In the Back Office of the Leopard Lounge

“Why do they always want to go to the Leopard Lounge?” Mike complained while stuffing the last of the contracts into his Attache folder.

“Come on, What man doesn’t like going to the strip club, AND having the company pay for it!” Lee shot back.

“One with a pair of daughters the same age as those girls on the stage. I can’t believe any parent would allow their daughter to do such degrading acts.”
BOOM boom boom BOOM boom boom! The base rocked through the small private room. A pair of half-naked women ground their bodies together in front of Mike and Lee’s foreign guests. Mike bet himself it would take two more hours of this, and more importantly another bottle of Johnny Walker Black, to get the deal done. If it wasn’t for the 1.4 million commission he wouldn’t put up with this shit anymore. He could feel the ache in his knees from the long day and sitting in one spot for too long. A walk to the restroom would loosen them up he though. They probably wouldn’t even notice he was gone.

Mike left the Champagne room to make his way through the main club as the lights dimmed followed by BeBeBeBe Boom blaring through the speakers. “Milk! Milk! Lemonade! Round the back’s where chocolate’s made!” Filled the club over and over in an electronic voice. Mike could just make out the silhouette of a girl shaking her ass on stage.
“I know you’re thirsty baby standing in the heat” a female voice sung as the spotlights highlighted the backside of the dancer. She danced to the beat in a short white lab coat like jacket. Mike thought it looked like a demented version of those old milk man uniforms. Also the voice reminded him of Katy Perry. He could pick out the voice anywhere since his eldest daughter became completely obsessed with the singer. He slipped past a server and around the back of the island bar.

The girl pranced up and down the runway a few times, working up the crowd’s anticipation. “Don’t you know that its so delicious, yummy and new!” The girl faced the back wall and whipped off the jacket, revealing a yellow and white string bikini. “But first comes, first serves so bottom’s up!” the speakers sung while the girl dropped low then shot her ass into the air on the ‘bottom’s up’ phrase.

She shot up, and spun around to face the crowd just in time to grab a hold of each breast in time with the lyrics “Milk! Milk!” then planted her palm firmly on her crotch at “Lemonade!” She turned to her side, starting directly at a guy in the front room as she slide her right finger from her tit down her side and slapped her ass on “made!”. The guy started hooting and hollering throwing bills at her.

Mike rounded the bar and looked at the stage as the girl repeated the performance for another audience member. Her back was mostly turned to Mike so he couldn’t see much. She turned again, this time directly facing Mike’s direction. He shook his head and blinked. He could not believe his eyes. He made straight for the front row.

The girl closed her eyes and turned to her left, starting the few moves again at the beginning. “Milk, Milk, Lemonade!” She slowly opened her eyes to glance at her new target while she traced her curves. There stood Mike.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!” the girl screamed. She spun around and ran as fast as the high heels would allow to the stage exit. Mike weaved his way around the patrons and reached the doorway before the girl.

“Daddy!” the girl cried when Mike snatched her up. The bouncer was on top of Mike immediately, placing a heavy hand on his shoulder and pulled Mike backwards while placing himself between Mike and the girl.

“Hold up” a baritone voice echoed came from behind the bouncer. “Missy,” the older and very well dressed gentleman spoke from his table. “Is this man really your father?”

“Yes” the girl mumbled.

“Damn right she is and we have a few things to discuss,” Mike pitched in.

“Understandably so,” the man at the table said, “let go back to my office.” The bouncer released the pair allowing them to follow the club owner into the back. The girl kept her eyes on the floor as she walked between the owner and her father.

Mike entered the owner’s office to find it very well appointed, and oddly professional. The owner was dressed to the nines and his office reflected this sophisticated style. Mahogany wood paneling lined the walls, matching the expansive desk. A name plaque read “Quincey Debluff” in gold lettering.

“Please have a seat,” Quincey motioned to a pair of leather chairs in front of the desk. He took his place behind the desk and extracted a manilla folder from the drawer. Quincy look straight at Mike asking, “Is she a minor?”

“No, she’s 25.” Mike responded with a deep sigh.

“Good. Then everything here is legal.” Quincey stated.

“Legal or not, no daughter of mine will be a stripper!” Mike yelled at his daughter.

“I’m sorry daddy! I needed the extra money and Izzy and I thought it would be fun and easy!” she cried.

“Fun and easy! Where the hell did that come from? And Izzy is her also!?” Mike light into his daughter.

Quincey thumbed through the other applications from tonight’s amateur night. Izzy must be this Isabella Jarkina. Pretty little thing.

“Was it your idea or hers to strip? And why in hell did you need the money?” Mike yelled.

“I’m sorry daddy. We saw the sign together.”

“Why don’t I give you two a moment and I’ll go find miss Jarkina?” Quincey could read Mike’s face like a book. He was Mike was embarrassed would prefer a little privacy to deal with his daughter. Quincey couldn’t blame the man, he’d be just as pissed to find his daughter on stage.

“Thank you, that would be much appreciated.” Mike said as kindly as he could.

Quincey closed the door behind him and headed towards the dressing room. It took him a few minutes to find Isabella, getting ready at a mirror in the back. She wore a baby blue mesh pants and blouse over a matching bra and panty set. The Harlem girl look matched up well with her dark almond skin and black hair.

“Miss Jarkina, please come with me.” Quincey told her.

