Lauren Achieves Her Goal

This is a continuation of the story The Perfect Tutor for Lauren. You should start there. The second part is Failing the Practice Exam has Consequences for Lauren.

“So you going to tell the completion of your little adventure tonight?” Jimmy yelled at us sarcastically as he dug beer from my fridge.

“Fine, I’ll tell you the rest what happened,” I said. “But Steve you got to get those cards dealt first.”


Take-Out was located right next to the cafeteria in the center of the dorm. Normally it was a 10 walk, but that night I ended up walking right past the door. The events of the evening and the evening two months ago kept well distracted.

What was wrong with Lauren? Or rather what was so right about her? Was something wrong with me? She is damn cute, and has a sexy ass. Why do I just want to spank it? Does she OK with me doing it? Am I OK with doing it?

I returned to the room with Doritos, two giant chocolate chips cookies, 3 sub sandwiches and a bottle of Coke about 40 minutes after I left. I had spent most of the time just wandering around the snack shop aimlessly as I reran the nights events over and over in my head.

Lauren was still kneeling on the floor, bent forward scribing on the practice exam. Scribing would be an overstatement. Her hand writing was horrible. It was like she had already took the handwriting course they sent all doctors to.

I sat the snacks on the cabinet and tossed the sandwiches into the mini-fridge for later. 10:21 read the alarm clock next to the TV. She should be just about done. No sooner had I turned around than she held up the completed exam.

“I’m done.”

“Well, lets see if you did better this time,” I took the exam and sat down at my desk. I fished out the key from among the mess of folders and papers then quickly went through her answers. She had stood up, and leaned over my shoulder and I marked up the exam. This was extremely annoying, but what could I really say? Move your naked booty back? I didn’t want her things to end just quite yet.

I finished the last question, marking correct. I turned towards her and flipped through the pages to count up her score. Oddly this time she got all the problems she got wrong the first time correct and missed two of the easier problems she got correct the first time.

“Eight out of ten correct. Better but still not good enough. I know can do better than this, especially when we just went through the same problems and you had no problem answering them.” I paused to figure out a new way to cover the material so she would learn it correctly.

“I know. I guess your going to spank me again,” she interrupted my lecture, “Please no more with the hairbrush, what about something else, like hmmm..” She glanced around my room, eventually coming to rest on a pair of jeans with a leather belt still in its loops. “What about that belt instead?”

I was at a lost for words. Was she telling me to spank her with my belt? I was intending on just going back through the material again. “Ah, its OK. We can go back through the material.”

“I deserve it though. Our deal was one set earlier for not doing my homework then another for each problem I got wrong.”

“OK, but how am I supposed to spank you with the belt over my lap?” Logistics were going to be a problem.

“Am supposed to do everything,” she quibbled, “you are the one punishing me.” She placed her hands on her bare hips and tilted her head to the side.

A complete change in attitude to the contrite girl who stood before me mere seconds earlier. Was she trying to provoke me? “Fine, over the back of the chair, oh and drop your panties to your ankles.”

“Yes sire.” she answered looking down at the floor once again. She had to be playing with me. Well let the games begin. The games have been good so far.

Lauren waddled the three steps to the chair then leaned forward, pressing the semi-padded backrest into her stomach. Pressing her knees released the tension on the elastic, allowing her remaining visage of modesty to fall. Even an hour after her encounter with hairbrush, I was amazed pinkness of her bottom. I was again drawn to how sexy she looked.

“I’m ready sir,” she purred, adjusting her hips slightly to get more comfortable.

I took up the belt by the buckle with my right hand and got into position to her left. I pulled it back, and the end whipped around by back, slapping my left side. This is going to be way too long. Started to coil it around my right hand when I got the great idea of just holding both ends and using the center to spank her. This would double over the belt, but make it considerably more manageable. Looping the end through the buckle left me with about half a meter beyond my hand hold.

CRACK! “Opp! One!” She yelp as I brought the doubled over belt solidly, though without much force, across her pink bottom.

CRACK! “Ekks! two!” The belt landed across the center of her bottom again, deepening the redness.

CRACK! “Ouuuuch! three!” I aimed lower this time, striking at the junction of bottom and thigh.

I repeated over and over, until she hit 18 then I decided she needed a break. I laid the belt on the desk then knelt down to take a closer look at her bottom. She stayed laying over the back of the chair, expecting another swat any moment. I brushed my fingers over the surface, feeling the heat radiate off. She responded to my touch with a short gasp followed by a slow moan.

Her hips wiggled as I traced over the red splotches then moved downwards to her thighs. One touch was all it took for her to part her thighs giving me direct access to her most intimate parts. The fragrance hit me first, sweet like cane sugar with tones of muskiness and vanilla. I couldn’t resist stroking two fingers along her open lips.

