Mommy ate all my candy

“DADDDY!” Julie cried as my little girl rounded the corner and she went straight for my legs. She was normally happy to see me when I got home from work, especially on a Friday, when I would get home early. Tears though were unusual. I dropped my suitcase as two little arms encircled my thighs.

“Whats wrong?” I asked, scoping her into my arms.

Her little arm whipped away a few tears before blabbering, “Sniff, Mommy ate all my candy!”

Eating 5 pounds of candy in one day didn’t seem like Emma. Eating that much candy was even much more me and I had the sweet tooth between my wife and I. She preferred the really expensive dark chocolate to Skittles and Reece’s. The only time I remember her eating any kids type candy was during come of her crazy cravings when she was pregnant with Julie.

I carried Julie on my hip and followed the sound of the TV in search of some answers. Emma was sitting on the couch working on her laptop while watching a cooking show. “Honey, why does Julie think you ate all of her Halloween candy?”

“I didn’t eat all of her candy. It’s in the cabinet above the fridge.”

“But…but…you said you did!” Julie cried stuttered through her sniffles. Her little tear stain sleeve and puffy little eyes were pulling at my heart strings. She was daddy’s little girl and we both knew what that meant.

“I know, and I’m sorry. I didn’t eat all your candy.”

“But…” Julie’s mind hadn’t quite comprehended the prank and I knew it probably wouldn’t until she saw her candy safe and sound. With a glare at my wife, I took Julie back to the kitchen to find her long-lost candy.

The big green bowl of sweets had been exactly where Emma had said. I had to set Julie on the floor so could get it out. I brought the bowl over to the counter and Julie hopped up on one of the bar stools.

“MY CANDY!” she yelled for joy upon seeing the bowl was full. No sooner had I let go, than she pulled the entire bowl tight towards her body and hugged it with all her might. I was about to tell her that she could have one piece when I noticed her broad smile had disappeared. “I think some is missing,” she said, crunching her eyebrows like she was trying to figure out a mystery.

“Hu? It looks all here to me.”

She started fishing around, looking for something. “But all the Reece’s are missing.”

“Are you sure? They are probably just on the bottom.”

“Yea, they are all gone,” she said nodding her head in confirmation. “Ah, its OK, I don’t like them,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders then went back to admiring her stash.

I allowed her to take one piece before I returned the bowl to it’s normal spot on the counter. It was within her line of sight, but generally outside of her direct reach. I sent her off to play so I could find out the whole story of what happened this afternoon.

“So why did you hide Julie’s Halloween candy?” I asked, slouching into the recliner.

“Oh, there is this contest online about the best reaction of kids when the are told that their parents ate all their Halloween candy. Julie’s is great. You want to see?” Emma started to turn around her laptop but I cut her off.

“No, not really. You put our daughter in tears for some dumb contest?”

“Oh she’ll get over it. And the grand prize is a $10,000 college scholarship. Anyways she was pestering me about eating that stuff all afternoon after I told her she could only have one piece after lunch.”

“She’s four and Halloween was yesterday. Of course it is all she can think about. It was still mean.”

“She’ll be OK in a little bit. She probably won’t even remember by bedtime.” Emma said dismissively.

She was probably right. Hopefully Julie will have forgotten about the whole episode by bedtime. I doubted Emma would be so forgetful come bedtime. I got up and started towards my office. I paused behind Emma’s spot on the couch and leaned down to whisper, “Hopefully, but I doubt you’ll be forgetting it come your bedtime.”

A shiver went down Emma’s back when the words hit home. She pulled an annoyed face at me before returning to her laptop.


Dinner and TV time passed as if nothing had happened. Julie was her ultra-cheery self and didn’t even mention anything about her candy until I was ushering her upstairs for bedtime. Emma and I switched off bedtime duty with me getting the easier Friday/Saturday/Sunday set while she took the other days.

“Daddy?” Julie stopped on the third step and looked at me all serious.

“Yes, baby?” I knelt on the first step so we were roughly eye-level.

“Can I take my candy up to my room so Mommy doesn’t eat it again? I promise I won’t eat any!” She bangs bounced across her forehead as she nodded furiously, as if it would help convince me.

“Mommy won’t take any of your candy. I’ll guard it for you.”

“You promise?” she held up three fingers on her right hand in a tiny mock scout’s sign.

“I promise.” I said mimicking her.

“OK.” She paused for a moment before adding, “mommy can have the Reece’s, I don’t like them. Oh, and those sour ones. Yuck!”

I could barely prevent myself from laughing at the sour face she made. “OK.” She padded off up the stairs, her teddy bear dragging behind her. I followed her upstairs, helping her go through her bedtime routine before tucking her and providing a reassuring kiss.

I was just about to turn off her room light when she said, “Don’t forget you promised.”

“I won’t,” I reassured before leaving the room a glow in the princess nightlight and closing her door.

I spent the next half an hour rummaging around the master bedroom and my office, finishing up a few odds and ends from work before checking on Julie. I peaked in to find her lightly snoring away. She may not have gotten Emma or my personality, but she did end up with our allergies. The benadryl would get rid of the congestion soon and keep her out well into the morning.

Emma was back working on her laptop when I returned to the living room. “A little girl didn’t forget about her candy getting stolen today. You think a big girl needs a reminder also?”

“No,” she said ruefully.

