Willow Groove – Swimming with the Lee Twins

I do not quite have the next chapter of Amber’s Rush Week done yet, so I’ve included another story of the residents of Willow Groove.

6:50pm July 27th 2002

The summer heat was still as fierce as ever. Summer does not last long in Willow Groove, but it does come with a vengeance about the time fireworks light up the sky. The heat quenched all activity that didn’t involve the cool mountain streams and lakes.

John Lee stepped out of the silver Silverado 2500. A fluttering of a bird could be heard off in the woods. Shielding his eyes from the low sun, John glanced looking for the kids. There was a few bags sitting over by a tree, but no other signs of life. Hmmm, where were his daughters at? He meandered on down towards the river.

“Lucy! Laura!” John yelled for the twins. He just made it over the edge of the short ridge when he noticed the clothes. A dozen piles of clothes lined the river bank. What where the kids up to? John thought. Then he saw the two heads bobbing in the river. “Hey girls, come on, let’s go. Your mother was starting dinner when I left,” he yelled.

“Hi Daddy, ok, we’ll be there in a minute. We’ll meet you at the truck.” Lucy yelled back. If Dad went back over the ridge, she and Laura could make it to their clothes, get dressed and back without him being any wiser.

“Oh it’s ok.”  John looked upwards at the white puffs of cloud dotting the blue sky. “I might as well enjoy the day while I’m up here.”

The girls looked at each other and slowly swam towards shore, being sure to keep just their heads above the water line. They both were trying to figure out a way out of this predicament. Their clothes were in matching piles, 10 feet from their father.

“What do we do?” Laura asked Lucy quietly.

“I don’t know. I was hopping my suggestion of going back to the truck would work.” Lucy replied.

At 5 feet from the shore, their hands began scraping against the bottom. Their father had turned around as he stared upwards, so his back was towards the girls. “Run for it?” Laura whispered, trying to stay submerged. Lucy just nodded. The girls stood up, using one arm to cover their breast while the other cupped their pelvic area. They made it half way before their Dad realized they were out of the water and spun around to face his little girls running towards him in their birthday suits. They both frozen in their tracks.

“What the hell are you doing?” John yelled. His little angels had been skinny dipping.

“We were swimming, Daddy!” Laura pleaded as she could feel her face turn beat red.

“Naked!? That is no way for young ladies to be swimming!” John said.

“But Daddy, we are adults. we can swim how we want.” Lucy attempted to be as forceful with her statement she could, but there is only so much confidence a naked 20 year old girl can have while standing before her father.

“You are still my daughters, and I can punish you how I want!” John growled as he strode forward and took a hold of the girl’s forearms. A few tugs and the twins were quickly closing the distance to the pickup.

“Daddy, what about our clothes?” Lucy asked reaching for a few pieces of modesty.

John released the girls and gave each a solid smack to each girls’ behind. “I’ll get the clothes, you get those butts over the tailgate NOW!” The twins scampered up the to truck as fast as they could make the climb. The sticks and stones hurt their feet, but neither thought that would matter much in a few moments. John reached down and picked up the two piles of clothes with one hand and pulled out his knife with the other.

Laura lowered the tailgate on the back of the pickup. She took one last look at Lucy, knowing they both were doomed. Both girls had to stand on their toes to get their waist up on the edge of the tailgate. The both laid on their arms, to give some protection to their breats and prevent them from falling into the crack between the tailgate and the truck bed.

John took his time returning to the truck. He had stopped by a willow tree to cut two, 3/4 inch wide branches off. Maybe this will teach the girls to think before do something dumb.

“Daddy please, we are sorry!” Lucy cried when their father got up behind them.

“Reallly soorrrryyyy!” Laura added.

“No, not as much as you will be. What were you two thinking, skinny dipping? Didn’t you both get three new bathing suits this year? I’m disappointed in you two. You both know better.” John’s voice shifted from anger to sadness.

“Sorry Daddyyy! We won’t do it again!” Both girls cried in unison.

“I know your sorry, but I’m still going to spank you. These switches should work.”

