Spanksgiving Day Parade

“Welcome to to the Spanksgiving Day Parade. I am Catherine Littlebum and I am here with Daniel Hardhand.”

“Welcome, We have a great parade in store for you today. I have seen some of today’s floats and they even better than last year. You are really going to see something special today.”

“That is for sure. This year, like always, is starting right on time.”

“This year it is being lead by the marching band, ‘Contrite Chrisses’. Is that? Yes it is! They are playing their world famous ‘Solemn Lullaby’! Oh what a wonderful tune.”

“That it is Daniel. It always sends a shiver down my spine when I hear it.”

“And a twitch in the bum?”

“Well that’s a given, Daniel. Next up is the float from St. Lucianna’s School for Naughty Girls.”

“Oh what a wonderful school scene they have. Those Nun habits look very authentic from up here. Those ‘schoolgirls’ may have graduated long ago, but they are surely learning some lessons today.”

“Especially that redhead over the desk getting a workout from the ruler.”

“Catherine, don’t forget the back of the float! It looks like the Headmaster’s study is busy today.”

“Oh, your right. The two blondes touching their toes are perfectly positioned for his cane.”

“Nothing but six of the best!”

“You can say that again, Daniel.”

“Nothing but six of the best! Up next is one of the more extreme floats, from Lefien Leather.”

“Oh, that leather cat suit looks awful hot from up here.”

“Would you rather be freezing in those schoolgirl outfits we just saw, Catherine?”

“You know it! Now comes my favorite part of the parade, The giant balloons!”

“We have a giant flying paddle, and a hairbrush. Ohh, and that padded sawhorse is new.”

“I haven’t seen that one before. It looks like a circular arrowhead.”

“I bet you haven’t seen it before, but you probably felt it. It’s a ginger plug for figging.”

“Oh yea. Your right Daniel, I have never saw one, just felt a few.”

“Next up, we have Inquisition Goods, makers of some of the finest Medieval toys available.”

“Those hooded executioners sure look ominous. That one is really flogging the woman secured to the St. Andrews Cross.”

“The blonde in the pillory is looking like she is have a good time. Oh her execution just dropped his tawse and, yup, there he goes, rogering her good.”

“What a lucky girl! Next up is the all female marching band, ‘Yelping Ladies’ performing ‘Spank Dance.’ Look at their Color Guard jump. Those drum majors are not holding anything back.”

“It is called ‘Spank Dance’ for a reason. Next we have the float by Domestic Depot. What a lovely bedroom scene they have created this year. That bride is sure getting it.”

“A hairbrush in a groom’s hands has straighten out many bridezillas. I sure worked for me. Wow, look at those jugglers through around those paddles, they are an experts in dealing with the hard wood.”

“I bet they get plenty of practice. Catherine, it looks like we are nearing the end of this years parade, but first we have the float from the sweet people over at College Accessories. It looks like they have a lovely dorm room scene.”

“Daniel, I can tell you haven’t been to a College in quite a few years, because that isn’t a dorm room, its a sorority housemother’s room.”

“Oh, your right. And those sister sure have been naughty. Good thing they are right after the paddle jugglers, that housemother looks like she might need a replacement paddle soon.”

“There is our last float, and as is tradition, there is Spank Claus. Daniel, can you tell what is he giving out to all the naughty girls and boys this year?”

“Those are little wooden spoons!”

“Hopefully they won’t have to wait until they get home to be used.”

“I agree.”

“Well, I’d like to thank you all for coming out on this lovely Spanksgiving Day. Today’s parade was sure a great one. I’m Catherine Littlebum.”

“And I’m Daniel Hardhand, wishing you a wonderful rest of the day.”

Second Period of My Wife’s Game Night

The story begins with My Wife’s Other Side is Released and continued with First Period of My Wife’s Game Night.

“I think Justine’s right, SORRY!” Naomi tossed down a card before knocking a piece off the board with her own piece.

“Oh, so it’s pick on Kelly night?” Kelly spewed across the table.

Veronica reach her left around Kelly’s shoulder then mockingly said, “Awe, Kelly everyone wins and losses from time to time. Right now you just happen to be loosing your bra or panties.”

