Three Ghosts of Halloween, Part III

The story begins with Part I and continues with Part II.

Adam got home right as I was just getting out of the shower. The scamp had the audacity to steal a grope of my bottom while I blow dried my hair. I was having none of it and slapped away his wandering hand.

“The pies smell soo good.” He whispered in my hear from behind my shoulder.

“That’s why I made two, one for the party and one for you.” I smiled at him. “Now if you want me to go to this dumb party, let me get ready!”

“Fine,” He cooed before leaving me in peace. “But why don’t you wear these tonight?” Adam help up a black stitch of cloth behind me in the bedroom.

I glanced in the mirror to see him hold what could only have been my black thong. “Maybe,” I lead him on with. I hated those panties, if you really could call them panties. It had be to be a man who came up with the idea of thongs. They are so incredibly uncomfortable. I’d almost rather go without than wear a thong. Almost. The only reason I had any thongs were Adam buying them for me.

The dress showed a little bit to much thigh for my liking, though Adam liked it enough for the both of us. Even the black full bikini panty, instead of the thong, didn’t damper his giddiness. Men!

Adam ended up taking a half an hour more than me to get ready. He had gotten some wizard costume called Gandolf, or something. It was supposed to be somebody famous, but I’m not sure where it was from. He just looked like an old man with a great white beard, white hat and long white robe. Seemed simple enough to me, so I don’t know why it took him so long to get ready.

We decided to walk the block and half over to the Halloween party because Adam didn’t think there would be parking in near Brittany and Rick’s place. It turned out he was right, cars had filled up most of the streets in our subdivision. By the time we got to their place I was chilled, and annoyed that Adam made me carry the pumpkin pie. He made some cheesy excuse about not being able to carry that stick thingy and the pie. I thought he should just leave it at home, but he disagreed. He at least rang the doorbell when we got there.

Ding, Dong, HA HA HA HA! rang the door bell. A moment later the door open, revealing our the hostess dressed as a cheerleader.

“Welcome!” Brittany exclaimed in her usual cheerful voice before shifting to something between sinister and comical. “To our house of doom.”

“Ooh, spooky,” Adam said, holding up his arms as if in fear. His over excitement of the scary factor earned a solid eye-roll from me.

“Hush you,” Brittany swatted playfully at Adam’s arm. “Let me take that from,” she said taking the pie from me, while Adam, the gentleman I trained him to be, relieved me of my overcoat. “We got all the food, and drink setup in the dinning room,” she said, turning towards the back of the house.

My ears perked up when she said drinks. I may have been a little hungry, but something strong was of a bigger concern at the moment. I left Adam to deal with the jackets, following Brittany to the dinning room. The selection of snacks, desserts and alcohol was quite impressive. All the major liquors were available, though I don’t know how to make anything good, so I settled for glass of Chardonnay.

Adam popped in for a moment to grab a beer and some chips then was quickly sucked away into some sports orientated conversation by Rick and a couple other guys. With the ring of the doorbell, I was left to entertain myself, so I wandered around looking for a someone I knew, and could stand.

The night wore on slowly, like all lame holiday parties. Small talk was rampant with lots of strangers finding social courage from the bottles and glasses in their hands. I moved from one group to another, never really investing too much into any one conversation. All of the discussions were very superficial, and none were very interesting.

It wasn’t long before the wine started to get to me. Not in the I’m drunk kind of way, rather in the need to visit the ladies room kind of way. Unfortunately for me, three other women has similar idea and were congregating around the bathroom door. I bet most of the guests didn’t realize there is one upstairs also.

It turned out that at least one of the guests knew about the upstairs bathroom, since the door was securely closed. With my bladder becoming more persistent in its pleas, I glanced down the stairs before peaking into the master bedroom. Brittany wouldn’t mind me using the master bathroom. We kind of like sisters, distant, but sisters.

The master bathroom door was slightly ajar so I figured it was unoccupied and started going in without knocking when I heard noise coming from inside. “Oh sorry!” I quickly apologized while pulling the door back shut.