Swish! “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” Lucy screamed out. The branch cut deep into the high fleshy part of her bottom. All the little stubs bit beside the band of fire laid upon her wet behind.

Swish! “AHHHHHEEEEEE!” Laura echoed her sister as the switch repeated it’s task upon her upturned behind.

John worked back and forth between the bottoms, exciting a new cry with stroke of the switch. It took only three strokes before they were kicking their legs about wildly. It took 27 strokes before the first switch broke over butt. John tossed off the broken branch and wiped the sweat from his brow.

The girl’s continually cried as the fire just built. They both thought it might be over when the first switch broke, but Laura was quickly corrected when a new line of fire cut low on her butt. A new set of screams where heard as the second switch went to work. This one only made it 21 strokes, but that was enough to cover both girl’s behinds with red and purple welts.

“Put up the tailgate then get in the truck!” John commanded as he tossed the broken switch away and headed for the cab. The twins pushed themselves up off the tailgate and instantly started rubbing their butts. Lucy finally got up the tailgate then followed Laura around to the passenger’s side. They rode in the backseat, kneeling side by side, still as naked as the day they were born.

They arrived home to find their mother just finishing dinner. John pulled into the garage and shut the door.

“Daddy, can get our clothes back?” Lucy pleaded as her father got out of the truck.

“Ask your mother,” was the only thing as he went in the house.

Grace Lee was standing in front of the stove stirring the chicken dish as her two naked daughters waddled into the kitchen. “Why aren’t you two wearing clothes?” Grace gasped upon seeing her daughters.

“Dad wouldn’t give them back,” Laura answered.

“Why would your father have your clothes?” Grace asked knowing the answer wouldn’t be good.

“Well….we were…kinda…swimming and Dad startled us,” Lucy stammered.

“You were skinny dipping?” Grace asked.

“Yeaa,” the girls answered together looked contritely down at the floor. Grace pulled the girls, face first over the kitchen table, exposing their purplish butts.

“I see your father didn’t approve. Well I don’t either.” She reached over for a the bottle of menthol oil sitting next to the table. “I think this will help you remember the importance of your modesty.”

She poured a little bit on Lucy’s left cheek then began to work it around with her hand. “Ouch, owwwe, ahhh, estttts sniff AHHHHHHHHHH! IT BURNS! Lucy cried out.

Grace added more oil then worked it around the other cheek, between the cheeks and down between their legs. When she got done, she let Lucy up. “Go get an old bathing suit for both of you then get right back here! And no rubbing!” She commanded as she went to work on Laura’s behind.

Laura took it even worst than Lucy; eliciting the same cries of mercy, but also bucking around considerably more. Grace ended up giving her half a dozen hand spanks to ‘settle’ her back down.

Lucy returned with two old bikini bathing suits, still unaware what her mom wanted them for. Grace laid the bottoms on the table next to Laura then poured some of the oil suits, completely covering the crotch and back portions. Once the oil soaked in, she handed a bottom to each girl. “You can wear these for the rest of the weekend.” The girls reluctantly pulled the bottoms up their legs and over the tender flesh. The fire from the oil hadn’t let up yet, encouraging their bottoms to wiggle about. Grace then handed over the matching tops. “Put these on then get a t-shirt. I expect you both back here in 2 minutes to set the table.”

The girls scampered off to their room, covering their breasts with the bathing suit top with one hand while pulling back the bottom off their behinds. Grace washed the reminents of the oil off her hands before removing dinner from the stove. “Skinny dipping! Wow.” Grace mumbled under her breath. “For how smart they are, they sure do some dumb stuff.”

Laura appeared in an old high school t-shirt about a minute and a half later. “Where’s Lucy?” Grace asked.

“Ah, I think she went to the bathroom.” Laura replied, keeping up as much of her ‘I’m a repentent little girl’ look as possible.

Grace closed her eyes briefly and shook her head a little. “One day she’ll learn,” she thought. “Well get the table set. The tell your father that dinner is ready,” Grace told Laura.