“Grr” Kelly groaned, slapping away Veronica’s arm before reaching behind her and undoing her bra strap. The a pair of pink cups joined the rest of the clothes at the end of the table. She was the first to be actually expose more than a bikini and my luck would have it that her back was towards me.

I wonder if she looses another piece will the panties go next? Then I at least would get to see her bare bottom. She does have a nice backside. Too bad I wasn’t sitting closer. The pink lace made her bottom look so toned and perky. Was it the panties, or all natural? Maybe she was wearing a pair of those pushup panties with butt padding Justine had showed me in the store a couple of weeks ago. Kelly didn’t seem like the type of person who would wear something like that. Veronica, yes, but not Kelly.

The game continued while I day dreamed about Justine’s half naked friends. Naomi had tossed in her jeans and Justine had now stood up after tossing down a card. Justine moved her token a few spaces then said, “HOME! I’ll take back my jeans.”

This was an interesting development. The girls could win back their clothes if they got a piece to the Home square. Getting a piece knocked off meant loosing a piece of clothing. What was the spanking for? Not being able to play a card?

A full round went before Justine Sorried off one of Veronica’s tokens. Veronica, always wanting to be the center of attention, opted to strip off her panties over her bra. She eased herself up then planted her feet shoulder width apart. She didn’t put on as much of a show easing her thong down her long toned legs, but she did keep her legs locked and bent over at the waist. I got the best view possible at 30 feet of her bare backside and crotch. Her dark skin tone made it hard to tell, but she looked to be shaved bare down below. Damn was she sexy. I definitely was going to screw Justine silly tonight. My hardness was already starting to hurt.

Veronica got back at my wife on her next turn. She first knocked off one of Naomi’s pieces then on the same turn Sorried off one of Justine’s. Naomi covered her chest as she tossed in her bra and my wife’s blouse followed suit. This was going to get real interesting so, because Justine was the only one with more than one piece of clothing.

“Justine, you can do it.” Naomi said on her turn. It took her a moment to get up without revealing her breasts to the other girls. I knew Naomi was shy, but not this shy. It was probably because she was not as absorbed in the game as I wanted to believe and remembered I was sitting on the couch on the other end of the room. Her arm did come down once she had draped herself over my wife’s lap for the spanking she had coming.

“Do it good and hard this time,” Veronica commented as she handed over the ruler.

“No, please,” Naomi cried.

“I’ll do it as hard,” CRACK, ” or as soft,” swat, “as I wish,” Justine chided Naomi and Veronica.

SWACK SWACK SWACK “OUCH!” Justine laid three quick and semi hard swats onto Naomi’s panty covered bottom drawing a nice yelp at the end.

“Kelly, your turn,” Justine stated, helping Naomi up. Naomi had the dilemma of spanked girls everywhere; to rub or to cover. Amazing she achieved both, though neither very successfully. The girls at the table had to have seen her breasts during her transition to her seat, even if I didn’t get a view.

“Does anyone want a refill?” Justine asked getting up to get another glass of sangria.

“Yea,” Kelly said.

“Me, too,” Naomi chipped in.

Justine returned with the entire pitcher while Kelly took her turn. More alcohol was something I also would have enjoyed, but the ladies with looser inhibitions was better than any ice cold beer.

“So Kelly, I think those panties need to come off too,” Veronica said, moving a piece around the board.

“You couldn’t have just moved your piece home!” Kelly complained.

“Not when I can make you loose your panties!” Veronica replied.

“FINE! You bitch!” Kelly bemoaned as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband. Then with barely lifting her bottom off the seat, she slipped the undergarment down and off. It was exciting knowing she was sitting there naked, but not nearly as exciting as the show Veronica had put on a few minutes earlier.

“Kelly don’t whine too much, Veronica is joining you naked.” Justine said before knocking off one of the pieces.

“No probs,” Veronica said, tossing her bra into the pile.

“Thanx, but she likes it.” Kelly complained. Even from my vantage point, I could tell Kelly was sulking at her loosing position within the game. I could never remember her being a good sport at anything where she was not leading.

“Seven! One, two three four five six, one and my blouse please!” Naomi cheered as she moved two of her pieces on the board. Justine passed over the garment and through an amazing feat of acrobatics, Naomi but her blouse on without revealing either breast. I have always found it impressive the things women will do to avoid exposing themselves, even for a moment. Its probably due to growing up with two brothers.