“Ouch!” I heard a women’s voice yelp from inside as I was about to latch the door. At first I did not fully recognize the sound, or that it even originated from inside the bathroom. I paused with my hand on the door handle, waiting for some sign that my mind was just playing a trick on me.

“Ouch!” I heard a women’s voice again yelp from inside. “Ouch!” again sounded off the voice. This time I had no doubt the cries were coming from inside.

Out of duty, I flung the door open. The scene I confronted dumbfounded me. A younger, muscular man in a latex batman costume sat on the edge of the bathtub with a bathbrush in his right hand, high in the air and a partially disrobed witch over his lap. Before I had a chance to completely open the door, the bathbrush completed it’s decent onto the witch’s bare hindquarters, eliciting another yelp of pain from her.

The spring of the door stopper immediately shifted their attention to me. Batman left the brush firmly planted against the Witch’s tush as he looked up at me with a slight glare. She, on the other-hand, twisted her head in my direction, her blonde locks parted, giving me a clear view of her blushing cheeks. I recognized her as Bethany, the host’s little sister whom I had been introduced to an hour earlier. That would make batman Jake, her fiance.

“Ah.Ah.Ah,” Bethany tried to verbalize her embarrassment, though her mouth didn’t seem to work at the moment.

“Gloria, we are preoccupied at the moment. Would you be kind enough to close the door and give us some privacy. We should be done shortly,” Jake said with the elegance expected from his costume’s alter-ego.

I was having none of it though. “You asshole, Stop beating her!” I yelled as rushed to help Bethany up.

“Gloria, please, go,” Bethany tried waving me off from the inverted position.

“No, I’ll help you.” I took a hold of the hand waving at me and tried pulling her up.

“You do not understand, she does not need any help.” Jake spoke calmly.

“Shut up and let her up.” I poked my finger into Jake’s chest before trying to help Bethany off his lap.

“Gloria, It’s OK! Please go, NOW!” Bethany all but yelled at me. What the bitch! Here I am trying to help her and the ungrateful kid yells at me to leave? See if I try to help her again. I turned, and slammed the door on them. Bladder be damned, I had to talk to Brittany immediately.

My wife’s other side is released

My wife is not normal. I mean she’s a 27 year old sexpot with a kinky side a mile wide. I never quite realized it until we had been dating for 9 months and I stumbled across some extreme websites in her browser history. At first, I thought it was someone else using her computer, so I cleared the cache and ran some other maintenance stuff then told her I cleaned up a bunch of old files on her computer. She thanked me and everything went on.

Two weeks later, I stumbled across the same websites in her browser history. This time I was sure no one else had used her computer since we were basically living together. I spent some time going through them. About half were erotica while the rest were picture and streaming video sites. The content was all over the place, from lesbian sex scenes to cheerleaders getting butt-fucked. The tamer sites though generally had a reoccurring theme of a woman being spanked. If this was what turned Justine on, then I might as well try it.

A week later we were sitting on my couch watching TV. The show kept having sexual references, and I was getting horny. My arousal was probably more associated with Justine’s head laying in my lap than the show, but that doesn’t matter.

I made some comment and she responded with “hey” and pinched my leg. Pinching has been one of my pet peeves since grade school, so I respond with “Stop it! Do not pinch me!”

“What are you going to do about,” she smirked as she pinched my leg again.

This just annoyed me more. For some reason, all those stories and images of women getting spanked flashed through my mind. I’m not sure what overtook me but I reached out and brought my hand swiftly down on her bottom over the blanket.

“Ouch” she said while sticking her lower lip out in pouty face. She reached back under the blanket and made quite a show of rubbing her bottom. “I’m sorry.”

“Then no more pinching.” I told her as I brushed her hair away from her face.

“Yes sire.” The show came back on and drew our attention for a while. Justine though had other plans. Halfway through the next show, she made a comment about the lead actress being slutty and I wanting Justine to be more like her.

“No baby, I like you just the way you are.” I tried to soother her.

“Liar!” She said, pinching my leg again.

“Hey, no pinching!” I said whacking her bottom a couple of time with my hand.