Lucy appeared just as Laura left to get their father. “I said 2, not 10 minutes.” Grace said as the last dish was set on the table.

“I had to go to the bathroom,” Lucy said in a softer but higher pitch voice than normal.

“And wash your bottom?” Grace asked. Lucy instinctively started to blush a little more.

“No,” She lied. A fresh tear trickled down the right side of her face.

“You know better than to lie to me!” Grace said forcefully. Just then Laura returned with John in tow. “You to start go ahead and start, Lucy and I need to talk.” Grace ushered her daughter back to the kitchen. John took his usual seat at the head of the table, while Laura attempted sit down on only the mid-part of her thighs then braced herself up with the table. The odd, and slightly uncomfortable position allowed her to keep the major portion of her rear end off the seat, while appearing to sit. It was an acrobatic maneuver both girls had perfected over the years. They always seemed to get spanking before dinner, rather than afterwards.

Laura could hear some muffled voices from the kitchen followed by the water running and a little rustling. She took some rice and green beans and chicken, mostly at the instance of her father. She was just bringing the first bite to her mouth when she heard a low swish then a muffled cry. The sound made her jump a little, dropping the food back to her plate.  She instantly knew what was happening in the kitchen, and was thoroughly glad she hadn’t joined Lucy in the bathroom.

The muffled swishes and cries continued at a good pace for the next five minutes. Every cry was a little louder than the previous one, causing Laura cringe a little bit each time. She still managed to get through half of her bowl before her mother returned to the dinning room, sans Lucy.

“Lucy decided to skip dinner and just go straight to bed once she finishes the dishes. Laura, you can join her once you wash these dishes.” Grace said to Laura. “So honey, how was your day?”

Laura just kinda sat there in silence while her parents carried on a typical dinner conversation. She ate, even though she had no appetite. After 25 minutes, her parents finally finished, allowing her to clear the table and wash the few remaining dishes. Lucy had returned to their room well before dinner finished. Bending over the sink caused the bikini bottoms to pull against Laura’s bottom, inciting a fresh burn now there. Twisting was even worst, feeling like another stroke was delivered to her bottom. Laura was lightly crying again by the time she finished the dishes and made her way to her room.

Laura found Lucy was laying face down on her own bed, with her bottom pointing up in the air. Laura took the same pose in the other bed.

“I am NEVER skinny dipping again!” Lucy cried to her sister.

“I agree,” Laura echoed. “Mom wash your mouth out with soap for lying?”

“Sniff. Yea, then re-oiled my bottom before using the chopstick on it.”

“Ouch. Sorry sis. I could hear some of your cries from the dinning room.”

“That was with the soap still in my mouth. Halfway through Mom threatened to put some oil inside if I didn’t settle down. I don’t know how that would have helped my wiggling.” Both girls chuckled at the remark before drifting off to sleep. The swimming earlier had drained all their energy. Of course the events since hadn’t helped either.

Willow Groove – Establishing a New Society

May 18th, 1878
120 miles North Northwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory

The older gentleman took off his broad brimmed hat as he scanned the lay of the land. A small river ran 50 yards to the east. The sun was getting low in the western sky. It would soon be touching to mountain peaks. The clearing wasn’t very large, maybe enough space for two decent buildings. The earth’s rich enough and the land is flat. This will do, he thought to himself. “Here. Here is where make our home.”

The three other pioneers just nodded their heads. What David Marshall said was going to happen. This clearing is where their four families would build a new community. A community apart from the hatred and misunderstandings back east. It would be a place to raise a family and raise it right. Before the end of the spring, this would be their homes.

David Jr, Peter and John began plotting out how to fall the trees surrounding the clearing while Andrew rode back to the wagon train. A ring of fallen trees would provide the community with protection for a few days while the first buildings where constructed.


“Lucy, I know your weak, but you can carry more water than that!” Cindy Wingate snarled at Lucy Lee as the girls carried water from the river to the central cistern. The girls were tasked with filling the 500 gallon cistern before they went to bed tonight so that first thing in the morning the men could start John’s mini-mill and make boards for the full lumber mill.

