Willow Groove – Pledges Move into Sigma Eplison Chi

Amber received her sorority invitation three days prior to moving into the dorms. This would be her only invitation of the semester since the sororities bid on applicants. The sororities got points to cast on applicants each semester based upon their placement in the intergreek games. Each sorority then made a bid for each of their applicants with a minimum of one point for each applicant the sorority received that semester. Thus every girl who wanted an shot at a sorority got a chance to get in and allowed some screening for the best pledges.

The Sigma Epsilon Chi invitation arrived in large manilla envelope. The first page contained the formal invitation to pledge the sorority, the bottom of which contained a place for a signature indicating the girl accepted the invitation. Following this page were fifteen neatly typed pages of processes, procedures and rules associated with pledging, all in size 8 font.

Amber quickly signed the acceptance letter without reading past the first page. Directly after lunch she would head to Sigma Epsilon Chi’s house and turn in the letter in person. This would allow her to move directly into the sorority house, instead of moving into the dorms for 2 weeks then having to move again to the house.


Move in day was an organized madhouse. Three sisters stood guard in front Sigma Epsilon Chi, checking off names and directing pledges and parents to the pledge quarters. A steady stream of parents and girls flowed from the cars parked out front to the set of bedrooms located in the terrace level. Pledge Quarters were a group of three bedrooms connected to a single main room. Community bathroom took the place of a fourth bedroom, creating an isolated suite for the pledges. This would be the pledges home for at least the next semester, though often for their entire freshmen year.

A single note made of white card stock laid on the each neatly made bed. The name of each pledge was handwritten on a different bed, signify its owner. The second room Amber looked in contained her note. She tossed her duffel bag onto the bed before opening it.

“You are to have all of your stuff neatly put away and report at 6:00pm in the main room wearing your pajamas. Signed Pledge Mistress Sarah”

The “wearing pajamas” peaked Amber’s interest. Why did we have to have our PJs on at 6:00 in the evening? We we going to be sent to bed early or something? It was probably related to some silly induction ceremony.

Amber’s Mom help her unpack her bags and get her space organized. Each pledge didn’t have much space, but enough to survive. Next to each twin size bed was pushed into the four corners of the room. Between the bed’s headboard stood a four level wooden dresser and a double wide freestanding wardrobe closet then another dresser. A plain laminate desk stuck into the room at bed’s foot-board, creating a semi-confined space for each girl.

“Hi! I’m Jessica!” the brunette in the adjacent bed came up to Amber and stuck out her hand.

“Ah, hi. I’m Amber,” Amber shook the perky girl’s hand.

“I guess we have to share a closet. I have extra hangers if you need any. I only needed four. I should’ve probably used more..” Jessica blurted out at double speed. Amber was as much shocked at speed of Jessica’s speech as she was self-conscious of making a fool of herself. “..to hang up all my sweatshirts, but it isn’t cold yet so they can wait. Though the card did say neatly..” Jessica just noticed the Amber’s timid expression and stopped suddenly in mid sentence. After a deep breath, she apologized, “Sorry, I ramble when I am nervous.”

“Ah…its OK, I’m nervous too,” Amber said quietly. “Do you know anything about pledging?”

“Not really. I read over everything they sent, but it was mostly university mandated information. I wonder what they are going to make us do? A scavenger hunt? Eat Bugs? Raid a fraternity? Streak?”

“I’d die if they made us streak,” Amber commented. “I don’t think I’d make it to being a sister.”

“Me neither,” Jessica agreed.

“Don’t worry you two,” Amber’s mom shushed the girls as she returned with another load of stuff. “Just follow direction and work hard and you’ll be a sister in no time.”

“Hu?” Amber turned to her mother, puzzled at the response. She knew her mother went here for college, but she wasn’t a Sigma girl, was she?

“I was an active back in college. Your mother did have some fun in college too.” Amber’s mom joked while unloading the plastic container of toiletries and assorted personal items.

“Mommm!” Amber whined like an embarrassed teenager, though her new friend just giggled.

Around 4:00pm one of the sisters entered the pledge quarters and started telling the parents it was time to start sorority activities and that they needed to leave. A couple of the girls questioned the validity of this statement, especially with a note telling them to be ready at 6:00pm, but no one really minded getting rid of her parents an hour early.

Jessica and Amber took the couple of hours without any parents around to chat and get to know each other. Amber told her about New York and living in a big city. How the schools there were not like you saw on TV and none of the teachers were like Mr. Keating in “Dead Poets Society.” It was nearly 6:00 when Rosa, one of their roommates, mentioned they should get changed. Amber gathered up her stuff and made a quick trip to the bathroom to change and freshen up a little. Friends are one thing, but changing in front of other girls still made her a little shy.

Sarah wandered into the pledge quarters a few minutes before 6:00. She politely introduced herself to a few of the girls while waiting for the clock to strike 6. The second after the hand struck 6, she yelled “ATTENTION!” Everyone in the room fell silent and every girl in the room looked up at her startled. Sarah stood only 5 foot 2, shorter than just about every other girl, but was definitely a powerful figure. “When you are told to fall in, you are expected in line, at attention prior to the designated time!” she continued to yell pacing along the front of the room. Every girl in the room quickly tried to make a line. Amber fell in about a 1/3 of the way from the right wall.

“As of this moment, you are beginning your pledging of Sigma Epsilon Chi sorority. Your induction will occur this weekend, after which you will be expected to learn all of the history, traditions and secrets of the sorority. In the mean time, you will learn the rules and practices of the sorority and this house. During the pledging process you will learn each of the sorority’s 12 Rules of Decorum. These rules will be what you live by in Sigma Epsilon Chi and as such you will be required to memorize them. The first rule you need to know is number 6, ‘a sister shall always be clean and organized in mind, body and environment.’ Please repeat rule number 6.”

In unison all 10 of the pledges said “a sister shall always be clean and organized in mind, body and environment.”

“Good. From now on you are to live by that rule and be able to repeat it when asked. Understand?”

“YES!….” no one knew how we should address her.

“Pledge Mistress is fine” Sarah said. “Is everyone in full compliance with rule number 6 right now?”

The girls all looked around at each other making sure they looked clean before responding with a tentative “yes.” Most knew there was some kind of trap associated with the question, but couldn’t figure it out.

After the last tentative yes, Sara spoke “ALWAYS IN COMPLIANCE means you should never have to think about the answer. Kayla, lets see if the pledge’s rooms are in compliance with rule number 6.”

“Yes Pledge Mistress,” the girl standing off in the corner holding a clip board said following Sarah into the first room on the left. A couple of minutes later Sarah and Kayla moved onto the second bedroom, then onto the last bedroom before returning to the main room.