“Uh yea. more,” she moaned, bucking her hips gently. One pass coated my fingers in her juices. She wanted more and I was not going to deny her again.

I glided back to her pussy, circling it and covering my fingers before returning up front to fiddle with her clit. I slide over the top, then crossed back over before running a circle around her bud. She rocked her hips back and forth to more, stronger contact. Her breathing quickened to short loud pats.

The angle soon got to my hand, causing my palm to start cramping. I couldn’t stop with her so close though. I stood up to get better leverage. The new position placed my palm squarely over her pussy while my fingers played with her clit. She took it as an opportunity to buck harder, driving her pussy into the heal of my palm.

“Uh yea, yea! Fuck me!” she cried. I shimmied my hand over her clit faster.

“FUCK ME!” she yelled. Keeping my right hand playing with her, I reached my left hand over to my desk, and pulled opened the top drawer. A little aerobatics and I had the condom package out and into my teeth. “PLEASEEE, FUCK ME NOW!” she yelled, quite loudly.

I kept up the manual manipulation while I freed myself with the other hand. A quick tug of my teeth deposited the latex jacket in my hand. It took all my coordination to roll the rubber down my shaft with one hand while keeping up the rhythm with the other. I got ready and moved into position only to find I was pointed at the top of her ass. DAMN! I slide my hand backwards, splitting my fingers to keep one on either side of her lips. Once her opening was uncovered, I lifted while dipping my knees and lined us up.

“Yeeks!” she cried when I lifted her up and slightly forward over the chair. I eased her hips down, burying myself a quarter way into her. “Ahh, ooowwww,” she half moaned, half cried. Damn she was tight. I don’t recall ever being as tight. She pulled up then pushed herself more onto me. “Ahhhhooouucch!” she cried. She clearly in a bit of pain.

“You ok?” I asked, trying to stay completely still.

“Yea, just don’t stop.” she moaned, working her hips up and down as much as she could. I didn’t need any more prompting. Holding her hips, I pulled out as far as I could then thrust back in, driving into the wet vice. Over and over again, I thrusted in. Long strong thrusts lead me to the bottom. I pulled almost out then drove hard in, firmly planting my hips against her ass. “Ahhh” she cried out when I felt her cervix wrap around my head.

I pulled out then leaned forward over her back and thrusted slowly in. This must have blew her mind because she started humping her hips on my shaft. “That’s is, don’t stop” she gasped. Another long slow thrust, ripping over the front of her vagina. Then another and another. A few quick strokes then a slow hard one sent her over the edge into organismic ecstasy. She locked down on my dick, trying to prevent me from moving as her body shook.

I was a little bit of a jerk and kept going at it even as she peaked, causing new waves to crash over her. I could only give her a few more thrusts before the sensations over came me also. She laid lifeless over the chair, awash in organismic afterglow. I leaned back upright and let my hips have a mind of their own. A dozen fast strokes brought her back to the peak and I filled the condom as she shook with one final cascade. She twitched with each pulse of cum. Amazing does not do it justice.

I collapsed over her back while I regained my senses. She didn’t seem to care. She gave me sensations I never knew existed. Amazing does not do it justice. I wish I’d met Lauren years ago.

Eventually I relaxed enough to slip out of her, though she still held the end of the condom inside her. I grabbed my hand around the condom and myself then pulled it out. I deposited the latex in the trash as Lauren tried to get to her feet. I could see her strength had yet to return so I swooped her up and laid her out on the futon. Two pillows from my bed and we were spooning, face to face, on the futon. She pulled her body against mine, purring into my chest. She must’ve liked it as much as I.

We relaxed for a while before she broke the silence. “Can I stay the night?” she asked timidly.

I surely wasn’t going to kick a beauty like Lauren out of my bed. “Of course. Are you comfortable enough?”

“Yea, but I am getting a little cold,” she answered. I pulled the blanket on the back of the futon down over us, checking to make sure it fully covered her feet. She went back to purring into my chest and I started to drift off to sleep. I was just about to dreamland when she asked, “is it always like that?”

I wasn’t sure if it was the sleepiness or what, but I did not understand what she was asking. “What do you mean?”

“Sex, is it always that wonderful feeling?”

Some reason Junior overrode logic. I smiled as I responded, “with me it is.”

“I’m serious.”

What was she getting at? Was she a virgin? “Wait, are you a virgin?” I asked. That seemed really dumb the moment it came out. She couldn’t be a virgin, we just had sex.

“Yea, err I mean I was.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, why?”

Wow. I’d never been with a virgin before. Even my first had more experience than me. “Because you are better than any other girl I’ve been with.”

“Thank you.” She planted a light kiss on my lips. Our first actual kiss.