Lucy sneered back then notice a partially buried rock ahead of them. Slowing her pace slightly, she intentionally tripped on the rock, spilling half a buck of water over Cindy’s backside. Cindy shrieked as the cold water hit. She spun around to see Lucy smiling and threw a bucket of water towards her. Lucy dodged most of the water, but the bottom half of her dress still got drenched.

Lucy lunged at Cindy, grabbing hold of the bigger girl’s hair, earning another shriek from Cindy. Thomas Wingate and Andrew Lee had been working with John to assemble the mini-mill when then heard the commotion. The two fathers rushed over and pulled their daughter’s off each other. The girls immediately began pleading with their fathers that the other girl

“It’s both their faults,” Jane commented as she hauled a load of water to be used for cooking.

“Jane you see what happened?” Thomas asked.

“Not exactly, but those two have been at each other since we stopped. In my opinion they both deserve to get it,” Jane answered, pausing for only a moment.

“But Father!” both girls pleaded simultaneously. Thomas looked at Andrew, who just nodded in silent agreement.

“Girls, go cut a switch!” Thomas commanded.

“Err. 2 switches! Spare in case,” Andrew corrected in his slightly broken English. The girls looked at their fathers, pleading for a moment for leniency, though none was to be had. Just punishing the girls was going to put the men 15 minutes behind schedule.

The girls trotted off resentfully to their wagon’s to get a hatchet. It was barely five minutes before both sullenly presented 2 willow switches to their fathers. Thomas took the two branches from Cindy the pointed towards the support beam they had just erected for the far end of the mill. Andrew followed suit with his daughter, adding in Japanese, “prepare your backside, you disgraceful girl!”

Cindy went over to the rail and started to bend over it when she noticed Lucy was undoing something under her dress. “Haha, Lucy was getting it on her slips! Servers her right!” Cindy thought. Cindy watched Lucy drop something to the ground then pulled up the back of her dress as she bent over the rail.

“Cindy, over to the other side, and I think it’s only appropriate that you bare your backside also!” Thomas said coming up behind Cindy.

“But Father! Everyone will see me!” Cindy cried.

“Same crime, same punishment! If Lucy can do it, so can you! Now get those slips up and bloomers down!” Thomas stated, showing some annoyance in his voice, and lots in his expression. Cindy got the message loud and clear. She went around the rail then lowered her bloomers and raised the back of her skirts as she bent over the rail. The whole party was shown a naked backside; one amber and one white. Lucy’s was smaller than Cindy’s but proportional for her smaller physique.

Swish! Swish! Swish! The switch rained down on the girls’ bare bottoms repeatedly, eliciting a squeal with every contact. The fathers competed with each other on the squeals from their daughters, attempting to show each other up as being more firm with discipline.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Crack! Over 3 dozen switch marks covered Cindy’s bottom and upper tights when the willow branch broke. He tossed it to the side and took a hold of the second switch. Cindy was balling while Lucy was still making light yelps in between her sobs as the stroke landed.

Thomas was just about the start again when Andrew’s switch broke. Andrew just tossed the broken branch to the side then yelled at Lucy in Japanese. Thomas figured Cindy had enough also. Her butt was swollen and criss-crossed with red lines. Disciplining his daughters was mostly his wife’s task. He really didn’t know much about how is wife spanked the girls, but figured one of the two got it every few weeks, mostly with a hairbrush. He’d find the hairbrush laying out in odd places in their old home.

“Cindy, make yourself decent again and get back to work. Anymore ruckus from you and I’ll see to it that you spend the night on the rail and everyone will take a switch your backside!” Thomas growled as he returned to work.

“Yes pa sniff!” Cindy managed as she pushed herself up and off the rail. Her backside stung like no other. “That Lucy would pay for getting her whipped,” Cindy thought as she gingerly made her way towards the buckets. Lucy followed her a few moments later.


Cindy bade her time, and carried bucket after bucket of water until the cistern was filled. Cindy would peak at Lucy’s buckets during each trip, seeing they were only “half” full.