“We have found 21 instances of rule 6 being broken in the bedrooms. The consequence for breaking a rule is swats. For rule number 6, it is 5 swats plus one per instance. You are expected to memorize the consequences as well as the rules.” Kayla picked up the sorority paddle off the wall and handed it to Sarah. “We will go down the line and you will identify each instance where you have broken rule 6 in your bedroom. If you have not broken rule 6, state as much. If you have, you will receive five strokes for breaking the rule plus one stroke per instance you mention. If you fail to mention an instance you will receive a stroke for it and another 5 for lying. After you are done correcting the instances, you may go to the dining room and eat dinner. Understand? Good! Would anyone like to volunteer to go first or shall Kayla just pick?”

A taller blonde girl near the other end as Amber stepped forward and smartly said “Pledge Mistress, I have not broken rule number 6.” Sarah turn around to face the pledge.

“Are you sure?” Sarah asked.


“Very well, what is your name?” Sarah asked.

“Jennifer” was the response.

“Two instances, sweater thrown over the foot board and closet door open.” Kayla responded at Sarah’s glance.

“Jennifer, it seems you were wrong. Please take 2 steps forward, lower your PJ bottoms then bend over and grab your ankles,” Sarah said in an even tone. Jennifer though just looked back with a shocked look on her face. “NOW!” Sarah yelled, shocking Jennifer into action. Jennifer took 2 half steps forward before slowly pulling down the her baby blue Vickie’s PJ bottoms to reveal a matching pair of satin panties. She lowered the bottoms all the way to her ankles when Sarah interrupted her trance, “Finally! You will receive 5 strokes for breaking rule number 6, plus 1 per instance for 7 strokes. You will receive an additional 5 strokes for lying to me about it for a total of 12 strokes. Please count each stroke otherwise it won’t count.”

THUACK! “One!” Jennifer gasped. Sarah swung the paddle hard against Jennifer’s exposed panties. The two girls who had been standing on either side of Jennifer could see her butt start to pink already.

THUACK! “Two!” Jennifer gasped.

THUACK! “Three! ah” the pain was starting to swell up inside of her.

THUACK! “Ahh Foar!”

THUACK! “ESTTT Faavvee!” Jennifer cried. The burn from the first stroke had created into open fire.


THUACK! “ESTTT Saavaan! Snifff” She dug her nails into the back of her calf, trying to hold on. “I am strong” she whimpered to herself over and over.


THUACK! “ESTTT NIEEEENNN!” The pain crested, breaking down every emotional barrier Jennifer had tried to put up. She would cry and cry for all she was worth.

THUACK! “OOOOOOWWWWWW TAANNNN Sniff!” Jennifer was openly sobbing now. Half the pledges were covering their mouths while looking on with awe while the rest looked away, trying



“OK, you are done. Please stand over there against the wall until you are ready to leave. When you are ready to leave, you may correct your mistakes then sign the punishment log and go to dinner.” Sarah said pointing the paddle towards the opposite wall near Kayla.

Jennifer reached for her bottoms to pull them up but Sarah stopped her before they reached her knees. “Those are to stay down. It is custom in the house for a sister being punished to stay how she was punished until she signs the punishment log.” Then turning to the larger group, “That is a custom, not a rule. It does not need to be memorized, but should still be obeyed. Who is next?”

The next two girls also believed they had perfect spaces, though each was corrected with 11 strokes of the paddle. The whole time Amber was shaking in anticipation of her turn to feel the paddle. She knew she had left a sweat shirt hanging on her closet’s door handle, but couldn’t remember if there was anything else out of place.

After three pledges gave wrong answers, none of the remaining 7 girls dared speak up. After a few moments with no volunteers, Sarah glanced at Kayla for the next girl’s name. “Ms. Bridgette Caufeild,” Kayla called.

The taller girl two down on Amber’s left hesitantly took half a step forward. “A little farther,” Sarah motioned the paddle for Bridgette to move farther forward, giving Sarah ample swinging room behind her. “Have you broke any Rules of Decorum?”

“Yes??…. Pledge Mistress” Bridgette responded.

“Which rule did you break and how?”

“Rule number 6. I left my suitcase out, a pair of shoes were not put away, and… and… a book was sitting on my night stand,” Bridgette blurted out trying her best to remember everything. Kayla looked down at her clipboard to find Bridgette’s name. There was the suitcase and the book were listed, but not the shoes. So what, Bridgette felt she had made a mistake, then she shall receive a swat for it. Kayla had taken strokes more than once because she felt she broke a rule even though Sarah told her afterwards that she didn’t agree. Kayla nodded to Sarah.

“Five for breaking rule 6 plus 3 instances is 8 strokes. Drop your bottoms, bend over and grab your ankles.” Bridgette hooked her thumbs in her sweats and pulled the waste band down to reveal her large rear end framed wih purple boy-shorts.

THUACK! “Ahh sniff One!” Bridgette cried. The boy-shorts made a nice target for Sarah and she landed stroke after stroke of the paddle in the same spot. Upon contact with her butt, the paddle would just cover up the panties, making them seemly disappear.

THUACK! “AAHHH Twwwwo! Sniff Sniff!” Bridgette pleas had became more gasps than coherent speech.

THUACK! “THHRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!” the number came out more as a yell than a cry. Bridgette was not handling the pain well at all.

THUACK! “FFFOOOOOAAAARRRRRR!” Bridgette screamed causing everyone in the room to cringe a little.

Sarah was already used to having one girl in each pledge class who couldn’t take a paddling. A year as Pledge Mistress and a year and a half as the Assistant Pledge Mistress taught her exactly what she needed to do with Bridgette. She leaned over and whispered into Bridgette’s ear “Screaming like that is just going to draw attention to you. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want any larger of an audience than is absolutely necessary. You have 4 more strokes coming. If you keep screaming like before, all the sisters will be down here to view your last 2 strokes. The other girls took their punishment without such outbursts, and you should be able to do it also.” Sarah stood up and took aim at the purple boy-shorts.

THUACK! “ESTTT Faavvee! sniff sniff” Bridgette cried.



THUACK! “ESTTT ahhh Saavaan! Snifff”

THUACK! “ESTTT ATTTEE ahhh ahh ahhh!”

“You can move to the wall. Next?” Sarah asked. Girl after girl was called. The next two girls admitted to 2 offenses and took 7 strokes each. One girl, the sixth one, named only 1 thing, but actually had 3 offenses, giving her 13 strokes.