Izzy twisted her body to the right so she could see who was speaking to her. The sharply dressed man surprised her a little. “Is there something wrong?”

“Just please come with me.” Quincey repeated, waving his hand towards the door. Isabella sat down the mascara pencil and follow the man’s prompts towards the doorway. She did what he wanted but they didn’t just let anyone in the back. He was dressed too well to be a bouncer. Maybe the owner wanted to see her. Maybe he wanted to feature her, or was there something wrong with her application? She couldn’t get kicked out before performing! She needed at least the tips.

“What is wrong?” Izzy asked but Quincey just ignored her, directing the girl towards his office.

Quincey opened his office door to find the girl’s bare bottom pointed straight at him. Mike cracked his belt crisply down on the girl’s already pink bottom. His left hand held her flat across Quincey’s desk.

“Ah” the girl cried out as the leather bit into her flesh. Another red bar painted across the bare bottom.

“Ally,” cried Izzy when she saw her friend bent over the desk. Mike just ignored their guests and spanked Ally again.

“Ahhh snifff.” Ally didn’t even realize her friend was there until she felt Izzy’s hand touch her bottom.

“Please stop Mr Pawinski!” Izzy cried covering her friend’s butt with her forearms.

Quincey closed the door and took up post next to it. He’d seen everything, but it had been a while since a girl was spanked over his desk.

“Izzy move now!”

“PLEASE Daddy!” Ally cried, twisting around to face her father.

“Get your ass back in position. I’m only half done with you. And you!” Mike pointed the belt at Izzy “Get over to the wall, because I know your father going give you the same when I get you home. You won’t want to make it any worst!”

Izzy’s hands flew to her own bottom, “Please don’t tell my parents! PLEASE!!!!!!” she cried.

“You deserve the same as Ally, no stop crying and move!”

“Fine, just don’t tell my parents!” Izzy cried. That belt looked viscous, but had to be better than her parents finding out.

“OK, your next, now move!” Mike barked. Izzy took a few steps back keeping her hands on bottom.

“Ah, Spanking your own daughter is one thing, but someone else’s is taking it a little far,” Quincey but in.

“It’s ok.” Izzy mumbled.

Quincey thought through the implications for a moment. If she signed something than he couldn’t really be sued, successfully. He pulled a sheet of paper and pen from a side table and set it on top. “Then write that out and sign it.” he commanded.

Izzy shuffled her feet over to Quincey as Mike got back to work.

CRACK! “I agree to Mr.” CRACK! “Pawinski spanking me for” CRACK! “being at Leopard Lounge” CRACK! “and stripping” CRACK! “at the amateur CRACK! “night contest.” CRACK! “In exchange” CRACK! “He won’t tell my” CRACK! “parents about it” CRACK! “Isabella Jarkina”

Mike laid into his daughter with half a dozen quick, hard swipes, turning her into a sobbing mess. He took a breath and reviewed candy apple red tint to her bottom. Adequate for now he reckoned. Her mother wouldn’t agree though.

“That’s enough for now. Get up and get your nose to the wall,” Mike commanded of his daughter. Ally reached back with both hands, rubbing out some of the burn before easing herself up and shuffling over to the wall.

“Izzy over the desk” Mike waved the belt at his daughter’s friend. The girl meekly followed the directions. She could feel Ally’s warmth radiating from the hard wood. Getting her face close, she could see a few tears laying on the polished surface.

Mike pulled the belt back when Quincey interrupted him again, “Ah is that my costume?”

“Yesss…” Izzy mumbled.

“The you either remove it or you’ll pay for any damages,” Quincey informed the girl.

“Yes sir” Izzy agreed.

“Do you have enough money to pay for it?” Mike asked.

“Ah…no sir. Please be careful.” Izzy cried.

“Take it off then.” Mike said dryly. Izzy let out a sniffle then reached down to her waistband. She eased her hips off the desk then slide the pants and bikini bottoms down, revealing a golden canvas for Mike.

Mike set his left hand on the girl’s lower back then cracked the belt across the center.

“Ahhh” Izzy cried out. Mike was unphased and made quick work of the girl’s bottom. He colored it red from the top of the cheeks to midway down her thighs. He paused for a moment before laying 6 hard swats across her sit spot, eliciting a fresh cry and a couple of kicks each time.

“You can go join Ally for the moment” Mike said in a huff. He turned to Quincey as Izzy moved off the desk, rubbing her bottom all the way. “I should get these girls home. Where are their clothes?”

“I’ll have them brought here.” Quincey walked over to his desk and made a quick call. Barely a minute later a regular appeared at the door with 2 plastic bags.

“Get dressed quickly!” Mike told the two girls. They covered their crotches with on hand while taking their plastic bag with the other.

Ally looked around for a moment before asking “Where?”

“Right here, and be quick!” Mike snapped. Both girls could see arguing would only involve more of the belt. They turned their backs to the men before kneeling down and finding their panties. It only took a few painful moments for them to slip on their panties, wiggle into the tight fitting jeans and swap their costume bras for their own bra and t-shirts.

“Silver will show you out the side door, and girls, please do not come back.” Quincey said as he escorted the group out his door.

Quincey closed the door and returned to his desk. Damn that was sexy, he though. Maybe he could make it into a Tuesday night special. Probably should review the security tapes for any more ideas. A few key strokes was all it took to bring up an image of himself sitting at his desk.