Kelly inched closer to modesty but couldn’t quite get there. Veronica returned the favor to Justine, sliding off one of her pieces and getting those jeans to return to the clothes pile. Veronica and the table blocked most of my wife, but she still looked damn sexy to me. Maybe it was my imagination running wild, but I could swear a moment after she tossed the jeans into the pile, I could smell her fragrance. We had dabbled in few exhibitionist exposes; a quickie in restroom, a fallen top on the beach and even the windy city walk once. It always got her motor running on high, so there was no way her panties were not soaked.

“Your turn, what are you going to do?” Veronica asked my wife.

“Grr, here,” she said, tossing out a card, “Naomi you can do it.” She must’ve tossed a card she couldn’t play, because she moved to Naomi’s right side and over her lap she went.

“Goodie!” Naomi exclaimed, reaching over to Justine’s spot to grab the ruler. She raised the ruler high over Justine’s bottom then brought it down fast but did not hear a swat. Justine showed no signs of distress either. Naomi repeated the action four more times, as if she was play spanking my wife.

My wife got up and Naomi played her next card. “Justine, you can do me now,” Naomi purred laying down a card. She was play spanking my wife, hoping to get an easy spanking from her on the next turn. Justine obliged with eight fast, loud claps.

The next two turns proceed like the previous two, with Kelly and Veronica exchanging spanks. Some how Kelly managed to get over Veronica’s lap and return to her seat without showing me anything beyond the side of her breast, while Veronica showed everything she could possibly show. If the logical side of my brain had been working I would have realized she was trying to seduce me. But what fun is logic? And Justine obviously consented.

“Please do Veronica,” Kelly pleaded.

“That’s fine with me,” Veronica lightly shrugged and smiled broadly. She then slightly turned and started to look over her shoulder in my direction cut in.

“No, Kelly is the first one out tonight,” Justine stated.

“Ah come on!” Kelly whined.

“You really enjoyed it when I was out first last week! Come on, show us what you got,” Naomi egged the other blonde on.

“Fine! A 7, 8, 12 and Sorry!” Kelly said getting up and tossing her hand down for the other girls to see.

“Well I’ll take the Sorry! for 15 last,” Justine said.

“12 for me, second,” Naomi said next.

“Well get over my lap girlfriend! I’m going to make sure these 8 count!” Veronica said, sliding her chair back a little bit. Kelly slide from her chair to being draped over Veronica’s lap without turning to face me.

SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! Veronica brought the ruler down slow and hard onto the bare bottom. Kelly’s flowed forward with momentum of each swat transfer into Kelly’s bottom. She took the spanking well, only giving a mild grunt on the last few swats.

“My Turn!” Naomi chirped once Veronica delivered the eighth swat.

Kelly mumbled something under her breadth as she got up from Veronica’s lap. Kelly kept her back towards me for the most of her trip over to Naomi’s lap

CRACK! “Ouch!” Kelly cried out. CRACK! “Ouch! not,” CRACK! “oweee, so,” CRACK!, “ahhh, hard!” CRACK! “OUCH! Pleeaseee!” CRACK! Naomi beat the ruler into Kelly’s bare bottom over and over. The animosity between the girls was clearly being worked out on Kelly’s bottom, reducing the blonde to a crying mess. I actually felt sorry for Kelly, even if she deserved it.

“I think you’ve had enough for the moment. You can serve as for now and I’ll take my reward later,” Justine said to the relief of her friend. I thought she was being nice by not adding to Kelly’s pain until she called, “Hey Mike, do you need another beer?”. I had thought they forgot about me, but my wife surely didn’t.

“Ah, yea honey,” I yelled back while trying to fake as much interest in the hockey game as possible. It was a nearly impossible task with the two naked women 30 feet away.

“Kelly, why don’t you get Mike a cold beer,” Justine said. I couldn’t see much but I heard the fridge open, a bottle top pop off the someone walk over behind the couch. The next thing I saw almost took my breath away, Kelly stood next to the coffee table in her birthday suite.

“Thank you,” I mumbled taking the bottle. I admit it, I couldn’t stop staring. I had always imagined Kelly was a runway type of girl, but she hid nothing. It was hard to determine where she was blushing more, but her lower regions pouted more than her expression wanted to admit.