The next one up was Jessica Mason, the short sophomore with long brunette hair standing next to Amber. She listed off 10 offenses, 7 of which were noted on the clipboard. Sarah, none the less, applied 15 strokes across Jessica’s white panty clad ass. Her panties actually appeared pink from the red glow her butt was generating when Sarah finished.

“Ok. You can go over to the wall.” Sarah went over to where Kayla was standing to get a sip of water and look at the clipboard. “So far, 20 of the 21 instances of Rule 6 being broken have been dealt with. This leaves 1 offense between the three of you. Is one of you willing to admit they broke rule 6 then we can get going to dinner?”

Amber took a deep breath then stepped forward. With all the courage she could summon, “Pledge Mistress, I broke Rule number 6 by leaving my sweat shirt hanging on my closet door handle.”

“Good, well assume the position.”

THUACK! “Ah One!” Amber gasped. The pain wasn’t more than she expected, but different. It was similar to when her mom used her hand to spanked her, but the hand was larger and harder. Amber had expected more of a stinging pain, kind of like those cooking chopsticks she so dreaded.

THUACK! “Two!” Amber squeaked out.

THUACK! “Three! ah!” She clenched her cheeks right before the impact, lessening the pain, but distributing if fully through her pelvic region.

THUACK! “EEhh Foor!” Amber clenched again, this time transferring the warmth of the swat down between her legs and up into her pussy. That was a new sensation.

THUACK! “Ehhh Feeafffe.” Amber whimpered. The warmth transferred down and around again.

THUACK! “OOUCCHH Seisx!” Amber cried out softly hopping no could tell she was aroused as well as in pain.

“Ok, Amber hurry and take care of your sweat shirt so we can get to dinner. I’m starving. Kayla do you know what’s on the menu tonight?”

Amber shuffled her feet off to her bedroom trying to take the largest steps her pj shorts would allow. She tossed the sweat shirt on a hanger then made her way back out to the main room. Kayla was standing by the counter with the pledge punish book open to the second page and a pen in hand. Amber’s name was entered at the end, followed by the number of the rule she broke and the explicit offense. The number 6 followed the offense, indicating she received 6 strokes and Sarah’s signature. At the end was a space for Amber to sign. She took the pen from Kayla and signed in the empty space completing the entry.

Amber then gently pulled her shorts over her still tender bottom and followed the girls upstairs to the dinning room. Her first paddling at Sigma Epsilon Chi was in the books. She felt a little relieved. The paddling wasn’t as unbearable, but definitely something she wanted to avoid. It was actually the main reason the Pledge Mistresses tried to paddle every girl the first day of their pledge period. It eliminated the fear of the punishment, but instilled respect for it. Of course it wasn’t like all of the girls hadn’t never been taken in hand before but this was college and a new phase in their lives.

Willow Groove – An Introduction to Sigma Epsilon Chi

Amber squinted when the midday sun flooded onto her eyes. Maybe sitting on the grass for lunch wasn’t such a good idea. The cafeteria had been noisy and crowded, but at least she could see inside. Though with cafeteria food seeing is not always a good idea either.

She balanced the individual slice pizza box, fork, napkin, and her Pepsi in one hand while shield the glare with her other. She spotted a nice shady spot to her left before her eyes teared over. A quick wipe of her eyes and a curse about forgetting her sunglasses was necessary before she made her way towards the spot. Staring at her feet while covering her eyes was the only way she could see while making the short time to the gaint oak tree.

Starring at one’s feet while walking is generally not an advisable task, especially for someone as clumzy as Amber. She was so focused on getting to the shade, she completely missed the pack of girls who had entered her path. It was only luck that the girls reached the shade before Amber, allowing her to briefly see them before colloding.

“Opps, I’m sorry,” Amber gasped, coming within inches of hitting the rear girl. She takes a step backwards, then turns to scamper off to the other side of the shaded grass.

The three girls turn around to face Amber. “You a freshman?” the rear girl asks as Amber turns away.

Amber pauses for a moment, “Yea.”

“Then come sit with us,” the shorter blonde who had been in the rear said.

“Ah ok,” Amber said. The taller girls had found a nice soft patch a grass by the base of the tree and sat in the start a circle on the ground.

“I’m Kayla,” the shorter blonde said before pointing to the other blonde and burnette, respectively, “and thats Amy and Amanda.”

“I’m Amber,” Amber said following Kayla over to the other girls.

“So how is orientation?” Kayla asked, taking out a sandwich from her backpack.

“Ah, ok. It was mostly tours this morning, and some speech by Dean Pitcher? He’s the guy in charge of undergrads, right?”

“Kindof, Dean Pritcher is the dean of undergraduate affairs,” Amanda answered. “He deals with some academic stuff and sits on the IGC, but mostly deals with student discipline.”

“IGC?” Amber asked before taking a bit of her pizza.

“InterGreek Council. Its the council of all the sororities and fraternities. Which have you thought about which sorority you are going to rush?” Amanda asked.

“Ah, no, I wasn’t planning on rushing a sorority. I’m not into that kindof stuff. You know, parties and all.” Amber commented then realized all three girls had a bold Sigma, Epsilon and Chi across the top of their t-shirts. Shit! She had just insulted sororities to three sorority members.

“Oh, it’s not like that here. Academics are EXTREMELY important at Myra. But you gota have fun too. The sororities here help with both. We try to help our girls as much as possible,” Amanda described.

“Yea, each member has a Big Sister who acts like a personal Mentor to help the girl with classes and such,” Amy chimmed in.

“You really should think about it. Nearly every girl joins one by the end of her sophomore year. I’m glad I pledged as a freshmen so I could get the benefits. I have a friend who waited and really struggled last year.” Kayla laid it on heavy. She wanted to prove to her older peers she was qualified to be in her position, even though she was a sophomore.

“Also, the sororities sponsor an academic hall, where we get to meet with the professors after hours. It really helps when getting internships or wanting to do independent study programs or even your thesis,” Amy continued.

Amber sat queitly, eating her pizza with a fork while trying to absorb the onslaught of information. She’d never thought of herself as a sorority girl before, but maybe she should join. All the stuff sounded good. “I guess I can try.”

“There is no trying! Sigma girls SUCCEED!” Amanda chided the younger girl. “Do you want to succeed?”

“Yes?” Amber answered, unaware where this sudden outburst came from.

Once Amber admitted some interest, Kayla had begun digging into her backpack for an application and clipboard. “Good! Fill out this application and I’ll make sure it gets reviewed for pledging,” Kayla said as she handed over the clipboard and a pink gel pen.

“You better, your responsible for them,” Amy snickered. “You wouldn’t want to make Sarah mad again. She really worked you out after that last incident.”