Morning came and both girls were very stiff. They helped their mothers cook breakfast then were set off to adding more water to the cistern. The mill would drain the entire tank in 30 minutes of continuous usage, so the girls were to be kept busy refilling the tank as fast as the mill used the water. Ideally, John wished he could have brought more hosing, which would allow them to fill the tank from a site closer to the river, but weight restrictions prevented it. Axes and saws were more important.

It was just after lunch when Cindy found her chance to get back at Lucy. The men had milled 6 trees during the morning and needed to prep another set of logs before they could mill more lumber. Cindy found Lucy sitting on a rock by the river, playing with a few minnows. Snatching a small willow branch, Cindy crept up behind Lucy until she was in striking distance. A quick shove sprawled Lucy into the riverbank’s mud. Cindy swung the branch down on Lucy’s clothed back and legs as fast and hard as she could, causing Lucy to yell out for help.

Thomas and David had been walking over the community’s layout when they heard the screams. “CYNTHIA WINGATE!” Thomas yelled at his daughter as he and David rushed over to stop the assault. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!”

“That slacker deserved it!” Cindy yelled, trying to get another few strokes in on Lucy, but being held back by her father.

David arrived a moment after Thomas and helped Lucy get to her feet and clean some of the mud off her dress.

“Get to the wagon NOW!” Thomas yelled, shoving his daughter in the direction of their wagon. Once Cindy had started in the general direction, he turned to see if Lucy was hurt. Lucy said she was OK, but David and Thomas still helped her over to her Wagon for her mother to check her out.

Thomas then asked David for some advice. “I don’t know what to do with Cindy. I just thrashed her yesterday for fighting with Lucy, and you know how successful that was.” Thomas commented as David and him walked out of earshot of anyone else.

“I saw you and Andrew dealing with those girls last night. Well, back east they’d have seen what she did to Lucy just now as a criminal act, and treated her appropriately,” David replied.

“But we have no jail, don’t have the luxury of allowing her to sit in one for that matter, and fines would be pointless, since money doesn’t matter right now,” Thomas stated, unsure where David might be going.

“Well a crime against the community should be punished by the community. Maybe a longer period over that rail will help her see the error of her ways.”

“David, the rail we used is now part of the mill.”

“We’ll construct a new one and any woman who causes mischief will get to ride it.”

“Sounds fair. We should talk with John and Andrew first though.” The patriarch headed to the mill site to discuss the idea with John and Andrew, the other two patriarch of the community. With the consent of the three other men, Thomas set off to build the first whipping rail of the community.

The rail was a single 4 inch wide set upon three posts spaced evenly over it’s 6 foot length. The top corners were rounded off, but the wood was still rough. Set at 40 inches off the ground, only the tallest women would be able to touch the ground when bent over it. Thomas cut a groove in the top of each post, and tied off a hitching loop in case a women needed to be restrained. He suspected Cindy would once he started in on her.

It was just before sunset when Thomas finished construction and David thought it was a perfect time to put it to use. David called everyone’s attention then began his short speech. “Earlier today Cindy decided to repeatedly strike at Lucy. Such an offense would be a crime back east, and so shall it be here. Cynthia Wingate, please step forward.” Cindy glanced at her mother and father before looking downcast and shuffled her way to beside David Marshall. “You are charged with striking Lucy Lee, how do you plead?” David continued.

“Hmm….guilty?” Cindy replied apprehensively.

“Do you have any excuse for your actions?” David asked.

“No sir,” Cindy mumbled. She was blushing with everyone’s attention focused on her, especially attention due to bad behavior.

“Do you want to say anything before I pass judgement?” David asked.

“No sir,” Cindy just wanted to get this over with.

“Then Cynthia Wingate I find you guilty of assault.” David then looked out to everyone, “Since we don’t have a jail or anything here, and we surely can’t spare anyone’s time, thus Thomas, John, Andrew and I discussed the issue. We reckon the easiest, and fastest method to punish a women is with the application of willow across their backside. Since there is lots of work to be done, men will be punished with days of community work.” Returning his attention to Cindy, “Cindy, you are sentenced to 2 willows over the rail, the first of which shall be applied by your victim.” A few of the younger girls giggled a little upon hearing that Cindy was going to get it and here in front of everyone.