“Ooooh, I could barely feel that,” she taunted.

I was not going to be taunted like that, so I pulled back the blankets, exposing her shorts covered bottom. She tried to get up, but I pulled her forward and she guided herself straight across my lap. I spanked her clothed bottom a few more times just to get more taunts that the spanks were not hurting.

“Ohhh, that reeellyyy hurtts.” Justine swooned.

“Fine, then these can come down!” I said, twisting my torso so I held her upper torso under my left arm. Two thumbs in her waistband and her shorts and panties were down to her knees.

“HEY!” Justine protested, “No fair!” She tried to twist around but I was not having any of it.

Swack Swack Swack! I spanked my right hand down quick and hard until my palm started stinging. She wiggled about on my lap as her bottom turned pink. After a minute or two, my hand stung too much to keep going.

I looked at my right hand, its palm pink and hot. Her bare bottom was so adorable right now. A mild pink tint, though soft and smooth. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but Justine already knew what was going to happened. She slide off in a kneeling position then swung her knees around until she was straddling my lap. I reached up and held her on the sides of her upper chest.

“I’m sorrrry!” Justine said sticking her lower lip out. She looked so damn cute and sexy. She slid her hand down my side, cutting across my stomach to the top of my shorts. “I’m a good girl,” she said as fingers reached inside my boxers. “I promise to be good,” was her plea as she freed myself from its cloth prison.

She gently bit her lower lip while working myself up and down her slit. I could feel her wetness coating my shaft. Up and down she rocked. I wanted her right now! On the third upward stroke she asked, “are you going to spank me again?” Once my head touched her entrance, she tilted her hips forward and impaled herself on me.

“Ahhhh, yeeesss!” I moaned. It was more a natural response to my head popping into her tight, wet pussy than the question. Justine pulled upward, freeing me from clenches, then drove down again, impaling more of me into herself. I glided my hand down her sides then around her back to hold her ass. I helped her bounce on my lap until I was fully seated inside her pussy.

We both paused for a moment to savor the intimate sensations. She felt as tight as hot as ever, pushing me to be even larger than normal. The connection was overwhelming. Her sparking blue eyes starring back at me. Her pouty lips agape. This was making love.

I slide my left hand up her back until it reached the center of her shoulder blades then pulled her forward into my kiss. I locked our lips together in a deep embrace until her eyes drifted shut. Keeping our kiss going, I worked her up and down my shaft with my right hand, overwhelming her senses. Her blue eyes fluttered, and I felt her breadth slipping away.

I kept bouncing her on my lap, feeding the orgasm within. Her pussy surprised me when the spasms hit. I never knew her to cum so quickly, or so violently. I wanted to hold back, but her pussy was doing too good a job milking me. I just let go, joining her in ecstasy.

“OH YEA!” Justine screamed when the first shot entered her. “MORE!” she cried as her hips bounced about with a life of her own. I filled her with cum until we were both spent. The emotions flooding about between us. Justine collapsed over my shoulder, me still buried deep inside.

Neither of us moved until I had relaxed enough to be expelled from her. Without saying a word, she crawled off my lap, then taking my hand by its index finger, lead us to our master bedroom, and the shower in the accompaying bathroom.

I don’t think we said a single word until we were warped up in each others arms in bed. Not a stitch of clothing between the two of us.

“I saw your browser history,” I admitted.

“I was hoping you would. I didn’t know how to bring up my other side.”

“You really interested in all the stuff on those sites?”

“Mostly. There are a few things that don’t do it for me.”

“Like what?”

“Feet, latex, hmmm…”

“Nothing else?”

“Oh and gay stuff. I’m a one dick girl,” she smiled up at me as I felt a hand run along my side. “And it is this one.” She grabbed me and gently squeezed.

“Well then maybe we should try some of the other things,” I said grabbing her bottom.

“Another time, I have a better idea for tonight,” she said before slipping her head below the covers.

Try other things we did. We did everything you could think sexually, so long as it only involved the two of us. We didn’t share our other side with anyone else, until my wife started playing games with her girlfriends. Then things got interesting.