“Hey!” Kayla glared across the cirlce while blushing lighly.

“Hu?” Amber said while taking the clipboard and pen.

“I’m Assistant Pledge Mistress this year, which means I do all the admin stuff with pledging,” Kayla answered. “Sarah is the Pledge Mistress and in charge of all new pledges.”

“We are all officers actually, I’m VP for Admin and Amanda’s the Prez.” Amy chuckled at the younger sister’s embarrassment.

“Oh, well thank you.” Amber started filling out the form while the other girls discussed details of the RSO Fair which was to start in a hour. The application contained most of the standard questions, name, date of birth, college status, major and some questions about high school grades and activities. At the bottom were a dozen lines for “additional information to consider.” Amber wasn’t sure what she should put there. “What is this for?” she asked quietly, trying not to interrupt.

“Oh you can put anything there you want. Here, let me see first,” Kayla answered, taking the clipboard from Amber. She scanned over the completed sections looking for information which could be expanded upon. “You’re from New York?” Kayla asked as see came to the education section.

“Yea. My Great Aunt Martha passed away so my parents and I decided to move here.” The other three girls had big, broad smiles. “Why?”

“You want to be a Sigma, cause you’re a shoe-in.” Amanda said.

“OK, but why does being from New York make me a shoe-in?”

“Its how rushing works here. All of the sororities get points and then bid on their prospective pledges. It means every girl who applies gets a nomination. No one else knows who you are, so we can get you for only a point, where other girls cost 20 or 50 points,” Amy explained

“Oh,” Amber replied, a little downtrotten at her lack of value.

“Don’t worry, it is a pure strategy play and has no effect once pledging starts,” Amanda reinsurred.

“Yea, most of the cheaper girls are better members anyways.” Amy pipped in. “They want to be Sigma’s.”

Kayla tried stuffing the clipboard back into her full backpack, but could not get it in far enough to zip the backpack closed. Eventually she just decided to start over, and pulled all the contents out. A box of applications and fliers, half a dozen clipboards, a box of pens and a sorority paddle lay in front of her. Amber only took notice of the baby blue paddle with raised white greek letters. Kayla’s name was written in script along the bottom of the blade in white.

“Ah why does it have your name on it?” Amber asked, not really sure she wanted to know the answer. She’d heard of sororities paddling pledges, but thought they might be urban legends.

“Oh, every pledge who becomes a full member gets one from her big sister at initiation. They really are mostly to show you are a sister of Sigma Epsilon Chi. Those are not used to paddle pledges, if that is what you were thinking,” Amy explained.

“Oh, well it’s very pretty,” Amber commement.

“Thanx, Sarah, my big, is a great artist,” Kayla said as she stuffed the paddle back into her backpack last.

“Well ladies, we need to get to our table setup,” Amanda told her compariots as she stood up. She then dug into her purse and pulled out a business card in the same blue as Kayla’s paddle. “Here, feel free to call if you have any questions, sorority, university, anything,” she told Amber as she handed over the card.

“Thank you.” Amber said bashfully. She’d been at orientation for 4 hours and had already befriended some upperclassmen. Maybe Myra wouldn’t be as lonely as she had thought.

“Bye!” Amy and Kayla said in unison as they waved then followed Amanda towards the center of the Quad.

Willow Groove – Freshmen Orientation

Freshman Orientation, the first taste of freedom to millions of new college students each year. Myra University held its orientation during the last week of July and the first week of August. New students came to the campus and stayed three nights in the dorms while they meet the other freshmen, figured out their class schedules, learned the University’s rules and traditions, played community building games, and generally had a good time. Ninety percent of the students came from Willow Groove, which meant Amber felt a like an outsider for most of the first day.


The day began with a tour of the campus. Just about every building was styled in Collegiate Gothic, giving Amber the feeling of the whole University being pluck right out of England and deposited here. Creepy and romantic all at the same time. The campus was layed out in overlapping squares, with the main quad in the center circled by the primary academic buildings. The administration building stood at the north end with the science buildings running down the left side and the arts and humanities buildings on the right side. At the south end stood the student union, called the “Wingate Club”. On the outer loop of the campus stood all of the student and faculty housing. All unmarried students were required to live on campus while enrolled. Also, all faculty at or below the Assistant Professor level recieved a one-bedroom apartment in the faculty housing free of charge.

Upon first hearing about the requirement to live on campus all four years, Amber was slightly disappointed. She intended in living in the dorms as a freshman, but also intend on getting an apartment during her sophomore or junior year. Her attitude quickly changed when the orientation mentor explained student housing composes the dorms, 2 apartment buildings (one reserved strictly for graduate students) and twelve sorority and fraternity houses. The mentor went on to explain that ninety percent of students joined a sorority or fraternity by the time they became a junior and most of them required members to live in their house. Freshmen could apply, and if accepted, their housing would be moved to the house prior to the start of classes. Amber never had really thought about joining a sorority, but if 90% of the students joined one, should she at least check them out.

The tour wandered through the science buildings with the mentor identifying all of the important rooms to freshmen, like the Gen Chem lecture hall. The group was just about the leave the chemistry building when one of the girls asked about a showcase fully of trophy’s and delta pi sigma in big capital Greek letters on the back wall.

“Oh, that is the building’s sponsor showcase. Each sorority and fraternity on campus sponsors one of the academic buildings. Delta Pi Sigma sponsors this building, so all of the trophy’s they have won over the previous years stay here,” the mentor said. Amber really wished she could remember the mentor’s name. She remember she is starting her junior year and is a molecular biology major, but couldn’t remember her name.

“What does sponsoring involve?” the same girl asked.

“The building’s sponsor is responsible for making the building be a shinning example of the University. Formally, the students put on the alumni open house each spring and the senior students will attend fundraising and professional networking events held by the building’s department. Some of the houses make pledges clean their sponsor buildings while others hold initiation in the buildings. It kinda depends on the house and the building’s department. Any ways, we need to get moving along. There is lots more of the campus to see before lunch.”

The tour wandered through the rest of the buildings on the quad while the guide pointed out important parts and occasionally adding bits of trivia. Myra University is not very large, allowing the tour to walk through the general student areas of every building before returning to the Wingate Club for lunch.

The guide stopped the group before the cafeteria, “That concludes today’s tour. This afternoon you will schedule your classes. Please go to the academic building where your major is located. There will be signs to tell you which room you will need to go to. Most of you go to the department’s office, but a few larger majors do registration in other rooms. Late this afternoon on the quad, you will find the student activities fair, where many of the different RSOs will have booths and games setup. You ladies, I’ll be at the Sigma Epsilon Xi booth. Also, if you look at the back of your information back you will find my contact info. Feel free to email me, but I’ll also see everyone tomorrow morning! Any questions?” Everyone just shook their heads as they fumbled with their information folders. “Good! Now lets get some lunch!” she said as she turned and led the way into the cafeteria.