“Damn, why didn’t get stay with her instead getting with Mary?” Steve asked rounding up the cards.

“Ah, that was college.” I quipped.

Ding dong went the alarm, indicating that someone had entered the house. Mary must have arrived back home from her girls night out.

“Honey! I’m home!” Mary called out, walking into the family room. “How are you doing?”

“Good,” trying to downplay the huge stack of chips in front of me.

“Good, he’s wiping he floor with us. Good thing that story of yours in finally over. Now we can win some.” Jimmy remarked, tossing in a small blind.

“What story?” Mary asked.

“Oh nothing,” I answered quickly.

“Nothing? He was telling us about this hot piece of ass he got as a TA in college, and to top it off, she had this spanking fetish.” John answered, much to my chagrin.

“What girl…oh” Mary started to ask, then realizing the answer, she began to blush and quickly left the room.

“You jerk!” I said as I raised by 150.

“What doesn’t she know about Lauren?” John poked back.

“Oh she knows about her.””Wait, isn’t Mary’s middle name Lauren?” Jimmy asked.

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Failing the Practice Exam has Consequences for Lauren

This is a continuation of the story The Perfect Tutor for Lauren. You should read it first.

“So did you ever sleep with that girl you mentioned last week?” Jimmy asked as he dealt out the first hand of the night.

I chuckled. Damn, they were starting in early tonight. I only had a single sip of my McCallan’s and they already the dirty details. Well, I might as well start winning kitty again. “What girl?”

“You know what girl. That chick you mentioned last week. The one who gave you a blowjob after you spanked her. Did you get inside her?” Steve piped in.

I took another sip, looked at my pair of threes and thought, “I can make this work.”


I finished the last problem of my last Fluid Dynamics homework when I noticed it was after 8:00pm. Didn’t I have a tutoring session with Lauren at 8 today? A quick check of my Outlook calendar confirmed she was a couple of minutes late. No big deal. Maybe I could catch a few minutes of Chicago vs Minnesota before she got here.

It was almost half-time when I finally got a knock at the door. Lauren began apologizing before I even got the door fully open. She blabbered on about oversleeping or something as she walked in, holding her physics book tight against her chest. She was in her pink robe and matching bunny slippers again, which was odd, because except for the first session, she had wore blue jeans and a sweatshirt to every tutoring session.

“I am so sorry about being late. I was up late last night so I took a nap before coming over and forgot to set my alarm. Sorry for being late. I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything.”

“Not really,” I replied after locking the door. “Just watching the Bears get lit up by the Vikings.” I went over to get the instructors book for General Physics. Lauren stayed standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. Only when I turned around to actually face her did I notice she was still holding her things close to her chest and looking down at my rug while her left hand fiddled idly with her French Braid draped over the same shoulder. A slight frown and flush in her cheeks painted a picture of contrite.

“I’m really sorry. Please don’t spank me.”

She hadn’t mentioned anything about being spanked since our first encounter. This is could be interesting, especially with how last time turned out. “Well, lets see how you did on the practice test. If you did well, I’ll let it slide.”

“Hmmmm…ok….” she mumbled as she dug out her practice test.

I sat down at my desk and took out the key. I quickly went checked through the 10 problems while she anxiously stood in the middle of my room playing with her braid. So damn cute yet so poorly performing. She got 3 of the 10 questions correct and half of them completely wrong. The practice exam was basically just a combination of the homeworks over the semester, most of which she’d aced. It was like she didn’t even try.

“Three out of ten? Did you even try?” I asked.

“Not really. I ran out of time. I’m sorry. You going to spank me now?” she responded. Her hands instinctively shifted down her torso to her backside, trying to protect it from something she knew was going to happen.

“What do you think?”

“Hmm…yea…” she mumbled.

“Then get the hairbrush and get over my lap.” I turned my desk chair towards the center of the room before sitting down. I didn’t even bother to hide my erection this time. She fetched the hairbrush from the shower caddy and returned to my side offering the instrument of her doom. I took it then she lowered untied the robe sash and slid the pink Terra cloth offer her shoulders. She stood in a light purple camisole with seafom green cotton shorts. She arranged herself over my lap with her bottom pointed to the ceiling, just like the last time, except the green material stretched tightly across her bottom.

“Should these be here?” I asked snapping the back of her shorts waistband.

“No sir,” she grumbled and reach up, pulling down her shorts and panties at the same time. I was hoping that would be the answer, but I would’ve let her keep them up so long as things kept progressing. She got them all the way across her bottom, but the front was caught between her hips and my lap. This stretched the elastic tightly from the crease of her bottom forwards to the top of her hips. It looked liked any moment the shorts would overcome the static friction and slip back over her bottom, interfering with my forthcoming task.

