Spilled Coffee

Yesterday afternoon I was filling up the coffeemaker and notice I had not spilled a single drop when filling the reservoir.  Quite a little accomplishment, even if I have to say so myself, since most of the time there is a small puddle on the counter which I have to wipe up before starting the appliance.

Waiting for the pot to fill, my mind started to wander. First to spilling the water and not wiping it up, which obviously led to a naughty secretary and it was all down hill from there. I have heard of some strange reasons leading to a spanking, but spilling water while refilling the coffeemaker and not cleaning it up would definitely be one of the kookiest. Admitting why you got spanked would be worst than the embarrassment of the spanking itself.

Now spilling coffee and leaving those little brown circles splattered across the counter is a different issue. Coffee is quite obvious when spilled and it it just pure laziness or disrespect for one’s coworkers when it is not cleaned up.

So the question today is, what is the kookiest reason you have known of which lead to a hot bottom?

Cause of the Spanking Effect

Continuing the miniseries on essence of a spanking, we get to the cause. Why is the girl being spanked.

The exact causes are to numerous to list and I doubt we could come up with every possible cause. I will focus on the general causes, rather than the explicit details of a given situation. Please note, the categories are not necessarily where the spanking takes place (like poor grades at school will probably result in a spanking at home, not school) but original cause of the spanking.

  • General
    • Attitude – Poor, mean or disrespectful
    • Lying
    • Language (swearing, mean, degrading, disrespectful, sassy)
    • Fighting
    • Disobedience
    • Game / Competition / Bet
    • Theft / Trespassing / Criminal Activity
  • Home
    • Not doing chores / Laziness
    • Arguing with sibling / parent
    • Neglecting responsibilities
    • Not paying attention
    • Being Spanked at School / Work
    • Sex / Masturbation / Intimate behaviors
  • School
    • Poor Grades
    • Skipping Class / Slacking during class
    • Uniform
    • Pranks
    • Destruction of school property
    • Sex / Masturbation / Intimate behaviors
  • Work
    • Poor customer relations
    • Mistakes
    • Neglecting responsibilities
    • Sex / Masturbation / Intimate behaviors
  • In Public
    • Attitude
    • Speeding / Traffic violations
    • Disruptive / Inappropriate Behavior
  • Vacation
    • Attitude
    • Risky / Inappropriate behavior

Here is a question for you all, what am I missing? I’ve been searching through all the personal accounts and stories I have and they all fall into one of the above categories.