Amber did not follow the group, instead glanced around to find a restroom. The left side of the main lobby contained the glass display windows of the bookshop while the right side contained display windows of various university sports and academic teams with the entrance to the student government offices in the center. Without any signs, Amber guessed there must be restrooms upstairs. She weaved her way through the flow of traffic to make it to the right twin of the marble stairs. The quick tapping of her heels was drowned out by the general commotion, though became distinct as she made her way down the hall on the second floor. She found different student services offices lining the first section of the hallway.

The clicking became more apparent as she followed the hallway to the right. She slowed her pace to preserve the tranquility of the hardwood lined hallway. The dark oak paneling was nicely accented by cove lights running the entire length. Amber was enjoying the beauty before her when she heard noises coming from a closed door ahead of her. A older women’s voice became barely audible as she heard the solid oak door. Amber figured she must have been yelling to be heard through such a heavy door.

Amber reached the doorway and the women stopped. The crisp pop startled Amber, causing her to stop half a step beyond the door. She couldn’t place it, but is sounded like a muffled firecracker. Pop. There she heard it again, then again and again. The last of which was followed by a high pitched noise. Amber went through everything she could think of that would be causing such an odd noise at the university as the popping sound and high pitch response continued every 20 seconds or so. She glanced up and down the hallway before leaning closer to the door. The popping sound became louder but the response was sitting unintelligible.

Amber was just about to place her ear to the door when the clicking sounds of heels on hardwood echoed from the lobby direction. She quickly became alert and glanced around for an exit. The ladies room was on the other side of the hall, a few yards down the hallway. Her heart began to race as she made it quickly, but quietly to the restroom. She eased the door shut before slipping into a stall and taking a deep breath.

Safe! Why was she running? She was snooping, but no one would know if she just continued normally down the hall. No matter, she was here at her original destination, she thought to her self. A button, a zipper and a paper toilet seat cover then she was ready to take care of business and get back to lunch. The pee though would not come. She tried again to release the muscles down below, but nothing would come out.

She was getting ready to give up when the door opened and in came a crying girl. The sobbing echoed lightly off the walls as the girl rounded the privacy corner. Amber leaned forward to catch a glimpse of the redhead coed as she made her way to the handicap stall. Amber waited until she heard the click of the latch before leaving her own stall, wash her hands and return to the cafeteria.

Amber could only think of the peculiarity of the whole set of events. Was the girl the same one being yelled at in the office? What was the popping sound? Why was she crying? Maybe she’d failed a class or something and was being placed on probation or something. Amber did not know it at the time, but the redhead had failed a class and was placed on probation plus something else.


Willow Groove – Babysitting for the Featherstone’s

May 17th, 2003
Thomas and Marie Featherstone’s house

Jennifer let out a sigh as she plopped down on the couch. “It’s 8:59 and the kids were sound asleep. 400 channels yet nothing on. It was Saturday night, what did she really expect? Cable on Saturday night is just populated with cartoons and those old B-movies. I hope I never become one of those women who love these cheesy Lifetime movies. At least this one’s lead is good looking, but my Mikey is better. Maybe Mike could come over and keep me company. I got like 3 hours before the Featherstones would be back home. He can study for his finals here. I could even help him study Anatomy and Physiology. She could teach him a few things they didn’t teach in the pre-med program. Hmmm…That sounds good,” she thought.


The ring of her phone startled her slightly. She’d told Mike to call her when he got there so that the kids wouldn’t be woke up. “I’ll be there in a moment,” she said as she made her way to the front door.

“Thanx, babe,” she heard from Mike through the phone. Opening the door, she saw Mike standing there in a polo and khaki shorts with his backpack over one shoulder. Jennifer stepped to the side as he entered then locked the door behind him. She’d seen enough slasher flicks to always remember to lock EVERY door in the house when she babysat. Locking the doors and keeping a cell phone close by was always the mistake the blonde chick in the movies.

“Your looking sexy as always,” Mike said leaning down to kiss Jennifer, which she eagerly accepted.

“Why don’t we get you set up in the family room,” Jennifer said after catching her breath from the kiss. She lead the way to the family room while intentionally swaying her hips a little more than normal. The AE hoodie she wore covered most of her shorts, giving the illusion that she was just wearing the sweatshirt.

Jennifer let Mike sit down before she choose her spot on the couch. She choose to straddle Mike’s legs while facing him. It took only a second for them to begin making out again. Jennifer let his hands and tongue explore her body and mouth, respectively, as the ache in her pussy increased. She could feel Mike grow hard underneath her and rubbing against each other through clothes was only going to get her so far. She needed more. Finally she couldn’t take any more she broke away from his mouth.

“Hey, I have this itch I was hoping you could scratch,” she said seductively.

Mike had a little bit of a puzzled look when he responded with, “ah ok. Where is it at?”

Jennifer spun around to be seated low on the couch then reached up under the sweatshirt and lowered her shorts and panties in one motion. “It’s right her.” Mike just smiled as he reach out for her naked sex. “Oh you better use your tongue, your fingers look too rough for my delicate skin.”

Mike wasted no time kneeling in front of her then starting to lick her delicate folds with his tongue. The first touch of his tongue caused her to moan. He licked up and down, back and forth, in and out and generally let his tongue explore her pussy. Flicking her clit and going in and out of her vagina generated extra long moans.
Jennifer was just about to climax when she heard a voice behind her. Mike froze as she twisted her head around to see Thomas and Marie Featherstone standing at the entrance to the family room.

“What do you think you are doing?” Mrs. Featherstone said quietly yet clearly angry. Mike quickly moved back and stood up while Jennifer pulled down the front of her sweatshirt.

“Ahh ahhhh.” Jennifer was a lost for words.

“Come on, we are going to have a talk!” Marie said while grabbing Jennifer by the forearm. Jennifer snatched up her shorts-panties ball with her left hand as she was pulled out of the family room and up the stairs to the master bedroom. Mrs. Featherstone released her in the middle of the room while she went back and closed the bedroom door. Jennifer just stood there pulling her shirt down as far as it would go while watching her right foot twist into the carpet. She knew she was in trouble.

“So this is what you think are appropriate activities after the kids go to sleep?” Marie asked in a hushed voice.

“No..” Jennifer responded with a voice an octave higher than normal. It was the demure ‘little girl’ voice she always took when in trouble.