I cleared my throat to hint this was not acceptable and she got the hint. “Sorry sir,” she mumbled as she sliding herself backwards off my lap until her fingers were free of the floor and the front of her shorts free of my thigh. She slide the shorts and panties down to mid thigh before sliding forwards and retaining her position over the knee.

I pulled my arm up beginning when she asked “How many sir?” I had completely forgot about the whole set thing that she was used to at home. Hmmm. If I gave her 1 set for each wrong answer that would be what, 7 times 18, which is 126. That is way too much. 18 seemed to be pushing it last time. What if I give her a set now then have her review and redo the practice test then give her another set for each new question she gets wrong. It’ll make me seem like a good guy.

“I am going to give you 1 set of 18 now for not trying at your homework. We will then go over the practice exam and you will retake another one. I’ll give you another set for each question you get wrong on the second one. Sound fair?”

“Yes yes, sir, thank you,” she blurted out, and quite eagerly. She must’ve thought I was going to give her a lot more. Brownie points are always good with the fairer sex.

“Ready?” I asked. I looked over her shoulder to see her nod, swishing her braid over the top of her head. Well here I go again. I brought the hairbrush up and swept it downwards with medium force landing on her right cheek.

WACK! “Owww! one sir,” she yelped. I repeated again with the left cheek then the lower center. She yelped for the first 5 before a low groan escaped her lips on the sixth. I could not tell if it was out of pain or pleasure. I started my tricycle again.

WACK! “Hmmmm pop! seven.” she cried softly. I looked over her shoulder seeing her left thumb stuck in her mouth. Wow. She was sucking her thumb to prevent herself from yelping. It was oddly sexy. I think everything would be sexy at that moment. I continued on, drawing yelps from the individual cheek swats and moans when I swatted over her pussy. As I neared 18 a light musky aroma began emanating from her pink rose. At 15 I decided to shift to solely the lower center spots.

WACK! “hmmmgggppphh slurp! Haaaah 16!” she moaned, working her hips up and down rhythmically.

WACK! “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 17!” she moaned loader, not evening trying to muffle herself. Her hips were clearly grinding themselves into my thigh now. There was no doubt she was horny and wanted a release.

WACK! “Ahhhhhhhhh aighteen!” she moaned. She worked her hips back and forth a few times before she realized the spanking was over.

“Up you go,” I said picking her up at the hips and setting her on her feet. The horniness must have abated enough because she became very aware of the throbbing that must be radiating from her bottom. I had spanked both cheeks a solid red color. She reached down, rubbing her bottom which dancing in place, not even noticing the view of she was providing me. Last time I may have touched it, but I never did get a good view of her pussy. It was tight and firm looking with pink glistening lips and shaved completely bare. It may have even been freshly shaved but I didn’t get a long enough look.

When she finally realized she was bare on front as well as the back, her hands shot around front, cupping her sex. She turned towards the wall, before reaching down to pull up her shorts from around her ankles. She must not have realized the view she was providing from behind, because she was still cupping her sex from in front. I let her get them past her knees before I interrupted, “Uthm! Did I say you could pull those up?”

“No sir.” She replied, her shoulders dropping, clearly dejected. She looked over her shoulder, “I just thought we were done with the spanking and were going to work on the exam.”

“We are. Leave your shorts and panties around your thighs and kneel down on the floor.” Her kneeling or sitting on the floor with papers scattering in front of her and I sitting on the futon was actually how most of the tutoring sessions progressed. She slipped down to the floor, keeping herself covered the whole time. I handed back her practice exam and folder, which she took with one hand.

I sat down to her left on the edge of the futon. She glanced over and stopped at my crotch. I looked down to see myself tenting my jeans. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered, “can I take care of it?”

“That would be nice.”

She reached forward and vainly tried to unzip my jeans with her left hand. After few feeble attempts she allowed her right hand to stray from her pussy and help out. My bugle pushed my boxer-briefs out of the new gap in denim. She saw this as clearly inadequate and reached up for my waist band, trying to pull the jeans down. I got the hit and stood up in front of her. My jeans dropped and she made sure the underwear followed suit.

She got up on her knees, but was still looking up at my member. I started to move back to the futon but she beat me there, scampering into a sitting-kneeling position on the futon. It alighted her mouth with my tip. I turned to give her full access and reached up to grasp the bunk bed over the futon.

She was not as apprehensive this time around. She gripped my shaft at the base then took a few long licks up it. A twirl around the tip then she looked up at me and engulfed the entire shaft. Damn, she was deep-throating me. Three seconds latter she relented and pulled all the way off with a slurp.

“aaah yeaaa” I groaned. Wow. She had went from the shy naive girl to a sex minx.