“Your welcome,” she responded before returning to the table area. I stole a peak at her backside as she made her way past the back of the couch. The girls had done a good job of painting it red with a few maroon splotches. Pink rectangles provided evidence where the ruler had made contact. Kelly was more like my wife than I had ever realized.

First Period of My Wife’s Game Night

This is a continuation of My wife’s other side is released.

On our first anniversary, my wife and I realized that our lives were getting boring. We were sitting home at home, eating the top of our wedding cake while watching Jeopardy and contemplating if we should go to bed afterwards. I know, typically for newlyweds “going to bed early” is just code for screwing until the sunrises. We still did that, but we were also just as happy laying down next to each other and falling asleep. We were acting like an old boring couple, were their entire non-work life rotates around their mate. It is comforting individually, but also lonely as a couple.

So on that day we decided to do something new and get more involved with our friends. Not our friends as a couple, but our individual friends. We would each spend one night a week out with our friends. Hopefully this would bring in more social activities for us to go as a couple also. One of my groomsmen was in a weekly poker game while Justine decided she would start a games night with some of her old girlfriends. I hit up my groomsmen and got an invitation for the next week.

Everything went well for the first couple of months. I’d go play poker on Tuesday and Justine went to her friend’s Deli’s place to play games on Thursday. We started getting invited to go out with other couples for dinner and parties, exactly like we wanted. I thought should have been concerned. Things were going a little too good.

In mid may Deli had to be out of town on a business trip, so Justine hosted. I was supposed to work late, but the dinner meeting got canceled so I ended arriving home before any of girls got there.

“Hi honey, your home early,” Justine said cautiously. “Didn’t you have some meeting?”

“Yea, it was canceled.” I sat my bag on the kitchen counter then stole a kiss. Yum! Her lips tasted like strawberries. I snatched a freshly cleaned on out of the sink while she was still looking at me. “Don’t worry, I won’t interrupt your night.”

“I’m sure you won’t interrupt, but the girls should be here soon. You may want to grab something to eat if you want to avoid them.” She turned back to finishing preparing the fruit platter while I checked the fridge for leftovers.

Pizza, score! Leftover pizza, a couple bottles of beer and a Blackhawks win would make a great evening for myself. It did turn out to be a great evening, even if the Blackhawks lost. I slide the pizza into the microwave and headed upstairs to change when I noticed the stack of boxes on the little desk next to the dinning table. Candyland, Monopoly, Sorry!, Shoots and Ladders, and Clue were stacked up.

“What are these for?” I asked.

“Oh, those are some of the games we play.”

“These? I thought you played card games. Like bridge or rummy.”

“We switch it up each week.”

“OK….” I said making my way upstairs. T-shirt and blue jeans were much more comfortable than a suit and tie. I was returning to fetch my dinner when the doorbell rang. I opened the front door to find Kelly, Veronica and Naomi. “Hi girls, Justine is in the kitchen.”

“Hey Mike, I thought you were going to be gone,” Kelly asked as the all got inside.

“My meeting was canceled. Don’t worry, I’ll stay out of your fun,” I said securing the door.

“But you can be fun too,” Veronica whispered as she passed slipped by.

All the women already had glasses of wine by the time I reached the kitchen. “Spectacular!” I mumbled under my breath. I hoped the wine wouldn’t get them too loud to drown out my hockey game. I just grabbed my microwaved leftover pizza, a cold beer and went straight for the couch and 52′ of HD glory.

“So what should we play tonight?” Justine asked from the other side of the combined kitchen-dinning room-family room.

“Lets play Sorry!” Kelly mentioned.

“Sounds good to me.” Veronica said.

“OK.” Justine pulled out the box and sat it on the table. Opening it, she started going through the special rules. “A quick review of the rules, you get 4 players…” I kind of lost interest, especially with a fight breaking out. 5 minutes into the first period and a fight already, this is going to be a good game.


“SORRY!” Kelly yelled from across the room. The sudden outburst immediately drew my attention, more out of annoyance than interest. The ‘Hawks were dominating the glass. I any moment they could score and take a 1-0 lead. I glanced over towards the girls, intending to only look for a second, then return to the game. Intentions also pave the way to hell.

“You Bitch!” Veronica shot back then grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it over her head. Her black bra strap stood out against her white back. What kind of game were they playing? Strip Sorry!? Well this could be interesting. I turned the TV volume down a little bit and slide a little lower into the couch. Maybe they would forget about me.