“It surely didn’t look like it. Don’t you like babysitting for us?”

“Yes…I’m sorry.”

Marie grabbed the wooden hairbrush off the dresser then sat down on the edge of the bed before pulling Jennifer over her lap. “This is the least you deserve for your actions tonight,” Marie said as she pulled back Jennifer’s sweatshirt to reveal her naked backside.

“Please, don’t. I’m really sorry Mrs. Featherstone,” Jennifer said, but it didn’t deter Marie from beginning the spanking.

Crack! “Ooouucchhh!” Jennifer yelped loudly. It was a little to loudly for Marie. She glanced around for a moment for something to hush Jennifer and spotted the ball of shorts and panties laying on the floor. Holding on to Jennifer with her right arm, she reached down and scooped up the clothing. Marie noticed the center of the panties were a little damp so she twisted the panties before feeding the damp section first into Jennifer’s mouth. She didn’t actually get much into her mouth, but the portion sticking out would act as an effective gag.

Jennifer was too focused on the stinging in her right buttock to realize what Marie was doing until her panties were inserted into her mouth. They filled up the front of her mouth and she could taste something odd. It was sweet yet kinda musky.

“Keep those in your mouth. I don’t want the kids waking up. If they do, I’ll have Thomas take you to the garage and use a switch on your butt.” Marie threatened. Jennifer hand never felt a switch, and didn’t want to start tonight.

Crack! “gaarrrpphhh!” Marie laid into Jennifer hard with the hairbrush, getting muffled cries, wiggling and kicking as a response. The panties worked well as a gag she realized. She’d have to try it herself the next time Thomas spanked her. Then they wouldn’t have to get a babysitter and go park like tonight.

Marie had worked up a sweat before she’d felt Jennifer was well punished. Her butt was a deep red with a hint of purple and she’d generally stopped kicking and yelling so much. “Ok, get your butt in the corner until we are ready to take you home. And keep your hands on your head and those panties in your mouth,” Marie said as she helped Jennifer off her lap. Marie watched Jennifer walk over to the corner of the bedroom before she headed off to check on the kids and find Thomas.

Jennifer cried lightly in the corner while her mind raced. How could she be so brazen? Oh, her butt ached. As did her pussy. Mike didn’t finish the job. But her father surely would with her butt when she got home. Get in trouble at school or work and get in trouble at home was her parents philosophy. It meant she’d be touching her toes for the paddle before bed tonight. Eighteen swats on her already sore bottom was going to be rough. Maybe she could sneak by her parents tonight. It’d at least put off her punishment tomorrow.

Marie returned to the bedroom to summon Jennifer downstairs. Thomas had just returned from taking Mike home and would walk Jennifer back to her house. “Come on, lets get you home before it gets too late,” Thomas said as he opened the door for Jennifer. Jennifer paused before walking outside with her panties and shorts still in her mouth. She pleaded with him through big, puppy-dog eyes to let her remove the gag, but Thomas just pointed outside. It was hopeless, she’d have to keep them in her mouth, and he’d make sure her parents found out, then she’d be getting the paddle.

Thomas walked slightly behind Jennifer as they covered the block and a half between their homes. Thomas had to give her a little bit of a nudge to get her up the sidewalk to her front door. She could see the lights on in the living room, meaning her parents were clearly still awake. Once they made it to the front door, Thomas gave a solid knock to announce their presence. After a little rustling inside, Jennifer’s father opened the door, shocked to see Jennifer and Mr. Featherstone standing there.

“Into the living room now young lady!” Jennifer’s father told her then looked up at Thomas, “What did she do?”

“Marie and I caught Mike going down on her in our living room this evening.”

“I’m soo sorry she behaved so badly. I’m going to make sure she won’t be thinking about repeating such for quite some time.”

“Oh, Marie already introduced her backside to our hairbrush. I hope you don’t mind,” Thomas stated casually.

“No no, I’d have been surprised if she hadn’t. But we have a rule around her, if they get in trouble outside home, they get in trouble at home also.”

“Understandable. I’ll let you get to Jennifer. Have a good night.” Thomas said as he backed off the porch.

“Good night, and sorry again.”

“It’s ok. Teenagers will be teenagers.” Thomas said smiling as he walked away.

Jennifer’s dad closed and locked the door before returning to the living room. Jennifer bent over and holding her ankles, waiting for him. Her reddened butt was pointing upwards, with the paddle sitting on it. Her mom even made her keep her panties in her mouth while bent over.

“Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. How could you let a guy go down at you, especially while babysitting. We raised you better than that,” her father said as he picked up the paddle.

“You need to learn to think first. Now you’ll get one set for getting in trouble at work.”

Her father took a stance off to her right before tapping the paddle a couple of times on her bare butt. The first tap caused her to jump slightly.

CRACK! “waagghhhhhhffff!” Jennifer cried into her gag. The impact carried her butt forwards a little bit causing her to slightly wobble.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Jennifer’s father laid the swats on hard and fast, until Jennifer finally stumbled forward from the force of the impacts. He gave her a few moments to regain her balance and absorb some of the effects of the paddle.

CRACK! “ggrrrfffff!” Jennifer stumbled forward a little again. He father then ushered her back into place with his left hand, then left it in the small of her back, preventing her from stumbling forward.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Her father laid the swats on fast again, counting them off in his head as he went along “7…8….9…10…11…12.”

“Six more, then you are to go straight up to bed.”

CRACK! “grraapphhfff!” The swat landed right at the bottom of her butt cheeks. The pain caused Jennifer to collapse her knees a little and squat down for a second before returning to position.

CRACK! Jennifer shifted her legs against each other this time, which rubbed within her crotch. She hadn’t noticed it before, but she was very excited down there. It must’ve been because Mike didn’t finish, she thought.

CRACK! The pain radiated straight through her butt to the front, increasing her arousal.

CRACK! Jennifer cried out of habit, but was considerably more focused on her arousal now. She could now feel her wetness on her lips and it scarred, yet excited her more that her parents might realize.

CRACK! The paddle delivered an equal amount of pain and pleasure to the confused girl.

CRACK! “GGGGGRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFFFF!” IT must’ve been the last swat Jennifer thought since it was twice as hard as the previous ones.

“Ok, off to bed you go,” Jennifer mother said as she help her stand up. “And we do not want any more of this behavior, got it?” She said as she removed the gag.

“Yes ma’aaam!” Jennifer barely made out before humbly leaving the room. Jennifer scampered as fast has her tender bottom would allow up the stairs and to her room. She had one hand locking the door while the other went straight for her crotch. She dived face first onto the bed without removing her right hand. After the first moan escaped her lips, she bit down on her teddy bear’s leg to gag herself. Teddy had always there to make her feel safe when she was scared or nervous, but now he had another job.