“thaatttsss ittt,” I moaned when she licked from balls all the way up to the tip then swirled the tip of her tongue around the head. Electric shocks of pleasure were starting to overwhelm my mind. She bobbed up and down a few times while sucking all my energy through my dick.

“oooohhhhh.” My knees were starting to go weak when she deep-throated me again. I had to hold myself up with the bunk bed as my legs gave out. She pulled up, leaving my head in her mouth. She got me locked and loaded but I didn’t want to fire just yet. She had other things in mind as she took more in her mouth then sucked while polishing my head with her tongue.

“I’m goanna cummm,” was all I could get out before shooting into her mouth. She did not relent like last time, and kept a firm hold of me with her mouth. This completely blew my mind. My arms, legs and every other muscle seemed just to give out. She didn’t let go as I collapsed, pulling me on top of her on the futon.

The next thing I realized was laying on my side on the futon while she cleaned me up with her tongue. Damn this girl was good. It was the best one I had ever had. I laid there while she licked my shrinking member until she asked, “is that ok?”

“That was more than ok, that was fantastic.”

“Thank you.” She knelt back onto her legs, laying her hands across her crotch. “Should we get back to going over the practice exam? I really want to do better next time.” She half smiled while reaching her right hand back to rub her bottom.

“Yea, why don’t you get your stuff out on the floor while I get something to drink.” I sat up, waiting for the blood to return to my brain before walking across the room to get something from the fridge. Rum, Vodka, Tequila and Coke. Coke seemed like the best choice. “You want one?” I asked looking at the blonde on all fours on my floor with shorts and panties still around her knees, getting out school work.

She looked up, “Ah yes please.” I handed over the bottle I had just opened and grabbed another for myself. I scooped up my underwear and pulled them up before taking up position again on the edge of the futon. This time junior was taking a little rest.

Reviewing the material on the practice test went very smoothly. Lauren quickly corrected her fundamental errors, which lead to the wrong formulas and therefore wrong answers. The whole process went relatively quickly.

“Ok, it’s about 9:30. I’ll give you an hour and we can see if you improved? Sound good?” I asked, handing over the practice test from 2 years ago.

“Ok.” she took the test and got straight to work. She looked a little awkward sitting in a seiza with her shorts and panties wrapped her knees while bending forward to work on the test. It was though quite sexy, with the pink tops visible visible when she leaned forward.

I sat back, watching my pupil at work when I suddenly remembered the late night campus takeout closed at 10:00 and I still had food points left. “I’m going to run over to Take-Out, are you hungry?”

“Oh, yea. Can you get me some chips or something. Doritos maybe?” She smiled up, just melting my heart.

“If they have them.” I left the room as quickly as I could, keeping the door as closed as possible. I didn’t want anyone to see Lauren right now.


“Full House boys! Read them and weep. I guess tonight just isn’t your night.” I chuckled laying out the Ace and Seven. I swept in the last of the chips, completing my sweep of the night.

“Oh come on, that’s how the night ended? You going to get food and her redoing a practice test? BULLSHIT!” Steve said before downing the remnants of his drink.

“Of course it’s not how the night ended, but we can get to that next week.” I said smirking. I need to win back more money first, I thought to myself. My wife would be pissed if I didn’t at least make some money while I this story.

The Perfect Tutor for Lauren

“Damn that is fine, esssttt.” I said after taking a strong pull the glass of single-malt scotch.

“You’ll never fuckin guess what happened last week. I was finishing up office hours and in came this hot little blonde from my morning lecture. I couldn’t believe I’d never noticed her before. She is smoking hot, and it turns out dumb as a brick.” Jimmy related while John collected the cards.

John finished shuffling and dealt out a pair to each of us as Jimmy continued. “I tell her to sit down and she starts asking about her last test and how can she improve her grade. I’m keeping my head down and not stare directly at her tits because when she got closer, it became very apparent she didn’t have anything on under the white blouse, which by the way had to be 2 sizes too small.” Jimmy took a sip of his whiskey before continuing. “After 5 minutes of her trying to find ways to increase her test score, I realize her left hand was below the desk the whole time. We get to the end of the test and the only grading mistakes were actually already in her favor, so I tell her the only way she can raise her grade is to do better on the final exam and that she should go to the TA’s office hours every week and get help catching up. This clearly upsets her so she thinks for a moment then stands up in a huff. Turns out, she’d been undoing the buttons on her blouse with every time I told her she wouldn’t get more points on a question. Then when I told her to study more, she had to do the same with her skirt, cause when she stood up, all she had on was a red thong.”

“Damn, you lucky jackass,” John commented. “Larry, you go big blind.”

“Oh, Adam was just as lucky. He stepped in from our anteroom 10 seconds before she stood up. He got a nice view of her ass. When he cleared his throat she freaked. She turned beet red before grabbing her books, bag and jacket and was gone. It did give me a nice view of her ass. Just as perky as her tits.”