“HEY!” Justine yelled on Naomi’s next turn. “That was not nice!” She then stood up and shimmied off her blue jeans. I couldn’t make out much, but it appeared like she had on one of her nicer pairs of black panties.

A full round and a half progressed without any commotion so my attention started to wander back to the hockey game. Women sitting half naked is only mildly interesting after a while. There isn’t really much difference between a bra and panties and a bikini. I’d seen everyone of them revealing more at the beach.

“Damn it!” I heard Naomi blurt out. I watched her out of the side of my eye, trying to guess which piece of clothing should would take off. “You can do it Kelly,” she said as she stood up. Kelly could do what? I slightly turned my head in order to get a better view of the girls.

“Yay.” Kelly exclaimed lightly. Naomi rounded the end of the table while Kelly slide her chair back from the table. The next thing I realize, Naomi is draping herself over Kelly’s lap and Kelly is picking a ruler off the table. I sunk a little lower in the L shaped couch and peeked over the back to watch. Kelly spanked the ruler down in four quick swats.

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! “Ouch!” Naomi yelped on the last spank. “That one hurt.”

“Well its supposed to be a punishment,” Kelly smirked. My wife and Veronica giggled at that.

As she raised herself off Kelly’s lap, I slipped down out of her possible view. I didn’t want the show in the kitchen to stop. It was more interesting than the hockey game. I twisted round so it would look like I had been watching the game the whole time.

Two plays later Veronica yelled out “Sorry Kelly!” and moved something on the bored.

“Damn it!” Kelly said then stripped off her blouse. From her back, I could tell she was wear a pink strapless number. Too bad she wasn’t on the other side of the table.

Justine just moved her piece farther along. Naomi though wasn’t so nice. “You did spank a little hard, so lose another piece!” Naomi said gleefully.

“No fair!” Kelly pleaded, but stood up to comply with the rule. “Wait until I get a sorry!” She wiggled out of her tight fitting jeans, showing off her bubble butt encased in pink lace. She didn’t sit back down, rather just picked up her hand and toss in a card. “Justine, you can do the honors,” she said ruefully as she made her way round to my wife.

My wife slide back her chair and guided the blonde across her lap. She didn’t waste any time bringing the ruler quickly down onto the panty-covered bottom. Veronica and the table blocked most of my view though I don’t believe Kelly reacted very much. At least she didn’t verbally, unlike her two on lookers who couldn’t stop from giggling.

I ducked down as Kelly got up and returned to her seat. I waited until the I heard her chair slide across the floor before taking another look.

“You had to knock off my piece?” Naomi complain on Justine’s turn.

“Sorry, it was in the way,” Justine replied.

Veronica laughed, “So blouse or panties.” Naomi choose the blouse option, revealing her bra to the girls, but not me. Kelly sitting directly between me and the view.

The girls went almost two full rounds before Veronica lost another piece of clothing. This time Kelly was the instigator, which earned her a little nudge from her friend. I though believe Veronica remembered I was seated behind her, because she took her time getting up from her chair. She unbuttoned her jeans, then slowly rocked her hips as she eased them over her yoga-toned booty. The black thong left little to the imagination when she bent at the waist to lower her jeans then step out of them. It was like a mini-strip show, just for me.

On Justine’s next turn she tossed in a card resentfully, “hmmm, Veronica you can do it.” I took a guess it must be my wife’s turn to get spanked and she didn’t disappoint me when she rounded the table, then laid over Veronica’s bare thighs.

“Ohh, 8,” Veronica cooed, taking the ruler from Naomi. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! Veronica took her time, putting 3-4 seconds between spank. She must not have been spanking very hard, since Justine barely reacted to any of them. I generally could get a reaction after 1, let alone 8.

“That’s what you get for being in the lead,” Kelly giggled as my wife got up.

“I’ll make sure to spank you harder next time,” Justine quipped.

“There won’t be a next time!” Kelly stated.

“I doubt that!” Justine responded taking her seat. I glanced back at the tv to see the first intermission was just starting. Normally this would be time for a bathroom break and pizza refill, but not tonight with the girls between me and the fridge. If the second period was anything like the first, I was going to be watching much hockey.