Willow Groove – Establishing a New Society

May 18th, 1878
120 miles North Northwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory

The older gentleman took off his broad brimmed hat as he scanned the lay of the land. A small river ran 50 yards to the east. The sun was getting low in the western sky. It would soon be touching to mountain peaks. The clearing wasn’t very large, maybe enough space for two decent buildings. The earth’s rich enough and the land is flat. This will do, he thought to himself. “Here. Here is where make our home.”

The three other pioneers just nodded their heads. What David Marshall said was going to happen. This clearing is where their four families would build a new community. A community apart from the hatred and misunderstandings back east. It would be a place to raise a family and raise it right. Before the end of the spring, this would be their homes.

David Jr, Peter and John began plotting out how to fall the trees surrounding the clearing while Andrew rode back to the wagon train. A ring of fallen trees would provide the community with protection for a few days while the first buildings where constructed.


“Lucy, I know your weak, but you can carry more water than that!” Cindy Wingate snarled at Lucy Lee as the girls carried water from the river to the central cistern. The girls were tasked with filling the 500 gallon cistern before they went to bed tonight so that first thing in the morning the men could start John’s mini-mill and make boards for the full lumber mill.

Lucy sneered back then notice a partially buried rock ahead of them. Slowing her pace slightly, she intentionally tripped on the rock, spilling half a buck of water over Cindy’s backside. Cindy shrieked as the cold water hit. She spun around to see Lucy smiling and threw a bucket of water towards her. Lucy dodged most of the water, but the bottom half of her dress still got drenched.

Lucy lunged at Cindy, grabbing hold of the bigger girl’s hair, earning another shriek from Cindy. Thomas Wingate and Andrew Lee had been working with John to assemble the mini-mill when then heard the commotion. The two fathers rushed over and pulled their daughter’s off each other. The girls immediately began pleading with their fathers that the other girl

“It’s both their faults,” Jane commented as she hauled a load of water to be used for cooking.

“Jane you see what happened?” Thomas asked.

“Not exactly, but those two have been at each other since we stopped. In my opinion they both deserve to get it,” Jane answered, pausing for only a moment.

“But Father!” both girls pleaded simultaneously. Thomas looked at Andrew, who just nodded in silent agreement.

“Girls, go cut a switch!” Thomas commanded.

“Err. 2 switches! Spare in case,” Andrew corrected in his slightly broken English. The girls looked at their fathers, pleading for a moment for leniency, though none was to be had. Just punishing the girls was going to put the men 15 minutes behind schedule.

The girls trotted off resentfully to their wagon’s to get a hatchet. It was barely five minutes before both sullenly presented 2 willow switches to their fathers. Thomas took the two branches from Cindy the pointed towards the support beam they had just erected for the far end of the mill. Andrew followed suit with his daughter, adding in Japanese, “prepare your backside, you disgraceful girl!”

Cindy went over to the rail and started to bend over it when she noticed Lucy was undoing something under her dress. “Haha, Lucy was getting it on her slips! Servers her right!” Cindy thought. Cindy watched Lucy drop something to the ground then pulled up the back of her dress as she bent over the rail.

“Cindy, over to the other side, and I think it’s only appropriate that you bare your backside also!” Thomas said coming up behind Cindy.

“But Father! Everyone will see me!” Cindy cried.

“Same crime, same punishment! If Lucy can do it, so can you! Now get those slips up and bloomers down!” Thomas stated, showing some annoyance in his voice, and lots in his expression. Cindy got the message loud and clear. She went around the rail then lowered her bloomers and raised the back of her skirts as she bent over the rail. The whole party was shown a naked backside; one amber and one white. Lucy’s was smaller than Cindy’s but proportional for her smaller physique.

Swish! Swish! Swish! The switch rained down on the girls’ bare bottoms repeatedly, eliciting a squeal with every contact. The fathers competed with each other on the squeals from their daughters, attempting to show each other up as being more firm with discipline.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Crack! Over 3 dozen switch marks covered Cindy’s bottom and upper tights when the willow branch broke. He tossed it to the side and took a hold of the second switch. Cindy was balling while Lucy was still making light yelps in between her sobs as the stroke landed.

Thomas was just about the start again when Andrew’s switch broke. Andrew just tossed the broken branch to the side then yelled at Lucy in Japanese. Thomas figured Cindy had enough also. Her butt was swollen and criss-crossed with red lines. Disciplining his daughters was mostly his wife’s task. He really didn’t know much about how is wife spanked the girls, but figured one of the two got it every few weeks, mostly with a hairbrush. He’d find the hairbrush laying out in odd places in their old home.

“Cindy, make yourself decent again and get back to work. Anymore ruckus from you and I’ll see to it that you spend the night on the rail and everyone will take a switch your backside!” Thomas growled as he returned to work.

“Yes pa sniff!” Cindy managed as she pushed herself up and off the rail. Her backside stung like no other. “That Lucy would pay for getting her whipped,” Cindy thought as she gingerly made her way towards the buckets. Lucy followed her a few moments later.


Cindy bade her time, and carried bucket after bucket of water until the cistern was filled. Cindy would peak at Lucy’s buckets during each trip, seeing they were only “half” full.

Morning came and both girls were very stiff. They helped their mothers cook breakfast then were set off to adding more water to the cistern. The mill would drain the entire tank in 30 minutes of continuous usage, so the girls were to be kept busy refilling the tank as fast as the mill used the water. Ideally, John wished he could have brought more hosing, which would allow them to fill the tank from a site closer to the river, but weight restrictions prevented it. Axes and saws were more important.

It was just after lunch when Cindy found her chance to get back at Lucy. The men had milled 6 trees during the morning and needed to prep another set of logs before they could mill more lumber. Cindy found Lucy sitting on a rock by the river, playing with a few minnows. Snatching a small willow branch, Cindy crept up behind Lucy until she was in striking distance. A quick shove sprawled Lucy into the riverbank’s mud. Cindy swung the branch down on Lucy’s clothed back and legs as fast and hard as she could, causing Lucy to yell out for help.

Thomas and David had been walking over the community’s layout when they heard the screams. “CYNTHIA WINGATE!” Thomas yelled at his daughter as he and David rushed over to stop the assault. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!”

“That slacker deserved it!” Cindy yelled, trying to get another few strokes in on Lucy, but being held back by her father.

David arrived a moment after Thomas and helped Lucy get to her feet and clean some of the mud off her dress.