I tossed in a couple chips then said “Call.” The rest of the guys followed suit, so John dealt out three cards face up.

“That definitely beats my story.” Steve said.

I finished off my glass then thought, hell, why not. “Well, I got you both beat. You all know in college I was a TA my senior year. I also lived in the dorms that year, mostly because of the scholarship, but some out of laziness.”

“Mostly laziness,” Steve chipped in, garnering a chuckle from everyone else.

“Yea. hehe. So, a couple of weeks I realize one of my students living in the same dorm as I. No big deal. A week later, I find out she lives on the girl’s side of the floor. That could make things interesting, but I didn’t participate much in floor activities so she probably wouldn’t even notice. A week or two goes by and the first test occurs. Well, Lauren, the student’s name, failed it.”


The dorm was oddly quiet for a Saturday. Well bombing on the gridiron does create a sullen mood. ESPN College Game day pundit could mention enough about how overrated our team was to get blown out by the #2 team in the nation. No shit Sherlock. It sounded like some of the dumb shit I was reading in these lab reports. Well I was probably going to need another glass of Captain and Coke to help them pass. They surely needed it.

KNOCK! KNOCK! “Did someone just knock at my door?” I though to myself. The clock at the VCR read 10PM. Maybe someone found a party. I tossed the lab reports on my desk then went over to the door. I open the door to find Lauren standing at the door in a pink robe and matching bunny slippers with her test and book in hand. I knew better but the alcohol said cute 5’3″ blonde with a nice rack, to let her in. I took a few steps back and she closed the door behind her.

No sooner had I sat down did she launch in to this big spiel about how she did so well in physics in high school and how she was really smart and couldn’t understand how she did so bad on the test. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol or her being so adorable, but I offered to go through the test with her and see if we could correct some misconceptions, etc. By the end of the second page I noticed she couldn’t keep still.

Being the smart ass I was, I got up to grab one of those little pillows off my bed and asked “So which sorority are you rushing?”

“Hu?” was her response. I turned around and handed over the pillow. Her expression went from puzzled to pure embarrassment in a second.

“Ah, thank-you,” she mumbled as she took the pillow and slid it under her bottom.

“So… then?” I asked. I knew a couple of the sororities paddled pledges for bad grades, but couldn’t think of any other reason why.

“Ah…hmmm…mom found out about the test score,” Lauren mumbled looking down at the floor. I had to cover my mouth to stop from laughing. A college freshmen getting spanked by mommy.

“You seriously got spanked by your mom for a bad grade. Wow.”

The took my hand in hers and plead with me “Please don’t tell anyone! It’s soo embarrassing!” How could I refuse those big puppy-dog eyes. I shrugged like your secret is safe with me. Her smile started to return. “Also…would you be willing to me my tutor? My parents will pay you.” She blurted out.

I was still a little shocked by the whole spanking thing that I didn’t think much about it. “Ah, ok.”

She jumped up and hugged me. “Thank-you so very very much!” she blabbered. After a few moments I gently pushed her back so we could finish going through the test. It turns out the robe’s tie had loosened up so much, that when she stepped back, the front of her robe swung open reveling a long t-shirt and nothing else. “Ekks” she shrieked before trying to get the robe tied again.

I chucked, “A little revealing for a tutoring session?” I joked.

Lauren took it seriously. “Please don’t tell my mom! I’ll get the paddle! The terry cloth just feels better on my bottom.”

I was thinking a little faster this time. “Why shouldn’t I, it is quite inappropriate for a young lady to visit a gentleman’s room this late at night, especially being so scandalously dressed.” I was laying it on thick just for the hell of it.

“I’m sorry. It is wrong and I guess I do deserve to get spanked for it.” Lauren said.

“Yea, you do.” I responded, trying my best not to laugh.

“The paddle hurts soo much on a sore bottom, I won’t be able to sit all next week.” Lauren shuffled her feet a little on the floor while pouting. She then got an idea, ” Uunless… and its completely up to you…. if you tell Mom that you spanked me she won’t do it again. Will you, PLEASSSSEEE!”

“So you want me to spank you instead of your mom?” I was starting to think this was all a dream. I had been drinking since lunch.

Her expression sank again, “Ah I meant to just tell her you spanked me, not actually do it. But that would be lying. sorry I even mentioned it. I just tell Mom the truth and get it over with. Well unless he actually does it.”

Lauren paced back and forth, talking herself into having me spank her. “Then I won’t have to tell Mom. But that’d be soo embarrassing. Girl he already saw all of you. Well probably. And you bottom isn’t that big of a deal. He is kindof cute. It won’t be that bad. Yes, lets get it done with right now.” She turned towards me then asked, “So will you do it, spank me?”

