiled before grabbing the hem of their dresses and wiggling it up to their waists. Neither had dared to put panties on under their dresses because of welts, and they didn’t want a panty-line, so as the hemline cleared their tights, the tramlines became visible to everyone in the wedding party.

Cat-calls came from a couple of the groomsmen. The attention encouraged the girls to ham it up a bit by wiggling their bottoms as if the red lines are badges of courage.


Everyone had a great time at the reception. Kara found out Jeff’s best friend was quite interesting while Jeff’s other friend in the wedding party was just the type Jessica was looking for. Both girls snuck out of the party early to go up the Mark’s hotel room so the guys could ‘examine’ their welts more closely. The girls didn’t mind showing off their wounds, so long as the guys probed them deeply. At one point, the girls were both getting it from behind when they looked at each other, knowing if pictures of this night got out, they’d be up for another dose of the cane. If it was the cost of admission for a night like this, it as well worth it they both thought.

The bride wasn’t as lucky as her bridesmaids. She got lucky on her wedding night, but she first had to pay her new husband for her sins during her bachelorette party. When they arrived at their hotel room, Jeff first pulled his new bride across his knee. He pulled up the back of her wedding dress and slowly and playfully spanked her bottom while questioning her about the party. Gina had never knew a spanking could arouse her, until Jeff started, so she eagerly confessed all of the sins she could remember, or had seen in pictures. Once Jeff was satisfied Gina had told him everything, he had her strip off the wedding dress then kneel on the end of the bed. The alcohol and hormones had taken over Gina’s common sense so she eagerly complied. The 17 belt strokes Jeff laid onto her red and bruised bottom got mixed up on their transmission from her bottom to her brain, creating an unique feeling of painful pleasure. Jeff didn’t allow the last swat anytime to sink in before taking his new wife deeply from behind.

“You can expect a similar punishment when ever you are naughty, Mrs Fitzpatrick!” Jeff growled into his wife’s ear as he bent over her back, keeping up a steady rhythm.

“YES uuuhhh SIRRREE! Gina screamed out.