“I disagree. It was a very naughty thing to do.” The implication hung heavily between us.

“But… was for her college fund!” Emma look up at me with huge doe eyes.

“It doesn’t make it any less naughty. And not telling her immediately afterwards was extra mean.”

“I now,” she conceded. “But…but… she was annoying me.”

“And now you are annoying me. It’s time you get your hiney upstairs.”

“But, Julie will hear!”

“Benadryl will prevent that, but if you are still concerned about waking her, I know a pair of panties which won’t be needed.”

The last part silenced anymore protests. Emma hated it when she was made to chew on her panties, but we had found them to be extremely effective when needing to conceal her cries of pain, or pleasure. The panty gag coupled with a Teflon spatula worked as a very effective combination since Julie had been born.

With a pout, Emma closed her laptop and stomped upstairs. That little act of defiance would earn her a couple extras. Extras were an odd concept for us, since I never used a set number of spanks, rather just going until she was appropriately punished.

I gave her a few minutes to get ready before switching off the TV and joining my wife in our bedroom. As was customary, she changed into just a baby-doll nightie and planted her nose in the open corner by our bathroom. The corner-thing was something she added to this little ritual shortly after we got married and I still have no idea where she got it from. I find it cute, and appropriate, so I have never pressed the issue.

I left her there while I made a few final preparations. I fished our tawse out of my underwear drawer and moved a few of the decorative throw pillows into a stack at the end of the bed. I originally was mad when Emma bought those overpriced decorations, though now she regrets the purchase since I found a practical use for them.

I slipped the tawse into my back pocket then slipped behind Emma. “I think it’s time we got down to business.” My whisper sent shiver down her spine. I took a step back, smiling as I watched my beautiful wife close her eyes and take a deep breath as she mentally prepared herself. Without a word, she shuffled her feet over to the bed and gracefully draped herself over the stack of pillows. Her nightie rode up in the back, offering up her creamy bottom.

“She is can be so damn sexy. I’m going to have a taste after I get done,” I thought to myself. “But that would have to wait.”

I slipped the implement from my back pocket and took up position to her left. Normally with a punishment spanking I would start immediately with the implement of choice, and this time would have been no different had I realized something was missing. In particular her panties were missing from her mouth.

Shifting the tawse to my left hand, I started with a few dozen easy hand swats, imparting a nice pink hue to her normally khaki complexion.

“Forget your panties?” I asked rhetorically.

“Grrr…they are in the hamper,” I could tell from the tone of her voice that she didn’t want to tell me, but knew better to disobey.

She’d hide the pink, bikini-style panties inside the jeans she was wearing today. I unballed them and made sure they were inverted before I allowed her to bite down. Honestly, they were more symbolic than practical, especially since most of the garment resided outside of her actual mouth. Only the gusset was actually inside, but having that small bit of material to bite was all that she required to stop from crying out.

“That’s better, now we can begin.” I commented, getting back into position. I held the strip of leather behind her bottom, taking aim but careful not to actually touch her. I wanted the first one to be a surprise. I raised the tawse high over my right shoulder and brought it crashing into her bottom. Her moan told me I had hit the proverbial nail on the head.

The next swats were quicker and less forceful, but paced after 10 seconds or so to allow her to fully absorb the sensations imparted by the tawse.

After a half dozen swats, she was starting to wiggle her hips about, clearly feeling the sting. At a dozen, the bending knees and pounding fists joined her antics. At two dozen her sniffles were added to the mix. At a three dozen she had given the on the fussing about and relaxed into muted sobs.

I admired at my handiwork in painting those two globes crimson. My portrait of contrition was quite complete yet, but wanted to let my work simmer a little bit before I finished. It offered her a chance to settle down while thinking about how she got herself into this position. I particularly wanted her to think about the poor taste of such a prank.

Waiting until the sobs had dissipated, I bent directly over her back, allowing my jeans to brush against her tender bottom. She wiggled her hips in a mixture of avoidance and enticement. I slipped the panties from her lips before asking, “Are you sorry?”

“Yes, sir…” she responded with vigor than someone should have after a dozen with the tawse. A slight wiggle of her hips told me more than any words spoken.

“I think a couple more are needed.” She groaned at the proclamation, but didn’t say anything. I slid my hand down her back as I stood back up, letting finger tips linger at the crown of her left cheek. “Remember, don’t cry out,” I taunted.

I stepped back and laid the tawse across the center of her left cheek and let it hang for a second. I waited for her to suck in a breath before I brought the handle straight back then quickly forward in an upwards arc. The the lower of the two tails caught her exactly where I had intended, a the junction of left buttock and thigh. The swat took her by surprise and I’m sure it took all of her strength not to cry out. I waited for her wiggling to die down before repeating with a backhand swat to her right side.

Emma took a minute to regain her composure be from the last blistering swats before I could help her up. Like always, once she was on her feet she instantly locked her arms around me in a tight hug, burying her face into my chest while I lightly kneaded her bottom.

“What you did was mean.” I told.

“I know.” she said ruefully. “I’ll make it up to her in the morning. I just had such a bad craving for Reece’s this morning. Then after eating them all I worried about what Julie would say. Then she was bugging me for some and I saw the contest online and I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“A craving for Reece’s?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeaaaa….” she said with a roll of her eyes. There was only one reason she craved Reece’s.