The alcohol and hormones were definitely speaking when I said “Sure!” Spanking a cute girl, damn right I would.

“Thank-you.” She hugged me again. “So how do you want me?”

How should I know, I’d never spanked someone before. “Ah, how would you mom do it?”

“Either over her lap or me bending over my desk or bed.”

“Ah, how about over my lap?”

“Ok, do you have a hairbrush or something?”

A hairbrush? “Ah yea.” I reached into the shower caddy on top of my dress, pulling out a narrow, wooden hairbrush.

“Like this?” Why did she want to brush her hair right now?

She lightly bit her lower lip communicating loud enough to get through the alcohol buzz that it was not intended for her head. “That’ll work… but please don’t give me more than one set.”


“set of 18, my age.”

“Ah” I said taking out the desk chair then sitting down. She moved up next to my right knee before letting the robe fall. She looked cute and sexy standing there in an oversized Minnie Mouse t-shirt. She laid herself across my lap, then slide forward until her bottom was pointed upwards. Her shift slide down her back, revealing lightly marked bottom. She clearly had gotten a good spanking not too long ago. Each cheek had a reddish-blue bruise in the center and was light pink. I didn’t know what to say. I sat there, rock hard with a cute co-ed over my lap asking to be spanked. “Ready?”

“Yes sir.” She said softly.

Wack! “AHH!” I brought the hairbrush lightly down on her bottom.

“Ah, too hard?”

“No sir, much easier than my mom. Just a little tender.”

“Oh ok. Do you want me to easier?”

“No, no, no… it won’t be a real spanking then Mom would give me another one.”

“Ah ok. How about this?”

Wack! “EEK! Better sir.” Damn I was being criticized by the girl I was spanking. I’m manly enough to know what that meant.

WACK! “AAhhhhhhh! One!” I used about half my strength to lay into her bottom. She didn’t complain, just counted, and one at that. I guess 17 more like that.

WACK! “EEEEKKKKSSS! Sniff… twoo.” She shrieked.

WACK! “OOOUUUEEEE! snif sniff three.”

WACK! “grrphh…. sniff four.” The odd garbled noise confused me so I looked down only to see her biting down on her left index finger. I guess she thought she was making too much noise.

WACK WACK WACK! I continued on until she finally said eighteen.

I sat the brush down on my desk and took in the fineness of her behind. A slight film of moisture shimmered off these perfect peaches. I couldn’t help myself, I had to touch her bottom. I brushed a pair of fingers over the reddest areas, making the slightest of contact. I felt more heat radiating off than actual skin. A light moan escaped her lips as the arch of her back grew upwards, reaching for my touch. A slow wiggle of her hips indicated
their success, and more contact. I brushed back and forth, drawing slow circles and a couple louder moans. She hadn’t complained, so I ventured a little trip off her summits, and down the bottom side of her right cheek where it meet her thigh.

“Yeeeaaaa,” she moaned.

“The little scamp was getting off on me massaging her bottom,” I thought, “Lets see how much farther I can go.” I migrated back up the hill, bring all 4 of my finger tips firmly in contact with her bottom. Another moan was all the confirmation I needed. My left hand joined its partner in crime, and gently massaging her with one cheek per hand.

“Aahhhhhhhhhuuupppp,” she sucked in a large deep breath. “Thats it! Harder! Don’t stop!” Her hip roll was more defined now, while her legs had parted from the vice like clamp exhibited during her spanking.

I picked up the pace a little bit, more aggressively kneading her bottom and occasionally slightly parting it. The latter slurped the wetness of her most intimate area together, freeing a light wafting of musky feminine smell. It had the sweetness of a rose mixed with an equal part of raw sexual desire. I so wanted to taste her, to lick her, to fuck her brains out. All the wiggling, the rubbing, the humping had built me rock hard. I needed her!

I focused on rubbing up and down her bottom, with my fingers stopping in the crease between cheek and tight. Each upward stroke, I closed by fingers together, then splayed them out as went back south. Little by little they neared each other, and Lauren’s rose I so coveted. Lauren started rocking her hips in sync with hands, trying to draw more contact. More touch. More sensation, More pleasure. And create louder moans.

I tried reducing the firmness of my touch at the upwards peak, but she would have none of it. My second attempt was greeted with her lifting up to draw more contact. Each stroke I pulled away a little more, then drive back downwards, pushing her Mons into my tight. This drew a deep moanful breath from her as I ground her into my thigh.

Over, and over and over. Finally she reached the upper limit of her finger tips and toes. I held her there for a moment, dancing across her redden bottom. She wiggled and rocked her hips, anything to get a little bit higher. I finally gave it to her, driving one hand down each mound and into the valley between. I didn’t stop until I ran all the way through her slit and across the treasures it protected.