“Cindy, you will lower any bloomers you are wearing then raise your petticoats and lay yourself lengthwise along the rail, presenting your nude bottom and tights for correction.”

A few more giggles escaped from younger girls at the revelation of Cindy getting her bare bottom whipped publicly. They were happy to see her get the switch; getting to see her get it bare was overwhelming. They did their best to suppress their glee, otherwise they may end up on the wrong end of their mother’s hairbrush tonight.

Cindy blushed at the humiliation. She looked up at David, making her eyes as round as saucers, and pleading non-verbally for leniency. David arched his eyebrows slightly to indicate his patience was fading for the young miss. Cindy returned her stare to patch of dandelions in front of her feet. She knew it was going to happen, whether she liked it or not.

She followed Mr. Marshall’s ushering her around to the end of the rail in a daze. She stared down at the narrow beam of wood until David cleared his throat. Cindy reached down to her hemline then up, under her skirts to get to the tie holding her bloomers up. Even though everyone was about to see her, she still tried to maintain her modesty as long as possible. Releasing the knot, the undergarment slowly slipped its way down Cindy’s legs.

“You should tie off your ankles to preserve your modesty,” David said as he motioned to the short length of rope at the bottom of the rail. Cindy took the suggestion and tied a simple knot around her ankles to keep from kicking her legs up.

“Miss Wingate, please present your bottom for correction,” David stated dryly. Cindy reached back to her thighs and started pulling up her skirt until the hemline reached her fingers. With a deep breath, she closed her eyes and opened her backside to the world. The cool spring air danced upon her pristine globs, drawing little hills across its surface. For a moment, the world seemed oddly at peace. The wind stopped blowing, Birds stopped singing, men stopped hammering. Everything just stopped. No pain, just a a perfect calm.

Swish! “grrrph!” Cindy grunted with the return of reality. She refused to give Lucy any satisfaction, even as the branch cut deeply into her welted bottom. Resolve had to be greater than the pain.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Lucy brought the switch down harder and harder, trying to get some response out of Cindy, but she wouldn’t respond.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Lucy swung the switch this way and that and still only earn grunts from Cindy.

Swish! “Ooouccchh!” Cindy cried out when Lucy swung the branch in an upward arch, catching her just under the cheeks. Lucy applied the last 3 strokes in the branch to this spot, earning a more distinct yelp with each stroke. Lucy was just starting to enjoy herself when the branch broke in half.

“Thank you Lucy. John has agreed to finish Cindy’s punishment. John,” David said, stopping Lucy from trying to swing with the broken branch. John stepped over to a nearby Willow tree and hacked off an inch wide branch then cleaned it with barely 2 swipes of the hatchet. He handed the hatchet to David then took up his position behind Cindy.

SWWIISSH! “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” The branch left a white band on the center of Cindy’s butt while it drove all the pain from the surface deep inside. A moment later the pain exploded back to the surface twice as bad. Cindy went wild, bouncing and wiggling about, trying to escape the fire that burn on her butt.

John waited a few moments then brought the branch down hard again, just below his first stroke.

SWWIISSH! “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” Cindy wiggled about violently immediately this time.



The branch could take only 4 more of John’s mighty swings before it broke. Cindy clearly vocalized her distress until her backside shone a dark red with 8 parallel purple stripes.

“Miss Wingate, you have taken your punishment well. You can take a few minutes to arrange yourself, but I expect you back to work shortly.” David told the weeping girl. He did not give her much more thought. This little ordeal had put them behind, and constructing the village was much more important than some mischievous child. He really would not have spent the time to deal with Cindy had he not needed to make an example for everyone else. Particularly those young women folk who were always bickering. “Peter! We got a dozen trees ready over on the east side! Can you get them out by noon?”