“Get to the wagon NOW!” Thomas yelled, shoving his daughter in the direction of their wagon. Once Cindy had started in the general direction, he turned to see if Lucy was hurt. Lucy said she was OK, but David and Thomas still helped her over to her Wagon for her mother to check her out.

Thomas then asked David for some advice. “I don’t know what to do with Cindy. I just thrashed her yesterday for fighting with Lucy, and you know how successful that was.” Thomas commented as David and him walked out of earshot of anyone else.

“I saw you and Andrew dealing with those girls last night. Well, back east they’d have seen what she did to Lucy just now as a criminal act, and treated her appropriately,” David replied.

“But we have no jail, don’t have the luxury of allowing her to sit in one for that matter, and fines would be pointless, since money doesn’t matter right now,” Thomas stated, unsure where David might be going.

“Well a crime against the community should be punished by the community. Maybe a longer period over that rail will help her see the error of her ways.”

“David, the rail we used is now part of the mill.”

“We’ll construct a new one and any woman who causes mischief will get to ride it.”

“Sounds fair. We should talk with John and Andrew first though.” The patriarch headed to the mill site to discuss the idea with John and Andrew, the other two patriarch of the community. With the consent of the three other men, Thomas set off to build the first whipping rail of the community.

The rail was a single 4 inch wide set upon three posts spaced evenly over it’s 6 foot length. The top corners were rounded off, but the wood was still rough. Set at 40 inches off the ground, only the tallest women would be able to touch the ground when bent over it. Thomas cut a groove in the top of each post, and tied off a hitching loop in case a women needed to be restrained. He suspected Cindy would once he started in on her.

It was just before sunset when Thomas finished construction and David thought it was a perfect time to put it to use. David called everyone’s attention then began his short speech. “Earlier today Cindy decided to repeatedly strike at Lucy. Such an offense would be a crime back east, and so shall it be here. Cynthia Wingate, please step forward.” Cindy glanced at her mother and father before looking downcast and shuffled her way to beside David Marshall. “You are charged with striking Lucy Lee, how do you plead?” David continued.

“Hmm….guilty?” Cindy replied apprehensively.

“Do you have any excuse for your actions?” David asked.

“No sir,” Cindy mumbled. She was blushing with everyone’s attention focused on her, especially attention due to bad behavior.

“Do you want to say anything before I pass judgement?” David asked.

“No sir,” Cindy just wanted to get this over with.

“Then Cynthia Wingate I find you guilty of assault.” David then looked out to everyone, “Since we don’t have a jail or anything here, and we surely can’t spare anyone’s time, thus Thomas, John, Andrew and I discussed the issue. We reckon the easiest, and fastest method to punish a women is with the application of willow across their backside. Since there is lots of work to be done, men will be punished with days of community work.” Returning his attention to Cindy, “Cindy, you are sentenced to 2 willows over the rail, the first of which shall be applied by your victim.” A few of the younger girls giggled a little upon hearing that Cindy was going to get it and here in front of everyone.

“Cindy, you will lower any bloomers you are wearing then raise your petticoats and lay yourself lengthwise along the rail, presenting your nude bottom and tights for correction.”

A few more giggles escaped from younger girls at the revelation of Cindy getting her bare bottom whipped publicly. They were happy to see her get the switch; getting to see her get it bare was overwhelming. They did their best to suppress their glee, otherwise they may end up on the wrong end of their mother’s hairbrush tonight.

Cindy blushed at the humiliation. She looked up at David, making her eyes as round as saucers, and pleading non-verbally for leniency. David arched his eyebrows slightly to indicate his patience was fading for the young miss. Cindy returned her stare to patch of dandelions in front of her feet. She knew it was going to happen, whether she liked it or not.

She followed Mr. Marshall’s ushering her around to the end of the rail in a daze. She stared down at the narrow beam of wood until David cleared his throat. Cindy reached down to her hemline then up, under her skirts to get to the tie holding her bloomers up. Even though everyone was about to see her, she still tried to maintain her modesty as long as possible. Releasing the knot, the undergarment slowly slipped its way down Cindy’s legs.

“You should tie off your ankles to preserve your modesty,” David said as he motioned to the short length of rope at the bottom of the rail. Cindy took the suggestion and tied a simple knot around her ankles to keep from kicking her legs up.

“Miss Wingate, please present your bottom for correction,” David stated dryly. Cindy reached back to her thighs and started pulling up her skirt until the hemline reached her fingers. With a deep breath, she closed her eyes and opened her backside to the world. The cool spring air danced upon her pristine globs, drawing little hills across its surface. For a moment, the world seemed oddly at peace. The wind stopped blowing, Birds stopped singing, men stopped hammering. Everything just stopped. No pain, just a a perfect calm.

Swish! “grrrph!” Cindy grunted with the return of reality. She refused to give Lucy any satisfaction, even as the branch cut deeply into her welted bottom. Resolve had to be greater than the pain.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Lucy brought the switch down harder and harder, trying to get some response out of Cindy, but she wouldn’t respond.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Lucy swung the switch this way and that and still only earn grunts from Cindy.

Swish! “Ooouccchh!” Cindy cried out when Lucy swung the branch in an upward arch, catching her just under the cheeks. Lucy applied the last 3 strokes in the branch to this spot, earning a more distinct yelp with each stroke. Lucy was just starting to enjoy herself when the branch broke in half.

“Thank you Lucy. John has agreed to finish Cindy’s punishment. John,” David said, stopping Lucy from trying to swing with the broken branch. John stepped over to a nearby Willow tree and hacked off an inch wide branch then cleaned it with barely 2 swipes of the hatchet. He handed the hatchet to David then took up his position behind Cindy.

SWWIISSH! “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” The branch left a white band on the center of Cindy’s butt while it drove all the pain from the surface deep inside. A moment later the pain exploded back to the surface twice as bad. Cindy went wild, bouncing and wiggling about, trying to escape the fire that burn on her butt.

John waited a few moments then brought the branch down hard again, just below his first stroke.

SWWIISSH! “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” Cindy wiggled about violently immediately this time.



The branch could take only 4 more of John’s mighty swings before it broke. Cindy clearly vocalized her distress until her backside shone a dark red with 8 parallel purple stripes.

“Miss Wingate, you have taken your punishment well. You can take a few minutes to arrange yourself, but I expect you back to work shortly.” David told the weeping girl. He did not give her much more thought. This little ordeal had put them behind, and constructing the village was much more important than some mischievous child. He really would not have spent the time to deal with Cindy had he not needed to make an example for everyone else. Particularly those young women folk who were always bickering. “Peter! We got a dozen trees ready over on the east side! Can you get them out by noon?”