This caused the damn to break, releasing her into the throws of ecstasy. “YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAA!” she screamed as I danced my middle finger over her clit. I held onto her hips with my left hand, preventing her from bouncing onto the floor. I couldn’t resist keeping it up until she was out of energy and just twitched with each touch.

I removed my right hand to find my fingers glistening with her lubricant with a narrow strand of fluid led back to it source. Her breathing slowed to a light pant. She was clearly not going anywhere for a few moments. I saw no better place than her butt to wipe my fingers clean. My fingers painted a clear picture of sex across her bottom.

when she regained her faculties, she slide off my lap and into a kneeling position at my feet. She had the most irresistible naughty angel look across her face. “Can I thank you?” she coyed.

I nodded, not sure where she was going with this. I sat back and let her do what ever she wanted.

She reached up, making quick work of my jean’s button a zipper. She gave a slight gasp as I sprung free, my boxer-briefs offering no resistance. She moved up onto her knees, allowing her to lean in close. She stared for a moment, like she had never seen a real cock before. Her tongue make a quick lick of her lips before she planted a light kiss on the head. I couldn’t believe I didn’t cum that instant. Or rather anytime before then. Oh yea, the alcohol.

She reached out and lightly ran a finger down one side while she looked on quizzically. A light touch to my balls then she planted another kiss, and another. She attitude shifted from curious to playful with a long lick from the base to the tip, taking a couple drops of precum with her. Her next lick ended with her engulfing my entire head while grabbing a hold of the shaft’s base. Her tongue swirled around, bringing life to my hips. She bobbed up and down a couple of times before removing all but the head from her mouth. Looking up at me started sucking, harder and harder like she was trying to suck the life out of me. I knew she’d be reward very shortly. When I just thought she’d run out of air, she refocused her efforts, bobbing, sucking, swirling, all in a wonderful collage.

“I’m going cum!” I moaned as I brought my hands over to rest on her shoulders.

Lauren either didn’t hear me or didn’t care, because she kept on swirling her tongue about while sucking. I couldn’t resist any longer and let go, shooting deep into her throat. It turned out to be the former, because she instantly started gagging and pulled off my cock. I didn’t stop. Wave after wave crashed over her, covering her lips, nose then forehead.

She sputtered while blinking and trying to shake off the shock. A couple droplets of cum flew off, landing on the futon and rug. She got up, grabbing a tissue from behind the futon to wipe off her face. I was returning to earth when she noticed the wet spots. A small spot marked the futon covering, and another on the rug. A third, much larger spot wet my right thigh, right where she’d been a few minutes earlier. She blushed deeply and grabbed a fresh tissue.

“I’m sorry, let me clean it up!” She hurried to try and dabbed up the wetness, thinking it would stain or something.

“It’s ok, its ok.” I comforted.

“Oh. Let me wash them for you.” She said, sitting back onto the futon. She had completely forgot about the evening’s previous activities, until her bare bottom dragged across the course material of the futon cover. “Ouch.”

she yelped and hopped up. She gave a perturbed look and rubbed some of the pain away.

Everything was quiet for a moment. I sitting there unsure want had really transpired and her standing before me in just a Minnie Mouse night shirt, rubbing her sore bottom.

“I hope you’ll still be my tutor,” she finally broke the silence.


“YAY!” she jumped on my lap, giving me big bear hug. “I didn’t know if I messed it up or something.” she coyed.

“No, not at all.”

“Good, because your a really good teacher.” she buried her head into my chest while I held on to her.

So peaceful. So relaxing. So fucking spectacular! I started thinking over the spanking, the ‘massage’, the blow job. So damn sexy, I wanted more. Down below agreed, coming back to life.

I’m not sure if it was the poke from down below or not, but sudden Lauren glanced up at the clock then jumped up.

“Cramp! It’s almost 11. I have to get to bed!” She pulled on her robe, making sure the sash was firmly knotted then picked up her test and books. “Grrr. we didn’t get to finish going through my test. Can we go through the rest after lunch tomorrow?”


She got halfway to the door before spinning around, “You won’t spank me again, will you?”

“Only when your naughty,” I responded. And I surely hoped that was very soon.

She gave a shrug and replied, “Fair enough. See you tomorrow!” She opened the door and took off back to her room.

I closed the door behind her, smiling as I knew no one suspected what was really below that robe.


“Damn you son of a bitch!” John declared. “You can’t compare to that Jimmy!”

“I now wish I’d TA’d as an undergrad. Students now think a little T&A will get them an A.” Jimmy responded. “But

the real question is, did you ever tap that ass?”

“Oh yea, but that story’s for next time boys! All in!” I’d just made the straight flush on the river and I knew

Steve sat there with a flush. I was going home $60 wealthier.